Goal and Highlights: Getafe vs Celta de Vigo in LaLiga
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3:55 PMa month ago

Next round

Both teams will take the field next Thursday. Celta de Vigo host Real Sociedad, while Getafe face Granada
3:54 PMa month ago


With the victory, Celta de Vigo reaches 10 points, in 14th place. In turn, Gertafe is in the 20th and last place, with two points.
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83' Yellow card for Celta de Vigo

3:41 PMa month ago

82' Yellow card for Getafe

3:40 PMa month ago

82' Yellow card for Getafe

3:39 PMa month ago

81' Red card for Getafe

Chema, on the bench
3:38 PMa month ago

79' Substitution in Celta de Vigo

Out: Santi Mina

In: Hugo Álvarez

3:38 PMa month ago

79' Substitution in Celta de Vigo

Out: Denis Suárez

In: Okay

3:32 PMa month ago


Denis Suárez inserts Thiago Galhardo between the defense. The Brazilian striker's heel touch and Santi Mina extends the advantage
3:30 PMa month ago

72' Substitution in Celta de Vigo

Out: Iago Aspas

In: Cervi

3:29 PMa month ago

71' Substitution in Celta de Vigo

Out: Duran

In: Thiago Galhardo

3:24 PMa month ago

66' Substitution in Getafe

Out: Aleña

In: Mitrovic

3:23 PMa month ago

65' Substitution in Celta de Vigo

Out: Aidoo

In: Araújo

3:21 PMa month ago


Nolito straight at goal. Soria sprawls
3:20 PMa month ago

62' Red card for Getafe

3:20 PMa month ago

61' VAR

VAR calls the referee to review Djené's step on Santi Mina
3:18 PMa month ago

59' Substitution in Getafe

Out: Timor 

In: Dario

3:16 PMa month ago


Brais Méndez is played through the middle, holds back a bit, and feeds Aspas on the left. The number 10 hits a cross and scores again after a month 
3:14 PMa month ago


After a corner, Santi Mina deflects it in the small area, with no chance for the goalkeeper
3:12 PMa month ago


Timor drops back, but delivers it to Aspas. The captain dominates and releases a bomb on the edge of the area. Soria flies, saves with one hand and gives way to a corner
3:06 PMa month ago


Mallo crosses dangerously low into the box. Cuenca throws himself in to clear
3:01 PMa month ago


The second half begins
2:48 PMa month ago


2:48 PMa month ago


2:47 PMa month ago


Ends the initial stage
2:47 PMa month ago

45' Substitution in Getafe

Out: Sandro Ramírez

In: Enes Unal

2:45 PMa month ago


2:45 PMa month ago


Sandro Ramírez is treated in the field
2:43 PMa month ago


Sandro Ramírez sends a shot towards the goal and the ball grazes the net
2:42 PMa month ago

41' Yellow card for Celta

Aidoo fights with Sandro Ramirez and makes a foul in the corner of the area
2:39 PMa month ago

37' LOST

Santi Mina reverses to Nolito. The number 9 gets rid of Florentino, comes out in front of the goal, but finishes too weakly and ends up passing back to Soria
2:37 PMa month ago


Aleña crosses, Sandro Ramírez heads along with Murillo and wins a corner
2:28 PMa month ago


Djené breaks away from the throw-in, Oliveira takes away soon after
2:25 PMa month ago


Denis Suárez takes a free-kick in the box. Timor calmly strikes it back
2:19 PMa month ago


Aspas heads backwards after Galán's throw-in in the box. Mallo makes a first-time pass, Djené blocks
2:13 PMa month ago


Oliveira crosses from the left. Dituro jumps and grabs it from above
2:08 PMa month ago


Arambarri is sent into the box, he heads the ball into the middle of the goal. Dituro holds firm
2:06 PMa month ago


Nolito receives from Brais Méndez, enters the area and hits a low shot. Soria saves
2:05 PMa month ago


Aspas crosses to no one on the edge and concedes a goal kick
2:04 PMa month ago


Bais Méndez throws in the box. Djené gets his head away
2:02 PMa month ago


Celta starts exchanging passes and prevents Getafe from touching the ball
2:00 PMa month ago


Game Starts
1:57 PMa month ago


Teams taking the field
1:36 PMa month ago


Celtic present at the Coliseum
1:31 PMa month ago


Arrival of Geta
1:23 PMa month ago

Azulone reserves

Yañez, Conde, Cabaco, Romeo Nyom, Chema, Macías, Enes Unal, Jonathan Silva, Darío, Iglesias, Mitrovic, Koffi
1:22 PMa month ago

Getafe with its 11

Soria; Damián Suarez, Djené, Cuenca, Oliveira; Florentino, Timor; Maksimovic, Arambarri; Aleña, Sandro Ramírez
1:11 PMa month ago

Celeste reserves

Rúben Blanco, Carrillo, Araújo, Okay, Galhardo, Cervi, Baeza, Kevin, Solari, Sotelo, Medrano, Hugo Álvarez
1:06 PMa month ago

Celta de Vigo lineup

Matías Dituro; Mallo, Aidoo, Murillo, Javi Galán; Fran Bentrán; Bais Méndez, Denis Suárez, Nolito; Iago Aspas, Santi Mina
1:01 PMa month ago


Juan Martínez Munuera
12:56 PMa month ago

What time is Getafe vs Celta de Vigo match for LaLiga?

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN + 

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

12:51 PMa month ago

What time is Getafe vs Celta de Vigo match for the LaLiga?

This is the start time of the game Getafe vs Celta de Vigo of 25th October 2021 in several countries:

Argentina 4:00pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Bolivia 3:00pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Brazil 4:0 pm:  ESPN, Star +

Chile 4:00pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Colombia 2:00pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Ecuador 2:00pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

USA 3:00pm ET: ESPN+

Spain 9:00pm: Movistar+

Mexico 2:00pm: Blue To Go Video Everywhere

Paraguay 4:00pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Peru 3:00pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Uruguay 4:00pm:ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Venezuela 3:00pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

12:46 PMa month ago

Probable Celta de Vigo

Matías Dituro; Mallo, Aidoo, Murillo, Javi Galán; Fran Bentrán;  Bais Méndez, Denis Suárez, Nolito; Iago Aspas, Santi Mina
12:41 PMa month ago

Celta Related

Matías Dituro, Rubén Blanco, Coke Carillo, Hugo Mallo, Néstor Araujo, Kevin Vázquez, Jeison Murillo, Aidoo, Medrano, Miguel Baeza, Javi Galán, Fran Beltrán, Okay Yokuslu, Denis Suárez, Brais Méndez, Solari , Cervi, Nolito, Iago Aspas, Thiago Galhardo, Santi Mina, Hugo Sotelo e Hugo Álvarez
12:36 PMa month ago

Absences Celta

Eduardo Coudet will not be able to count on Renato Tapia and Jose Fontán are injured.
12:31 PMa month ago

Probable Getafe

Soria; Suarez, Djené, Cuenca, Oliveira; Florentino, Timor;  Maksimovic, Arambarri; Aleña, Sandro Ramírez
12:26 PMa month ago

Geta Absences

Quique Sanches Flores has two players in the medical department, they are: Jakub Jankto and Sabit Abdulai. However, the doubt revolves around Erick Cabaco, Vitolo and Jaime Mata.
12:21 PMa month ago

Celta results

Celta de Vigo 0-1 Sevilha

Elche 1-0 Celta de Vigo

Celta de Vigo 1-0 Granada

Levante 0-2 Celta de Vigo

Celta de Vigo 1-2 Cádiz

12:16 PMa month ago

Celtics with alert on

Celta de Vigo are in 16th place with six points - one more than the first team in the relegation zone, Alavés. So far, the Celtic have only won two matches in the domestic league.
12:11 PMa month ago

Geta Sequence

Levante 0-0 Getafe

Getafe 1-1 Real Sociedad

Betis 2-0 Getafe

Getafe 1-2 Atlético de Madrid

Rayo Vallecano 3-0 Getafe

12:06 PMa month ago

Azulanes more like reds

With only two points, Getafe is in the 20th and last position in the Spanish table. The points earned came thanks to two straight draws against Levante and Real Sociedad.
12:01 PMa month ago

Closing of the round

Getafe vs Celta de Vigo live on Monday (25) at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez at 3:00pm ET in LaLiga. The match is valid for the 10th round of the competition.
11:56 AMa month ago

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