Goals and Highlights: Atletico Morelia 1-3 Tlaxcala in Liga Expansion MX 2021
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10:41 PM6 months ago

Goals and Highlights

8:55 PM6 months ago


Goal, goal, goal for Tlaxcala! Lago defined correctly inside the box and ends up scoring his brace.
8:53 PM6 months ago


Goalkeeper! Guzmán's header, but Fassi keeps out the equalizer.
8:51 PM6 months ago


Morelia looked for a second goal, but Fassi and his defense were well positioned at the back and the home side were unable to finish the play.
8:44 PM6 months ago


Mario Trejo made a great save to prevent another dangerous play.
8:39 PM6 months ago


Goalkeeper! A shot that Fassi ends up covering to prevent the equalizer.
8:36 PM6 months ago


Goal, goal Atlético Morelia! Sergio Vergara entered the box alone and after a great definition, scores for the locals.
8:34 PM6 months ago


Change per team. For the local team, Alan Sosa is substituted by Eduardo del Ángel. For Tlaxcala, Luis Razo is replaced by Roberto Nurse.
8:28 PM6 months ago


Cambio de Tlaxcala. Luis Morales is replaced by Daniel Cedillo.
8:26 PM6 months ago


Tlaxcala's impact, but the defense intervenes and prevents the third.
8:22 PM6 months ago


Vergara's service, but the ball ends up in Fassi's hands.
8:17 PM6 months ago


Excellent sweep by Molina, avoiding Vergara's play.
8:16 PM6 months ago


Change of Morelia. Sergio Vergara replaces Diego Martínez.
8:14 PM6 months ago


Goal, goal, goal for Tlaxcala! Engelhart appears inside the box to push the ball into the back of the net.
8:12 PM6 months ago


Tlaxcala came close to creating danger inside Ramírez's goal, but Guzmán prevented the goal.
8:07 PM6 months ago


The second half kicked off at the Coloso del Quinceo.
8:07 PM6 months ago


Atlético Morelia substitutions. Jesús Ramírez, Javier Ibarra and Ulises Zurita are substituted for Diego Abella, Luis Pérez and Diego Gallegos.
7:49 PM6 months ago


At the end of the first half, Tlaxcala wins by the minimum.
7:49 PM6 months ago


Close! Abella turns and sends a shot at goal that goes slightly wide.
7:43 PM6 months ago


Morelia tried to reach Fassi's goal with danger, but the visitors' defense prevented the ball from reaching the goal.
7:37 PM6 months ago


Goal, goal, goal for Tlaxcala! Manuel Lago's accurate header to put the visitors ahead.
7:33 PM6 months ago


The first one refused! Double shot by Razo, the first was saved by goalkeeper Ramirez and the second ended up on the crossbar.
7:26 PM6 months ago


Morelia close! Martín Barragán shoots, but Aguirre sweeps in and avoids the first.
7:22 PM6 months ago


Acosta's shot, but the ball goes wide of the goal.
7:17 PM6 months ago


Morales' shot, but the ball goes over the goal.
7:08 PM6 months ago


Close! A through ball to Razo, but Ramirez anticipates and prevents the shot on goal.
7:02 PM6 months ago


The action gets underway at the Estadio Morelos.
6:58 PM6 months ago

Tlaxcala: LineUp

S. Fassi; F. Santillán, C. Aguirre, A. Molina, E. Mendoza; L. Razo, J. Miguel, L. Morales, M. Lago, J. Becerril, C. Engelhart.
6:57 PM6 months ago

Atletico Morelia: LineUp

S. Ramírez; A. Ledesma, C. Guzmán, M. Trejo, D. Gallegos; L. Pérez, D. Martínez, A. Sosa; D. Abella, M. Barragán, G. Acosta.
6:44 PM6 months ago


Tlaxcala is also already in Morelia, this afternoon they will be looking for a win to secure their place in the playoffs.
6:43 PM6 months ago

At home

Atletico Morelia is already at the Morelos Stadium, this afternoon they will be looking to continue adding three points in an effort to improve their position.

6:34 PM6 months ago

Watch out for this player

Arturo Ledesma is in charge of distributing the balls in the midfield, Ledesma will try to get the balls to the opponent's area in order to find the goal.
6:33 PM6 months ago

Watch out for this player

Juan José Miguel is a player that the Morelia saga needs to pay close attention to. The player from Tlaxcala will be looking to generate plays to do damage to the opponent's goal.
6:25 PM6 months ago

For better figures

Tlaxcala comes into this game with 12 goals scored, but with 17 goals against, this afternoon they will be looking to add more positive goals and prevent Morelia from reaching their goal.
6:19 PM6 months ago

Past duels

These teams have played four matches, three of which have been won by Atlético Morelia and one by the Coyotes.

6:14 PM6 months ago

What numbers

Atlético Morelia has twenty goals scored and 15 goals conceded, positive numbers that they will be looking to increase.
6:09 PM6 months ago

Good afternoon!

We are back to bring you the best information about the match between Atlético Morelia and Coyotes de Tlaxcala, the duel will start in about an hour.
6:04 PM6 months ago

Stay tuned for Atlético Morelia vs Tlaxcala live coverage.

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Tlaxcala Statements

Juan Antonio Torres, coach of the Coyotes de Tlaxcala, spoke after the match against Cancún: "Fortunately, things worked out for the team today, we gave satisfaction to our fans who came to support us, we are in the mix to seek reclassification and the playoffs".

"We got the result, now we have to think about Morelia, they are the runner-up and one of the strongest teams in the category. The Coyotes team shows the desire to move forward and they play on a level playing field wherever we go".

5:49 PM6 months ago

Atlético Morelia Statement

Ricardo Valiño spoke after the draw against Tampico: "We knew it would be a very intense match due to the humidity and the weather, it went as expected, a very dynamic match with few goal opportunities, a draw was achieved, which is beneficial for both teams".

"We had clear situations, we made a mistake in the penalty play that put the game uphill for us, we still have two games."

"The pitch was very difficult, the ball bounced a lot, I think that after the 15th minute when we took the measure of the pitch we had more possession and more opportunities".

"I expect a difficult final stretch, we're going to work hard starting tomorrow to close the game with a win and go into the playoffs on a roll. We are lacking effectiveness.

5:44 PM6 months ago

Urgent need to add up

Tlaxcala arrives at this match in twelfth place in the general table; however, they need to continue to add points in order to qualify for the playoffs on the last matchday. In their last match they defeated Cancún by three goals to one.

5:39 PM6 months ago

To keep on adding

Atlético Morelia arrives after a one-goal draw against Tampico on the last matchday, placing them in third place with 28 points, a figure they will be looking to increase this afternoon.

5:34 PM6 months ago


The Morelos Stadium will not be able to have fans for this match, due to the ban imposed by the Federation on the stadium because of the application of the Protocol against discriminatory shouting, which was applied until the third phase, after what happened, it was decided to give the stadium a veto match.
5:29 PM6 months ago

The match will be played at the Morelos Stadium.

The Atlético Morelia vs Tlaxcala match will be played at the TSM Stadium, located in Morelia, Michoacán. The stadium has a capacity of 35,000 people.
5:24 PM6 months ago

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