Goal and Highlights: Oman 0-1 Japan in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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1:10 PMa year ago

Goal Japan

12:57 PMa year ago


Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Oman and Japan in the Asian qualifiers.
12:52 PMa year ago

Suffered victory

Even if it was by the narrowest of margins, Japan achieved their goal and took the win away to Oman to earn three valuable points in the Asian qualifiers.
12:47 PMa year ago

End game

Oman 0-1 Japan.
12:42 PMa year ago


Three more minutes are added.
12:37 PMa year ago


Haraguchi enters and Osako leaves, change for Japan.
12:32 PMa year ago


Japan goal

Ito closes the pincer inside the six-yard box and sends the ball into the net to make it 1-0.

12:27 PMa year ago


Nayakama with an impact inside the box that is deflected by the defender and ends up in the corner.
12:22 PMa year ago


Al-Yahmadi and Fawaz are in.

Al-Alawi and Rabia Al-Alawi come out.

Oman changes.

12:17 PMa year ago


Shibasaki Gaku's right-footed shot goes over the bar.
12:12 PMa year ago


Furahashi and Nakayama are in.

Nagatomo and Minamino out

Japan changes.

12:07 PMa year ago


The VAR reviewed a possible penalty that in the end was not sanctioned at all.
12:02 PMa year ago


Dangerous power shot from Arshad Al Alawi that goes just wide.
11:57 AMa year ago


Endo Wataru makes a strong tackle and the Japanese is cautioned.
11:52 AMa year ago


Minamino had the first, but his shot went wide of the area and he wasted the chance.
11:47 AMa year ago


Tanaka Ao took advantage of the rebound from a corner kick to shoot the ball high and wide.
11:42 AMa year ago


The second half begins between Oman and Japan.
11:37 AMa year ago

Half time

Oman 0-0 Japan.
11:32 AMa year ago


One more minute will be added.
11:27 AMa year ago


Foul on goalkeeper Faiyz Al Rashidi as he tried to make a quick clearance.
11:22 AMa year ago


The game has ceased to have insinuations on the opponent's goal due to the tightness that has become in the midfield.
11:17 AMa year ago


Issam comes off and Al Hajei enters, Oman's obligatory change.
11:12 AMa year ago


Issam Al Sabhi has been left lying on the field and there will be a change.
11:07 AMa year ago


Ito Junya arrives at the far post alone, but his right-footed strike sails wide of the goal.
11:02 AMa year ago


Now Osako Yuya takes a shot from outside the box that misses the target.
10:57 AMa year ago


Arshad Al Alawi's long-range shot went just over the goal. Oman close.
10:52 AMa year ago


Ito with a dangerous service to the far post that is denied by the defense.
10:47 AMa year ago


A delayed diagonal inside their own penalty area is cleared by the Japanese defense.
10:42 AMa year ago


Tanaka Ao's half-volley from outside the area hit the defender.
10:37 AMa year ago


The match between Oman and Japan kicks off.
10:32 AMa year ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Oman and Japan in the Asian qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.
10:27 AMa year ago

Results at the moment

Two games have already been played in these qualifiers:

Lebanon 0-1 UAE

Vietnam 0-1 Saudi Arabia


Two games are in progress at halftime

China 0-1 Australia

Iraq 0-1 South Korea


And still to be played: Syria vs Iran.

10:22 AMa year ago

Japan substitutes

1 Eiji Kawashima

23 Kosei Tani

4 Ko Itakura

19 Hiroki Sakai

3 Shogo Taniguchi

20 Yuta Nakayama

21 Ritsu Doan

8 Genki Haraguchi

13 Kaoru Mitoma

18 Takuma Asano

11 Kyogo Furuhashi

9 Daichi Kamada

10:17 AMa year ago

Oman substitutes

22 Ahmed Al-Rawahi

1 Ibrahim Al Mukhaini

13 Khalid Al Braiki

3 Fahmi Said Rajab Durbein

2 Ahmed Khalifa Said Al Kaabi

16 Omer Fazari

10 Mohsin Jouhar

21 Mohammed Al Ghafri

7 Khalid Khalifa Al Hajri

12 Abdullah Fawaz

9 Abdul Aziz Al Maqbali

15 Jameel Al Yahmadi

10:12 AMa year ago

XI Oman

18 Faiyz Al Rashidi, 14 Amjad Al Harthi, 6 Ahmed Al Khamisi, 5 Juma Marhoon Juma Al Habsi, 17 Ali Al Busaidi, 23 Harib Al Saadi, 4 Arshad Al Alawi, 20 Salaah Al Yahyaei, 8 Zaher Al Aghbari, 11 Issam Al Sabhi, 19 Al Mandhar Al Alawi.
10:07 AMa year ago

XI Japan

1 Gonda Shuichi, 2 Yamane Miki, 5 Nagatomo Yuto, 16 Tomiyasu Takehiro, 22 Yoshida Maya, 6 Endo Wataru, 7 Shibasaki Gaku, 10 Minamino Takumi, 14 Ito Junya, 17 Tanaka Ao, 15 Osako Yuya.
10:02 AMa year ago

Thus they arrived

This was the arrival and field reconnaissance of the team of the rising sun, which has an unbeatable opportunity to get three points that will put them ahead of leaders Saudi Arabia and Australia.
9:57 AMa year ago

Good weather

This is what the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex Stadium looks like a few minutes before the match takes place.

9:52 AMa year ago

Back to surprise

It should be recalled that the first meeting between these two teams in the qualifiers took place a few months ago in Japan, where Oman pulled off a shock victory by the minimum difference with a goal by Issam Al Sabhi, so this Tuesday they will try to repeat the feat to climb positions in the standings.
9:47 AMa year ago

Continuing the good streak

Japan has won three of its last four games, which has put it back on track in the playoffs in third place after a dismal start that alarmed all Japanese fans.
9:42 AMa year ago


A crucial match for Japan on Tuesday, where they have to win against an Oman team that also dreams of attending the Qatar 2022 World Cup. We begin with coverage of the game.
9:37 AMa year ago

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What time is Oman vs Japan match for Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Oman vs Japan of 16th November in several countries:

Argentina: 1:00 PM in Star +

Bolivia: 12:00 PM in Star +

Brazil: 1:00 PM in Star +

Chile: 12:00 PM in Star +

Colombia: 11:00 AM in Star +

Ecuador: 11:00 AM in Star +

USA (ET): 11:00 AM in Star +

Spain: 6:00 PM

Mexico: 10:00 AM in Start +

Paraguay: 1:00 PM in Star +

Peru: 1:00 PM in Star +

Uruguay: 1:00 PM in Star +

9:27 AMa year ago

Last games

Although Japan has won four of their last five matches, they have already met in this qualifier on Japanese soil, where Oman pulled off the upset by winning by the narrowest of margins to take all three points.

Japan 0-1 Oman, 2021

Oman 0-1 Japan, 2019

Japan 4-0 Oman, 2016

Oman 1-2 Japan, 2012

Japan 3-0 Oman, 2012

9:22 AMa year ago

Key player Japan

His contribution and experience in recent matches has been reflected in a better defensive performance, also the player of Stuttgart of Germany, Wataru Endo, has the specialty of being a risk player in fixed tactical plays.

9:17 AMa year ago

Key player Oman

Watch out for goalkeeper Faiyz Al-Rushaidi, who is expected to have a lot of work to do against the Japanese and whose saves will be key to keep the game tight in order to get a positive result.

9:12 AMa year ago

Last lineup Japan

12 Shuichi Gonda, 16 Takehiro Tomiyasu, 2 Miki Yamane, 5 Yuto Nagatomo, 22 Maya Yoshida, 10 Takumi Minamino, 6 Wataru Endo, 17 Ao Tanaka, 13 Hidemasa Morita, 15 Yuya Osako, 14 Junya Ito.
9:07 AMa year ago

Last lineup Oman

18 Faiyz Al-Rushaidi, 6 Ahmed Al-Khamisi, 14 Amjad Al Harthi, 5 Juma Al Habsi, 17 Ali Al-Busaidi, 23 Harib Al-Saadi, 15 Jameel Al-Yahmadi, 20 Salah Al-Yahyaei, 8 Zahir Sulaiman Al Aghbari, 7 Khalid Al-Hajri, 11 Issam Al Sabhi.
9:02 AMa year ago

Japan: convince and win

Japan have failed to convince and failed to get the desired results, but they are third in the standings with nine points and are coming off two straight wins, at home against Australia and recently away against Vietnam.
8:57 AMa year ago

Oman: imposing conditions

Despite everything, Oman is currently in the qualification zone and this game is crucial as they are only two points behind Japan and could overtake them with a win, hence the importance of this game.
8:52 AMa year ago

The Kick-off

The Oman vs Japan match will be played at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex Stadium, in Mascate, Oman. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:00 am ET.
8:47 AMa year ago

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