Highlights: Ireland 0-0 Portugal in European Qualifiers


4:41 PM3 months ago

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4:39 PM3 months ago

50' Full-Time!

Irlanda 0-0 Portugal
4:37 PM3 months ago

45'+2 Yellow Card (Ireland)

Doherty is warned
4:36 PM3 months ago


+4 minutes
4:36 PM3 months ago

44' Substitution (Ireland)

↑In: 19. Will Keane
↓Out: 20. Ogbene
4:35 PM3 months ago

38' Substitution (Portugal)

↑In: 6. José Fonte
↓Out: 15. Rafael Leão
4:30 PM3 months ago

36' RED CARD (Portugal)

Pepe receives the second yellow card for a foul on Robinson, and is sent off
4:25 PM3 months ago

34' It was close!

Cristiano Ronaldo receives a pass from João Moutinho on the left side of the field, brings the ball inside, adjusts it, raises his head and shoots straight at the opponent's goal, but the ball goes out, very close to the goal
4:20 PM3 months ago

33' Substitution (Ireland)

↑In: 11. McClean, 8. Hourihane
↓Out: 3. Stevens, 13. Hendrick
4:15 PM3 months ago

30' Substitution (Portugal)

↑In: 23. João Félix, 16. Renato Sanches
↓Out: 9. André Silva, 11. Bruno Fernandes
4:10 PM3 months ago

28' Defend!

Idah receives on the left side of the field, makes a cross inside the penalty area, the defender Duff heads up without "competition", and deflects it into the goal, but goalkeeper Rui Patrício saves
4:05 PM3 months ago

26' Yellow Card (Portugal)

Defender Pepe is cautioned for putting his hand on the ball
4:00 PM3 months ago

24' Yellow Card (Portugal)

Danilo Pereira is cautioned for fouling Ogbene
3:55 PM3 months ago


The striker André Silva receives on the right side, carries at speed, advances, sees the positioning inside the area and crosses to Cristiano Ronaldo, the number 7 receives the ball and tests beautifully, but the ball goes capriciously to the post and does not enter!
3:50 PM3 months ago

15' Substitution (Ireland)

↑In: 9. Idah
↓Out: 18. McGrath
3:45 PM3 months ago

13' Hold!

The wing Doherty receives on the right side of the field, goes up to the marking, takes off the cross inside the area, but the ball goes too close, the goalkeeper Rui Patrício comes out of the goal and holds on
3:40 PM3 months ago

11' Substitution (Portugal)

↑In: 15. Rafael Leão, 8. João Moutinho
↓Out: 17. Gonçalo Guedes, 10. Matheus Nunes
3:35 PM3 months ago

9' Yellow Card (Ireland)

Coleman is cautioned for fouling André Silva
3:30 PM3 months ago

8' You missed!

Portugal tries to leave the game, but Matheus Nunes makes a mistake on the ball exit, but ends up losing possession on the edge of the area, Cullen takes advantage of the error and arrives shooting straight at goal, but Rui Patrício saves.
3:25 PM3 months ago


The 2nd half begins in Dublin
3:20 PM3 months ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the second half
3:15 PM3 months ago

47' HT

Irlanda 0-0 Portugal
3:10 PM3 months ago


+2 minutes
3:05 PM3 months ago

43' What a chance!

The center forward Robinson receives on the right side of the field, he goes over the marking, leaves the defender Pepe in the corner and makes the cross to Ogbene, he goes up well to head, but the ball goes over the top, passing very close to the crossbar
3:00 PM3 months ago

40' Into the hands of the goalkeeper!

In a fast counter-attack from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo receives a pass from João Palhinha, he sees André Silva's pass, tries to play the reverse, but the ball hits Gonçalo Guedes, who fumbles the play and is in the hands of goalkeeper Bazunu
2:55 PM3 months ago

39' Two attempts!

Ogbene tries a lift in the box. The ball clips Semedo. A corner for Ireland. Attempt is now by Robinson, on the right. The ball is caught by Dalot and goes out. Another corner.
2:50 PM3 months ago

34' Far from the goal!

The center forward Robinson receives a pass in the intermediary, adjusts, hooks and finishes strong straight at goal, but catches it very badly and isolates. No danger to Rui Patrício.
2:45 PM3 months ago

30' Not reached!

The full-back Diogo Dalot receives on the left side of the field, makes a closed cross inside the small area, but the ball goes too high, and Cristiano Ronaldo that was closing, did not reach
2:40 PM3 months ago

28' Yellow Card (Ireland)

Ogbene is cautioned for a foul and Danilo Pereira
2:35 PM3 months ago

26' Defend, Rui Patrício!

In a dangerous cross and closed inside the area, Robinson sends in the Portuguese goal, but the goalkeeper Rui Patrício well positioned, stretches all to prevent the goal of the Irish National Team
2:30 PM3 months ago

20' He took a chance!

Diogo Dalot supporting very well on the left side of the field, he leaves with Cristiano Ronaldo through the middle, he triggers the center forward André Silva that finishes strong, but picks up the ball too low and ends up isolating
2:25 PM3 months ago

18' Locked!

Bruno Fernandes receives in the intermediary João Palhinha, he adjusts and finishes strong in the opponent goal, but the marking of the Irish National Team closes spaces and Cullen blocks the shot
2:20 PM3 months ago

16' Block!

Gonçalo Guedes receives with his back to the marking on the right side of the field, protects well from the marking and adjusts the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, the number 7 shoots first time, but the ball explodes in the defense
2:15 PM3 months ago

12' Bazunu!

In a fast attack, Bruno Fernandes sees André Silva's movement inside the area, he makes the throw-in, the center forward gets the domain, and finishes for the goal, but goalkeeper Bazunu saves
2:10 PM3 months ago

7' Good plot!

After a throw-in, the ball stays alive on the left side of the field, Cristiano Ronaldo is the one who receives it, is marked on top, but goes over the defenders, gets the better of them, makes the cross inside the area, but defender Coleman makes the cut from above
2:05 PM3 months ago

5' Get the defense off!

In a corner from the right side of the field, McGrath makes a cross inside the area, the defender Duff heads up, gets the deflection, the ball bounces off Danilo Pereira, but on the left side, the Portuguese defense complete the danger
2:00 PM3 months ago


The 1st half begins in Dublin
1:55 PM3 months ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the game
1:50 PM3 months ago

All set!

With about 10 minutes to go until the start of the game, Portugal and Ireland have already finished warming up on the Aviva Stadium field
1:45 PM3 months ago


Portugal and Ireland take to the pitch at the Aviva Stadium to warm up in preparation for the match to take place later this evening at 03:45 pm ET.
1:40 PM3 months ago

Ireland Reserves

16. Kelleher (GK), 23. Mark Travers (GK), 12. Nathan Collins, 14. Alan Browe, 17. Knight, 21. Manning, 22. O'Dowda, 8. Hourihane, 11. James McClean, 19. Wil Keane, 9. Idah and 15. Troy Parrot
1:35 PM3 months ago

Ireland lineup!

(3-4-3) 1. Gavin Bazunu; 5. Egan, 4. Duff, 2. Coleman (c); 3. Stevens, 13. Hendrick, 6. Josh Cullen, 10. Doherty; 18. McGrath, 20. Ogbene and 7. Callum Robinson

Coach: Stephen Kenny

1:30 PM3 months ago

Portugal Reserves

22. Diogo Costa (GK), 12. José Sá (GK), 20. João Cancelo, 4. Rúben Dias, 6. José Fonte, 18. Rúben Neves, 14. William Carvalho, 8. João Moutinho, 16. Renato Sanches, 21. Diogo Jota, 23. João Félix and 15. Rafael Leão
1:25 PM3 months ago

Portugal lineup!

(4-3-3) 1. Rui Patrício; 5. Diogo Dalot, 13. Danilo Pereira, 3. Pepe, 2. Semedo; 19. João Palhinha, 10. Matheus Nunes, 11. Bruno Fernandes; 17. Gonçalo Guedes, 7. Cristiano Ronaldo (c) and 9. André Silva

Coach: Fernando Santos

1:20 PM3 months ago

Game Stage

1:15 PM3 months ago

Good afternoon fans!

From now on you can follow the pre-match news and the live coverage of the Ireland - Portugal in European Qualifier for the 2022 World Cup here on VAVEL. The game kicks off at 03:45 pm ET.
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How to watch Ireland - Portugal live on TV in real time?

Match: Ireland vs Portugal

Tournament: European Qualifiers 2022

Venue: Aviva Stadium

Time: 03:45 pm ET

Where to follow: VAVEL

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Where to watch the Ireland - Portugal match?

It is possible to watch the match exclusively on VAVEL, which will broadcast the match in real time.
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Probable lineup for Portugal

Rui Patrício; Dalot, Pepe, Rúben Dias, Cancelo; João Palhinha, Bruno Fernandes, João Moutinho; Bernardo Silva, Jota and Cristiano Ronaldo.
12:55 PM3 months ago

Probable lineup for Ireland

Bazunu; Omobamidale, Duffy, Egan; Doherty, Cullen, Hendrick, Browne , McClean; Robinson and Idah.
12:50 PM3 months ago

History of the duel

14 matches

8 wins for Portugal

2 draws

4 wins for Ireland

12:45 PM3 months ago

Last Matches

01-09-2021| Portugal 2-1 Ireland - Qualifiers

10-06-2014| Portugal 5-1 Ireland - Friendly game

09-02-2005| Ireland 1-0 Portugal - Friendly game

02-06-2001| Ireland 1-1 Portugal - Qualifiers

07-10-2000| Portugal 1-1 Ireland - Qualifiers

12:40 PM3 months ago

Participations - World Cup

Ireland - 3 participations (1990, 1994 and 2002)

Portugal - 7 participations (1966, 1986, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018)

12:35 PM3 months ago

Group A - Classification

1º Serbia - 17 pts - 5V, 2E, 0D

2º Portugal - 16 pts - 5V, 1E, 0D

3º Luxembourg - 6 pts - 2V, 0E, 4D

4º Ireland - 5 pt - 1V, 2E, 3D

5º Azerbaijan - 1 pt - 0V, 1E, 6D

12:30 PM3 months ago

Group A

Group A, besides Portugal and Ireland, includes the national teams of Serbia, Luxembourg, and Azerbaijan.
12:25 PM3 months ago


Hello fans! From now on you can follow live and in real time all the plays and news from the match between Ireland x Portugal live in the 9th round of Group A of the World Cup 2022 Qualifiers. The duel takes place this Thursday (11), at 03:45 pm ET, at Aviva Stadium.