Goals and Highlights: Atlante 2-2 Pumas UNAM in Friendly Game
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11:09 PMa year ago

This is how Pumas scored their first goal

11:07 PMa year ago


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Game over

In the penalty shootout Pumas were more effective despite some mistakes and took the victory 6-5.
10:57 PMa year ago

End game

Atlante 2-2 Pumas. It will go to a penalty shootout to determine the winner of the Ciudad de los Deportes trophy.
10:52 PMa year ago


Atlante Goal

Duilio Tejeda scores with precision and the Potros have tied the game.

10:47 PMa year ago


Atlante Goal

Manuel López takes the accurate shot to make the score 1-2.

10:42 PMa year ago


Armando Escobar and Juan Domínguez are replaced by Alfonso Tamay and Duilio Tejeda.
10:37 PMa year ago


Atlante continues to insist, but is unable to score a goal.
10:32 PMa year ago

Goal Pumas 2-0

10:27 PMa year ago


Pumas Goal

Rogerio inside the box gets past the goalkeeper and sends the ball into the net.

10:22 PMa year ago


Mendoza and Bermúdez are out

Martinez and Figueroa enter

Atlante changes.

10:17 PMa year ago


Once again the Colts come close, but Julio Gonzalez responds with the saving touch.
10:12 PMa year ago


Julio González flies in to save his goal from a dangerous Atlante attempt.
10:07 PMa year ago


The second half begins between Atlante and Pumas.
10:02 PMa year ago

Half time

Atlante 0-1 Pumas.
9:57 PMa year ago


Pumas again made another mistake and the university striker missed inside the area.
9:52 PMa year ago


Direct free kick under the wall that is saved by Gansito.
9:47 PMa year ago


Diego García was cautioned for stopping a counterattack.
9:42 PMa year ago


Dinenno's cross header passes close to the Blue and Whites' goal.
9:37 PMa year ago


Partida's foul inside the area is sanctioned by the referee.
9:32 PMa year ago


A delayed diagonal inside the box is blocked for a corner kick by the Pumas defense.
9:27 PMa year ago


Pumas Goal

Corozo was in front of the goal and shot past Gansito to open the scoring.

9:22 PMa year ago


Another approach inside the box ended up going over the bar, but Atlante continued to insist.
9:17 PMa year ago


The Pumas goalkeeper deflects a shot from half distance to the side.
9:12 PMa year ago


Dangerous service inside the area that Escobar heads over the top of the goal.
9:07 PMa year ago


Bermúdez is flagged for fouls in the offensive zone. Atlante dominates, but continues to fail to generate danger.
9:02 PMa year ago


A weak shot from medium distance that Gansito Hernandez blocks without rebounding.
8:57 PMa year ago


Dinenno was looking for Dinenno, but the Atlante defense turned away the ball.
8:52 PMa year ago


Atlante dominates possession of the ball in the first few minutes of the game.
8:47 PMa year ago


The game between Atlante and Pumas kicks off from the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium.
8:42 PMa year ago

Minutes away

The game between Atlante and Pumas UNAM will kick off in a few minutes from the Mexican capital.
8:37 PMa year ago

To remember

The last time Atlante and Pumas played at this stadium was in 2002 when they drew 1-1 and the Potros, at that time, fielded this lineup led by Carlos Reynoso.

8:32 PMa year ago

How is Pumas doing?

Pumas won 4-3 against Cruz Azul in the last round of matches to qualify for the playoffs, which will allow them to play next week at the home of the Toluca Devils in a single game for a place in the playoffs.
8:27 PMa year ago

How is Atlante doing?

The Potros are sub-leaders of the Liga de Expansión MX with 33 points and have just beaten Mineros de Zacatecas 3-0. It should be noted that on Friday they played a friendly against Santos and lost by the minimum difference with a goal by "Mudo" Aguirre.
8:22 PMa year ago


The Ciudad de los Deportes stadium, already painted in blue, is slowly filling up for this historic friendly match between Atlante and Pumas.

8:17 PMa year ago

Great celebration

This day the Azulgrana Stadium will experience one of those days that cannot be forgotten because, in addition to this match, Pumas UNAM and IPN faced each other in the morning in student soccer with a victory for the polytechnic team.

8:12 PMa year ago

To warm up

The Pumas of the UNAM are already on the Azulgrana turf warming up their engines prior to the start of the game.
8:07 PMa year ago

A reminder

The last time Atlante was champion of the Liga MX was in the 2007 Apertura, beating Pumas de la UNAM in the final.
8:02 PMa year ago


Atlante and Pumas will play a special game tonight to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Estadio Ciudad de los Deportes, which celebrated its birthday in October. We begin our coverage.
7:57 PMa year ago

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What time is Atlante vs Pumas UNAM match for Friendly Game?

This is the start time of the game Atlante vs Pumas UNAM of 13th November in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 PM without transmission

Bolivia: 10:00 PM without transmission

Brazil: 11:00 PM without transmission

Chile: 10:00 PM without transmission

Colombia: 9:00 PM without transmission

Ecuador: 9:00 PM without transmission

USA (ET): 9:00 PM without transmission

Spain: 3:00 AM without transmission

Mexico: 8:00 PM without transmission

Paraguay: 11:00 PM without transmission

Peru: 10:00 PM without transmission

Uruguay: 11:00 PM without transmission

7:47 PMa year ago

Key player Pumas UNAM

One of the keys to the university's resurgence was Juan Dinenno, although he has yet to find the net again and should take advantage of this game to fine tune his aim.

7:42 PMa year ago

Key player Atlante

He is coming off an injury and a suspension that caused him to miss the last two matches, so the Argentinean Ramiro Costa will have minutes to get into rhythm for the playoffs.

7:37 PMa year ago

Last Team Pumas UNAM

1 Alfredo Talavera, 2 Alan Mozo, 16 Jerónimo Rodriguez, 23 Nicolás Freire, 25 Arturo Ortiz, 6 Erik Lira, 7 Sebastian Saucedo, 8 Higor Meritao, 10 Favio Alvarez, 17 Leonel López, 9 Juan Dinenno.
7:32 PMa year ago

Last Team Atlante

20 Humberto Hernandez, 3 Diego García, 4 Jonathan Sanchez, 6 Edson Partida, 28 Elbis Souza, 8 Jonathan Martinez, 18 Christian Bermudez, 22 Jesús Venegas, 27 Armando Escobar, 29 Juan Dominguez, 9 Joaquín Hernandez.
7:27 PMa year ago

Pumas UNAM: Entering the playoffs

A few weeks ago, Pumas seemed to be on the canvas, but they started to win and on the last matchday they came from behind to beat Cruz Azul 4-3 to qualify as number 11, so they will face the Toluca Devils next weekend and this game will help them to fine-tune some details.
7:22 PMa year ago

Atlante: stay on track

Atlante won 3-0 at the home of Mineros de Zacatecas on Wednesday to secure second place and qualify directly for the quarterfinals. Before the game against Dorados next week, Atlante will continue to prepare with friendlies against Pumas and América (next Tuesday).
7:17 PMa year ago

Just like in the old days

Atlante and Pumas de la UNAM will play a friendly match this Saturday for two reasons. The first is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Estadio Ciudad de los Deportes, where they both played their home games, which celebrated its anniversary last month.

The second, so that both teams do not lose their rhythm of play ahead of the playoffs: for the Potros in the Liga de Expansión MX and for the universitarios towards the re-qualification of the Liga MX.

7:12 PMa year ago

Kick-off time

The Atlante vs Pumas UNAM match will be played at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:00 pm ET.
7:07 PMa year ago

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