Goals and highlights: Atletico Morelia 2-2 Tepatitlan FC in Liga Expansion MX 2021
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8:27 PM8 months ago

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8:26 PM8 months ago

Goals and highlights

8:03 PM8 months ago

The match ends!

At the last minute, and in a match of a good level, Tepatitlán FC rescues a draw against Atlético Morelia in Michoacán.

With this result, the Canarios move up to second place in the standings with 27 points, while the Alteños are now in the playoff zone, in eleventh place with 14 points.

On the fourteenth matchday of the Apertura 2021 Liga Expansion MX tournament, the team from Morelia will host Pumas, and the team from Jalisco, Tampico Madero.

(Foto: Tepatitlán FC)
(Photo: Tepatitlán FC)
7:52 PM8 months ago


Ángel Tecpanécatl won the ball outside the box and, without thinking, scored a great finish to level the score.
7:47 PM8 months ago


Four minutes of repositioning are added.
7:46 PM8 months ago


Almost there! Jorge Mora assists Víctor Guajardo, who misses his shot from in front of the goal. Tepatitlán missed a very clear opportunity to tie the score.
7:45 PM8 months ago


Rodrigo Melgarejo, defender of Atlético Morelia, also receives a yellow card.
7:44 PM8 months ago


New moves for Atlético Morelia: Jesús Ramírez and Kevin Magaña replace Gael Acosta and Diego Abella.
7:30 PM8 months ago


Diego Abella scored his fifth goal of the tournament, with which Atlético Morelia is winning. 
7:26 PM8 months ago


Atlético Morelia makes its first changes: Sergio Vergara and Luis Pérez leave and Diego Martínez and Javier Ibarra enter.
7:25 PM8 months ago


Tepatitlán moves its lineup for the last time in the match: Jorge Mora and Víctor Guajardo replace Duvier Mosquera and David Angulo.
7:19 PM8 months ago


Luis Pérez, Atlético Morelia midfielder, joins the cautioned.
7:19 PM8 months ago


Tepatitlán FC makes its third change of the game: Cristian Ortega replaces Fernando Ponce.
7:04 PM8 months ago


Diego Abella drives several meters, enters the area and finishes with a powerful shot at medium height to give the Canaries the lead back.
7:02 PM8 months ago

The second half begins!

The match between Atlético Morelia and Tepatitlán FC resumes at the Morelos.
6:54 PM8 months ago


And so, Tepatitlán FC converted their goal to even the score. 
6:52 PM8 months ago


With this goal, Atlético Morelia had taken the lead. 
6:48 PM8 months ago

The first half ends!

In a very entertaining match, Atlético Morelia and Tepatitlán FC are tied at one goal.
6:44 PM8 months ago


Fernando Ponce, Tepatitlán FC defender, also receives a yellow card.
6:34 PM8 months ago


Edson Rivera heads home a corner kick taken by Ángel Tecpanécatl to level the score.
6:34 PM8 months ago


Tepatitlán FC's Luis Robles is cautioned for a hard tackle.
6:34 PM8 months ago


Tepatitlán FC makes its first substitutions of the match: Geovani Cortés and Darío Martínez are replaced by Cristian González and Duvier Mosquera.
6:31 PM8 months ago


Santiago Ramirez! The home keeper dives and blocks Ángel Tecpanécatl's shot. First important warning from Los Alteños.
6:19 PM8 months ago


Unbelievable! Facing the goal, Martín Barragán misses a rebound inside the six-yard box and shoots wide.
6:07 PM8 months ago


After a corner kick by Sergio Vergara, Carlos Guzmán headed the ball home to give the home team the lead.
6:06 PM8 months ago


Jared Muñoz! The visiting goalkeeper saves correctly and covers Diego Abella's shot, and on the rebound, Carlos Guzmán's shot crashes against the crossbar. Tepatitlán FC is saved.
6:00 PM8 months ago

The match kicks off!

The ball is rolling in Michoacán! Atlético Morelia and Tepatitlán FC are already facing each other.
5:52 PM8 months ago

History between Atlético Morelia and Tepatitlán FC

These two institutions, due to the recent creation of their franchises, have only faced each other on four occasions, and so far there have been three draws and one win for the Alteños, who have already won a final against the Canarios.
5:36 PM8 months ago

Tepatitlan FC: substitutes

Juan Lemus; José Ramírez, Cristian González, Víctor Guajardo, Jorge Mora, Cristian Ortega, Alonso Valadez, Edwin Ariza, Duvir Mosquera & Diego Medina.
5:36 PM8 months ago

Atletico Morelia: substitutes

Sebastián Huerta; Melchor López, Diego Gallegos, Diego Cortés, Javier Ibarra, Kevin Magaña, Alan Sosa, Diego Martínez, Jassiel Ruiz & Jesús Ramírez.
5:25 PM8 months ago

Referee designations for the Atlético Morelia vs Tepatitlán FC match

The referee for this match will be Louis Vielmas; Edgar González, first assistant; Jaime Villasana, second assistant; and Jesús López, fourth official.
5:18 PM8 months ago

Tepatitlan FC: confirmed lineup

Jared Muñoz; Carlos Villanueva, Fernando Ponce, Said Castañeda, Ángel Tecpanécatl, Edson Rivera (C), Geovani Cortés, Darío Martínez, Luis Robles, Víctor Mañón & Juan Angulo.
5:18 PM8 months ago

Atletico Morelia: confirmed lineup

Santiago Ramírez; Carlos Guzmán, Arturo Ledesma (C), Ulises Zurita, Rodrigo Melgarejo, Luis Pérez, Eduardo del Ángel, Diego Abella, Gael Acosta, Sergio Vergara & Martín Barragán.
5:13 PM8 months ago

Let's get started!

In just under an hour, Atletico Morelia and Tepatitlan FC will play the last match of the thirteenth round of the Liga Expansion MX.

Both teams, who already have confirmed lineups, will be warming up in a few minutes.

(Photo: Atletico Morelia)
(Photo: Atletico Morelia)
5:08 PM8 months ago

Tune in here Atletico Morelia vs Tepatitlan FC Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting Atletico Morelia vs Tepatitlan FC live, as well as the latest information from Morelos Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
5:03 PM8 months ago

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Tepatitlan FC: last lineup

Jared Muñoz; Carlos Villanueva, Fernando Ponce, José Ramírez, Víctor Guajardo, Ángel Tecpanécatl, Edson Rivera, Geovani Cortés, Luis Robles (C), Edwin Ariza & Juan Angulo.
4:53 PM8 months ago

Atletico Morelia: last lineup

Santiago Ramírez; Arturo Ledesma (C), Carlos Guzmán, Mario Trejo, Ulises Zurita, Luis Pérez, Eduardo del Ángel, Gael Acosta, Sergio Vergara, Diego Abella & Martín Barragán.
4:48 PM8 months ago

How is Tepatitlan FC coming along?

The previous Sunday, the Alteños didn't make good on their local condition at the Gregorio Tepa Gómez Stadium, as they lost in a resounding 0-3 against Cimarrones of Sonora.
4:43 PM8 months ago

What's next for Atletico Morelia?

Last Wednesday, in their visit to the Andrés Quintana Roo Stadium, the Canarios defeated Cancún FC by the minimum difference, with a goal scored by Diego Abella, who scored for the fourth time in the semester.
4:38 PM8 months ago

Tepatitlan FC, to place itself in the reclassification zone

Meanwhile, the team coached by Mexican Francisco Ramírez is in thirteenth place in the general table with 13 points, after three wins, three draws and five losses; it has scored 11 goals and conceded 14. It has a negative streak of seven games without a win.
(Photo: Tepatitlan FC)
(Photo: Tepatitlan FC)
4:33 PM8 months ago

Atletico Morelia, in search of the runner-up position

The team coached by Mexican Ricardo Valiño is in third place in the standings with 26 points, the result of seven wins, two ties and two defeats; it has scored 17 goals and conceded 11. They have won three of their last four games.
(Photo: Agencies)
(Photo: Agencies)
4:28 PM8 months ago

Michoacanos and Jaliscienses will meet again

After having been the protagonists of the final of the last competition (Guard1anes 2021), Atlético Morelia and Tepatitlan FC will face each other this Sunday afternoon, not in a rematch, but in an important duel for their aspirations for the next round of the competition.
4:23 PM8 months ago

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