Highlights and goals: Czech Republic 2-0 Estonia in Qualifiers Match
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8:01 PM2 years ago


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8:00 PM2 years ago


Czech Republic wins the match against Estonia with a score of 2-0.
7:59 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Jan Kopic in the Czech Republic.
7:58 PM2 years ago


The referee adds four more minutes
7:57 PM2 years ago

89' 🟨

Yellow card for Märten Kuusk in Estonia.
7:57 PM2 years ago

88' Estonia substitution🔁

Out: Maksim Paskotši

In: Robert Kirss

7:54 PM2 years ago


Jan Sýkora scores the second goal for Czech Republic after an assist from Kopic.
7:53 PM2 years ago


Sergei Zenjov's shot at Czech goal is saved by goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík
7:52 PM2 years ago

79' Estonia substitution🔁

Out: Rauno Sappinen

In: Sergei Zenjov

7:50 PM2 years ago

64'Czech Republic sbustitutions 🔁

Out: Matěj Vydra y Michal Sadílek

In: David Pavelka y Jan Kopic

7:49 PM2 years ago


Matěj Vydra had a clear chance for the Czech Republic, but missed.
7:47 PM2 years ago

68' Czech Republic sbustitutions 🔁

Out: Lukáš Masopust and Alex Král

In: Michael Krmenčík and Jan Kuchta

7:45 PM2 years ago

64' Estonia substitutions 🔁

Out: Erik Sorga and Vlasiy Sinyavskiy

In: Henri Anier and Henrik Ojamaa

7:43 PM2 years ago


Sadílek takes a corner kick for the Czechs, Jakub Brabec hits the ball and scores the first of the match.
7:41 PM2 years ago


Vladimír Coufal wins a ball at the Estonian start, takes a shot and hits an opponent
7:40 PM2 years ago


Vladimír Coufal tries unsuccessfully. It will be Estonia's ball
7:39 PM2 years ago


Konstantin Vassiljev receives a ball in Czech territory, looks for his profile and shoots and does not generate danger. Estonia's first chance in the second half
7:37 PM2 years ago


Second half kicks off between Czech Republic vs Estonia
7:36 PM2 years ago


The first half of the match ends with the score tied.
7:34 PM2 years ago


The referee adds two more minutes
7:33 PM2 years ago

44' 🟨

Yellow card for Vladislav Kreida in Estonia.
7:32 PM2 years ago


David Zima wins the flank, shoots at the Estonian goal and goalkeeper Matvei Igonen holds the ball.
7:31 PM2 years ago


The match is played on the sidelines, back and forth.


7:30 PM2 years ago


David Zima looks for a split ball in the Estonian box, takes a shot and misses.
7:28 PM2 years ago

30' 🟨

Yellow card for Maksim Paskotši in Estonia.
7:27 PM2 years ago

29' Czech Republic substitution 🔁

Out: Jakub Pešek

In: Jan Sýkora

7:26 PM2 years ago


Vlasiy Sinyavskiy takes a shot at the Czech goal and the ball hits an opponent.
7:24 PM2 years ago


The home team plays on the left, Michal Sadílek transports and looks for a teammate, but to no avail.
7:22 PM2 years ago


Michal Sadílek wins the second play in the Estonian box, tries but has no luck.
7:21 PM2 years ago


Maksim Paskotši catches a rebound at the Czech Republic outlet, shoots and misses.
7:20 PM2 years ago

6' 🟨

Yellow card for Lukáš Masopust in the Czech Republic.
7:19 PM2 years ago


Erratic shot by Rauno Sappinen for Estonia, saved by Czech keeper
7:15 PM2 years ago


The ball is rolling and the match between Czech Republic vs Estonia is underway.
7:12 PM2 years ago

Estonia Starting line-up

7:08 PM2 years ago

Czech Republic Starting line-up

7:05 PM2 years ago

Everything is ready

The match between Czech Republic vs. Estonia, corresponding to the 10th matchday of Group E in the European Qualifiers for Qatar 2022, will kick off shortly.
10:52 AM2 years ago

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What time is Czech Republic vs Estonia for European Qualifiers?

Argentina: 16:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Bolivia: 14:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Brazil: 16:45 hrs. on Estádio TNT Sports and GUIGO
Chile: 16:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Colombia: 14:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Ecuador: 14:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Spain: 21:45 hrs. on Be Mad
Mexico: 13:45 hrs. on Sky HD
Paraguay: 16:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Peru: 14:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
Uruguay: 16:45 hrs. on DirecTV Sports
10:37 AM2 years ago

Estonia key player

Erik Sorga is Estonia's star player. He is 22 years old and is the central striker of his national team. He plays for VVV-Venlo in the Netherlands and has also been used as a winger on the flanks.
10:32 AM2 years ago

Czech Republic key player

At only 25 years old, Patrik Schick is the commander of the Czech attack.  He has great technical qualities and an important physical power that allows him to win balls in the opponent's area.
10:27 AM2 years ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

Referee: Orel Grinfeeld (ISR)
Assistant 1: Roy Hassan (ISR)
Assistant 2: Idan Yarkoni (ISR)
Fourth official: Gal Leibovitz (ISR)
VAR: Roi Reinshreiber (ISR)
AVAR: Ziv Adler (ISR)
10:22 AM2 years ago

Farewell to Estonia

Estonia has no chance of dreaming of direct or playoff qualification. With four points from seven matches played, Estonia can only bid farewell to its participation in the European Qualifiers for Qatar 2022 with a victory.
10:17 AM2 years ago

Czech Republic to finish its qualifying round on a high note

Czech Republic comes into this match with 11 points from seven matches played. The Czech team has little chance of making the playoffs and a win would give them that chance.
10:12 AM2 years ago

The match will be played at the Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena

The Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena is the home stadium of the Czech Republic. It was inaugurated in 1917, receiving a remodeling in 1994. It has a maximum capacity of 18,887 spectators.
10:07 AM2 years ago

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