Goals and Highlights: Boca Juniors 2-0 Sarmiento Junín in Argentine League 2021
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7:17 PM15 days ago

End of transmission

We end the coverage of Boca Juniors' 2-0 victory over Sarmiento Junín in the 21st round of the Argentine League 2021, we invite you to stay connected to VAVEL with all the information from the world of sports. 
7:15 PM15 days ago

Statistics of the match

Goals: 2 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junín 0

Possession: 54% Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junín 46% 

Total Shots: 16 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junin 8

Shots on Goal: 11 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junin 2

Total Passes: 360 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junín 277

Fouls: 8 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junín 17

7:11 PM15 days ago

Match ends

Boca Juniors won at home against Sarmiento Junín 2-0, the goals were scored by Luis Vázquez at minute 25' and Frank Fabra at minute 46'. 
7:05 PM15 days ago

Minute 90'

Four more minutes will be played in the match.
7:02 PM15 days ago

Minute 87'

Boca's approach after a shot attempt by Eduardo Salvio.
6:57 PM15 days ago

Minute 83'

Boca tries to come out from the back and resorts to associative play between its central defenders and front line midfielders.
6:52 PM15 days ago

Minute 78'

Boca tries to regain control of the match and tries to attack from the flanks.
6:48 PM15 days ago

Minute 74'

Boca's attack attempt after an individual play by Eduardo Salvio.
6:44 PM15 days ago

Minute 70'

Change in Boca, Lisandro López enters and Marcos Rojo leaves the field.
6:40 PM15 days ago

Minute 66'

The match enters a state of calm where both teams dispute the ball in the middle of the field and do not have a major presence in the opposing goals.
6:34 PM15 days ago

Minute 59'

Boca's goal kick after a shot by Sarmiento went wide.
6:29 PM15 days ago

Minute 55'

Boca's approach after a cross into the area by Edwin Cardona. 
6:25 PM15 days ago

Minute 51'

Corner kick for Sarmiento after Boca's goalkeeper let go of a ball that appeared to be under control.
6:21 PM15 days ago

Minute 46' | GOAL

GOOOAAALLLfor Boca, scored by Frank Fabra after leaving two opponents in the way.
6:18 PM15 days ago

Second half starts

At the moment Boca Juniors leads 1-0 over Sarmiento Junín.
6:09 PM15 days ago

First half statistics

Goals: 1 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junín 0

Possession: 57,9% Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junín 42,1%.

Total Shots: 13 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junín 3

Shots on goal: 8 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junín 1

Total passes: 232 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junín 172

Fouls: 4 Boca Juniors - Sarmiento Junin 5

6:03 PM15 days ago

First half ends

Both teams head to their respective dressing rooms.
6:02 PM15 days ago

Minute 45'

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
5:58 PM15 days ago

Minute 42'

Boca tries to come out from the back with an elaborated game, giving calmness to the game after winning the match.
5:54 PM15 days ago

Minute 39'

Corner kick for Sarmiento after a long-range shot that is intercepted by the Boca defense.
5:52 PM15 days ago

Minute 37'

Sarmiento had a dangerous chance after Luciano Gondou's shot from outside the area.
5:48 PM15 days ago

Minute 33'

Boca's approach after Sebastián Villa's shot from outside the area.
5:46 PM15 days ago

Minute 30'

After going behind, Sarmiento tried to get back into the game and had a few crosses into Boca's area.
5:43 PM15 days ago

Minute 25' | GOAL

GOOOAAALLL for Boca, scored by Luis Vázquez with a right-footed shot after an assist from Luis Advincula.
5:39 PM15 days ago

Minute 24'

Boca had a dangerous chance after Almendra's mid-range shot was saved by Sarmiento's goalkeeper.
5:37 PM15 days ago

Minute 21'

Corner kick for Boca after Izquierdoz's shot is saved by the visitors' goalkeeper.
5:30 PM15 days ago

Minute 17'

Boca continues to attack and has an attempt at a cross from the right with Advincula.
5:28 PM15 days ago

Minute 13'

Boca's approach after a long-range shot by Almendra.
5:26 PM15 days ago

Minute 9'

Free kick for Boca for a foul on Sebastián Villa.
5:21 PM15 days ago

Minute 5'

Boca started with the initiative of the match and already managed to reach the opponent's goal.
5:15 PM15 days ago

The match starts!

The ball is rolling at La Bombonera Stadium.
5:15 PM15 days ago


Boca wears its traditional uniform; completely blue with a horizontal yellow stripe on the chest.
Sarmiento Junín wears its main alternate; completely white. 
5:08 PM15 days ago

Field Trip

Both teams and the refereeing team take the field at La Bombonera Stadium.
5:06 PM15 days ago

Pre-competitive movements

Both teams warm up on the field of "La Bombonera" Stadium.
5:03 PM15 days ago

Substitutes - Sarmiento Junín

Arismendi, Brea, Castet, Ferrero, García, Graciani, Mainero, Mancinelli, Molina, Quiroga, Salinas, Tomino. 
5:00 PM15 days ago

Starters in Sarmiento Junín

Roster: Vicentini; García, Salvareschi, Bazana, Alanis; Paradela, Chicco, Vismara, Núñez; Torres, Gondou.
D.T.: Martín Funes.
4:54 PM15 days ago

Substitutes - Boca Juniors

Briasco, García, González, López, Mancuso, Medina, Pavón, Rolon, Salvio, Sández, Varela, Zambrano.
4:51 PM15 days ago

Starters at Boca Juniors

Roster: Rossi; Advincula, Izquierdoz, Rojo, Fabra; Almendra, Campuzano, Ramírez, Cardona, Villa, Vázquez.
Coach: Sebastián Battaglia.
4:48 PM15 days ago

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We are ready to bring you the rebroadcast of the match between Boca Juniors and Sarmiénto Junín of the 21st date of the Argentine League 2021.
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Tune in here Boca Juniors vs Sarmiento Junín Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Boca Juniors vs Sarmiento Junín live, as well as the latest information from "La bombonera" Stadium. Don't miss a detail of the match Boca Juniors vs Sarmiento Junín live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.
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How to watch Boca Juniors vs Sarmiento Junín live on TV and online?

If you want to watch the game Boca Juniors vs Sarmiento Junín live on TV, your options is: TyC sports international. 
If you want to watch directly stream it: Paramount +.
If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.
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What time is Boca Juniors vs Sarmiento Junín?

This is the kick-off time for the Boca Juniors vs Sarmiento Junín match on November 20, 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 19:15 hrs. - TNT Sports
Bolivia: 18:15 hrs. - Star+
Brazil: 19:15 hrs. - FOX Sports 1 Brazil
Chile: 18:15 hrs. - Star+
Colombia: 17:15 hrs. - ESPN 2 Colombia
Ecuador: 17:15 hrs. - Star+
Spain: 12:15 hrs. - 
Mexico: 16:15 hrs. - Fanatiz Mexico
Paraguay: 18:15 hrs. - Star+
Peru: 17:15 hrs. - Star+
Uruguay: 19:15 hrs. - Star+
10:04 AM15 days ago

Referee's team

Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer
Assistant Referee 1: Juan Pablo Belatti
Assistant Referee 2: Eduardo Lucero
Fourth official: Nazareno Arasa
9:59 AM15 days ago

Key player at Sarmiento Junín

One of the players to take into account in Sarmiento Junín is Jonathan Torres, the 24 year old attacker has played 19 of the 20 games played by his team in the Argentine League, in which he has scored seven goals, one of them from a penalty kick, and he also has an assist.
9:54 AM15 days ago

Key player at Boca Juniors

One of the most outstanding players in Boca Juniors is Luis Vázquez, the 20-year-old center forward, who emerged from Boca's youth divisions, is his team's top scorer in the current Argentine League. In 18 games played, he has five goals and one assist.
9:49 AM15 days ago

History Boca Juniors vs Sarmiento Junín

In total, the two teams have met 15 times, Boca dominates the record with 11 wins, there have been three draws and Sarmiento Junin has one win.
In terms of goals Boca has the advantage with 46 goals scored to Sarmiento Junin's 18.
9:44 AM15 days ago

Actuality - Sarmiento Junín

Sarmiento Junín has been a very irregular team so far in the current edition of the Argentine League and this is reflected in the standings, because after 20 games played, they are in 19th place with 23 points, this product of; winning six games, drawing five and losing nine, also has 22 goals for and 26 against, for a goal difference of -4.


  • Last three games

Sarmiento Junín 2-1 Newell's Old Boys
Arsenal de Sarandí 1-0 Sariento Junín
Sarmiento Junín 1-3 Central Córdoba

9:39 AM15 days ago

Actuality - Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors has been an irregular team throughout the Argentine League, although it is true that in the last games it has been improving its level, its beginning was not the expected, currently and taking into account the table of positions, Boca is in the sixth position with 33 points, this product of playing 20 games of which; won nine, tied six and lost five, has also scored 24 goals and conceded 16, for a goal difference of +8.


  • Last three games

Boca Juniors 0-1 Gimnasia (League)
Boca Juniors 1-0 Argentinos Juniors (Cup)
Aldosivi 0-3 Boca Juniors (League)

9:34 AM15 days ago

The match will be played at the "La Bombonera" Stadium

The match between Boca Juniors and Sarmiento Junín will take place at La Bombonera Stadium in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina). This stadium is where Club Atlético Boca Juniors plays its home matches, it was built in 1940 and has a capacity for approximately 54,000 spectators. 
Image: templosdelfutbol.com
Image: templosdelfutbol.com
9:29 AM15 days ago

Start of transmission

Hello everybody! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Boca Juniors vs Sarmineto Junín match, valid for the 21st date of the Argentine League 2021. 
My name is Ismael Silva and I will be your host for this match. We will provide you with pre-match analysis, score updates and live news, here on VAVEL.