Goals and Highlights León 1-3 Pachuca in Liga Mx Femenil
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11:04 PM7 months ago

The best goal

The best goal of the game by Natalia Gómez Junco
10:59 PM7 months ago

Game over

Game over the score is León 1-3 Pachuca
10:54 PM7 months ago


We arrived at 90 minutes, the game is about to end.
10:49 PM7 months ago


Goal of the esmeraldas, Vázquez scores the first of the hosts, the score is 1-3
10:44 PM7 months ago


Home team change

Exit Cox

Enter Vidrio

10:39 PM7 months ago


 Pachuca´s goal, that puts the 3 -0 at the moment, score by López
10:34 PM7 months ago


Double change of León Diaz and Ávarez exit. Enter Castillo and Figueroa
10:29 PM7 months ago


Away team change Gómez Junco leaves, Ruth Bravo enters
10:24 PM7 months ago


Goal Pachuca, Salazar takes a very good shot and makes it 2-0 in favor of the away team.
10:19 PM7 months ago


Cuevas and Corral leave Enter López and Balcazar
10:14 PM7 months ago


Substitions home team

Guajardo and Regalado leave

Enter Penagos and Calderón

10:09 PM7 months ago


Yellow card to Fuentes
10:04 PM7 months ago


Yeeeees, Gómez Junco score the first goal of the game for Pachuca 
9:59 PM7 months ago


Guajardo shoots but the blue and white defense rejects a throw-in
9:54 PM7 months ago


The second half starts
9:49 PM7 months ago

Bench away team

Correa has at his disposal to enter the complementary part to: Silvia Machuca,Diana Monroy,Fatima Arellano, Andrea Balcazar, Yanin Madrid, Ana López, Linda Bravo, Delfina Santellan, Lourdes Martinez, Alice soto
9:44 PM7 months ago


The first half ends 0-0.
9:39 PM7 months ago


Yellow card for Sonia Vázquez for a foul on Natalia Gómez Junco.
9:34 PM7 months ago


Close to the goal of the visit, an extraordinary play by Gómez Junco, the goalkeeper rejects, but Charlyn's counter shot goes wide.
9:29 PM7 months ago


Post, close to León's first goal, he finishes off the crossbar and leaves the field a second time.
9:24 PM7 months ago


Corner shot that almost ended in a goal by Cox
9:19 PM7 months ago


Close to scoring the scorer Viri Salazar on two occasions, but again goalkeeper Ángeles Martínez contains the danger.
9:14 PM7 months ago


The game becomes even without dominance of either of the two squads
9:09 PM7 months ago


Again Cox takes a long-distance shot that goes just above the goal, the scoreboard continue 0-0.
9:04 PM7 months ago


Shot by Gomez Junco stopped by goalkeeper Martinez
8:59 PM7 months ago


Cox's shot that stops the goalkeeper of the away team
8:54 PM7 months ago


Shot by the player Guajardo but the away team goalkeeper stops
8:49 PM7 months ago

Leon substitutions

Diana Sánchez, Anakaren Llamas, Blanca Muñoz,  Sabrina Figueroa, Vidrio, Paulina, Sandra, Selena Castillo, Daniela Calderón y Natalia Penagos
8:44 PM7 months ago

Start the match

Start the match between Leon and Pachuca
8:39 PM7 months ago

The home team lineup













8:34 PM7 months ago

Happy anniversary

Today the Pachuca Club celebrates 129 years since its foundation. 
8:29 PM7 months ago

The best players of Pachuca

They are the best players of the away team 
8:24 PM7 months ago

The away team lineup

The lineup of Pachuca is 
8:19 PM7 months ago

The last Match between León and Pachuca

Pachuca won 2-0 with goals from Diaz and Alvarado
Photo: Getty images //Jam Media
Photo: Getty images //Jam Media
8:14 PM7 months ago

Arrive at home

The León players are already in the stadium for today's game.


8:09 PM7 months ago

Road to Nou Camp

The Pachuca players are already heading to the stadium for today's match.
8:04 PM7 months ago

Tune in here León vs Pachuca Live score

One of the best game of the Mexico Woman League is almost ready, León vs Pachuca live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.
7:59 PM7 months ago

How to watch Leon vs Pachuca Live Stream on TV and Online?

León team social media.
7:54 PM7 months ago

León vs Pachuca Prediction

León arrives with 6 games without winning

Pachuca arrives with 2 draw and 1 won

7:49 PM7 months ago

Latest games between León vs Pachuca

Hegemony of Pachuca won 3 of 4 latest games 
7:44 PM7 months ago

Key Players

Anisa Guajardo has 4 goals on the tournament

7:39 PM7 months ago

Key Players.

Viridiana Salazar score 5 goals of the tournament is the best player of Leon on that topic
Photo: Club Pachuca
Photo: Club Pachuca
7:34 PM7 months ago

Probable Lineups

León: Martínez, Anguiano, Sánchez, Swift, Gómez, Castillo, Álvarez, Cox, Regalado, Penagos, Martínez.

Pachuca: Barreras, Cortes, Díaz, Fuentes, Gutiérrez, Ángeles, Santellan, Ocampo, Gómez Junco, Bravo, Cuevas.

7:29 PM7 months ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The central referee for this Pachuca vs Leon will be Juan Francisco Sánchez Leal; Karla Angélica Flores Ortega, first row; Karla Anaid Hurtado Jiménez, second row; Julio César Gil Jiménez. fourth assistant.
7:24 PM7 months ago

With a lit candle

Pachuca requires a miracle to enter to the playoffs but for this she needs to add 3 today, he comes from beating Juárez 3-1.
7:19 PM7 months ago

To lift the course

The emeralds team do not go through their best moment and do not win in their last 5 games, their last victory was against Juárez 2-0.
7:14 PM7 months ago

The match will be played at the Nou Camp Stadium

The León vs Pachuca match will be played at the stadium Nou Camp, in Guanajuato}}, Mexico with a capacity of 31 297 people, a few times Leon play here.
7:09 PM7 months ago

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