Goals and Highlights: Chile 3-0 Venezuela in World Cup Qualifiers 2022
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9:56 PMa day ago

Goals and Highlights

9:53 PMa day ago


It's over! Chile beats Venezuela and closes the day with a victory.
9:50 PMa day ago


Galdames is encouraged to shoot from distance, but the ball is deflected.
9:46 PMa day ago


Richard Celis' header, but the ball goes wide of the goal.
9:43 PMa day ago


Changes in Chile. Nicolás Díaz and Pablo Galdames are substituted by Sebastián Vegas and Diego Valdés.
9:40 PMa day ago


Goalkeeper! Aristeguieta's shot is saved by Bravo.
9:40 PMa day ago


Excellent sweep by Celis prevents Vidal's shot from reaching the goal.
9:37 PMa day ago


Cambio de Chile. Erick Pulgar comes off for Claudio Baeza.
9:37 PMa day ago


Aristeguieta's header from Aristeguieta goes wide.
9:34 PMa day ago


Changes in Venezuela. Fernando Aristeguieta and Bryan Hurtado are substituted by Eric Ramírez and Darwin Machis.
9:33 PMa day ago


Goal, goal, goal for Chile! Brereton drove into Fariñez's area and shot into the goal to score the third.
9:31 PMa day ago


Meneses' cross, but the defense deflects the ball.
9:27 PMa day ago


Chile's change. Jean Meneses replaces Luis Jiménez.
9:21 PMa day ago


Change in Venezuela. Eduard Bello comes off for Richard Celis.
9:19 PMa day ago


Brereton's service that ends up being rejected by Ferraresi
9:14 PMa day ago


Excellent intervention by Isla, preventing Peñaranda from taking the ball and shooting at the Chilean goal.
9:11 PMa day ago


Diego Valdés's shot, but the ball ends up hitting the post.
9:08 PMa day ago


Change in Venezuela. Ronald Hernández comes off and Roberto Rosales takes his place.
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The second half begins, Venezuela will look to score.
8:49 PMa day ago


It's over! The first half ends with the score in Venezuela's favor.
8:48 PMa day ago


Ramirez's shot, but the ball only passes close to Bravo's goal.
8:48 PMa day ago


The ball is being hotly contested, the Venezuelans are looking for the goal.
8:41 PMa day ago


Machis is encouraged to shoot at goal and the ball goes over.
8:39 PMa day ago


Goal, goal, goal, goal, goal for Chile! Pulgar appears again inside the area with a header and ends up scoring his brace.
8:32 PMa day ago


Erick Ramírez's shot goes over the goal.
8:28 PMa day ago


Jiménez's shot, but Fariñez saves his goal by keeping the ball.
8:26 PM2 days ago


Brereton's header, but Ferraresi deflects the ball.
8:23 PM2 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Chile! Erick Pulgar's header goes into the back of Fariñez's net.
8:14 PM2 days ago


Gary Medel came close to scoring the first after a shot that went just wide of the goal.
8:13 PM2 days ago


The match is very hard-fought by both teams, who are looking for the opponent's goal.
8:06 PM2 days ago


The match between Chile and Venezuela gets underway.
8:06 PM2 days ago

Venezuela: LineUp

W. Fariñez, M. Ferraresi, A. Martínez, A. Peñaranda, T. Rincón, D. Machis, J. Martínez, O. González, E. Ramírez, E. Bello, R. Hernández.
8:04 PM2 days ago

Chile: LineUp

C. Bravo; G. Maripán, M. Isla, A. Sánchez, A. Vidal, L. Jiménez, E. Pulgar, D. Valdés, G. Medel, S. Vegas, B. Brereton.
7:53 PM2 days ago

To warm up

Both teams are out on the field looking to get ready for the final match of this FIFA matchday.
7:48 PM2 days ago

At home

The Chileans are also at home and will be looking to take all three points from this match.
7:43 PM2 days ago

They arrived

The Venezuelan National Team is already at the stadium where the match against Chile will take place.

7:38 PM2 days ago

More absentees

Venezuela will not be able to count on Jhon Chancellor for this match, the player has personal issues with his club and Junior Moreno has to serve his suspension for accumulation of yellow cards.
7:33 PM2 days ago

To improve their numbers

Chile comes into this game with 10 goals scored and 18 conceded, numbers it will be looking to improve this afternoon.
7:28 PM2 days ago


With the support of its people, Venezuela set off for the stadium where it will seek victory in this closing match of the FIFA matchday.


7:23 PM2 days ago

Alarms bells are ringing!

Striker Alexis Sanchez did not finish the last training session of the Chileans. Everything indicates that the player showed muscle overload.
7:18 PM2 days ago

He's not going!

Yeferson Soltedo will not play this afternoon against Chile, however there are two versions of his absence. The first one is from the federation itself, which argues physical discomfort; however, local journalists in Venezuela mention that he was separated for indiscipline.
7:13 PM2 days ago


Venezuela denounced that the Chilean authorities did not allow him to leave for his training yesterday. He argued on twitter that all the tests were presented and all were negative.
7:08 PM2 days ago

Stay tuned for the Chile vs Venezuela live stream.

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Venezuela Statements

Leonardo González, coach of Venezuela, spoke after his team's victory: "We had been following him for a while. He had important minutes in previous matches and today, thank God, he scored a goal. He is a young kid who has to keep working, doing things well".

"In the previous triple date the team showed important things, but unfortunately with the adversities we could not get a positive result. We came to this triple date again and we played a very good match against Brazil, 70 very good minutes, and in the last minutes some lapses of concentration did not allow us to do our job as we should have done. Today, thank God there were no injuries and all the changes were managed to get a result that was important for us".

6:53 PM2 days ago

Chile's Statements

Martín Lasarte, Chile's coach, spoke after beating Paraguay: "There are matches that are similar to today's, like the ones against Brazil and Bolivia. The truth is that we are very happy because the team performed very well, defensively, in the transitions and in the goals".

"I am very satisfied and proud of the work of the boys, it is to take my hat off to them. There was an important line of motivation. I'm looking forward to seeing the issue of personal duels, Paraguay usually wins in that facet, but this time it seems to me that we did it."

"I leave happy with these three points, we think we can give the fight until the end, this does not assure anything."

"Bren Brereton is a strange phenomenon. From the sporting point of view, not to mention, but he has a special angel with the people, everyone loves him. In soccer he doesn't give anything away, I've even seen him improve technically, you can see that he has progressed in this time and that he has grown in his team".

6:48 PM2 days ago

To continue adding

Venezuela surprisingly won its last match against Ecuador by two goals to one, the first match in which it achieved a victory; however, Gonzalez's team is placed in the tenth position of the qualifiers' table, so in this match they will try to continue surprising.

6:43 PM2 days ago

To add up

Chile arrives after defeating Paraguay by two goals to zero, however in the general table they are in eighth position, so in this match they will try to climb positions.

6:38 PM2 days ago

The match will be played at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium.

The Chile vs Venezuela match will be played at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, located in Santiago, Chile; with capacity for 16,000 people.

6:33 PM2 days ago

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