Goals and Highlights: North Macedonia (3-1) Iceland in European Qualifiers
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3:10 PM2 years ago

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94' The match ends

Victory for Macedonia that brings them closer to their dream of a World Cup.
3:03 PM2 years ago


Elmas scores his second goal of the match to secure the victory for the home side.
2:59 PM2 years ago

83' Control of the home team

The Macedonian side holds possession in search of victory.
2:53 PM2 years ago

75' Strong leg at this stage of the match.

The teams use recurring fouls to prevent the opponent from advancing.
2:45 PM2 years ago

70' The ball is fought in the middle

The teams battle in the middle of the field, possession in the engagement.
2:33 PM2 years ago


Elmas takes advantage of Alioski's assist and scores the home team's second goal.
2:31 PM2 years ago

60' Macedonia attacks in search of another lead

The home side are worried about losing qualification, and attack in search of the lead.
2:29 PM2 years ago


Thorsteinsson seizes the opportunity and scores the equalizer.
2:26 PM2 years ago

47' The second half begins with attacks from the visitors

Iceland looks to attack in search of an equalizer.
1:51 PM2 years ago

41' The goal is disallowed

For offside, the referee disallows the home team's goal.
1:50 PM2 years ago


The home side scores the second goal of the match.
1:49 PM2 years ago

38' Macedonia continues to attack

The home side are looking in a variety of ways to find another score.
1:45 PM2 years ago

33' The ball is being fought for in the middle of the pitch.

The teams look to sustain possession from the middle of the field.
1:43 PM2 years ago

28' Another Macedonian attack

The home side looks to attack steadily to find the breakthrough.
1:35 PM2 years ago

23' Attack by the home team

The Macedonian side continues to look to attack to increase their lead.
1:34 PM2 years ago

7' The visitors try to wake up

Iceland tries to attack the home side on the right flank.
1:23 PM2 years ago

12' Control of the match by the home team

Macedonia hold possession and look to increase their lead.
1:10 PM2 years ago


Alioski seizes the opportunity and scores the first goal of the match.
1:06 PM2 years ago

3' The home team gets closer

Macedonia starts showing their need for a result.
1:00 PM2 years ago

The match begins

The ball is rolling on the field.
12:58 PM2 years ago

The teams are as follows

The protagonists take the field.
12:52 PM2 years ago

Iceland starting eleven

Tactical module: 1-4-3-3

Elias Olafsson; Saevarsson, Gretarsson, Bjarnason, Thorarinsson; Thordarson, Bjarnason, Johannesson; Thorsteinsson, Gudjohnsen and Gudmundsson.

D.T.: Arnar Vidarsson

12:43 PM2 years ago

Starting eleven of North Macedonia

Tactical module: 1-4-4-2

Stole Dimitrevski; Egzijan Alioski, Darko Velkoski, Visar Musliu, Stefan Ritovski; Darko Churlinov, Tihomir Kostadinov, Enis Bardhi, Elif Elmas; Aleksandar Trajkovski and Milan Ristovski.

Coach: Blagoja Milevski

12:12 PM2 years ago

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What time is North Macedonia vs Iceland?

This is the kickoff time for the match North Macedonia vs Iceland on November 14, 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 14:00 hrs. on ESPN
Bolivia: 13:00 hrs. on ESPN
Brazil: 14:00 hrs. on ESPN
Chile: 13:00 hrs. on ESPN
Colombia: 12:00 hrs. on ESPN
Ecuador: 12:00 hrs. on ESPN
United States: 12:00 hrs. on CBS
Mexico: 11:00 hrs. on ESPN
Paraguay: 13:00 hrs. on ESPN
Peru: 12:00 hrs. on ESPN
Uruguay: 14:00 hrs. on ESPN
12:39 AM2 years ago


Referee: Davide Massa - Italy
Assistant 1: Daniele Bindoni - Italy
Assistant 2: Stefano Alassio - Italy
Fourth referee: Simone Sozza - Italy
VAR: Sandro Schärer - Suiza
AVAR: Fedayi San - Suiza
12:34 AM2 years ago

Outstanding player of Iceland

Albert Gudmundsson is the player to watch for the visiting team, being the link and the player who best develops the game in attack.
12:29 AM2 years ago

North Macedonia's featured player

Enis Bardhi is the player with the best performance of the local team, being the goal scorer and also the driving force of his team, to develop the game in the field.
12:24 AM2 years ago


The teams have met five times, with two wins for North Macedonia, two draws and one win for Iceland.
12:19 AM2 years ago

Iceland: wants to finish the qualifiers on a better note

The visitors are eliminated from any chance of qualifying for the World Cup, but they want to finish their place in the group in a better way.
12:14 AM2 years ago

North Macedonia: in search of their first World Cup

The home team is in second place in Group J, so it needs a win to consolidate that position and get closer to the possibility of going to the playoffs.
12:09 AM2 years ago


The match will be played at the National Arena Toshe Proeski Stadium in the city of Skopje, North Macedonia.
12:04 AM2 years ago

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