Goals and Highlights: Roma 2-2 Bodø/Glimt in Conference League
Photo: Roma


4:55 PM2 months ago

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4:54 PM2 months ago

49' Full-Time!

Roma 2-2 Bodø/Glimt 
4:51 PM2 months ago


+4 minutes
4:51 PM2 months ago

43' Substitution (Roma)

↑In: 59. Zalewski
↓Out: 92. El Shaarawy
4:50 PM2 months ago

42' Substitution (Bodø/Glimt)

↑In: 32. Mugisha, 10. Vetlesen
↓Out: 11. Pellegrino, 16. Konradsen
4:45 PM2 months ago

41' Yellow Card (Bodø/Glimt)

Brede Moe is warned
4:40 PM2 months ago

38' Goal Detail

In a confusion inside the area, a hit and run, the ball is left with the striker Borja Mayoral on the left side, he makes the cross in the measure to Ibañez on the second stick, he heads, the goalkeeper Haikin can save, but inside the goal. The technology triggers the referee, and the goal is scored.
4:35 PM2 months ago


Ibañez ties the game for Roma. 2 to 2!
4:30 PM2 months ago

36' Substitution (Roma)

↑In: 21. Borja Mayoral
↓Out: 9. Abraham
4:25 PM2 months ago

35' Yellow Card (Bodø/Glimt)

Botheim is warned
4:20 PM2 months ago

33' Yellow Card (Roma)

Ibañez is warned
4:15 PM2 months ago

30' Yellow Card (Roma)

Cristante is warned
4:10 PM2 months ago

28' Blocked!

El Shaarawy is activated on the left side of the field, he goes to a 1-on-1 with the full-back, he gets inside, he drives Shomurodov inside the area, he dominates and shoots hard, but defender Brede Moe plays in front of the ball and blocks the shot
4:05 PM2 months ago

24' He took a chance!

Villar receives on the right side, carries in the pass, Carles Perez makes the light cut, the ball reaches Veretout, he moves forward at speed and tries a strong shot from outside the area, but the ball goes over the goal
4:00 PM2 months ago

21' Substitution (Roma)

↑In: 14. Shomurodov
↓Out: 22. Zaniolo
3:55 PM2 months ago

19' Goal Detail

Sondre Fet receives a pass on the intermediary, invades the area, tries to find spaces, opens for the support of the right-back Sampsted, he makes the cross, the ball travels high and the striker Botheim head to the bottom of the goal
3:50 PM2 months ago


Botheim scores Bodø/Glimt's second goal of the game. 2-1!
3:45 PM2 months ago

11' In the hands of the goalkeeper!

The Brazilian Ibañez receives a pass from Veretout on the left side of the field, goes inside and makes an open cross on the second stick, aiming at Carles Perez, but goalkeeper Haikin comes out of the goal and holds
3:40 PM2 months ago

8' Goal Detail

In a fast counter-attack by Roma, Zaniolo gets in the middle, goes forward at speed and opens the play to El Shaarawy on the left side, he invades the area, brings it inside and finishes looking for the high corner. GOAL!!!
3:35 PM2 months ago


El Shaarawy ties the game for Roma. 1 a 1!
3:30 PM2 months ago

7' Isolated!

Pellegrino receives on the left side of the field, brings Botheim inside, he puts the ball to Elias Hagen that arrives finishing with a first shot, but sends it far from the goal
3:25 PM2 months ago

2' Take off the defense!

The center forward Abraham receives a throw-in on the left side of the field, goes over the marker and unleashes a cross from the first stick to El Shaarawy, but defender Brede Moe cuts it off
3:20 PM2 months ago


The 2nd half begins in Rome
3:15 PM2 months ago

00' Substitution (Roma)

↑In: 11. Carles Pérez, 8. Villar
↓Out: 77. Mkhitaryan, 55. Darboe
3:10 PM2 months ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the second half
3:05 PM2 months ago

47' HT

Roma 0-1 Bodø/Glimt
3:00 PM2 months ago

45'+1 Goal Detail

WHAT A GOAL! The midfielder Elias Hagen receives and moves forward at speed, he gives a good pass to Solbakken in the intermediate, the number 9 arrives finishing with a first-time shot and hits the angle. Goalkeeper Rui Patrício didn't even move!
2:55 PM2 months ago


Solbakken opens the scoring for Bodø/Glimt in Rome. 1-0!
2:50 PM2 months ago


+2 minutes
2:45 PM2 months ago

42' Hold on, Haikin!

The defender Cristante sees El Shaarawy's pass on the left side, makes the throw ripping the marking, leaves the number 92 on the goal face, but the goalkeeper Haikin anticipates, closes the angle and holds on the shot
2:40 PM2 months ago

37' It took too long!!!

Veretout sees Zaniolo's passing in the back of the defense, he makes a great throw to the winger, he is in the face of the goal, he adjusts, loses a lot of time, and is disarmed before finishing
2:35 PM2 months ago

34' He took a chance!

Karsdorp receives the ball on the right side of the field, brings it inside and makes a cross, the ball reaches El Shaarawy who fights with his head, but loses to the opponent's defense, Veretout picks up the left on the intermediary and finishes outside
2:30 PM2 months ago

30' Warm game!

So far the match has had few chances to score, both teams close well and show no creativity.
2:25 PM2 months ago


In a corner from the right side of the field, Veretout makes a very open cross inside the area, El Shaarawy arriving from behind, appears finishing first in the goal, the ball goes out of the box taking ink from the right post
2:20 PM2 months ago

21' Out!

In a pitch without any danger to the area, the defender Sampsted moves away very badly, and the ball is with Abraham on the edge of the area, he dominates with his chest and finishes strong, the ball goes out very dangerously
2:15 PM2 months ago

15' Blocked!

The defender Cristante makes a throw to Zaniolo on the right side of the field, he looks for spaces to cross, he brings El Shaarawy inside and triggers him in the intermediate, he arrives finishing, but the ball explodes in the marking
2:10 PM2 months ago

13' That hurt!

Midfielder Veretout is fouled hard in midfield and falls down in great pain. He receives the appropriate medical attention.
2:05 PM2 months ago

5' Get the defense off!

Veretout sets up El Shaarawy on the left side of the field, he dominates, goes over the marking, gets to the back line and crosses low into the area, but defender Lode cuts it off
2:00 PM2 months ago

1' Too long!

Ibañez receives on the right side, puts Veretout in the middle of the field, he sees Zaniolo's pass on the back of the marking, he shoots, but the ball goes too long, goalkeeper Haikin comes out well and holds
1:55 PM2 months ago


The 1st half begins in Rome
1:50 PM2 months ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the game
1:45 PM2 months ago

All set!

With about 10 minutes to go until the start of the match, Roma and Bodø/Glimt have already finished warming up on the pitch of Rome's Olympic Stadium
1:40 PM2 months ago


Roma and Bodø/Glimt take to the pitch for warm-ups in preparation for the match at Rome's Olympic Stadium later today - at 04:00 pm (ET).
1:35 PM2 months ago

Bodø/Glimt Reserves

30. Smits (GK), 4. Hoibraten, 26. Kvile, 21. Kongsro, 10. Vetlesen, 22. Moberg, 7. Patrick Berg, 32. Mugisha, 77. Koomson, 28. Pernambuco and 24. Nordas
1:30 PM2 months ago

Bodø/Glimt lineup!

(4-3-3) 12. Haikin; 5. Bjorkan, 2. Lode, 18. Brede Moe (c), 3. Sampsted; 23. Elias Hagen, 16. Konradsen, 19. Sondre Fet; 11. Pellegrino, 9. Solbakken and 20. Botheim

Coach: Kjetil Knudsen

1:25 PM2 months ago

Roma Reserves

87. Fuzato (GK), 58. Missori, 19. Bryan Reynolds, 24. Kumbulla, 13. Calafiori, 59. Zalewski, 8. Villar, 52. Edoardo Bove, 42. Diawara, 14. Shomurodov, 11. Carles Pérez and 21. Borja Mayoral
1:20 PM2 months ago

Roma lineup!

(4-2-3-1) 1. Rui Patrício (c); 2. Karsdorp, 23. Mancini, 4. Cristante, 3. Ibañez; 55. Darboe, 17. Veretout; 92. El Shaarawy, 77. Mkhitaryan, 22. Zaniolo; and 9. Abraham

Coach: José Mourinho

1:15 PM2 months ago

Game Stage

1:10 PM2 months ago

Good afternoon fans!

You can now follow the pre-match news and live coverage of the Roma-Bodø/Glimt matchday 4 from Group C in the Conference League 2021-22 here on VAVEL. The match starts at 04:00 pm (EST).
1:05 PM2 months ago

How to watch Roma - Bodø/Glimt live on TV in real time?

Match: Roma vs Bodø/Glimt 

Tournament: Conference League 2021-22

Venue: Roma Olympic Stadium

Time: 04:00 PM

Where to follow: VAVEL

1:00 PM2 months ago

Where to watch the Roma - Bodø/Glimt match?

It is possible to watch the match exclusively on VAVEL, which will broadcast the match in real time.
12:55 PM2 months ago

Probable lineup of Roma

Patricio; Karsdorp, Kumbulla, Ibanez, Vina; Diawara, Veretout; El Shaarawy, Pellegrini, Perez; Shomurodov
12:50 PM2 months ago

Probable lineup of Bodø/Glimt

Haikin; Sampsted, Moe, Lode, Bjorkan; Fet, Berg, Konradsen; Solbakken, Bothiem, Pellegrino
12:45 PM2 months ago

Roma - players signed up

Goalkeepers - Rui Patrício, Pietro Boer and Daniel Fuzato.
Defenders - Rick Karsdorp, Roger Ibañez, Matías Viña, Chris Smalling, Riccardo Calafiori, Bryan Reynolds, Gianluca Mancini, Marash Kumbulla and Leonardo Spinazzola.

Midfielders - Bryan Cristante, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Gonzalo Villar, Jordan Veretout, Nicolò Zaniolo, Amadou Diawara, Edoardo Bove, Ebrima Darboe, Nicola Zalewski, Filippo Tripi, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Stephan El Shaarawy.

Forwards - Tammy Abraham, Carles Pérez, Eldor Shomurodov, and Borja Mayoral.

Coach - José Mourinho.

12:40 PM2 months ago

Bodø/Glimt - players signed up

Goalkeepers - Nikita Haikin, Joshua Smits and Magnus Brøndbo.
Defenders - Marius Lode, Alfons Sampsted, Marius Høibråten, Fredrik André Bjørkan, Brede Moe, Vegard Kongsro, and Sigurd Kvile.

Midfielders - Patrick Berg, Hugo Vletesen, Amahl Pellegrino, Ulrik Saltnes, Morten Konradsen, Sondre Brunstad Fet, Vegard Moberg, Elias Hagen, Joel Mugisha, and Brynjar Johnsplass.

Forwards - Victor Boniface, Ola Solbakken, Erik Botheim, Lasse Selvåg Nordås, Pernambuco, and Gilbert Koomson.

Coach - Kjetil Knutsen.

12:35 PM2 months ago

Last confrontation

The last match between the teams was in the 3rd round of Group C of the Conference League. Playing at home, Bodø/Glimt did not take notice of the mighty Roma, and applied a 6-1 massacre.
12:30 PM2 months ago

Classification - Group C

1º Bodø/Glimt - 7 pts - 2W, 1D, 0L (SG +7)

2º Roma - 6 pts - 2W, 0D, 1L (SG +2)

3º Zorya - 3 pts - 1W, 0D, 2L (SG -4)

4º CSKA Sofia - 0 pts - 0W, 0D, 3L (SG -5)

12:25 PM2 months ago

Group C

Group C, besides Roma (Italy) and Bodø/Glimt (Norway), includes Zorya (Ukraine) and CSKA Sofia (Bulgaria).
12:20 PM2 months ago


Hello fans! From now on you can follow live and in real time all the plays and news from the match between Roma x Bodø/Glimt live in the 4th round of Group C in Uefa Conference League 2021-22. The match takes place this Thursday (04), at 04:00 ET, at the Rome Olympic Stadium.