Goals and Highlights: Toluca 1-2 Pumas in Liga MX 2021
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8:21 PM9 days ago

Goals and Highlights

8:01 PM9 days ago


It's over! Pumas surprises and beats Toluca, qualifying to the quarterfinals.
7:59 PM9 days ago


Toluca is on top looking for the second, but the Pumas defense prevents them from creating danger.
7:55 PM9 days ago


Both players are recovering and remain in the game.
7:53 PM9 days ago


Hard crash! Alan Mozo and Samudio are knocked down after a strong header inside Talavera's area.
7:46 PM9 days ago


Pumas change. Ricardo Galindo replaces Leo López.
7:45 PM9 days ago


Close! Haret García's shot, but the ball ends up hitting the crossbar.
7:40 PM9 days ago


Toluca changes. Braian Samudio and Jorge Rodríguez are substituted for Michael Estrada and Diego Rigonato.
7:33 PM9 days ago


Kevin Castañeda's shot, but the ball ended up over the goal.
7:29 PM9 days ago


Pumas change. Washington Corozo replaces Sebastián Saucedo.
7:28 PM9 days ago


Exchange for Pumas. Sale Diogo Oliveira by Higor Meritao
7:23 PM9 days ago


Goal by Toluca! Haret Ortega gives Toluca life from the penalty spot.
7:22 PM9 days ago


Penalty kick for Toluca! Mozo stopped the ball and the referee awards the penalty kick.
7:18 PM9 days ago


Toluca change. José Juan Vázquez comes off for Diego Chávez.
7:17 PM9 days ago


Saucedo had the courage to send a low shot to the inside of the far post, but the ball went just wide.
7:11 PM9 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Pumas! Dinenno took advantage of a ball that was blocked by García and counter-attacked to increase the lead.
7:09 PM9 days ago


Goalkeeper! Dinenno's shot, but he fails to finish correctly and misses the second.
7:07 PM9 days ago


The second half begins, both teams will be looking for the opponent's goal.
6:50 PM9 days ago


End of the first half. With a great goal by Leo López, Pumas wins by the minimum.
6:45 PM9 days ago


Michael Estrada's header, but the ball goes over the goal.
6:40 PM9 days ago


Leo Lopez's shot ends up deflected.


6:37 PM9 days ago


Saucedo's service ends up going out of bounds.
6:30 PM9 days ago


Saucedo's cross, but Dinenno fails to finish off a clear encounter.
6:26 PM9 days ago


Fingers' López's shot, but Talavera deflects the ball in a great way.
6:17 PM9 days ago


Goal, goal, goal by Pumas! Leo Lopez blasts in a tremendous shot from midfield to open the scoring.
6:14 PM9 days ago


Ian Gonzalez's header goes over the crossbar.
6:11 PM9 days ago


The one that failed! Dinenno had the first, but his shot was too wide and he missed a clear shot.
6:05 PM9 days ago


Mozo's shot ends up going slightly over the goal.
6:03 PM9 days ago


The match kicks off in Toluca.
6:02 PM9 days ago

Toluca: LineUp

A. Talavera; A. Mozo, E. Velarde, N. Freire, A. Ortíz; E. Lira, S. Saucedo, F. Álvarez, L. López; J. Dinenno, D. Oliveira.
6:01 PM9 days ago

Toluca: LineUp

L. García; R. López, H. Ortega, O. Vanegas; R. Sambueza, C. Baeza, D. Rigonato, J. Vázquez; M. Estrada, I. González, A. Canelo.
5:51 PM9 days ago

Red predominates

Toluca has 26 wins over Pumas, a team that has 15 victories, and on 14 occasions the score has ended in a draw.
5:48 PM9 days ago

Present are

Both teams are already at the Nemesio Diez; this afternoon they will seek to defeat their opponents in order to qualify for the Liguilla.
5:43 PM9 days ago


These are the players who could be active for Pumas at some point during the match.

#20 Julio González
#16 Jerónimo Rodríguez
#189 Jesús Rivas 
#8 Higor Meritāo 
#13 Gerardo Moreno 
#14 Amaury García 
#31 Washington Corozo
#47 José Galindo 
#48 Marco Garcia 
#27 Emanuel Montejano

5:35 PM9 days ago

Watch out for this player

Rubens Sambueza is the most lethal player for Toluca; with his good ball handling, he will be looking to generate plays that will unbalance the Puma defense and thus reach the rival goal.
5:25 PM9 days ago


Hernán Cristante spoke about his opponent before the match: "Pumas is dangerous, they don't care if they break up the game, Dinneno and the midfielders work well together. I'm not worried about Pumas, I'm concerned about them.
5:22 PM9 days ago

What numbers!

In the last six games of the campaign, Pumas have won four of them; on the other hand, Toluca has gone eight games without a victory.
5:15 PM9 days ago

Watch out for this player

Toluca has to pay special attention to Juan Dinenno, the striker will be looking to hurt the scarlet squad and seek with his goals the qualification to the Liguilla.
5:10 PM9 days ago

The following are present

The fans of both teams will be present at the Nemesio Diez stadium to witness this interesting clash between Toluca and Pumas.

5:05 PM9 days ago

Good afternoon!

Welcome to our coverage of the Toluca-Pumas match. This match corresponds to the Reclassification duel for the Liguilla of the Apertura 2021. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information about the match as well as the starting lineups.
5:00 PM9 days ago

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Statements Pumas

Juan Dinenno spoke prior to the match against Toluca: "We feel that we can win, that we have what it takes as long as we show it on the field, the best version of ourselves and we will surely achieve our objective and as I said before, this is a Final, there is no past, there is no future, it is only Sunday's match that determines everything. No, I don't feel like a favorite, but I do believe that we can win and I am convinced that I can win."

"Great players like Rubens prove it year after year and keep the numbers in terms of offense very high are. We have suffered in several parts of the tournament where I think we played a great game and didn't have the ability to hold a player like Sambueza or Canelo and they converted on us."

"It is one of the team's objectives to set out to keep the opposing team as far away from the goal as possible and obviously if you have players like Sambueza who are determinant it leads us to defend those players better."

"We had some very bad moments to be honest, I'm not going to put other words to it losing at América's field when we had played a great match and you leave with nothing, against Tigres where we generated goal situations galore and we tied 0-0, with Mazatlán I'm talking about match after match, they tied us in the 91st minute being better".

4:45 PM9 days ago

Statements Toluca

Rubens Sambueza also spoke to the media prior to the match: "Regarding what happened with the Tigres player, the national team player, I think it's disrespectful that people hide behind social networks to insult and threaten the family. I hope that the guilty party can be found, that person, as we say, who doesn't have the courage to say things in front of them".

"Pumas will be a complicated opponent as always, they come with an important state of mind, but I don't think that's of much use because it's another game. We are going to take our precautions, and I think it's going to be a nice playoff match." 

"Pumas comes with an important state of mind, but I don't think that's of much use because it's a totally different match."

"Unfortunately, we didn't manage to qualify directly, which was our main objective, we had an irregularity at the end of the championship for 8 games, but it was enough to place us in the playoffs. however, it's up to us to reverse this situation.

"We already played a playoff last season where we managed to advance on penalties and with this match we will look to bring out our best potential to advance to the quarterfinals."

"Words are superfluous in the face of these direct knockout matches, here it depends on each one of us, we have to give our best effort, a lot of will and sacrifice for the benefit of the team. me as captain, to encourage as much as possible, but also to show that we want to continue transcending."

"We have already faced Pumas here at home and it was a very difficult match. we will have to be a solid team in defense so that, from the midfield forward, everyone can show their best potential and make a difference.

4:40 PM9 days ago

Tough road

Pumas came into this match after beating Cruz Azul in their last regular phase match, 4 goals to 3; the universitarios came from three goals down to surprise the fans. In this way, Pumas ended up knocking Necaxa out of the playoffs and became the last guest.

4:35 PM9 days ago

For qualification

Toluca arrives at this match on a downward trend. In their last game of the regular phase, they lost by the minimum against Puebla; however, the good results they showed ended up placing the scarlet team in the sixth position of the table.

4:30 PM9 days ago

The match will be played at Estadio Nemesio Diez.

The Toluca vs Pumas match will be played at the Nemesio Diez Stadium, located in Toluca, State of Mexico. The stadium has a capacity of 30,000 people.
4:25 PM9 days ago

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