Goals and Highlights: Morocco 4-0 Palestine in Arab Cup 2021
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12:57 PM2 months ago

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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Morocco and Palestine of the Arab Cup 2021.
12:54 PM2 months ago

End game

Morocco 4-0 Palestine.
12:53 PM2 months ago


Add 3 more minutes.
12:48 PM2 months ago


Goal Morocco

Benoun tricks the goalkeeper and through the middle converts the penalty and makes it the fourth of the match.

12:43 PM2 months ago


The referee awards Morocco a penalty kick.
12:38 PM2 months ago


With victory assured, Morocco controlled the game and carried it into the final minutes.
12:33 PM2 months ago


Morocco's direct free kick is deflected by the wall and passes very close to the goal.
12:28 PM2 months ago


Morocco goal disallowed

Azarou's precise pass inside the box in the one-on-one that Azarou had defined to increase the difference in this match, but the VAR indicated that there was a millimeter offside.

12:23 PM2 months ago


Bencharki is encouraged by the mid-range shot that this time goes high.
12:18 PM2 months ago


Morocco goal

Hafidi's mid-range shot drilled into the net to put the score on future World Cup soil.

12:13 PM2 months ago


Palestine's offensive play is disallowed for offside.
12:08 PM2 months ago


Morocco goal.

Hafidi closes to the far post and with the inside of his right foot sends the ball into the net to increase the lead on the scoreboard.

12:03 PM2 months ago


Dangerous service to the far post that is denied by the Palestine defense.
11:58 AM2 months ago


The second half begins between Morocco and Palestine.
11:53 AM2 months ago

Half time

Morocco 1-0 Palestine.
11:48 AM2 months ago


Three more minutes were added.
11:43 AM2 months ago


Palestine had scored the equalizer, but the play was disallowed for a previous offside.
11:38 AM2 months ago


Tamer Seyam's mid-range shot hits the goalkeeper's spot.
11:33 AM2 months ago


The VAR reviews the sweep and decides that the yellow was enough to punish the Morocco player.
11:28 AM2 months ago


Morocco's Chibi is cautioned for a late sweep.
11:23 AM2 months ago


Palestine's play is disallowed for a clear offside.
11:18 AM2 months ago


Goal Morocco

Mohammed Nahiri's shot from half distance to the angle, with the goalkeeper's help, opens the scoring.

11:13 AM2 months ago


Layth Kharoub has been cautioned for a hard tackle with his shoes in front of him.
11:08 AM2 months ago


Achraf Bencharki closes the pincer at the far post, but his contact goes over the top of the goal.
11:03 AM2 months ago


Morocco continued to dominate the ball, but were no longer able to convert this into dangerous chances.
10:58 AM2 months ago


Morocco again missed a clear opportunity, but it had already been flagged offside.
10:53 AM2 months ago


Karim El Berkaoui's near post anticipation goes wide of the goal. Morocco close.
10:48 AM2 months ago


Mohamed Chibi's mid-range shot from Mohamed Chibi goes over the goal.
10:43 AM2 months ago


The match between Morocco and Palestine kicks off.
10:38 AM2 months ago

Minutos away

We are minutes away from the start of the game from Qatar between Morocco and Palestine.
10:33 AM2 months ago

Head coach

Morocco's head coach is Bosnian Vahid Halilhodžić, who has extensive experience in the dugout since 1990 and has national team experience having coached Ivory Coast, Japan and Algeria.
10:28 AM2 months ago

Palestina substitutes

1 Abdallah Shaqfa

2 Mohammed Khalil

14 Yazan Iwaiwi

18 Mousa Salim

6 Oday Kharoub

10 Abdulhamid Abuhabib

13 Mahmoud Abu Warda

23 Mohammed Darwish

17 Rashid Adwi

19 Reebal Dahamshi

10:23 AM2 months ago

Morocco substitutes

12 Abdelali Mhamdi

22 Mohamed Amsif

3 Achraf Dari

7 Hamza El Moussaoui

15 Soufiane Bouftini

6 Mohamed Ali Bemammer

10 Aymane El Hassouni

20 Mohamed Fouzair

21 Soufiane Rahimi

23 Driss Fettouhi

9 Walid Azarou

10:18 AM2 months ago

XI Palestine

16 Amr Kaddoura, 15 Abdallatif Albahdari, 5 Mohammed Saleh, 4 Yasin Hamed, 21 Ahmed Qatmish, 3 Mohammed Rashid, 8 Mohammed Yameen, 11 Layth Kharoub, 20 Abd Al-Salem Salama, 12 Mahmoud Eid, 9 Tamer Seyam.
10:13 AM2 months ago

XI Morocco

1 Anas Zniti, 19 Mohamed Chibi, 13 Badr Benoun, 4 Marwane Saadane, 16 Mohammed Nahiri, 5 Yahya Jabrane, 8 Walid El Karti, 11Ismail El Haddad, 18 Abdelilah Hafidi, 14 Karim El Berkaoui, 17 Achraf Bencharki.
10:08 AM2 months ago

Already prepared

This is how Morocco announced its participation in the Arab Cup against Palestine in a duel that promises to be a sparkling affair.
10:03 AM2 months ago

At the World Cup venue

The World Cup will be held in Qatar in a year's time and the Arab Cup is being held as a taster, which will serve to check the logistics of the event in preparation for 2022.
9:58 AM2 months ago

Wednesday's Activity

The Arab Cup got underway this morning with no major surprises as Algeria defeated Sudan 4-0 in Group D and Egypt won by the narrowest of margins against Lebanon.
9:53 AM2 months ago


It should be recalled that Morocco is coming off the back of a perfect qualifying campaign in Africa and is one of the top contenders to win the title in this competition.
9:48 AM2 months ago


Morocco and Palestine make their debut in the Arab Cup this Wednesday and will be looking to do it on the right foot. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
9:43 AM2 months ago

Tune in here Morocco vs Palestine Live Score in Arab Cup 2021

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What time is Morocco vs Palestine match for Arab Cup?

This is the start time of the game Morocco vs Palestine of 1st December in several countries:

Argentina: 1:00 PM

Bolivia: 12:00 PM

Brazil: 1:00 PM

Chile: 12:00 PM

Colombia: 11:00 AM

Ecuador: 11:00 AM

USA (ET): 12:00 PM

Spain: 5:00 PM

Mexico: 10:00 AM in SKY Sports

Paraguay: 1:00 PM

Peru: 11:00 AM

Uruguay: 1:00 AM

9:33 AM2 months ago

Last games

The only precedent in recent years between these two teams was on November 14, 2016 in a friendly match where they did not hurt each other after a 0-0 draw in the 90 minutes.
9:28 AM2 months ago

Key player Palestine

The Asian team will depend a lot on the interventions under the three posts that Anas Abusaif can make, because as long as they keep the scoreboard closed the chances of getting a good result will increase.
9:23 AM2 months ago

Key player Morrocco

Turkey's Hatayspor player, Ayoub El Kaabi, was key to Morocco's dominance in the qualifiers by becoming the team's top scorer with five goals and is expected to continue to increase his scoring quota with his national team.

9:18 AM2 months ago

Last lineup Palestine

Anas Abusaif, Thaer Jboor, Mousa Salim, Yazan Iwaiwi, Ahmed Qatmish, Mohammed Darwish, Mosab Abusalem, Dawoud Iraqi, Mahmoud Abu Warda, Reebal Dahams.
9:13 AM2 months ago

Last lineup Morocco

Bono, Sofiane Alakouch, Jawad El Yamiq, Nayef Aguerd, Souffian El Karouani, Aymen Barkok, Sofyan Amrabat, Imran Louza, Ilias Chair, Ryan Mmaee.
9:08 AM2 months ago

Palestine: to make a splash

While Palestine does not come to this tournament with high expectations after being eliminated from the Asian qualifiers, this could make them a dangerous team with everything to gain and nothing to lose.
9:03 AM2 months ago

Morocco: to assert their status as favorites.

Morocco is coming from a great group stage in the World Cup qualifiers where it won all six matches and will be in the definitive phase for a place in the World Cup in Qatar, which makes it the favorite to advance to the next round.
8:58 AM2 months ago

What is the composition of Group C of the Arab Cup 2021?

In addition to Morocco and Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Jordan will also be present in this sector, remembering that the first two in each sector will advance.
8:53 AM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Morocco vs Palestine match will be played at the Al Janoub Stadium, in Al Wakrah, Qatar. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:00 am ET.
8:48 AM2 months ago

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