Goals and Highlights: Bolivia 3-0 Uruguay in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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5:05 PM21 days ago

Goals and Highlights

4:58 PM21 days ago


It's over! Bolivia surprises and beats Uruguay.
4:56 PM21 days ago


Martins looks for his brace of the match, but fails to score.
4:49 PM21 days ago


Diego Godín's shot, but the ball ends up going wide.
4:44 PM21 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Bolivia! Arce wins the ball inside the box and with a header scores the third.
4:40 PM21 days ago


Change of Uruguay. Jonathan Rodríguez replaces Facunedo Torres.
4:39 PM21 days ago


He's leaving! Algarañaz makes a strong tackle on Godín and the referee sends off the Bolivian.
4:32 PM21 days ago


Change of Uruguay. Mauro Arambarri replaces Lucas Torreira.
4:32 PM21 days ago


Bejarano's shot, but the defense came up and prevented the third.
4:26 PM21 days ago


He blew it up! Martins sent a shot, but the ball ended up in the stands.
4:24 PM21 days ago


Penalty for Bolivia! Carmelo Algarañaz falls inside the box after a foul by González and the referee has no hesitation.
4:23 PM21 days ago


Double change for Bolivia. Víctor Abrego and Fernando Saucedo are replaced by Carmelo Algarañaz and Moises Villarroel.
4:16 PM21 days ago


Luis Suárez tries to control, but Enoumba gets in the way, preventing him from creating danger.
4:12 PM21 days ago


Actions resume at the La Paz property.
4:12 PM21 days ago


Uruguay changes. Luis Suárez and Geovanni González are substituted by Matías Vecino and Joaquín Piquerez.
4:11 PM21 days ago


Change of Bolivia. Marc Enoumba replaces Roberto Fernandez.
3:52 PM21 days ago


Part-time. Bolivia wins at the end of the first forty-five minutes of this match.
3:50 PM21 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Bolivia! Martins sends an accurate header and Muslera can't do anything to save the second.
3:46 PM21 days ago


Moreno's shot, but the ball hit the outside of the net.
3:39 PM21 days ago


Nández's shot, but the ball ends up in Lampe's hands.
3:34 PM21 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Bolivia! What a mistake by Muslera, he lets the ball go after Arce's cross, which ends up going into the goal.
3:30 PM21 days ago


The ball is taken by both teams, but neither manages to score.
3:23 PM21 days ago


The match is back and forth, both teams are looking for, but are unable to generate danger.
3:14 PM21 days ago


Moreno shot inside the area, but did not direct the ball.
3:12 PM21 days ago


Bolivia tries to reach the opponent's area, but fails to cross the midfield.
3:04 PM21 days ago


The meeting kicks off in La Paz.
2:57 PM21 days ago

Uruguay: LineUp

Muslera; Cáceres, Godín, Giménez; Nández, Vecino, Torreira, Bentancur, Piquerez; Torres; Álvarez.
2:56 PM21 days ago

Bolivia: LineUp

Lampe; Fernández, Sagredo, Quinteros, Ramallo, Ibáñez; Villarroel, Justiniano, Arce; Martins, Abrego.
2:48 PM21 days ago

At home

Bolivia, with Farías at the helm, is already at its home stadium where it will seek to continue its positive unbeaten streak.
2:46 PM21 days ago

They arrived

Uruguay is already in the Bolivian building ready to play this day of the qualifiers for Qatar.

2:37 PM21 days ago

Good run

Bolivia comes into this match with three matches without losing at home, two wins and a draw are the numbers they have had at home.
2:32 PM21 days ago

What numbers

Bolivia comes into this match with 28 goals against and only 17 for, numbers they will be looking to improve.
2:27 PM21 days ago

Important part

Bolivia recovers Rodrigo Ramallo, a player who had been suspended for accumulation of yellow cards.
2:22 PM21 days ago

Arrived on time

Uruguay arrived in Bolivia yesterday afternoon, the Uruguayans are already at the venue of the meeting and will seek to get the three points.
2:17 PM21 days ago

By positive numbers

Uruguay comes into this match with 18 goals against and 14 for, so this afternoon they will be looking to increase their numbers in a positive way.


2:12 PM21 days ago

Good afternoon!

Welcome to the coverage of the match between Bolivia and Uruguay; the match corresponds to Matchday 14 and will kick off in approximately one hour. We will shortly share with you the confirmed lineups.
2:07 PM21 days ago

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Statements Paraguay

Óscar Tabárez spoke prior to their match against Bolivia: "We intend to win, to bring points from there (La Paz), that is what any match is prepared for".

"La Paz continues to be a difficult venue... Bolivia continues to play in its own way when it plays in that city. That environment has some conditioning factors not only in the recovery of efforts, but also in the trajectory of the ball and the speed with which it travels".

"Bolivians in general know what it feels like to go from the plain and they try to impose that, they try to put a lot of people in front and they have the habit of finishing from any distance, because they already know the medium and it is something they can take advantage of."

 "I can't know and I don't talk about those things. I am very respectful of the reality of other teams and I am not a commentator or journalist or analyst. I am the coach of the Uruguayan national team and the data of the Bolivian national team throughout the qualifying round are in the statistics, where they get most of the results, the good things they have, they have the top scorer of the qualifying round, who is behind Messi, in the number of shots on goal, it is a strong point. That is a strong point. They make the conditions for the visitors to La Paz count".

"It is also the team that has conceded the most goals in the qualifying round and even in La Paz, and I saw it in the match against Paraguay. Opponents create chances for them. Approximately, 14 situations per game Bolivia gives in their goal and in La Paz it goes down to 12. This means that we should not get carried away by emotions but by real things".

1:52 PM21 days ago

To get out of the bottom

Bolivia comes to this match after losing three goals to zero against Peru, the yellow-green team is in the last place of the table with 12 points, only above Venezuela.

1:47 PM21 days ago

Urgent need to win

If Uruguay wants to have any hope of qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar, they need to make it three points in this match against Bolivia, the Uruguayans are coming after losing to Argentina by the minimum.

1:42 PM21 days ago

The match will be played at the Hernando Siles Olympic Stadium.

The Bolivia vs Uruguay match will be played at the Hernando Siles Olympic Stadium, located in La Paz, Bolivia. The capacity of the stadium is 41,143 people.

1:37 PM21 days ago

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