Goals and Highlights: Moldova 0-2 Scotland in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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3:21 PM6 months ago

Scotland's second goal

2:54 PM6 months ago


Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Moldova and Scotland in the UEFA qualifiers.
2:49 PM6 months ago

To requalification

Scotland got the job done and won at home to Moldova to secure their place in the playoffs without having to depend on what happens in the Israel game.
2:44 PM6 months ago

End game

Moldova 0-2 Scotland.
2:39 PM6 months ago


Long distance shot that Gordon saves at the near post without rebounding.
2:34 PM6 months ago


Three more minutes are added.
2:29 PM6 months ago


John McGinn's half-volley is saved by the goalkeeper.
2:24 PM6 months ago


Rata missed the penalty kick and on the rebound could not push it in front of the good defensive coverage.
2:19 PM6 months ago


The VAR reviews the play and awards a penalty kick in favor of Moldova.
2:14 PM6 months ago


Now Rata makes a mistake and has been reprimanded.
2:09 PM6 months ago


Gilmore's right-footed shot from outside the area goes wide.
2:04 PM6 months ago


Adams is in an advanced position when he had scored the third goal.
1:59 PM6 months ago


Puntus is stamped on and is cautioned.
1:54 PM6 months ago


On the line, Moldova's defenders denied the ball and prevented the third goal.
1:49 PM6 months ago


Adams with a shot from outside the box where the defense crossed to turn the ball away for a corner kick.
1:44 PM6 months ago


Goal Scotland

Adams with a shot at the far post to widen the gap and almost seal their passage to re-qualification.

1:39 PM6 months ago


Artur Ionita of Moldova has been cautioned.
1:34 PM6 months ago


Bolohan has been cautioned by Moldova.
1:29 PM6 months ago


Moldova's direct free kick cross easily reaches Gordon's hands.
1:24 PM6 months ago


Patterson, the scorer of the goal, has been cautioned for Scotland.
1:19 PM6 months ago


Adams ran out of field when it looked like Scotland's second might happen.
1:14 PM6 months ago


The second half begins between Moldova and Scotland.
1:09 PM6 months ago

Half time

Moldova 0-1 Scotland.
1:04 PM6 months ago


Two more minutes are added.
12:59 PM6 months ago


Goal Scotland

Nathan Patterson inside the penalty area smashes a left-footed shot into the back of the net to open the scoring after a pass from Adams.

12:54 PM6 months ago


Callum McGregor's mid-range shot goes over the top of the goal.
12:49 PM6 months ago


Adams' shot from half distance goes wide.
12:44 PM6 months ago


Artur Ionita's diving header and Gordon's great reflex save.
12:39 PM6 months ago


Robertson gets all the way into the kitchen and gets the shot off with power that is saved by the goalkeeper.
12:34 PM6 months ago


Adams can't get a shot off and the ball goes all over the area.
12:29 PM6 months ago


A series of rebounds including Stuart Armstrong's shot that hits the defensive wall.
12:24 PM6 months ago


Adams opens the ball up and Stuart Armstrong gets the first-time shot off his right foot to the keeper's location.
12:19 PM6 months ago


Captain Artur Ionita's cross shot and Moldova came close to the first.
12:14 PM6 months ago


Goal disallowed to Scotland for offside by Adams, when he had already made the cut inside the area.
12:09 PM6 months ago


The match between Moldova and Scotland kicks off.
12:04 PM6 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Moldova and Scotland in the UEFA qualifiers.
11:59 AM6 months ago

Last visit

The last time Scotland visited Finland was in the qualifiers for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, where they could only manage a 1-1 draw (October 13, 2004).
11:54 AM6 months ago

Scotland substitites

12 Zander Clark, 20 Lewis Ferguson, 23 Kenny McLean, 5 Jon Soutattar, 11 Jacob Brown, 19 Kevin Nisbet, 15 Scott McKenna, 2 Stephen O'Donnell, 21 Jon McLaughlin, 18 David Turnbull.
11:49 AM6 months ago

Moldava substitutes

23 Nicolai Calancea, 4 Iurie Iovu, 16 Marius Iosipoi, 13 Victor Bogaciuc, 20 Igor Arhirii, 12 Dumitru Celeadnic, 17 Artiom Puntus, 6 Artiom Razgoniuc, 8 Danu Spataru, 10 Eugeniu Cociuc, 21 Corneliu Cotogoi, 19 Maxim Cojocaru.
11:44 AM6 months ago

XI Scotland

1 Craig Gordon, 16 Liam Cooper, 6 Kieran Tierney, 13 Jack Hendry, 8 Callum McGregor, 14 Billy Gilmour, 3 Andy Robertson, 22 Nathan Patterson, 10 Ché Adams, 17 Stuart Armstrong, 7 John McGinn.
11:39 AM6 months ago

XI Moldava

1 Stanislav Namasco, 5 Veaceslav Posmac, 3 Vadim Bolohan, 15 Ion Jardan, 7 Artur Ionita, 22 Vadim Rata, 18 Cristian Dros, 14 Denis Marandici, 2 Ioan Calin Revenco, 11 Radu Ginsari, 9 Ion Nicolaescu.
11:34 AM6 months ago

They have arrived

This was the arrival of the Scottish team, which has five victories in these qualifying rounds.
11:29 AM6 months ago

The stadium

This is the modest stadium where the national team of Moldova plays and where Scotland, this afternoon, will seek to secure its ticket to re-qualification.

11:24 AM6 months ago

Panorama of Moldava

Moldova is more than eliminated, but at least they will be looking to avoid finishing last in the group with just one point and catch up with the Faroe Islands, who currently have four points.
11:19 AM6 months ago

Panorama of Scotland

Scotland has in its hands a ticket to re-qualification, for that it needs to win this game or wait for a defeat of Israel in a couple of hours.
11:14 AM6 months ago


Moldova and Scotland open Friday's UEFA qualifiers for Qatar. We begin with coverage of the game.
11:09 AM6 months ago

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What time is Moldova vs Scotland match for Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Moldova vs Scotland of 12th November in several countries:

Argentina: 2:00 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 1:00 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 2:00 PM in ESPN

Chile: 1:00 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 12:00 PM in ESPN

Ecuador: 12:00 PM in ESPN

USA (ET): 12:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 11:00 AM in SKY Sports

Paraguay: 2:00 PM in ESPN

Peru: 2:00 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 2:00 PM in ESPN

10:59 AM6 months ago

Last games

This will be the fourth meeting in the new millennium between these two teams, with Scotland holding the advantage after two wins and a draw.

Scotland 1-0 Moldova, World Cup Qualifiers 2021

Scotland 2-0 Moldova, World Cup Qualifiers 2005

Moldova 1-1 Scotland, World Cup Qualifiers 2004

10:54 AM6 months ago

Key player Scotland

Lyndon Dykes has scored some important goals that have earned the Scottish national team points and, this Friday, he will have to sharpen his aim to achieve a victory that is budgeted for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

10:49 AM6 months ago

Key player Moldova

If they want to get a good result, it will be very important what Cristian Avram can do under the three posts and thus keep the game as close as possible to think about getting some points.

10:44 AM6 months ago

Last lineup Scotland

1 Craig Gordon, 13 Jack Hendry, 6 Kieran Tierne, 4 Scott McTominay, 8 Callum McGregor, 7 John McGinn, 14 Billy Gilmour, 3 Andy Robertson, 22 Nathan Patterson, 9 Lyndon Dykes, 10 Ché Adams.
10:39 AM6 months ago

Last lineup Moldova

23 Cristian Avram, 5 Veaceslav Posmac, 4 Igor Armas, 6 Maxim Potirniche, 7 Artur Ionita, 18 Cristian Dros, 22 Vadim Rata, 2 Oleg Reabciuk, 15 Ion Jardan, 10 Eugeniu Cociuc, 17 Artiom Puntus.
10:34 AM6 months ago

Scotland: securing the play-offs

Despite the fact that the direct ticket to the World Cup in this sector already belongs to Denmark, Scotland has had a good qualifying campaign and is the runner-up in the sector with 17 points, four points behind Israel; therefore, with a victory they would secure the second place and their pass to the play-offs to fight for a World Cup ticket.
10:29 AM6 months ago

Moldova: to make a splash

The level of a modest Moldovan team has been demonstrated in these qualifiers by having only one point and being in the basement of the sector, however, they will try to give satisfaction to their fans and, at the same time, put the foot on their rival's foot.
10:24 AM6 months ago

The Kick-off

The Moldova vs Scotland match will be played at the Zimbu Stadium, in Chisináu, Moldova. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:00 pm ET.
10:19 AM6 months ago

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