Goal and Highlights: Celta 0-1 Sevilla in 2021 LaLiga
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11:46 AM2 months ago

Goal Sevilla

11:12 AM2 months ago


Thank you for following the Celta de Vigo-Sevilla LaLiga game.
11:07 AM2 months ago

Golden triumph

Sevilla managed to take three points without putting in their best performance and moved back into the top four in the overall LaLiga table.
11:02 AM2 months ago

End game

Celta 0-1 Sevilla.
10:57 AM2 months ago


Cervi's flash to Bono's location.
10:52 AM2 months ago


Aspas's shot easily reaches the goalkeeper's hands.
10:47 AM2 months ago


Add 6 more minutes.
10:42 AM2 months ago


Beltrán went out and Galhardo came in, Celta change.
10:37 AM2 months ago


Mina missed a dangerous service and the ball easily found its way to the goalkeeper.
10:32 AM2 months ago


Acuña and Rodríguez join the team

Ocampos and Jordán leave

Sevilla changes


Nolito leaves and Cervi enters, Celta substitution.

10:27 AM2 months ago


Mir is replaced by Lamela, Sevilla's substitution.
10:22 AM2 months ago


They asked for a penalty in favor of Sevilla for a handball, but the referee did not sanction anything.
10:17 AM2 months ago


Joan Jordán, of Sevilla, has been cautioned.
10:12 AM2 months ago


Nolito's header to the near post goes cross and pink the goalkeeper's left post.
10:07 AM2 months ago


A filtered ball that escapes Ocampo's grasp due to good defensive coverage.
10:02 AM2 months ago


Sevilla Goal

Mir is left with the ball inside the area and scores to open the scoring.

9:57 AM2 months ago


Rakitic and Torres leave

Suso and Delaney join the team

Sevilla changes

9:52 AM2 months ago


From Aspas to Mina, Mina scored exactly at the base of the post and Sevilla were saved.
9:47 AM2 months ago


The second half begins between Celta and Sevilla.
9:42 AM2 months ago

Half time

The referee adds nothing and half time: Celta 0-0 Sevilla.
9:37 AM2 months ago


Mir's header goes wide of the goal.
9:32 AM2 months ago


Aspas decides to hit it almost from midfield when he sees Bono ahead of him, and the ball goes wide.
9:27 AM2 months ago


Ocampo's left-footed half-volley hits the defense.
9:22 AM2 months ago


Aspas tries to break down the right flank, but the cross goes too high.
9:17 AM2 months ago


Denis Suárez with a shot directly to the goalkeeper's position.
9:12 AM2 months ago


Mir's header from a set piece goes wide of the goal.
9:07 AM2 months ago


Navas' cross to the near post and Murillo's clearance.
9:02 AM2 months ago


Rakitic's strong sweep and the Sevilla player has been cautioned.
8:57 AM2 months ago


Rakitic with a shot from outside the area right at the goalkeeper's spot.
8:52 AM2 months ago


Poor control inside the area by Óliver Torres and the ball went over the back line.
8:47 AM2 months ago


Méndez with the cross that is cut out, although it had already been ruled offside.
8:42 AM2 months ago


The match between Celta and Sevilla begins.
8:37 AM2 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game at Balaídos between Celta de Vigo and Sevilla, for the 9th LaLiga matchday.
8:32 AM2 months ago

Not a starter

Mexico's Néstor Araujo will remain on the substitutes' bench this afternoon after his stint with the Mexican national team, noting that he was sent off against El Salvador in the last match.
8:27 AM2 months ago

Celta Vigo Substitutes

21 Augusto Solari

4 Néstor Araujo

13 Rubén Blanco

5 Okay Yokuslu

7 Thiago Galhardo

11 Franco Cervi

20 Kevin Vázquez

19 José Manuel Fontán

16 Miguel Baeza

8:22 AM2 months ago

Sevilla substitutes

17 Erik Lamela

18 Thomas Delaney

19 Marcos Acuña

7 Suso

1 Marko Dmitrovic

11 Munir El Haddadi

2 Gonzalo Montiel

22 Oussama Idrissi

30 José Carmona

14 Óscar Rodríguez

33 Alfonso Pastor

8:17 AM2 months ago

XI Sevilla

13 Bono 4 Karim Rekik, 6 Nemanja Gudelj, 3 Ludwig Augustinsson, 16 Jesús Navas, 25 Fernando, 10 Ivan Rakitic, 8 Joan Jordán, 12 Rafa Mir, 5 Lucas Ocampos, 21 Óliver Torres.
8:12 AM2 months ago

XI Celta

1 Matías Ezequiel Dituro, 15 Joseph Aidoo, 24 Jeison Murillo, 8 Fran Beltrán, 17 Javier Galán, 2 Hugo Mallo, 6 Denis Suárez, 9 Nolito, 23 Brais Méndez, 22 Santi Mina, 10 Iago Aspas.
8:07 AM2 months ago

Weather conditions

These are the weather conditions for this day, where there is little chance of rain but a high percentage of humidity.
8:02 AM2 months ago

In Balaidos

A few moments ago, Sevilla arrived at Balaídos with the aim of obtaining their fifth victory of the season.
7:57 AM2 months ago

What happens if Sevilla wins?

Meanwhile, Sevilla, which is in fourth place, could climb to third place with 17 points, the same as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, and move to within three points of leaders Real Sociedad with a game in hand.
7:52 AM2 months ago

What happens if Celta wins?

Should the home team win today, Celta would move up from 16th place to 13th if a combination of results occurs.
7:47 AM2 months ago


Sevilla wants to stay at the top of LaLiga against Celta, who wants to get back to winning ways. We start with the game.
7:42 AM2 months ago

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What time is Celta vs Sevilla match for LaLiga?

This is the start time of the game Celta vs Sevilla of 17th October in several countries:

Argentina: 11:15 AM in ESPN

Bolivia: 10:15 AM in ESPN

Brazil: 11:15 AM in ESPN

Chile: 10:15 AM in ESPN

Colombia: 9:15 AM in ESPN

Ecuador: 9:15 AM in ESPN

USA (ET): 10:15 AM in ESPN

Spain: 4:15 PM

Mexico: 9:15 AM in SKY Sports

Paraguay: 11:15 AM in ESPN

Peru: 9:15 AM in ESPN

Uruguay: 11:15 PM in ESPN

7:32 AM2 months ago

Last games

The series has been very balanced in the last five games, with two wins on each side and one draw, emphasizing that the team from Sevilla has won the most recent two clashes:

Celta de Vigo 3-4 Sevilla, 2021.

Sevilla 4-2 Celta de Vigo, 2020

Celta de Vigo 2-1 Sevilla, 2020

Sevilla 1-1 Celta de Vigo, 2019

Celta de Vigo 1-0 Sevilla, 2019

7:27 AM2 months ago

Key player Sevilla

If there is a factor for the Sevilla side to be one of the best defenses of the season it has been in large part because of Bono, an effective and safe goalkeeper under the three posts who has performed well in the beginning of the campaign.

7:22 AM2 months ago

Key player Celta

Although the defensive sector has not been the best in LaLiga, the Mexican Néstor Araujo has had a good level in the center and has been consolidated in the starting eleven, in addition to the fact that in set pieces he is one of the weapons to be able to generate damage.

7:17 AM2 months ago

Last lineup Sevilla

13 Bono, 20 Diego Carlos, 23 Jules Koundé, 19 Marcos Acuña, 2 Gonzalo Montiel, 25 Fernando, 10 Ivan Rakitic, 8 Joan Jordán, 12 Rafa Mir, 7 Suso, 17 Erik Lamela.
7:12 AM2 months ago

Last lineup Celta

1 Matías Ezequiel Dituro, 24 Yaison Murillo, 4 Néstor Araujo, 14 Renato Tapia, 17 Javier Galán, 2 Hugo Mallo, 8 Fran Beltrán, 9 Nolito, 23 Brais Méndez, 10 Iago Aspas, 22 Santi Mina.
7:07 AM2 months ago

Sevilla: stay in the top places

With a game pending, in different conditions is Sevilla, which started this matchday in fourth place with 14 points and has only allowed three goals, although in their most recent match they lost 1-0 against Granada as visitors.
7:02 AM2 months ago

Celta de Vigo: finding consistency

Celta Vigo's problem at the beginning of the season is that they have not been able to be regular and find positive results frequently, so they started this round in 16th place with only seven points and, in their last match, they lost by the minimum at Elche's home.
6:57 AM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Celta vs Sevilla match will be played at the Balaidos Stadion, in Celta, Spain. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:15 am ET.
6:52 AM2 months ago

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