Goals and Highlights: Leon 1-2 Pumas in Liga MX 2021
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10:11 PM5 days ago

Goals and Highlights

9:59 PM5 days ago


It's over! The match ends and Pumas takes the three points.
9:54 PM5 days ago


The duel is back and forth, León is looking to go forward, but Pumas avoids any attack.
9:48 PM5 days ago


Goal, Pumas goal! Marco García sent a shot into the net to give the visitors the lead.
9:48 PM5 days ago


Cambio de Pumas. Ingresa Diogo de Oliveira by Cristian Battoccio
9:45 PM5 days ago


Nothing! The referee determines that there is nothing inside the area and calls for play to continue.
9:44 PM5 days ago


VAR! The referee reviews a probable handball by Freire inside the area.
9:41 PM5 days ago


Ormeño's shot was saved by Talavera with one hand.
9:35 PM5 days ago


Pumas changes. Marco García and Favio Álvarez are substituted for Washington Corozo and Leonel López.
9:30 PM5 days ago


Elías Hernández fails to hit the ball well and ends up sending his shot wide of the goal.
9:29 PM5 days ago


Leon's cross was blocked by Meritao.
9:24 PM5 days ago


Change of Leon. Fernando Navarro replaces Víctor Dávila.
9:19 PM5 days ago


Goal, goal, goal by Leon! A series of rebounds that Dávila ends up finishing inside the box.
9:17 PM5 days ago

Change at halftime for Pumas.

 Higor Meritao replaced Ricardo Galindo.
9:14 PM5 days ago


Corozo's shot ends up going over the goal.
9:08 PM5 days ago


The second half kicks off in León.
8:49 PM5 days ago


It's over! Halftime and Pumas goes to the break with the score in favor.
8:38 PM5 days ago


Elías Hernández's shot, but he ends up sending the ball over the goal.
8:32 PM5 days ago


What a failure! Dinenno fails to hit the ball in a good way and ends up missing a clear shot after Corozo's pass.
8:24 PM5 days ago


Close! A great play by Pumas ended with Erik Lira's shot on goal, but the ball went over the goal.
8:20 PM5 days ago


León seeks to generate danger in Talavera's zone, but the defense avoids the onslaught.
8:13 PM5 days ago


Velarde crosses a dangerous ball and prevents León from shooting inside Talavera's area.
8:11 PM5 days ago


León's service, but the visiting defense clears the ball out of the area.
8:02 PM5 days ago


The match kicks off at the Nou Camp.
8:00 PM5 days ago

Pumas: LineUp

A. Talavera; E. Velarde, N. Freiré, A. Ortíz; E. Lira, S. Saucedo, L. López, C. Battocchio, W. Corozo, R. Gslindo; J. Dinenno.
7:59 PM5 days ago

Leon: LineUp

R. Cota; W. Tesillo, S. Bareiro, O. Rodríguez; J. Rodríguez, E. Hernández, A. Mena, J. Meneses, S. Colombatto, J. Ramírez; V. Dávila.
7:47 PM5 days ago

At home

León is already at its home stadium, and the emeralds will be looking to make it three points from three in this midweek match.
7:45 PM5 days ago

They arrived

Pumas is already at the León stadium, where they will play a new match of this Apertura 2021 and will be looking for another three points.

7:33 PM5 days ago

Back on the court

After seven months of inactivity, Fernando Navarro could return to action this afternoon; the player is on the substitutes' bench.
7:26 PM5 days ago

To continue adding

León has scored 14 goals in these 13 matchdays of the tournament; however, it has accumulated 12 goals against; a situation in which it will seek to avoid conceding goals today.
7:24 PM5 days ago

Last duels

These two teams have played 32 matches, 15 of which have been wins for the home team and 12 for Pumas, in addition to 5 draws.

7:18 PM5 days ago

What numbers

Pumas has scored seven goals, while conceding 14 goals.
7:13 PM5 days ago

Last victory

The last time Pumas beat León at the Nou Camp was in the Apertura 2021, when the universitarios beat León by two goals to one.
7:08 PM5 days ago

Hard casualties

Jerónimo Rodríguez and José Rogério are absentees for Pumas for this match. Both are injured.
7:03 PM5 days ago

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Pumas Statements

Andrés Lillini spoke after the victory against Juárez: "We are facing a very high level opponent, they have a level that they have maintained for years, so we will approach the game with the need to not lose, it will be a difficult match, which we must play with intelligence and be at our best, concentrated and united".

He spoke about Washington Corozo: "He is an interesting player, with whom we will work harder to make him a starter and be decisive. I'm happy for him, he deserves it and we have to support him".

"These are three points, valuable, a very good boost and thanks to this match we are alive, although far from what we want. In the five remaining matches we must show the identity of this team."

"Today (yesterday) we had fewer chances than in other matches, it costs us a lot and hopefully we are going to work for that, so that we are calmer when we are in the area. But in soccer we don't talk about deserved goals, only about our reality".

"You know that I am not much of a one-liner, the other day someone commented to me: with the clear goal chances they have had, maybe they should be in fourth or fifth position. It doesn't help me, maybe we deserved to have done much more".

"It was a very important duel from the point of view of the team's identity and personality, we knew it was going to be emotionally a very good charge, I highlight that the group was able to handle that pressure and that anxiety to win a match"

"We got ourselves into this situation and we have to take it forward. We have a lot of games, after a long week we play again on Wednesday and Sunday, we have to face it with the mentality that we can't let chances go by, repeat what we have been doing".

"I always said that we were missing one more player, we knew that big teams everywhere in the world when they are not doing well, people exert pressure because they want to see their teams win."

"A huge joy. I have been with the team for a year and 3 months and I had never played with the public and thank God we were able to give them a victory. Personally, I am grateful for the support against a team that is not doing well, it is very much appreciated and appreciated".

6:48 PM5 days ago

Statement by Leon

Ariel Holan spoke after the victory over Monterrey: "Pumas have played very good matches and have improved a lot in their performance, but it's another thing if they can translate it into results. They are a team that has improved a lot and from my point of view the match will not be a mere formality and we will go out to play as if it were the final".

"The team's identity is to seek verticality to have many goal situations and increase the chances of winning matches, "we have to redouble our efforts so that we have a great match and hopefully when it ends we will be happy to get a good result".

"The win against Monterrey is very important to put us in a good position; the first objective is to play in the playoffs and the second is to try to finish as high as possible and in the playoffs to go as far as we can."

"Winning, liking and scoring goals is not so simple to achieve with this reality. The team sometimes succeeds and achieves it, and sometimes it's a little more difficult".

6:43 PM5 days ago

To keep on adding up

Pumas will go into this match after winning for the second time in the current tournament by the minimum score against Juárez. This Sunday, the universitarios defeated the team from the border in the return of the fans to the Olímpico Universitario. 

6:38 PM5 days ago

On the right track

León has earned three points after visiting Monterrey, a very complicated field; with a win by the minimum, the team coached by Holan will be looking to continue adding points. They are also in sixth place in the overall standings.

6:33 PM5 days ago

The match will be played at the Nou Camp Stadium.

The León vs Pumas match will be played at the Nou Camp Stadium, located in León, Guanajuato. The stadium has a capacity of 27,423 people.

6:28 PM5 days ago

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