Goals and Highlights: Alebrijes Oaxaca 0-0 Atlante in Liga Expansion MX 2021


7:02 PMa month ago


6:57 PMa month ago

Game over

Alebrijes and Potros play to a goalless draw
6:50 PMa month ago


4 minutes of compensation are added
6:42 PMa month ago


He missed it! Ramiro Costa found the ball very close to the line to push it into the net but the home backline came across in a last-ditch effort and prevented the goal.
6:39 PMa month ago


Ramiro Costa crosses for Escobar but he fails to reach the ball and misses the clearest shot of the game.
6:37 PMa month ago


Ramiro Costa's shot goes just wide of the goal.
6:35 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Atlante's Alonso Hernández
6:29 PMa month ago


Dangerous play by the home team. Shot on goal by Alebrijes.
6:22 PMa month ago


Atlante presses in the local area in search of a goal. After the restart of the match, the visiting team is more proactive in attack.
6:10 PMa month ago


Atlante substitution. Alonso Hernández replaces Dulio Tejeda.
6:09 PMa month ago


Alebrijes changes. Hardy Meza and Osiel Herrera enter, Aldair Mena and Johan Alonzo come out.
6:05 PMa month ago


Action resumes, second half of Alebrijes de Oaxaca vs Atlante kicks off
5:52 PMa month ago

Half time

First half ends between Alebrijes de Oaxaca and Atlante, both teams tied at 0:0
5:47 PMa month ago


Yellow Card! Atlante's Jonathan Gerardo Martinez is cautioned.
5:43 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Alebrijes de Oaxaca's Johan Alonzo
5:43 PMa month ago


Red Card! Miguel Vallejo is sent off after receiving his second yellow card in less than two minutes. The first yellow card was given after committing a foul, the second on the complaint.
5:39 PMa month ago


Collision in the Alebrijes area. Goalkeeper Víctor Alcaraz collides with Diego García and medical assistance arrives.
5:36 PMa month ago


Foul by Manzanares, Atlante restarts from their own half
5:30 PMa month ago


Ramiro Costa is cautioned for a foul on Portales.
5:20 PMa month ago


A great save! Jorge Sánchez's shot deflected by Humberto Hernández for a corner kick.
5:10 PMa month ago


Manzanares receives a yellow card. A dangerous play for Atlante that the Oaxacan defense resolves well. Free kick for the visitors
5:04 PMa month ago


The match between Alebrijes and Atlante kicks off!
4:49 PMa month ago

Almost ready

All set for kick-off in Oaxaca, we are minutes away from the opening whistle
4:44 PMa month ago

Atlante's substitutes

1 José Fernández
5 Jesús Aguirre
6 Edson Partida 
16 Francisco Reyes
19 Omar Soto
10 Alfonso Tamay
 18 Christian Bermúdez
11 Brian Figueroa
9 Joaquín Hernández
26 Manuel López
4:39 PMa month ago

Alebrijes substitutes

3 Luis Chávez
15 Adrián Vázquez
21 Alan Escoto
6 Hardy Meza
10 Leandro Torres 
14 Javier Luna
17 Carlos Guerrero
120 Osiel Herrera
9 Lizandro Echeverria
99 Daniel Guzman
4:34 PMa month ago

Atlante's starting up

20 Humberto Hernández
2 Leonardo Vilchis
3 Diego García
14 Rolando González
28 Elbis Sousa
7 Dulio Tejeda
8 Jonathan Martínez
22 Jesús Venegas
27 Armando Escobar
29 Juan Domínguez
23 Ramiro Acosta
4:29 PMa month ago

Alebrijes' starting lineup

1 Víctor Alcaráz
2 Edson Santos
4 Ernesto Reyes
5 Juan Portales
131 Gandhi Manzanares
7 Josué Gómez
8 Miguel Vallejo
18 Fernando Vázquez
 23 Johan  Alonzo
25 Jorge Sánchez
28 Aldair Mena
4:24 PMa month ago


Central Abraham Quirarte
Flag bearer 1 Ángel Hernández 
Flag Bearer 2 Alejandro Hernández
Assistant Juan Sánchez
4:19 PMa month ago

Face to face

Atlante has the advantage over Alebrijes in the 18 times they have met since 2012 in the Expansion League, with eight wins for the Azulgranas to five for Alebrijes and five draws.
4:14 PMa month ago
4:09 PMa month ago

To look for the result

The Estadio Tecnológico de Oaxaca will host a long-awaited game in which it will be a challenge to rescue a favorable score for the home team in the face of Atlante's good season.
4:04 PMa month ago

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What time is Alebrijes de Oaxaca vs Atlante match for Liga de Expansión MX?

This is the start time of the game Alebrijes de Oaxaca vs Atlante of 26 October 2021 in several countries:

USA (ET): 18:00 PM

Mexico: 17:00 PM in Fox Sports

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Tecnológico de Oaxaca Stadium

The Estadio Tecnológico de Oaxaca is a Mexican soccer stadium located in the city of Oaxaca, and is the home of the Alebrijes de Oaxaca team. It was inaugurated on March 27, 2016 in a match against Pumas de la UNAM, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

It has space for 17 200 spectators (if the team achieves promotion, the capacity could increase to 25 000 spectators), everything will be abutted (it was inaugurated without seats, with the promise that it will be complete in a maximum of two months). It has 72 boxes and will have commercial areas.

3:44 PMa month ago

Alebrijes last lineup

6 Hardy Meza
25 Jorge Sánchez
2 Edson Santos
28 Aldair Mena
18 Fernando Vázquez
7 Josué Gómez
3 Luis Chávez
33 Edgar Olaguez
8 Miguel Vallejo
5 Juan Portales
19 Jaidivert Hurtado
3:39 PMa month ago

Atlante last lineup

4 Jonathan Sánchez
14 Rolando González
29 Juan Pablo Domínguez
20 Humberto Hernández
18 Christian Bermúdez
6 Edson Partida
27 Armando Escobar
28 Elbis Sousa
2 Leonardo Vilchis
23 Ramiro Costa
19 Omar Soto
3:34 PMa month ago


On the other hand, Potros del Atlante, who on this occasion will visit Alebrijes, have had a fairly regular campaign; of the 12 games played so far, the azulgranas have won 7, drawn 3 and lost a couple. On the only occasions that the score was adverse for Atlante was against Cimarrones de Sonora in matchday 3 and just the previous matchday against Morelia. The Potros are in third place in the table with 26 points, just one point behind Morelia in second place and 7 points behind leaders Dorados.


3:29 PMa month ago


Alebrijes de Oaxaca are not having the best of campaigns and are the last team in the MX Expansion League table. In thirteen games played, they have only been able to win on one occasion and they did so on Day 8 against Mineros de Zacatecas with a score of 2-1 playing at home.
 Alebrijes have won just one game, six ties and six defeats.  With ten goals scored and 15 conceded, they remain in the basement of the table with 9 points.


3:24 PMa month ago

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