Goals and Highlights Tigres 1-0 Santos: in Playoffs Liga MX
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It's all over!

Tigres advances to the semifinals after a dramatic end to the match. Santos was calm for most of the match, where it cost them a goal against.  
The felines will now face the winner of the match between León vs Puebla. 
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Jesús Dueñas receives a yellow card after a foul in midfield. 
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7 minutes of compensation are added. 
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Change for Tigres, Nicolás Federico López, André-Pierre Gignac and Juan José Sánchez and Juan José Sánchez enter.
Santos also makes a change, Carlos Orrantia comes off and Ignacio Jeraldino comes on.
Diego Valdés receives a yellow card. 
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Red card for Tigres' Jesús Fulgencio after a brawl broke out on the field. 
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GOOOOOL! for Tigres, Carlos Salcedo ties the aggregate and puts the felines in the semifinal, finishing in front of goal and beating Acevedo. 
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Two cautions, Luis Rodríguez for Tigres and Fernando Gorriarán for Santos. 
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Foul on Brian Lozano near the feline area. 
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Double substitution for the visitors, Eduar Ayrton Preciado and Eduardo Daniel Aguirre come out, Jesús Alberto Ocejo and Brian Avelino Lozano come in.
Yellow card for Nicolás Federico López of Tigres. 
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Thauvin sets up Quiñones for Quiñones and the ball flies over. 
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Another change for the felines, Guido Pizarro, who was asked to leave due to injury, comes on for Jesús Dueñas. 
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Juan Pablo Vigon and Rafael De Souza are replaced by Carlos Gabriel González and Florian Tristán Mariano Thauvin.
Yellow card for Jorge Guillermo Almada. 
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Second yellow for Santos, Eduar Ayrton Preciado of Santos Laguna is cautioned, despite the fact that the felines have committed the most fouls. 
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Santos presses in search of the goal, but without reaching anything dangerous.
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Foul in favor of Santos, medical attention is called, Juan Ferney Otero leaves the field touching his tibia. 
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The second half of the scoreless draw at the University Stadium between Tigres and Santos begins, where the universitarios have maintained control of the match, but have not been accurate with their aim and have wasted opportunities. 
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At the end of the first half, Santos are through to the semifinals, but the felines are not giving up and hope to tie the aggregate in the second half. 
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4 minutes of compensation are added. 
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Santos has not been able to get past 3/4 of the field, while Tigres has been coming forward more and Diente López has already had several clear opportunities. 
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Medical attention for Javier Aquino, who goes off touching his hip. 
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The match has slowed down, keeping the ball in midfield, and the felines have regained possession of the ball. 
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Tigres has arrived and generated more danger in the opponent's area, having the first dangerous chance of the match. 
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Acevedo saves the Warriors, Gignac lets the ball through for Quiñones to shoot, crashing the ball into the goalkeeper. 
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Diente López shoots in the box after good play by Chaka, but the ball goes wide.  
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First yellow of the match, Matheus Doria of Santos Laguna is cautioned after a foul in midfield. 
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Tigres had a clear opportunity, with Gignac bursting the ball over the opponent. 
6:58 PM2 days ago


Santos has kept more of the ball and has reached the feline's area, but they have been able to finish the plays in a good way.
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 Foul in the midfield for the Laguneros. 
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Both teams started the game and are trying to reach the opponent's area to create danger. 
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The match kicks off

The match is ready, both teams are competing for a place in the semifinals at the Estadio Universitario. 
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They take the field

Both teams take the field for the second leg of the Liga MX quarterfinals.
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300 league games

The Mexican winger Javier Aquino has played 300 games in the MX league, 78 with Cruz Azul and 222 with Tigres. 


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New era, new titles

The UANL team is seeking its first title under Miguel Herrera, who took over the team in this tournament after the departure of Ricardo Ferretti.
The felines won five league titles under the Brazilian, and will be looking to maintain the momentum under Herrera.
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Ready the starting XI

These are the 22 players who will take the field between Tigres vs Santos in the quarterfinals of the Liga MX. 
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No luck at the volcano

Santos has visited the felines 33 times, winning only 4 times during the short tournaments, the last victory was in the Clausura 2015 when they won 0-1 in the second leg of the quarterfinals and advanced to the next round after a one-goal draw at the TSM.
6:13 PM2 days ago

Gignac on fire

The UANL team has in its favor the Frenchman, who scored last Thursday, becoming the fourth highest scorer in the Liguillas with 26 goals, two behind Alberto García Aspe who is third with 28, followed by Jared Borgetti with 40 and José Cardozo as the first with 42 goals
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Possible forgetting tournament

Tigres is obliged to win against Santos in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021 Tournament to reach the semifinals and thus avoid this year being one to forget, as in the previous tournament they did not get past the quarterfinals.
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This is how the semifinals would be played at the moment.

Although the other semifinalists are still to be determined, if Santos and Puebla maintain their advantage, they will meet in the next round.
Altas vs Pumas
Santos vs Puebla
5:58 PM2 days ago

Obliged to eliminate Tigres

Midfielder Omar Campos assured that the Lagunero club has the obligation to eliminate the felines, regardless of the universitarios' hierarchy:

"I believe that yes (there is an obligation), because here in Torreón it is seen as a classic. In addition, we know that this is a rematch from the previous tournament," he assured Record.

5:53 PM2 days ago

Herrera celebrates the elimination of the away goal

In a press conference prior to the return leg, El Piojo considered the measure to be appropriate, as he felt that it undervalued the work done during the regular season:

"Today the League did very well, just as I complain about some things today they did well to return the value to everything that is done in the tournament, palomita for Femexfut, at the end of the day the beneficiaries are those who are at the top of the table, palomita for the people who are in front of Liga MX," he added.

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No away goal

The away goal no longer counts, so the tie-breaker criterion is based on the position in the table, so Santos will be looking for a win or a draw in the second leg to maintain the advantage on aggregate and advance to the semifinals.
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Stay tuned to follow Tigres vs Santos live on TV.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Tigres vs Santos live in the second leg of the Liga MX quarterfinals, as well as the latest information from the Universitario-UANL Stadium. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage. 
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What time is Tigres vs Santos match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Tigres vs Santos of 28th November in several countries:
México: 18:00 horas CDMX, TUDN, Afizzionados, ESPN and Star+
Argentina: 21:00 horas
USA: 16:00 PT / 19:00 ET
Colombia: 19:00 horas
Ecuador: 19:00 horas
Uruguay: 21:00 horas
Chile: 20:00 PM 
Paraguay: 19:00 PM 
Peru: 18:00 AM
España: 1:00 AM
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Where and how to watch Tigres vs Santos live online

The match will be broadcasted on TUDN channels.
Tigres vs Santos can be tuned in from Blim TV's live stream.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Both teams have only met 65 times, the felines have won 22 times, the guerreros have won 19 times and have had 24 draws
In the last 5 meetings, the universitarios have won once, the laguneros have won on 3 occasions and have had one draw.
Santos 2-1 Tigres, 25.Nov.2021, Ape2, Quarterfinals first leg.
Tigres 1-1 Santos, 07.Aug.2021, Ape21
Santos 2-0 Tigres, 17.Jan.2021, Cla21
Tigres 2-0 Santos, 12.Sep.2019, Ape20
Santos 2-1 Tigres, 16.Feb.2018, Cla20
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Tigres at home in the lagunera region

The feline team has eight undefeated matches in the Lagunera region (5 wins and 3 ties), where in one tie they allowed more than one goal, keeping a clean sheet on four occasions.
5:18 PM2 days ago

Santos has not won away

The guerrero team has not won an away match since 2017, when they faced Toluca (3-1), having 4 draws and 4 defeats.
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Guido Pizarro in doubt?

The feline captain didn't play in the first leg of the quarter final in Torreón, as coach Miguel Herrera decided to rest him in order to have him in optimum condition for the second leg in Monterrey. Guido Pizarro joined the Tigres team's training sessions.
This will be the first time that Piojo will be able to count on his full squad after the return of Diego Reyes and Guido Pizarro so far this tournament.
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Santos' loss

The coach of the Torreón team mentioned that Alessio da Cruz will no longer play for Santos, after 567 minutes and 3 goals, the Dutchman broke several internal rules.

"I'm not going to list them, but there were several things, so we will certainly not count on him anymore. Alessio is separated from the squad for lack of discipline, it will surely be a decision made by the board of directors, but we will no longer count on him", said the Uruguayan tactician.


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The piojo admits late reaction

Coach Miguel Herrera accepted that his team reacted late in the first leg of the quarterfinals.

"What we were doing in the tournament was being undervalued, because the away goal came first and then the position in the table, it was no use to score 50, 45 or 38 points and I believe that this gives more value to the tournament", he said.

4:58 PM2 days ago

Tigres' final lineup

Nahuel Guzmán, Carlos Salcedo, Hugo Ayala, Juan Sánchez, Rafael Carioca, Juan Pablo Vigón, Javier Aquino, Luis 'Chaka' Rodríguez, André-Pierre Gignac, Nicolás López and Luis Quiñones.
4:53 PM2 days ago

Last Santos lineup

Carlos Acevedo, Félix Torres, Metheus Dória, Alan Cervantes, Juan Otero, Carlos Orrantia, Diego Valdés, Fernando Gorriarán, Omar Campos, Eduardo Aguirre and Eduar Preciado. 
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Watch out for this Tigres player

Nico López was the top scorer in the regular phase with the felines, scoring 9 goals, scoring every 102.56 minutes.
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images
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Watch out for this Santos player

Carlos Acevedo is one of the pillars of the Warriors' scheme, the goalkeeper has made impressive saves saving his team on several occasions.
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images
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Central referee

The referee appointed to officiate the Tigres vs Santos duel in the second leg of the quarterfinals will be:
Luis Enrique Santander Aguirre: center referee.
Michel Alejandro Morales Morales and Jorge Antonio Sánchez Espinoza: assistant referees.
Víctor Alfonso Cáceres Hernández: fourth official.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the Tigres vs Santos live stream, corresponding to the second leg of the Liga MX quarterfinals. The match will take place at the Universitario-UANL Stadium at 18:00.