Goals and Highlights: Mexico 6-1 Argentina in Women’s Friendly
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the friendly game between Mexico Women and Argentina Women.
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First score

Mexico scored its first goal in the Monica Vergara era by crushing Argentina at the Gregorio Tepa Gomez field.
5:47 PMa month ago

End game

Mexico women's 6-1 Argentina women's.
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Three more minutes are added.
5:37 PMa month ago

Goal México 6-1

5:32 PMa month ago


Hipólito enters and Larroquette leaves, change of Argentina.
5:27 PMa month ago


Mayor leaves and Espinoza enters, Mexico changes.
5:22 PMa month ago


Mexico Goal

Montoya takes advantage of the goalkeeper's mistake and just sends the ball into the net to make it 6-1.

5:17 PMa month ago


Alexia Delgado has been cautioned.
5:12 PMa month ago


The match has been slowing down, but Mexico controls the action and is taking it to good terms to secure the win.

Mexico's changes

Palacios, Delgado and Rodríguez come in.

Gonzalez, Antonio and Sanchez are replaced

5:07 PMa month ago


Larroquette's mid-range shot goes over the top of the goal.
5:02 PMa month ago

Goal Mexico 5-1

4:57 PMa month ago


The game is stopped because it is time for rehydration.
4:52 PMa month ago


Montoya with a shot from outside the area that goes over the top.
4:47 PMa month ago


Mexico Goal

Alison Gonzalez with a shot from outside the box to score the fifth.

4:42 PMa month ago


Urbani's shot from half distance goes over the top of the goal.
4:37 PMa month ago


Changes for Argentina

Rodríguez and Urbani are substituted

Santana and Szymanowski come out

4:32 PMa month ago

Goal Mexico 4-1

4:27 PMa month ago


Montoya was fouled hard and the Mexican was left lying on the grass for a few seconds.
4:22 PMa month ago


Mexico Goal

After a series of rebounds, Maria Sanchez sends the ball into the net after hitting the base of the post.

4:17 PMa month ago

Goal Mexico 3-1

4:12 PMa month ago


Cruz entered and Huber left, a change for Argentina's women's team.
4:07 PMa month ago


Mexico Goal

Alison Gonzalez headed in a pinpoint cross to extend the lead to 3-1.

4:02 PMa month ago


The second half begins between Mexico and Argentina femenino.
3:57 PMa month ago

Half time

Mexico 2-1 Argentina women's.
3:52 PMa month ago


Barrozo's header to the far post goes over the goal.
3:47 PMa month ago

Goal México 1-1

3:42 PMa month ago


Four more minutes are added
3:37 PMa month ago


Mexico Goal

Mayor takes advantage of Pereyra's rebound and sends the ball into the back of the net for a quick turnaround.

3:32 PMa month ago


Mexico Goal

Stephany Mayor tricks the goalkeeper and perfectly takes the penalty kick to tie the match 1-1.

3:27 PMa month ago


Foul inside the box and penalty kick in favor of Mexico femenino.
3:22 PMa month ago


Alison Gonzalez's shot goes over the goal.
3:17 PMa month ago


Larroquette's cross almost went inside the far post.
3:12 PMa month ago


The game is slowed down so that it is time for rehydration.
3:07 PMa month ago

Goal Argentina 1-0

3:02 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Santana of Argentina.
2:57 PMa month ago


Argentina goal.

Bonsegundo with a long distance shot that escapes the goalkeeper and opens the scoring.

2:52 PMa month ago


Falfán was fouled and quickly cautioned.
2:47 PMa month ago


Mexico's direct free kick was saved by Argentina's defensive rejection.
2:42 PMa month ago


The match between Mexico and Argentina begins.
2:37 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the friendly match between Mexico's Women's National Team and Argentina's Women's National Team in Jalisco.
2:32 PMa month ago

End of warm-up

Thus, Mexico has completed its warm-up phase and in a few minutes will be looking to win again in Aztec territory.
2:27 PMa month ago

México substitutes

Itzel González, Melany Villeda, Karina Rodríguez, Daniela Espinoza, Kiana Palacios, Bianca Sierra, Jocelyn Orejel, Alexia Delgado, Jacqueline Ovalle, Joseline Montoya, Cinthya Peraza, Anika Rodríguez.
2:22 PMa month ago

Argentina substitutes

1 Correa, 3 Stabile, 4 Cruz, 7 Urbani, 9 Vallejos, 10 Ippolito, 11 Rodríguez, 13 González, 14 Mayorga, 17 Aguero.
2:17 PMa month ago

They wear black

This was Mexico's arrival at the stadium, highlighting that this afternoon they will wear the black uniform as they have done in recent games.
2:12 PMa month ago

XI Mexico

Emily Alvarado, Kenti Robles, Rebeca Bernal, Jimena López, Cristina Ferral, Nancy Antonio, Stephany Mayor, Maricarmen Reyes, María Sánchez, Myra Delgadillo, Alison González.
2:07 PMa month ago

XI Argentina

12 Pereyra, 18 Núñez, 2 Barroso, 6 Cometti, 21 Huber, 5 Santana, 8 Falfán, 15 Bonsegundo, 20 Szymanowski, 16 Larroquette, 16 Bravo.
2:02 PMa month ago

Argentina arrived

This is how the Albiceleste arrived to face one more friendly game in this 2021, their most recent match was a defeat against Brazil.

1:57 PMa month ago

Getting to know the stadium

A little history of the venue that will host this match, which is now home to the champions Alteños de Tepatitlán of the Liga de Expansión MX.

1:52 PMa month ago

At Tepa Gómez

The weather is a little cloudy, but the Gregorio Tepa Gómez stadium is in excellent condition to host this match.
1:47 PMa month ago


Mexico Women's and Argentina Women's took advantage of this FIFA Date to hold a preparation match ahead of the qualifiers they will have in the coming months. We begin with the coverage.
1:42 PMa month ago

Tune in here Mexico vs Argentina Live Score in Women’s Friendly Match

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What time is Mexico vs Argentina match for Women’s Friendly Match?

This is the start time of the game Mexico vs Argentina of 23rd October in several countries:

Argentina: 6:00 PM

Bolivia: 5:00 PM

Brazil: 6:00 PM

Chile: 5:00 PM

Colombia: 4:00 PM

Ecuador: 4:00 horas

USA (ET): 5:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 11:00 PM

Mexico: 4:00 PM in TUDN.

Paraguay: 6:00 PM

Peru: 4:00 PM

Uruguay: 6:00 PM

1:32 PMa month ago

Key player Argentina

One of Argentina's most talented players is Florencia Bonsegundo, who plays for Madrid in Spain's Primera Division, and the Aztec defense will have to be careful with her in the attacking zone.
1:27 PMa month ago

Key player México

In the absence of some elements in the attack, the responsibility of scoring goals will fall to Alison González, one of the jewels of Mexican soccer, who has scored nine goals for the Rojinegras in the current Apertura 2021.
1:22 PMa month ago

Last Team Argentina

12 Oliveros, 3 Stabile, 6 Cometti, 2 Barroso, 4 Cruz, 13 Falfán, 7 Oviedo, 11 Bonsegundo, 14 Níñez, 9 Vallejos, 19 Larroquette.
1:17 PMa month ago

Last Team México

1 Alvarado, 2 Robles, 3 Rodríguez, 6 Bernal, 4 Orejel, 18 Antonio, 7 Espinoza, 10 Jaramillo, 23 Reyes, 11 Sánchez, 19 González.
1:12 PMa month ago

Mexico Women's Call-up List

For this game, Monica Vergara called up 25 players from Liga MX, Europe and the United States.

1 Alvarado Natividad Emily Sofia Stade de Reims Goalkeeper

2 Villeda Medina Melany Pumas Goalkeeper

3 González Rodríguez Itzel Tijuana Goalkeeper

4 Antonio López Nancy Tigres Media

5 Bernal Rodríguez Rebeca Monterrey Defender

6 Delgado Alvarado Alexia Arizona State University Media

7 Espinosa Arce Daniela America Media

8 Mayor Gutierrez Stephany Tigres Media

9 Montoya Rodríguez Joseline Chivas Chivas Media

10 Ovalle Muñoz Jacqueline Tigres Media

11 Peraza Fernández Cynthia Santos Media

12 Reyes Zárate Maricarmen UCLA Media

13 Rodríguez Anika PSV Eindhoven PSV Eindhoven Media

14 Sánchez Morales María Tigres Media

15 Delgadillo Prado Myra SC Braga Forward

16 González Esquivel Alison Atlas Forward

17 Martínez Abad Katty Tigres Forward

18 Palacios Hernández Kiana América América Forward

19 Ferral Montalván Cristina Tigres Defender

20 López Fuentes Jimena OL Reign Defender

21 Miranda Rodríguez Valeria Querétaro Defender

22 Orejel Tavares Jocelyn América Defender

23 Robles Salas Kenti Real Madrid Defender

24 Rodríguez Karina Washington Spirit Defender

25 Sierra García Bianca Tigres Defender

1:07 PMa month ago

FIFA Ranking

According to the latest FIFA ranking, Mexico is ranked 28th in the world with 1678.1 points, while the Albicelestes are in 35th position with 1652.39 points, so an even match is expected this Saturday.
1:02 PMa month ago

New stadium

For the first time, the Tepatitlán stadium (of the Liga de Expansión MX) will host an international women's game when Mexico faces Argentina, who will be on a mini-tour in Mexico during the FIFA Date.

12:57 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Mexico vs Argentina match will be played at the Gregorio tepa Gomez Stadium, in Jalisco, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 5:00 pm ET.
12:52 PMa month ago

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