Highlights Iraq 0-3 South Korea in Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
Photo from Asia's Qatar World Cup qualifiers // Source: jahanbakhsh's Instagram


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1:00 PM6 months ago

End of the match

The match in Doha is over. South Korea gets an important victory to get three points that positions them, for the moment, leaders. The result of the match was 0-3.
12:53 PM6 months ago

6 minutes added

The referee added six minutes of stoppage time. We will go to the 96th minute.
12:41 PM6 months ago

80'|South Korea's goal

Great play from the visitors. Good play by Son, who got away from two players, passed to the left winger who put it back to Woo-Yeong for a great shot to score the winning goal, 0-3.
12:36 PM6 months ago

75'| Son scores now

Now it is. Goal by Son, he changed the direction of the penalty but still scores. Iraq 0-2 South Korea
12:35 PM6 months ago

74'|Goal disallowed. Penalty retaken

The VAR saw that the visiting players went into the area before shooting and it will be retaken. Son will retake it.
12:33 PM6 months ago

71'| Son's goal

Heung-Min Son scores the penalty. South Korea takes a two-goal lead on the scoreboard.
12:31 PM6 months ago

69'| Penalty for South Korea

The VAR is in action. The referee has signaled the penalty. The Var reviews it and gives it. Penalty for South Korea
12:22 PM6 months ago

60'|0-1 continues

South Korea moves the ball, they don't want to take any risks. Right now they are gaining three very important points to put pressure on the leader.
12:11 PM6 months ago

Second half begins

The ball is rolling again in Doha. Iraq must take risks to get something positive out of this match.
11:51 AM6 months ago


End of the first half in Doha. South Korea are leading at the break by the minimum, 0-1. The Koreans are dominating the ball. Players go to the dressing room.
11:48 AM6 months ago

Three minutes off

The referee has added three minutes to this first half. We go to 48.
11:36 AM6 months ago

33'| Jae-Sung's goal

Goooool for South Korea to take the lead. There was a cross from the right flank that ended with Jin-Su's shot (which he used as a pass). That shot fell at the feet of Jae-Sung who put it into the net, 0-1.
11:29 AM6 months ago

27'| Gue-Sung tried

A good chance for the visitors ended with a shot by Gue-Sun from inside the box. The goalkeeper saves without any problems.
11:24 AM6 months ago

20'| No danger

The match has reached the 20th minute and neither team has had any dangerous chances. The match is being played in midfield.
11:13 AM6 months ago

11'| Scoring minutes

Both teams have made approaches but without danger. South Korea is the team that is having possession of the ball.
11:04 AM6 months ago

The meeting begins

The match kicks off in Doha. It's on with South Korea moving the ball from side to side. Who will win the match?
11:00 AM6 months ago

The hymns are playing

Iraq's anthem is played in Doha. Earlier, the South Korean anthem was played. The players go to their respective sides. The match is about to start.
10:52 AM6 months ago

South Korea Lineup

Paulo Bento starts with this eleven: Seung-Gyu, Lee Yong, Jin-Su, Min-Jae, Woo-Young, In-Beom, Heung-Min, Gue-Sung, Jae-Sung, Hee-Chan and Kyung-Won.
10:44 AM6 months ago

Iraq's lineup

Advocaat will start with the following eleven: Talib, Mhawi, Ibrahim, Atiyah, Adnan, Ali, Mohammed, Rasan, Ammar, Zahra and Bayesh.
10:37 AM6 months ago

We already have line-ups

Both coaches have already selected their starting eleven to face their opponents. Let's go with the lineups. First Iraq's.
10:35 AM6 months ago

Lebanon 0-1 Arab Emirates

One of the two matches in this group has already been played at 13.00 Spanish time. The match has ended with the victory of the visitors by 0-1.
10:21 AM6 months ago

Referee for the match

The Committee has selected Tantashev as the referee for the match between Iraq and South Korea.
10:15 AM6 months ago

The players are at the Stadium

The players are already at the Thani bin Jassim Stadium, which is located in Doha. Now it's time to make the final decisions and get kitted out for the warm-up exercises.
10:14 AM6 months ago

We are here

Welcome back to the online broadcast of the Iraq vs South Korea matchday six of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers.
8:11 PM6 months ago

Stay tuned for the Iraq vs South Korea live stream

In a few moments we will share with you the Iraq vs South Korea live starting lineups, as well as the latest information coming out of Iraq. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live online coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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Match Schedule

This is the start time of the game Iraq vs South Kores of 16th November 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 AM,
Bolivia: 10:00 AM.
Brazil: 11:00 AM.
Chile: 10:00 AM.
Colombia: 09:00 AM.
Ecuador: 09:00 AM.
USA (ET): 10:00 AM.
Spain: 16:00 PM,
Mexico: 09:00 AM.
Paraguay: 11:00 AM.
Peru: 09:00 AM.
Uruguay: 11:00 AM.
Venezuela: 10:00 AM.

8:01 PM6 months ago

South Korea's possible starting lineup

The possible starters in Paulo Bento's team could be: Kim Seung-Gyu, Lee Yong, Kim Min-Jae, Kwon Kyung-Won, Kim Jin-Su, Hwang In-Beom, Jung Woo-Young, Hwang Hee-Chan, Lee Jae-Sung, Son Heung-Min and Cho Gue-Sung.
7:56 PM6 months ago

Iraq's possible starting line-up

On the part of Dick Advocaat's side, the possible starting eleven will be: Fahad Talib, Frans Putros, M. Nadhim, A. Ibrahim, R. Solaka, M. Jeahze, A. Attwan, M. Ali, Ahmad Fadel, B. Rasan and A. Al-Hamadi. 
7:51 PM6 months ago


Group A, with this matchday to go, is still undecided. Iran with thirteen points is, for the moment, in the direct places for the Qatar 2022 World Cup along with South Korea, which has eleven points. In addition, Lebanon, Iraq and United Arab Emirates will fight to play the playoff, as they are with five, four and three points respectively, and why not with the direct pass to the World Cup.
7:46 PM6 months ago


These two teams have met 18 times. Of these matches, 11 have ended in a draw, one in a win for Iraq and six victories for South Korea. Despite this number of scores in favor of Paulo Bento's team, none of the victories have been away, the most they have reached in this situation has been an equal result for both opponents. 
The last five matches played between the two teams have ended with the following scores: South Korea 0-0 Iraq, Iraq 0-0 South Korea, South Korea 2-0 Iraq, South Korea 2-1 Iraq, Iraq 0(4-3)0 South Korea.
7:41 PM6 months ago

A chance to qualify

For their part, Advocaat's team will fight alongside Libya and the Arab Emirates for a place in third place, as the third of each team plays in the Playoffs to participate in the World Cup in Qatar. The top two teams have a cushion of six and eight points. 
Libya is in third place and will play against the United Arab Emirates. 
7:36 PM6 months ago

Fight for the lead

This match is important for South Korea as the first place in the group is at stake. For the moment, Iran starts the day as group leaders with 13 points, with a two-point margin over Bento's team.
7:31 PM6 months ago

South Korea's final match

South Korea dropped all three points on Iranian soil in their Matchday 5 game. Paulo Bento's team scored in the first minutes of the second half, thanks to Tottenham's Heung-Min Son, but Jahanbaksh got in the way of the Koreans' victory by scoring in the last fifteen minutes. In the end, the match ended in a one-all draw. 
7:26 PM6 months ago

Iraq's last match

In the previous match, Advocaat's team drew 2-2 against UAE. Iraq would turn the game around thanks to goals from Al Attas in the 74th minute and Ayman Hussein in the 90th minute. Just when they thought they were going to win, Mabkhout's team tied Advocaat's team, taking away three crucial points. 
7:21 PM6 months ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to the online broadcast of the match corresponding to the sixth matchday of the Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which will feature Iraq vs South Korea. The match kicks off at 09.00 hours (CDMX). The match will be played at the Al-Shaab Stadium.