Goals and Highlights: FC Midtjylland 3-2 Sporting Braga in UEFA Europe League 2021
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2:40 PM3 days ago


The match is over FC Midtjylland won the match with a come-from-behind victory.

This way they reach 8 points and tighten group F

3 minutes were added in the second half.


2:38 PM3 days ago


3 minutes were added in the second half.
2:37 PM3 days ago


Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooool FC Midtjylland goal

The penalty kick gives the home team the lead and, if nothing strange happens, the victory.

Goal scored by Evander

2:36 PM3 days ago


Penaltyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal for FC Midtjylland

After a review, the penalty is awarded to the home team.

2:31 PM3 days ago


Goooooooooooooooooooal for Braga

The Portuguese team gets the equalizer with a great goal by Galeno, who puts the ball into the corner.

2:28 PM3 days ago


Sporting Braga tries everywhere but can't get past the home defense.

The clock is against them

2:24 PM3 days ago


With the momentary results in group F

Red Star would take the lead with 10 points followed by Braga with 9 and FC Midtjylland with 8.

2:19 PM3 days ago


FC Midtjylland changes 

Brumado and Paulinho come off

Charles and Dyhr come in

2:18 PM3 days ago


Changes at Braga

Medeiros, Oliveira and Rodrigues come out.

In Ruíz, Moura and González

2:14 PM3 days ago


Incredible miss by Isaksen, who fails to score with the goal alone and bursts the crossbar.
2:12 PM3 days ago


The game is in a tense lull, but as time goes on the visitor will have to break the order
2:07 PM3 days ago


Red Star is winning its match and Group F is getting very close in the last 30 minutes of the match.
2:02 PM3 days ago


The visitors continue to stifle the home side with possession but the rout continues
1:59 PM3 days ago


Braga tries to press to find the equalizer but the home side is ready to score on the counterattack
1:55 PM3 days ago


Galeno's stick

Braga player hits the crossbar and the home team is saved

1:54 PM3 days ago


Goooooooooooooooooal FC Midtjylland goal

Second goal for the home team thanks to a play from left to right, for Isaksen to score alone.

1:51 PM3 days ago


Second half begins in Denmark
1:34 PM3 days ago


First half ends in Denmark

The teams tied at 1 after a very tight first half

1:32 PM3 days ago


3 minutes of extra time are added in the first half.
1:30 PM3 days ago


Goooooooooooooal for Braga

Ricardo Horta scores to tie the match after a play on the left side.

1:26 PM3 days ago


62% of possession for Sporting Braga, which has a lot of the ball but cannot find clarity in attack.
1:22 PM3 days ago


A very tight game in the midfield, both teams neutralize each other and fail to create danger in the different areas.
1:18 PM3 days ago


Very tense match in Denmark, the score remains the same and Braga are losing their comfortable lead as group leaders
1:15 PM3 days ago


With this result, FC Midtjylland would have the same number of points as Red Star.
1:09 PM3 days ago


Yellow card for Braga's André Castro
1:05 PM3 days ago


Braga keeps trying to have the ball but the Danish team starts to get out of their own half, the partial victory is maintained.
1:01 PM3 days ago


Braga takes the ball and already has 57% of the possession, looking to open up the defense of the home team.
12:56 PM3 days ago


Sporting Braga starts to gain meters in the opponent's area but without success in finding the equalizer
12:53 PM3 days ago

The home team has possession of the ball and control of the game as it leads by the slightest of margins.
12:50 PM3 days ago

Gooooooooooal for FC Midtjylland 

Captain Sviatchenko scores after a series of headers in the opponent's area

12:46 PM3 days ago

Match starts in Denmark

Matchday 5 of the UEFA Europe League is played

12:36 PM3 days ago

All set in Denmark

We are minutes away from the Group F match between FC Midtjylland vs Sporting Braga.
12:26 PM3 days ago

Sporting Braga's record in the UEFA Europe League

The Portuguese team has 3 wins in 4 matches and only one loss, 9 points that place them at the top of the group.
12:24 PM3 days ago

FC Midtjylland's record in the UEFA Europe League

The Danish team has a record of 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss with 5 points out of a possible 12.
12:05 PM3 days ago

The XI chosen for the visiting team are ready

Sporting Braga field eleven players for away game, with Galeno leading the way as they look to score more goals


12:03 PM3 days ago

The home team's selected XI is ready

Denmark's FC Midtjylland fielded an all-star lineup in search of a third win and a place in the qualification standings


12:00 PM3 days ago

The other meeting of the group

In the same sector, Red Star hosts Ludogorets, with the Serbian team looking for a win to stay in the qualification places.
11:55 AM3 days ago

Away team ready for victory

Sporting Braga arrives as sector leader and prepares with the intention of qualifying for the next round. 
11:50 AM3 days ago

Teams arrive in Denmark

The home team is at its stadium to continue its good run and look to advance to the next round. 
11:45 AM3 days ago

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What time is FC Midtjylland vs Sporting Clube de Braga match for UEFA Europe League?

This is the start time of the game FC Midtjylland vs Sporting Clube de Braga of 25th November in several countries:


Argentina: 14:45 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 13:45 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 14:45 PM in ESPN

Chile: 13:45 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 12:45 PM in ESPN

Ecuador: 12:45 PM in ESPN

USA (ET): 12:45 PM in TUDN

Spain: 6:45 PM

Mexico: 11:45 PM in ESPN

Paraguay: 14:45 PM in ESPN

Peru: 12:45 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 14:45 PM in ESPN

11:35 AM3 days ago

Watch out for this Sporting Clube de Braga player.

Wenderson Galeno has 4 goals so far in the continental competition being the top scorer of his team, in his legs he carries much of the responsibility for Braga to get the pass in this match. 
11:30 AM3 days ago

Watch out for this FC Midtjylland player

Júnior Brumado is the leading scorer for the Danish team in their league, as he has 7 goals so far in the tournament and will be a key player for them to achieve their third consecutive victory. 
11:25 AM3 days ago

Last FC Midtjylland lineup

1 Lossl, 6 Andersson, 14 Dalsgaard, 28 Sviatchenlo, 73 Juninho, 44 Dyhr, 45 Isaksen, 37 Onyedika, 10 Evander, 74 Brumado, 7 Sisto.
11:20 AM3 days ago

Sporting Clube de Braga's last line-up

1 Matheus, 15 Oliveira, 4 Leite, 5 Sequeira, 70 Fabiano, 8 Musrati, 88 Castro, 90 Galeno, 11 Piazón, 21 Horta, 9 Ruíz.
11:15 AM3 days ago

Last results of the two teams in the UEFA Europa League

The visitors come in after consecutive wins over Ludogorets both home and away, so they will be looking to keep their streak going.

The home side picked up two crucial wins against Red Star that put them in a position to fight for qualification.

11:10 AM3 days ago

Sporting Clube de Braga, more focused on UEFA Europa League than at home

The Portuguese team is in fifth place in the Portuguese championship, 10 points behind leaders Porto, but in the continental competition they are leaders of their sector.
11:05 AM3 days ago

FC Midtjylland, dominating the Danish league but lacking a continental edge

The Danish champions have managed to dominate their league over teams like Kobenhacn, Randers or Brondby, but after playing their first Champions League in quite some time, they will be looking for better fortune in the second continental competition.
11:00 AM3 days ago

Crucial match in Denmark

Matchday 5 of the UEFA Europa League in Group F brings with it the match between leaders Braga, who with 9 points are very close to the next stage, and FC Midtjylland, who with a win put themselves in a qualification position.
10:55 AM3 days ago

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