Goals and Highlights: Chile 0-2 Ecuador in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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Thank you for following the Conmebol qualifiers between Chile and Ecuador.
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Dreaming of the World Cup

Ecuador earned three valuable points against Chile that put it in an excellent position to qualify in the next few rounds and return to the World Cup.
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End game

Chile 0-2 Ecuador.
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Ecuador Goal

Moisés Caicedo from just outside the box slammed the ball into the back of the net to make it 2-0 and seal the victory.

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Five more minutes are added.
8:52 PMa year ago


Estrada missed it. Ecuadorian counter-attack where the striker takes a shot from outside the area and the ball goes wide.
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Se la perdió. Estrada tuvo el segundo y de forma increíble la mandó por un costado.
8:42 PMa year ago


Montecinos enters and Baeza leaves, change for Chile.
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Plata and Méndez enter

Franco and Sarmiento come out

Ecuador changes.

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Núñez's shot from half distance goes wide of the goal.
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Alexander Domínguez manages to control Alexander Domínguez's shot from half distance.
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The ball fell to Estrada inside the area, but his right-footed shot went wide when it looked like it might have been more.
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Jean Menezes, player of Leon and Chile, has been painted yellow.
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Claudio Baeza's shot from half distance goes over the goal.
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Direct free kick taken by Mena and saved by Claudio Bravo.
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The second half begins between Chile and Ecuador.
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Half time

Chile 0-1 Ecuador.
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Five more minutes are added and Alan Franco has been cautioned.
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Ángel Mena had a chance in front of the goal and hit it with a crushed shot, so the ball went wide.
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Enter Núñez and Meneses

Sánchez and Valdés come out.

Changes for Chile.

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Due to injury, Suazo enters and it was all for Mena. Change of Chile.
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Castillo is fouled just outside the area and the Ecuador player receives a yellow card.
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Chile had a chance to equalize, but Alexander Domínguez made a timely appearance under the three posts.
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Alan Franco had the second but missed the goalkeeper with a one-on-one shot.
7:17 PMa year ago


Arturo Vidal makes a mistake and is sent off. Chile is down to one man.
7:12 PMa year ago


Francisco Sierralta's header goes wide on a corner kick.
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Ecuador Goal 

Pervis Estupiñán with a low cross shot that beats the goalkeeper to open the score 1-0.

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Estrada took off the goalkeeper, but he ran out of field. He asked for a foul that was not sanctioned.
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The match between Chile and Ecuador begins.
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Right now

The national anthems of Ecuador and Chile are sung, respectively.
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Results at the moment

Two matches have already ended: Bolivia 3-0 Uruguay and Venezuela 1-2 Peru; at this moment Colombia and Paraguay and Argentina and Brazil are in the first half with a goalless draw.
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Chile substitutes

14 Pablo Galdames

22 Joaquín Montecinos

10 Marcelino Núñez

6 Gabriel Suazo

23 Brayan Cortéz

20 Valber Huerta

5 Nicolás Diaz

9 Jean Meneses

18 Víctor Dávila

21 Tomás Alarcón

13 Iván Morales

12 Gabriel Arias

6:37 PMa year ago

Ecuador substitutes

20 Sebastián Méndez

5 Luis Fernando León

18 Ayrton Preciado

13 Diego Palacios

4 Robert Arboleda

1 Hernan Galindez

14 Michael Carcelen

19 Gonzalo Plata

12 Pedro Ortiz

17 Angelo Preciado

10 Jordy Caicedo

9 Brayan Angulo

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XI Ecuador

22 Alexander Domínguez, 3 Piero Hincapié, 2 Félix Torres, 7 Pervis Estupiñán, 6 Byron Castillo, 16 Jeremy Sarmiento, 23 Moises Caicedo, 8 Carlos Gruezo, 11 Michael Estrada, 15 Ángel Mena, 21 Alan Franco.
6:27 PMa year ago

XI Chile

1 Claudio Bravo, 17 Gary Medel, 15 Francisco Sierralta, 3 Guillermo Maripán, 19 Diego Valdés, 8 Arturo Vidal, 16 Claudio Baeza, 2 Eugenio Mena, 4 Mauricio Isla, 7 Alexis Sánchez, 11 Eduardo Vargas.
6:22 PMa year ago

They thank their fans

Despite the fact that they will be playing as visitors, many Ecuadorian fans made the trip to Chile to support their national team and did so from the very hotel where they were staying.
6:17 PMa year ago

There is support

The fans of "La Roja" have gathered at the stadium to support their team in order to win again at home.
6:12 PMa year ago

Great game

Chile is coming off a 1-0 win over Paraguay.
6:07 PMa year ago

Aiming for qualification

Ecuador is coming off a narrow victory over Venezuela and is in third place with 20 points. A win would take them to 23 points and move them six points behind fourth-place Colombia, with only 12 points left to play for.
6:02 PMa year ago

Climbing positions

Chile is currently in sixth place in the standings with 16 points after the results, but a win would move them back to fourth place and put them just one point behind their rivals.
5:57 PMa year ago


Chile and Ecuador face each other in an important match that could make the difference when it comes to the last dates of the Conmebol. We begin with the coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Chile vs Ecuador Live Score in Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers

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What time is Chile vs Ecuador match for Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Chile vs Ecuador of 16th November in several countries:

Argentina: 9:15 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 8:15 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 9:15 PM in ESPN

Chile: 8:15 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 7:15 PM in ESPN

Ecuador: 7:15 PM in ESPN

USA (ET): 7:15 PM

Spain: 1:15 AM

Mexico: 6:15 PM in SKY Sports

Paraguay: 9:15 PM in ESPN

Peru: 9:15 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 9:15 PM in ESPN

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Last games

Chile has imposed conditions in the last five clashes with a balance of three wins, one draw and one loss. In these qualifiers, they have already met in Quito and shared points after failing to score.

Ecuador 0-0 Chile, World Cup Qualifiers 2021

Ecuador 1-2 Chile, Copa América 2019

Chile 2-1 Ecuador, World Cup Qualifiers 2017

Ecuador 3-0 Chile, World Cup Qualifiers 2016

Ecuador 0-2 Chile, Copa America 2015

5:37 PMa year ago

Key player Ecuador

Toluca's Michael Estrada has not worked with his club, but he has worked with the national team, where he has become the Tricolor's goal man with five goals, some of them of high relevance that have translated into victories that have placed them at the top of the Conmebol qualifiers.

5:32 PMa year ago

Key player Chile

As the years go by, the importance of having a player like Alexis Sanchez in the attacking front, who has just been key in the victory against Paraguay by participating in the goal that went past goalkeeper Silva, is becoming more and more important.

5:27 PMa year ago

Last lineup Ecuador

22 Alexander Domínguez, 3 Piero Hincapié, 2 Félix Torres, 7 Christian Geovanny Cruz Tapia, 6 Byron Castillo, 16 Jeremy Sarmiento, 23 Moises Caicedo, 8 Carlos Gruezo, 13 Djorkaeff Reasco, 18 Ayrton Preciado, 19 Gonzalo Plata.
5:22 PMa year ago

Last lineup Chile

1 Claudio Bravo, 17 Gary Medel, 6 Enzo Roco, 3 Guillermo Maripán, 16 Claudio Baeza, 14 Diego Valdés, 8 Arturo Vidal, 2 Eugenio Mena, 10 Marcelino Núñez, 7 Alexis Sánchez, 22 Ben Brereton.
5:17 PMa year ago

How are Chile and Ecuador doing in the qualifiers?

With its resurgence, Chile has moved into fourth place with 16 points thanks to its better goal difference, while Ecuador is one rung higher, but with 20 points.
5:12 PMa year ago

Ecuador: away goals

Ecuador's good qualification could be better if they had a good performance as visitors, a matter that has cost them too much and where they have only scored one point out of the last nine possible by tying with Colombia, but losing with Venezuela and Uruguay; last Thursday they won by the minimum against the Vinotinto team.
5:07 PMa year ago

Chile: keep the winning momentum going

Three games ago it seemed that Chile would be almost eliminated from the qualifiers for Qatar, but the Andean team has been on a winning streak with three consecutive victories, the last of them last Thursday against Paraguay, which moved them into the top four places and, at a direct rival, winning will be the most important thing.
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The Kick-off

The Chile vs Ecuador match will be played at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, in San Carlos, Chile. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:15 pm ET.
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