Summary and highlights of Croatia 1-0 Russia in Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers
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11:57 AM6 months ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting final, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡See you all again!
11:56 AM6 months ago



11:51 AM6 months ago

92' Grbic yellow card

Croatia's goalkeeper carded for time wasting
11:48 AM6 months ago

89' Livaja yellow card

Croatia player carded after hard tackle
11:45 AM6 months ago

Kramaric leaves

Good performance by the striker who tried to score the goal, Stansic comes in for him to reinforce the defense.
11:44 AM6 months ago

Croatia's goal


11:40 AM6 months ago


Sosa's cross and Kudryashov incredibly scores in his own goal;
11:34 AM6 months ago

75' Double change for the home team

Brekalo and Livaja enter, Pasalic and Juranovic leave.
11:31 AM6 months ago

71' Russia counterattack

The first time the visitors get past the midfield and finish the counter-attack with Karaveev's shot, but Grbic
11:24 AM6 months ago

65' Kramaric shot

Modric centered a lateral foul that was finished off by Kramaric, but it went narrowly wide. Both the striker and the central defender of Russia were hurt after a collision.
11:20 AM6 months ago

60' Petkoviccc

Another cross from the right by Juranovic is finished by the newly entered Petkovic, but again the goalkeeper of Russia avoids the goal;
11:17 AM6 months ago

58' First change for Croatia

Vlasic leaves and Petkovic enters, an offensive change for the home team.
11:16 AM6 months ago

56' Triple change in Russia

Seeing that the team is suffering, he makes three changes, Golovin and Smolov leave with yellow cards and Ionov. Zobnin, Zabolotny and Chistyakov take their places.
11:13 AM6 months ago

54' Yellow card for Smolov

Russia player gets yellow card after making an ugly gesture to the linesman
11:10 AM6 months ago

50' Golovin yellow card

The first card of the match goes to the Russian player after grabbing Luka Modric
11:06 AM6 months ago

47' Safanov saves 1-0

Juranovic's cross was headed by Pasalic, who beat the defenders, but the Russian goalkeeper avoided it.
11:04 AM6 months ago

46' Second half begins

It starts with Russia losing the ball and ends with Kramaric's shot over the goal.
11:02 AM6 months ago

Croatian fans supporting their players


10:49 AM6 months ago

End of the first part


10:47 AM6 months ago

44' Center by Golovin

One of the only arrivals of the Russian team ends with Golovin's cross being cleared to the corner by Sosa;
10:41 AM6 months ago

40' Juranovic center

The Celtic player's cross was caught by the Russian goalkeeper who stepped up;
10:37 AM6 months ago

35' Persic almost scores

Good combination play by Croatia that ends with Juranovic's pass to Pasalic who crosses it to Persic, but the ball goes narrowly wide.
10:31 AM6 months ago

27' Safanov saves

A rehearsed play that started with a short kick by Modric that was finished off by Brozovic, but the Russian goalkeeper avoided it with a great save.
10:27 AM6 months ago

24 Casii Brozovic

Inter's midfielder looked for the corner after the mistake in the clearance  of the Russian goalkeeper, it went narrowly wide ;
10:25 AM6 months ago

21' Sousa tries his luck

Croatia's left back tried a shot from outside the area, but it went wide;
10:22 AM6 months ago

18' Missed pass by Modric

The Real Madrid midfielder did not get on with his teammate and was sent off for a throw-in for Russia.
10:14 AM6 months ago

9' Kramaric's header

The home side need to win Pasalic's cross from the right to Kramaric, who headed in, but the Russian goalkeeper made an easy save.
10:09 AM6 months ago

5' First shot on goal

Perisic came in from the left and ended up finishing, but Safanov caught the ball. 
10:04 AM6 months ago

3' Foul on Modric

Croatia's captain has been fouled by Barinov
9:59 AM6 months ago


The first possession will be held by the locals.
9:54 AM6 months ago

Tribute to Ivan Rakitic

The Sevilla player, who has already left the Croatian national team has been honored before the sounding of the anthems and has been applauded by the entire stadium;
9:49 AM6 months ago

5 minutes

Croatia and Russia players walk out onto the pitch ahead of the decisive game
9:44 AM6 months ago

Rain does not stop the Croatian players from being welcomed


9:39 AM6 months ago

Fight for World Cup qualification

The first and second groups face each other in the fight to qualify directly for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Russia can only draw, while the Croatians are obliged to win, but they will count on the support of their fans to get the three points.
9:34 AM6 months ago

Karpvin sale con: Safanov, Karaasev, Diveyev, Dzhikiya, Kudryashov, Golovin, Barinov, Fomin, Ionov, Smolov y Bakaev


9:29 AM6 months ago

Croatia's lineup

Source: HNS
Source: HNS
9:24 AM6 months ago

1 hour

In 1 hour Croatia and Russia will face each other in a decisive match in the fight for direct qualification to the World Cup. You can follow the match here on VAVEL.
9:19 AM6 months ago

How to watch Russia vs Croatia live?

If you want to watch Croatia vs Russia live on TV, your option is ESPN

If you want to watch it online,VAVEL is your best option.

9:14 AM6 months ago

What time is the Russia vs Croatia 2022 World Cup Qualifier ?

This is the kick-off time for the Croatia vs Russia match on November 14 th in several countries:

Argentina: 9:00 AM

Bolivia: 9:00 AM

Brazil: 10:00 AM

Chile: 9:00 AM

Colombia: 8:00 AM

Ecuador: 8:00 AM

USA (ET): 9:00 AM

Spain: 15:00 PM

Mexico: 8:00 AM

Paraguay: 9:00 AM

Peru: 9:00 AM

Uruguay: 9:00 AM

Venezuela: 9:00 AM

England: 14: 00 AM

Australia : 23:00 AM

India: 18:30 AM

9:09 AM6 months ago

How does Russia arrive?

Just as the Croatian team has not lost since the European Championship where they were eliminated after finishing last in their group, until then a draw against Croatia and five victories. They are also coming off a 6-0 win over Cyprus. They are leaders of their group and a draw is enough to seal their qualification to the Qatar 2022 World Cup;
9:04 AM6 months ago

Group H

Russia is the leader of group H with 22 points, followed by Croatia with 20 points. Further behind are Slovakia and Slovenia with 11 points. The group is rounded off by Malta and Cyprus with five points;
8:59 AM6 months ago

Croatian national team training before the match


8:54 AM6 months ago

How does Croatia arrive?

The Croatian national team is undefeated since the European Championship where they were defeated in extra time by the Spanish team in the round of 16, until then two draws and five wins. Their confidence is high after a 7-1 thrashing of Malta. They are second in the group, two behind Russia, so they are obliged to win if they want to qualify directly to the World Cup;
8:49 AM6 months ago


They have met five times, with Croatia winning once and Croatia drawing four times. In the first leg held in Russia they played to a goalless draw. Whenever they have played in an official match both teams have ended in a draw, and three of them in a goalless draw. To highlight the match they faced each other in the last World Cup where they tied and the Croatians won in the penalty shootout;
8:44 AM6 months ago

Venue and referee

The match will be played at the Stadion Poljud in the city of Split. The match will be officiated by Dutchman Makkelie;
8:39 AM6 months ago

Preview of the match

Croatia and Russia will face each other in the match corresponding to the top of the day, which will decide who will qualify directly to the World Cup.
8:34 AM6 months ago

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