Goals and summary of Tepatitlan 1-1 Tampico Madero in Liga de Expansion MX 2021
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8:23 PM8 months ago

match summary

8:22 PM8 months ago

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8:20 PM8 months ago

Match statistics:

These are the numbers that the meeting left us with:

8:01 PM8 months ago

Final score:

Final score:


7:53 PM8 months ago


The match is over

At the Gregorio Tepa Gomez Stadium, both teams share the points.

7:48 PM8 months ago


The central referee adds 4 minutes to the match.
7:46 PM8 months ago


A dangerous cross goes over the goal defended by Muñoz, Tepatitlan is saved.
7:43 PM8 months ago


Free kick missed by the home team
7:40 PM8 months ago


Modification of the Tampico team:

In Santiago Ramos Out Edson Martínez

7:38 PM8 months ago


Yellow card for Ángel Tecpanécatl of the Alteño team.
7:36 PM8 months ago


Another change for the home team:

Victor Mañon comes out Duvier Mosquera comes in.

7:34 PM8 months ago


The intensity drops at the Gregorio Tepa Gomez Stadium, the teams are unable to make a difference in the match.
7:31 PM8 months ago

The tying goal

Thus, the game was tied
7:29 PM8 months ago


The referee takes a break to allow the players to hydrate.
7:26 PM8 months ago


Changes in the visiting squad:

Fabian Salas comes off Luis Loroña

Cesar Bernal comes off Aldo Lopez

7:23 PM8 months ago


Tepatitlan takes possession of the ball with the changes and seeks to score the goal that will give them the advantage in the game.
7:21 PM8 months ago


Second change for the home team:

Juan Angulo comes out Jorge Mora comes in

7:20 PM8 months ago


Changes in the local team: 

In Alonso Valdez Out Giovani Cortes

7:16 PM8 months ago


Goooooooooooool! for Tepatitlán, a great assist from Mañon for forward Angulo to push the ball into the net and tie the score in the match.
7:14 PM8 months ago


Another caution in the match, this time for Jaiba player Giovani Hernández.
7:09 PM8 months ago


The home team had a dangerous attack, but once again, goalkeeper Millan saved his team.
7:07 PM8 months ago


Tepatitlán player Diego Medina is cautioned.
7:03 PM8 months ago


The second half begins between Tepatitlan and Tampico Madero.
6:53 PM8 months ago

The first goal of the match

This is how Loroña scored the first goal of the game.


6:50 PM8 months ago

End of first half

The first half ends between Tepatitlan and Tampico Madero, with the visitors taking a 1-0 lead.
6:46 PM8 months ago


The referee will add 2 minutes
6:43 PM8 months ago


Yellow card for Jaiba brava's Brazilian player Giovani Cortes.
6:41 PM8 months ago


Last 5 minutes of the first half, and the Alteños are looking to tie the game.
6:39 PM8 months ago


I missed it! Giovani Hernández sends it to the side and misses the opportunity to increase the score.
6:37 PM8 months ago


Penalty! The referee calls a penalty kick in favor of Tampico Madero, after a foul by Jose Ramirez on forward Reyes.
6:34 PM8 months ago


Tepatitlán came very close to tying the game, but the ball went wide of Millan's goal.
6:31 PM8 months ago


The home team is looking wildly to create scoring moves but they are not having any luck.
6:25 PM8 months ago


Tepatitlan, after the goal, approached the opponent's area with danger but could not finish the play.
6:22 PM8 months ago


Goooooooooooooooool! from Tampico Madero, great cross from Giovani Hernandez and Loroña crosses the ball with first intention to score the first goal of the match.
6:18 PM8 months ago


There is a fierce fight for the ball in the midfield, nobody lends each other the ball for a minute.
6:14 PM8 months ago


Tepatitlán's first arrival, a great cross from Tecpanecatl, but goalkeeper Millán keeps the ball.
6:11 PM8 months ago


Both teams try to reach the opponent's area, but are unable to finish the play.
6:08 PM8 months ago


Brazilian Geovani fouls Tampico striker Loroña and the referee only calls the foul.
6:05 PM8 months ago


First foul in favor of the Jaiba Brava, he fights with all the ball.
6:03 PM8 months ago


Immediately at the start, the Tampico squad takes possession of the ball.
6:00 PM8 months ago

Kick off

Tepatitlan and Tampico Madero kick off the match!
5:56 PM8 months ago

Everything ready for the start of the game

Everything is ready for the start of the match, both teams are about to take the field.
5:48 PM8 months ago

Players warm up at the Tepa Gomez Stadium

The players are warming up for the opening whistle.


5:42 PM8 months ago

The Gregorio Tepa Gomez stadium is a fortress

Tampico Madero has never been able to defeat the Alteño team in its last two visits, demonstrating how difficult it is to play on this field, and can it break the streak this afternoon?
5:36 PM8 months ago

Last meeting between the two teams

The last time the two teams met was on May 22 of this year, when Tepatitlan defeated Tampico Madero 2 goals to 1.
5:24 PM8 months ago

Starting eleven of the Tampico Madero team

This is the starting eleven for La Jaiba Brava


5:21 PM8 months ago

Tepatitlán's starting eleven

This is the starting eleven with which the team coached by Paco Ramírez will take the field.


5:16 PM8 months ago

The gates of the Gregorio Tepa Gomez Stadium are opened.

Everything is ready at the Gregorio Tepa Gomez Stadium, the gates have opened, and the fans are gradually entering the stadium.


5:11 PM8 months ago

Stay tuned and follow Tepatitlán vs Tampico live on TV

Follow VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage and all the information about the matchday 14 match at the Gregorio Tepa Gomez stadium.
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Watch out for this Tampico Madero player

Eduardo Pérez is the player to follow in Tampico Madero, the forward always appears in important moments for the Jaiba, he is looking to continue scoring goals and minutes in the tournament, he has played in teams such as Morelia, Juarez and Zacatepec, he currently has 5 goals with the Jaiba Brava shirt.



5:01 PM8 months ago

Watch out for this Tepatitlán player

Midfielder Luis Enrique Robles will undoubtedly be a player to watch for the game against Tampico, as he has become a natural goal scorer and will undoubtedly be a key player in the scheme of Professor Francisco Ramirez, he has great experience, he has played in first division teams such as Veracruz, Altas and Puebla.


4:56 PM8 months ago

Where and how to watch Tepatitlán vs Tampico Madero

The match will be broadcasted by TUDN. If you want to watch the match live on the Internet, VAVEL is your best option. 
4:51 PM8 months ago

Last Tampico Madero Lineup

19. Edson Garcia, 10.Giovani Hernandez, 1. Hector Holguín, 6. Aldo López, 3. Óscar Manzanarez, 22. Edson Martinez, 12, Diego Medina, 25. Micolta, 9. Pérez Reyes, 13. Carlos Robles, 8. Marco Ruiz 
4:46 PM8 months ago

Tepatitlán's last lineup

1. Muñoz, 2. Ponce, 19. Castañeda, 3. Villanueva, 11. Geovani, 17. Martinez, 10. Rivera, 18. Luis Robles, 7. Tecpanecatl, 17. Angulo, 9. Mañon.
4:41 PM8 months ago


The referee will be Jorge Abraham Camacho Peregrina, while his assistants will be Erick Duran Martinez and Mayra Alejandra Mora, and the fourth referee will be Antonio Sanchez. 
4:36 PM8 months ago

Tampico Madero must score points away from home

The crab squad is obliged to get the 3 points to place itself in the upper part of the playoffs, after tying at home against the Atlante iron colts, the crab has not managed to win since August 31 when it defeated the Zacatecas miners 2-1, since that date it has 5 ties and 2 defeats.
4:31 PM8 months ago

Tepatitlán seeks to climb out of the bottom of the table

After a last minute tie against Morelia, Tepatitlan is looking to get out of the bottom of the general table and into the playoff places. Tepatitlan has not been able to win since August, with 4 ties and 4 losses since that date.
4:26 PM8 months ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Tepatitlan vs Tampico Madero match, corresponding to Day 14 of the Liga Expansion MX. The match will take place at Estadio Tepa Gomez at 17:00 PM