Goals and summary of Puebla 2(6)-(5)2 Chivas in Repechaje 2021
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12:45 AM15 days ago

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12:34 AM15 days ago

Final Score

Puebla defeats in penalty kicks 6-5 and qualifies for the quarterfinals.
12:32 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O O X O O

Chivas: O X O O O X O X

12:31 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O O X O O

Chivas: O X O O O X O

12:30 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O O X O

Chivas: O X O O O X O

12:29 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O O X O

Chivas: O X O O O X

12:28 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O O X

Chivas: O X O O O X

12:27 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O O X

Chivas: O X O O O

12:26 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O O

Chivas: O X O O O

12:26 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O O

Chivas: O X O O

12:25 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O

Chivas: O X O O

12:24 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O O

Chivas: O X O

12:23 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O

Chivas: O X O

12:22 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X O

Chivas: O X

12:21 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X

Chivas: O X

12:20 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O X

Chivas : O

12:19 AM15 days ago

Penalty Shotouts

Puebla: O

Chivas: O

12:19 AM15 days ago

Penalty shootout

Puebla: O


12:13 AM15 days ago


The match is over, the pass to the quarterfinals will be defined in a penalty shootout.
12:09 AM15 days ago


Add 5 minutes
12:07 AM15 days ago


Goooooooooooool! Puebla ties the score on a corner kick.
12:06 AM15 days ago


Puebla goes all out in front, in these last minutes it goes for the tie
12:02 AM15 days ago


Alexis Vega is injured and will be treated by the medical staff.
11:58 PM15 days ago


Last 10 minutes of the game and Puebla shows no clarity in the match.
11:54 PM15 days ago


Chivas substitution:

In: Cesar Huerta.   Out: Jesus Angulo 

In: Uriel Antuna.    Out: Isaac Brizuela

11:49 PM15 days ago


Chivas controls the match, not lending the ball to the home team, who are urgently looking for an equalizer.
11:46 PM15 days ago


Cambos de Puebla:

In: Escoto.    Exit: Martinez

In: Villalpando.  Out: Corral

11:41 PM15 days ago


Goooooooooooool! by Mayorga, assisted by Brizuela, who finds Mayorga alone and with a good header gives Chivas the lead.
11:37 PM15 days ago


Puebla substitution:

In: Diego de Buen Out: Emanuel Gularte

11:34 PM15 days ago


Chivas came very close after a good cross from Alexis Vega, who sent in a good cross and Brizuela's shot was saved by the South American goalkeeper with one hand.
11:32 PM15 days ago


Corner kick for Guadalajara
11:27 PM15 days ago


Yellow card for Gularte of Puebla.
11:27 PM15 days ago


Yellow card for Isaac Brizuela
11:24 PM15 days ago


With no changes, the same 22 players are currently playing.
11:23 PM15 days ago


The second half gets underway at the Estadio Cuauhtémoc.
11:15 PM15 days ago

The tying goal

This was the equalizing goal courtesy of Christian Tabó:
11:12 PM15 days ago

First goal of the game:

This is the first score courtesy of Isaac Brizuela:
11:04 PM15 days ago


At the end of the first half, Puebla and Chivas tied the match by the smallest of margins in a very good 45 minutes.
11:03 PM15 days ago


2 minutes will be added
10:59 PM15 days ago


In the last minutes of the first half, everything indicates that the first half will end with a draw by the minimum difference.
10:54 PM15 days ago


Yellow Card for Carlos Cisneros.
10:53 PM15 days ago


The ball is fought hard in the midfield, the intensity drops a little, but the fight for the ball is still going on.
10:50 PM15 days ago


Puebla's long throw-in was well rejected by the defense, which came close to a counterattack.
10:46 PM15 days ago


Cisneros' cross does not generate any danger, the visiting team does not stop insisting.
10:42 PM15 days ago


Vibrant duel in this first quarter of the game, the two teams do not stop running and the heat of the game increases.
10:37 PM15 days ago


Goooooooooooooool! for Puebla, great shot by Christian Tabo, who beats Gudiño and ties the score.
10:35 PM15 days ago


Penalty kick for Puebla and Sepulveda is cautioned.
10:32 PM15 days ago


Yellow Card for Puebla player Parra
10:28 PM15 days ago


The match intensifies, Puebla after the goal looks wildly for the equalizer.
10:24 PM15 days ago


Goooooooooooooooool! for Chivas, Brizuela from outside the box with a right-footed shot beats the South American goalkeeper and scores the first goal.
10:22 PM15 days ago


Chivas takes possession of the ball, Mayorga crosses the ball to Saldivar who fails to connect with the ball
10:18 PM15 days ago


The match starts with a lot of intensity, both teams go forward in search of opening the scoreboard quickly.
10:16 PM15 days ago

Opening whistle

The match kicks off! Puebla and Chivas meet in the Repechage of the Grita México Apertura 2021 tournament.
9:54 PM15 days ago

All ready

Everything is ready at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, the two teams are getting ready in the tunnel, just minutes away from the start of the match.
9:43 PM15 days ago


The referee will be Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava, his flag bearers will be Michel Alejandro Morales and Enrique Isaac Bustos Díaz, and his 4th referee will be Oscar Macías Romo.
9:37 PM15 days ago

Teams are warming up

The teams are warming up on the field at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, Puebla and Guadalajara are getting ready 20 minutes before the whistle is blown.
9:30 PM15 days ago


Puebla will wear its white uniform with its blue stripe, the traditional and crazy uniform, while Guadalajara will wear its red uniform with white stripes, two elegant uniforms that will be worn by the players tonight.
9:22 PM15 days ago

Lineup Guadalajara:

This is the starting 11 that coach Michel Leaño will send to the field:

9:18 PM15 days ago

Puebla Lineup

This is the lineup sent to the field by coach Nicolás Larcamón:

9:15 PM15 days ago

The fans enter the building

Both fans are ready, many families entering the Cuauhtémoc Stadium one hour before kick-off, with a strong security operation to ensure a family atmosphere, as well as sanitary measures due to the pandemic that is being experienced, and an atmosphere of direct elimination matches.
9:10 PM15 days ago

Last encounters of the two teams

Chivas are coming off a win over Mazatlan by the smallest of margins in a game that was a must for the team coached by Michel Leaño to qualify for the playoffs of the Grita México tournament, while Puebla defeated Toluca 1-0 at home in a game that allowed them to gain confidence and arrive with great motivation for this game against Guadalajara.
9:05 PM15 days ago


Both teams will be able to count on a full roster, as they do not have any suspended or expelled players, a great night for us to see the best starting squads on the field in a game that is a kill or be killed.
9:00 PM15 days ago

Stay tuned to follow Puebla vs Chivas live.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Puebla vs Chivas, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Cuauhtémoc. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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This match has a very even record for both teams, since in the last 5 matches the record is 1 win for Puebla, 3 draws and 1 win for Chivas. The last time they met in Puebla was this year in July, and the herd defeated Puebla 2-0.


8:50 PM15 days ago

Cuauhtémoc Stadium

Located in Puebla, the Cuauhtémoc Stadium is the home stadium of Club Puebla and has a capacity for 51,726 fans, it was inaugurated on October 6, 1968, a remodeled stadium and one of the most beautiful stadiums in the Mexican league, tomorrow we will see a great show when they face Chivas.


8:45 PM15 days ago

Where and how to watch Toluca femenil vs Chivas femenil online and live:

The match will be televised on Azteca 7.

If you want to watch the match live online: VAVEL is your best option.


8:40 PM15 days ago

watch out for this chivas player

Isaac Brizuela

Born in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Isaac Brizuela plays as an attacking midfielder, he has 10 games as a starter, 2 goals and 845 minutes played, he is the driving force of the herd, and one of the key players in Michel Leaño's tactical plan, he also has experience in this type of games, he has played in teams like Atlas and Toluca.

8:35 PM15 days ago

Watch out for this Puebla player

Javier Salas:

Born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Javier Salas is a key player for Larcamon, he is the captain of the team and the one in charge of distributing the ball all over the field, he has played all 17 games of the regular season as a starter, and has 1521 minutes played, with experience in this type of games, he has played with teams like Cruz Azul, Atlas, Tijuana and Dorados, tomorrow we will see him being the captain and player to follow in the game against Guadalajara.


8:30 PM15 days ago

Guadalajara's last lineup

1 Raúl Gudiño, 3 Gilberto Sepúlveda, 16 Miguel Ponce, 21 Hiram Mier, 5 Jesús Molina, 7 Carlos Antuna, 11 Isaac Brizuela, 19 Jesús Angulo, 20 Fernando Beltrán, 29 Alan Torres, 6 Cesar Huerta.



8:25 PM15 days ago

Puebla's last lineup

1 Antony Silva, 4 George Corral, 12 Israel Reyes, 16 Juan Segovia, 17 Emanuel Gularte, 20 Maximiliano Araujo, 6 Javier Salas, 14 Pablo Parra, 2 Gustavo Ferrareis, 10 Christian Tabó, 15 Guillermo Martínez.
8:20 PM15 days ago

Chivas to save the tournament

On the other hand, the rebaño, with many changes in the tournament, after firing Víctor Manuel Vucetich and incorporating Michel Leaño, showed a different face in the green valley, and with a victory in the last round against Mazatlán allowed them to be in the playoffs, they will be looking for a pass to the quarterfinals against Puebla.
8:15 PM15 days ago

Puebla with everything to gain and nothing to lose

The poblanos finished the tournament in 7th position with 24 points, although they start as favorites and as locals, after a tournament of ups and downs, the team led by Larcamon, have everything to win and nothing to lose, being in a position that at the beginning of the tournament was in their main objectives, they will receive a chivas eager to save the tournament, qualifying to the quarterfinals, it will be a match between the 7th and the 10th of the overall table.


8:10 PM15 days ago


Good afternoon and welcome to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Puebla vs Chivas match, corresponding to the playoffs of the Grita México Apertura 2022 tournament. The match will take place at the Estadio Cuauhtémoc at 21:00.