Highlights and goals: San Marino 0-10 England in European Qualifiers
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6:45 PM6 months ago


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6:42 PM6 months ago


San Marino-England match ends with a historic 10-0 win for England
6:40 PM6 months ago


There will be no additional time
6:40 PM6 months ago


John Stones tries a shot from outside the box for England but misses
6:34 PM6 months ago


Bukayo Saka scores for England. That's 10 goals for the visitors
6:32 PM6 months ago


Tammy Abraham's goal for England is the ninth of the game.
6:31 PM6 months ago

76' San Marino substitution 🔁

Out: Lorenzo Lunadei

In: Andrea Grandoni

6:30 PM6 months ago

74' England substitution 🔁

Out: Emile Smith Rowe

In: John Stones

6:29 PM6 months ago

74' 🟨

Yellow card for Tammy Abraham in England
6:28 PM6 months ago


Tyrone Mings scores England's eighth goal off a stoppage ball
6:26 PM6 months ago

70' 🟥

Dante Rossi receives second yellow card of the match and is sent off in San Marino
6:25 PM6 months ago


Bukayo Saka plays on the left side, dribbles towards the center and shoots but fails to score.
6:24 PM6 months ago

62' England substitution 🔁

Out: Harry Kane

In: Reece James

6:23 PM6 months ago


Emile Smith Rowe scores England's seventh goal with his right foot.
6:21 PM6 months ago


Yellow card for Manuel Battistini in San Marino
6:21 PM6 months ago


Emile Smith Rowe shoots at goal for San Marino, but fails to score.
6:20 PM6 months ago

47' England substitutios 🔁

Out: Kalvin Phillips, Harry Maguire and Phil Foden.

In: Tammy Abraham, Ben Chilwell and Conor Gallagher

6:08 PM6 months ago

46' San Marino substitutions 🔁

Out: Alessandro D'Addario, Fabio Tomassini and José Hirsch

In: Alessandro Golinucci, Matteo Vitaioli and Luca Hirsch

6:04 PM6 months ago


Start of the second half of the match between San Marino vs England
4:34 PM6 months ago


With a six-goal lead, England goes into the break as the partial match winner.
4:31 PM6 months ago


The referee adds two more minutes
4:29 PM6 months ago


Once again it's a goal for England thanks to Harry Kane. The visit wins by 6-0
4:28 PM6 months ago


Harry Kane's goal in England, the striker's third goal of the match.
4:26 PM6 months ago

39' 🟨

Tarjeta amarilla para Alessandro D'Addario en San Marino
4:25 PM6 months ago


Nicola Nanni had the first of the match for San Marino after shooting at the England goal. Unfortunately for him, the ball was saved by Aaron Ramsdale.
4:20 PM6 months ago


Harry Kane scores England's fourth goal after stealing a ball at San Marino's end
4:16 PM6 months ago


Harry Kane's goal for England from the penalty spot
4:15 PM6 months ago


San Marino yellow card for Dante Ross
4:13 PM6 months ago


The referee calls a penalty in favor of England after reviewing the play on VAR
4:12 PM6 months ago


Dante Rossi commits a foul inside the San Marino box, VAR calls the referee.
4:11 PM6 months ago


Yellow card for Fabio Tomassini in San Marino
4:09 PM6 months ago


Filippo Fabbri scores in his own goal, it's a goal for England.
4:00 PM6 months ago


Emile Smith Rowe shoots but the shot goes wide. Chance for England
3:59 PM6 months ago


Harry Maguire scores a goal after receiving an assist from Phil Foden.
3:57 PM6 months ago


Phil Foden shoots and the ball hits an opponent. England have a corner
3:50 PM6 months ago


The ball is rolling and San Marino vs. England is playing
3:38 PM6 months ago

History between both teams

Out of five matches played between the two teams, San Marino was never able to win a match, nor did they draw. England came out on top in all of them.

In all history, England scored 31 goals against San Marino and the blue and white team could only score one goal.

3:36 PM6 months ago

England Starting XI

3:34 PM6 months ago

San Marino Starting XI

3:28 PM6 months ago

Everything is ready

In a few minutes the match between San Marino vs England will start, corresponding to the 10th matchday of Group I in the European Qualifiers for Qatar 2022.
9:34 PM6 months ago

Tune in here San Marino vs England Live Score

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What time is San Marino vs England for European Qualifiers?

Argentina: 16:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Bolivia: 14:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Brazil: 16:45 hrs. on Estádio TNT Sports and GUIGO
Chile: 16:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Colombia: 14:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Ecuador: 14:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Spain: 21:45 hrs. on Be Mad
Mexico: 13:45 hrs. on Sky HD
Paraguay: 16:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Peru: 14:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Uruguay: 16:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
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England key player

Harry Kane is not only the captain of England, he is the goal scorer and great referent of his national team. The 'Hurricane', as he is popularly known, is the most important player in the English attack, thanks to his goal-scoring power.


9:14 PM6 months ago

San Marino key player

Nicola Nanni is the great figure of San Marino, he is 21 years old and plays in the center forward position. He is the most sought-after player in the country's market.

9:09 PM6 months ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

Referee: Rade Obrenovič (SVN)

Assistant 1: Grega Kordež (SVN)

Assistant 2: Aleksandar Kasapovič (SVN)

Fourth official: Asmir Sagrković (SVN) 

VAR: Jure Praprotnik (SVN)

AVAR: Slavko Vinčić (SVN)

9:04 PM6 months ago

England, for qualification

England is first in Group I of the European Qualifiers for Qatar 2022. With 23 points, a win or a draw would put them in the orbital appointment.
8:59 PM6 months ago

San Marino for first points

The San Marino team has not scored points in the course of the European Qualifiers for Qatar 2022. With 36 goals conceded and only one scored, they are not giving up the dream of a positive result against England. San Marino is last in Group I.
8:54 PM6 months ago

The match will be played at the San Marino Olympic Stadium

The San Marino Olympic Stadium or better known as the Serravalle Stadium, is a multi-purpose sports venue in the country of San Marino. It was built in 1969 and has a maximum capacity of 7,000 spectators.


8:49 PM6 months ago

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