Goals and Highlights: Colombia 0-0 Ecuador in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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7:17 PM12 days ago

End of transmission

We end the coverage of the 0-0 draw between Colombia and Ecuador in the 12th matchday of the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. We invite you to stay connected to VAVEL with all the information from the world of sports.
7:15 PM12 days ago

Statistics of the match

Goals: 0 Colombia - Ecuador 0

Possession: 62% Colombia - Ecuador 38%.

Total Shots: 13 Colombia - Ecuador 7

Shots on goal: 4 Colombia - Ecuador 5

Total passes: 415 Colombia - Ecuador 258

Fouls: 9 Colombia - Ecuador 12

7:11 PM12 days ago

Match ends

Colombia and Ecuador did not hurt each other and tied 0-0. 
7:08 PM12 days ago

Minute 90+14'

The goal is disallowed after a handball inside the area.
7:05 PM12 days ago

Minute 90+10'

Goal for Colombia was scored by Yerry Mina with a right-footed shot after a series of rebounds inside the area.
6:53 PM12 days ago

Minute 90'

Eight more minutes will be played in the match.
6:52 PM12 days ago

Minute 87'

A dangerous chance for Ecuador after a shot inside the area. 
6:47 PM12 days ago

Minute 84'

Colombia tilts the field and gets continuous clear arrivals to Ecuador's goal.
6:41 PM12 days ago

Minute 79'

The penalty was disallowed for an offside prior to the foul in the area. 
6:37 PM12 days ago

Minute 75'

Penalty for Ecuador for a foul in the penalty area. 
6:36 PM12 days ago

Minute 73'

Colombia has the intention of the match and gets continuous approaches to Ecuador's goal.
6:31 PM12 days ago

Minute 68'

Colombia had a dangerous chance after Zapata's shot. 
6:24 PM12 days ago

Minute 62'

Colombia had a dangerous chance after Falcao's header.
6:20 PM12 days ago

Minute 58'

Colombia gets a corner kick after an attempted cross from Borré.
6:19 PM12 days ago

Minute 55'

Colombia presses Ecuador high and gets the ball quickly.
6:13 PM12 days ago

Minute 50'

Colombia starts the second half with the initiative of the match and play in Ecuador's field. 
6:12 PM12 days ago

Second half starts

At the moment, Colombia and Ecuador are tied 0-0.
5:56 PM12 days ago

First half statistics

Goals: 0 Colombia - Ecuador 0

Possession: 63,3% Colombia - Ecuador 36,7%.

Total Shots: 3 Colombia - Ecuador 5

Shots on goal: 2 Colombia - Ecuador 4

Total passes: 257 Colombia - Ecuador 149

Fouls: 6 Colombia - Ecuador 8

5:50 PM12 days ago

First half ends

Both teams head to their respective dressing rooms.
5:46 PM12 days ago

Minute 45'

Three more minutes will be played in the first half. 
5:44 PM12 days ago

Minute 42'

Ecuador reloads its attacks on the right flank and tries to center on that side. 
5:41 PM12 days ago

Minute 40'

Dangerous arrival for Ecuador after Mena's shot. 
5:38 PM12 days ago

Minute 36'

Ecuador waits for Colombia in the middle of the field and when they regain the ball, they attack through the flanks. 
5:33 PM12 days ago

Minute 31'

Colombia tries to come out from the back but Ecuador stands up very well in defense. 
5:26 PM12 days ago

Minute 26'

Colombia had a dangerous chance after Zapata's shot.
5:23 PM12 days ago

Minute 23'

Dangerous arrival for Colombia after Borré's cross and Zapata's shot. 
5:22 PM12 days ago

Minute 21'

Colombia plays between its defenders but cannot find space to attack. 
5:17 PM12 days ago

Minute 17'

The game is very cut in the middle of the field and neither team gets close to the opposing goal. 
5:15 PM12 days ago

Minute 13'

For the moment, the match is stopped due to a foul on Ecuador's Mena.
5:09 PM12 days ago

Minute 9'

Free kick for Colombia close to Ecuador's area after a foul on Luis Diaz. 
5:06 PM12 days ago

Minute 5'

Ecuador starts with the initiative of the match and has a clear arrival after a corner kick.
5:01 PM12 days ago

The match starts!

The ball is rolling at the Metropolitano Stadium.
4:59 PM12 days ago


Colombia comes out with its traditional uniform; yellow shirt, blue shorts and red socks. 
Ecuador comes out with its alternate uniform; completely gray. 
4:57 PM12 days ago

Protocol acts

The anthem of Ecuador was sung, now the anthem of Colombia is sung.
4:54 PM12 days ago

Field trip

Both teams and the refereeing team take the field at the Metropolitano Stadium. 
4:32 PM12 days ago

Pre-competitive movements

Both teams warm up on the field of the Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez Stadium in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia). 
4:24 PM12 days ago

Substitutes - Ecuador

Angulo, Arboleda, José Angulo, Arreaga, Gaibor, Méndez, Ortiz, Palacios, Plata, Preciado, Ramirez, Sarmiento.
4:22 PM12 days ago

Ecuador starters

Roster: Domínguez; Preciado, Hincapié, Torres, Estupiñan; Gruezo, Caicedo, Mena, Franco, Valencia; Estrada. 
Coach: Gustavo Alfaro. 
4:15 PM12 days ago

Substitutes - Colombia

Vargas, Quintana, Muñoz, Sánchez, Tesillo, Medina, Cuéllar, Lerma, Candelo, Sinisterra, Falcao, Martínez. 
4:13 PM12 days ago

Colombia starters

Roster: Ospina; Cuadrado, Mina, Cuesta, Mojica; Quintero, Barrios, Uribe, Díaz; Borré, Zapata. 
Coach: Reinaldo Rueda Rivera. 
4:04 PM12 days ago

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We are ready to bring you the rebroadcast of the match between Colombia and Ecuador of the 12th date of the South American Qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar 2022. 
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How to watch Colombia vs Ecuador live on TV and online?

If you want to directly stream it the game Colombia vs Ecuador your option is: Fubo Sports Network.
If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.
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What time is the Colombia vs Ecuador match?

This is the kick-off time for the Colombia vs Ecuador match on October 14, 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 18:00 hrs. - 
Bolivia: 17:00 hrs. - COTAS
Brazil: 18:00 hrs. - SporTV 2
Chile: 17:00 hrs. - TNT Sports
Colombia: 16:00 hrs. - Caracol TV
Ecuador: 16:00 hrs. - Soccer Channel
Spain: 23:00 hrs. - Movistar +
Mexico: 16:00 hrs. - Sky HD
Paraguay: 17:00 hrs. - 
Peru: 16:00 hrs. - Movistar Play
Uruguay: 18:00 hrs. - VTV +
10:41 PM13 days ago

Referee's Team

Referee: Diego Haro - Peruvian
Assistant Referee 1: Jonny Bossio - Peruvian
Assistant Referee 2: Coty Carrera - Peruvian
Fourth official: Michael Espinoza - Per
VAR: Leodan Gonzalez - Uru
AVAR: Gery Vargas - Bol 
International advisor: Ubaldo Aquino - Par 
10:36 PM13 days ago

Key player in Ecuador

One of the most outstanding players in Ecuador is Michael Estrada, the 25-year-old center forward is currently playing for Toluca of Mexico and so far in the South American Qualifiers, he has played 11 games in which he has scored five goals and provided two assists. 
10:31 PM13 days ago

Key player in Colombia

One of the most outstanding players in Colombia is Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, the attacker on the right side is currently playing for Juventus of Italy and so far in the South American Qualifiers has played 10 games in which he has scored one goal and provided two assists.
10:26 PM13 days ago

Position in the Qualifier - Ecuador

Ecuador currently occupies the third place in the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, having played eleven matches in which it won five, drew one and lost five, leaving a balance of 16 points and a goal difference of +7.
10:21 PM13 days ago

Position in the Qualifier - Colombia

Colombia in the South American Qualifiers for the World Cup of Qatar 2022 is in fifth place with 15 points, this is the result of having played 11 matches in which it has won three games, drawn six and lost two, also has a goal difference of 0.
10:16 PM13 days ago

History Colombia vs Ecuador for qualifiers

Both teams have met 9 times in the South American qualifiers for the World Cup with Colombia as home team and it is precisely Colombia who has the advantage with 6 wins, there have been two draws and Ecuador has won once.
In terms of goals, Colombia has 13 against Ecuador's 3.
10:11 PM13 days ago

The match will be played at the Metropolitano Stadium

The match between Colombia and Ecuador will take place at the Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia). This stadium is where Club Junior and the Colombia National Team play their home games, it was built in 1986 and has a capacity for approximately 46,000 spectators. 
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10:06 PM13 days ago

Start of transmission

Hello everyone! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Colombia vs Ecuador match, valid for the 12th date of the South American Qualifiers.
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