Highlights and goal: Egypt 1-0 Lebanon in FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021
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10:19 AMa year ago


Our coverage of the Egypt vs Lebanon matchday 1 of group D of the Arab Cup 2021 comes to an end.

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10:02 AMa year ago

90+7' End of the match!

The match ends at Al Thumama Stadium. Egypt has won by the minimum difference against Lebanon in the beginning of the Arab Cup 2021.
9:58 AMa year ago

90+5' Egypt substitution

Ayman Ashraf replaces Mohamed Afsha.
9:53 AMa year ago

90' Additional time

Seven more minutes will be played in the match.
9:52 AMa year ago

89' Substitution in Lebanon

Jihad Ayoub replaces Nour Mansour.
9:49 AMa year ago

86' Yellow card

Nour Mansour is cautioned for Lebanon.
9:47 AMa year ago

84' Substitution in Lebanon

Shibriko replaces Maher Sabra.
9:47 AMa year ago

84' Double substitution in Egypt

Osama Faisal and Omar Kamal replace Mohamed Sherif and Akram Tawfik.
9:43 AMa year ago

80' Final stretch of the match

Last ten minutes of the match. Egypt controls the ball and the proceedings, although they have not been as convincing.
9:38 AMa year ago

75' Triple substitution for Lebanon

Fadl Antar, Walid Shour and Nader Matar replace Hilal El-Helwe, Rabih Ataya and Mohamad Haidar.
9:37 AMa year ago

73' Yellow card

Mohamed Sherif was cautioned in Egypt.
9:35 AMa year ago

71' GOOOAL for Egypt

Mohamed Afsha's cross-shot was touched by Mostafa Matar, but he could not prevent the Egyptian goal from the penalty spot.
9:33 AMa year ago

69' Penalty for Egypt

Ahmed Fatouh was on the left and Robert Melki brought him down in the box.
9:33 AMa year ago

66' Cambio en Egipto

Enter Zizo in place of Marwan Hamdy.
9:30 AMa year ago

63' The match continues to advance

The match is still tied and it is still a good result for the Lebanese.
9:21 AMa year ago

58' Lebanon continue to gain confidence

The second half was much more evenly matched. Egypt began to feel desperate for not being able to score yet.
9:16 AMa year ago


A great through ball to Refaat, who shot low and the Lebanese goalkeeper saved with his feet.
9:15 AMa year ago

50' First minutes of the second half

The Lebanese started to come to life in the match, although they did not generate any dangerous chances.
9:08 AMa year ago

Second half begins

The second half is underway. Ahmed Refaat replaces Mostafa Fathi for the Egyptians.
8:53 AMa year ago

45+6' End of the first half

The first half of the match ended in a goalless draw. Egypt has had more options and has been more dominant, but has lacked effectiveness.
8:49 AMa year ago

45+3' Yellow card

Akram Tawfik was cautioned in Egypt.
8:45 AMa year ago

45' Additional time

Six more minutes will be played in the first half.
8:43 AMa year ago

42' Egypt came close again!

Mohamed Afsha headed the ball into the box, Mohamed Sherif headed for Mohamed Sherif, who also headed for goal but the ball went over.
8:42 AMa year ago

41' Egypt came close!

A cross from the left by Sherif was headed in by Mostafa Fathi, but the ball was saved by Mostafa Matar.
8:39 AMa year ago

38' Egypt Substitution

Enter Mohanad Lasheen in place of Hamdy Fathy, who failed to continue in the match.
8:34 AMa year ago


Mostafa Fathi's cross was headed in by Ahmed Hegazy and goalkeeper Mostafa Matar reacted magnificently to make a superb save, the rebound was headed in by Mahmoud Hamdy, but an opponent cleared the ball off the line. An Egyptian player was left lying on the ground.
8:31 AMa year ago

30' Half hour of match

The score remains 0-0. The Egyptians have had the best approaches but have failed to capitalize on any of them.
8:28 AMa year ago

26' Egypt came close

The Egyptians had one more chance, this time from Amro Elsoulia, who shot low, but Mostafa Matar made a good catch.
8:26 AMa year ago

25' Egypt came close

A cross from the left by Afsha was headed awkwardly by Mohamed Sherif, so it lacked power and direction and the ball fell into the hands of Mostafa Matar.
8:23 AMa year ago

21' Egypt came close

Right back Akram Tawfik attempted a left-footed shot, but the ball went wide.
8:22 AMa year ago

20' Egypt tried!

Mostafa Fathi tried with a left-footed mid-range shot, but Mostafa Matar caught the ball.
8:15 AMa year ago

14' Sherif had a chance!

The Egyptian striker's header from Afsha's cross, but the ball went over the goal.
8:13 AMa year ago

12' Egypt came close

Mohamed Sherif appeared after a cross from the right that had previously been headed in by a teammate, but goalkeeper Mostafa Matar was able to react to send it for a corner kick.
8:11 AMa year ago

10' Still no chance

At the moment, the teams are not approaching the penalty area with any danger.
8:05 AMa year ago

4' The match is stopped again

This time it was Kassem El Zein of the Lebanese team who felt a pain, but he has since recovered.
8:01 AMa year ago

1' The match was stopped

Amro Elsoulia had received a tackle from an opponent and was left lying on the ground. Fortunately it was not serious and he was able to get out under his own power.
8:01 AMa year ago

Match starts!

The game between Egypt and Lebanon gets underway.
7:55 AMa year ago

Teams take the field

The Egyptian and Lebanese players take the field at Al Thumama Stadium.
7:48 AMa year ago

Lebanese clothing ready

The Lebanese will be the visitors on this occasion, so they will wear white. The Egyptians will wear red.
7:46 AMa year ago

Match Officials

These are the referees appointed for this match:

Referee: Daniel Siebert - Germany
Assistant No.1: Rafael Foltyn - Germany
Assistant No.2: Christian Gittelmann - Germany
Fourth official: Andres Matonte - Uruguay
VAR: Christian Dingert - Germany
VAR Assistant No.1: Kevin Blom - Netherlands
VAR Assistant No.2: Tomasz Listkiewicz - Poland
VAR Assistant No.3: Rafael Traci - Brazil

7:38 AMa year ago

Substitutes - Lebanon

01. Antoine Aldouaihy (GK), 23. Ali Sabeh (GK), 02. Hussein El Dor, 05. Jihad Ayoub, 07. Fadel Antar, 08. Zein Mahdi, 11. Hussein Awada, 14. Nader Matar, 15. Walid Shour, 16. Hassan Chaitou, 17. Mohamad Tahan, 19. Zein Farran.

7:38 AMa year ago

Starting XI - Lebanon

| 21. Mostafa Matar |
| 22. Abbas Assi | 12. Robert Melki | 04. Nour Mansour | 18. Kassem El Zein |
| 06. Mouhamed Dhaini | 13. George Melki |
| 20. Rabih Ataya | 10. Mohamed Haidar | 03. Maher Sabra |
| 09. Hilal Alhelwe |

Coach: Ivan Hasek

7:32 AMa year ago

Substitutes - Egypt

16. Mohamed Sobhy (GK), 23. Mahmoud Gad (GK), 02. Ahmed Yassin, 03. Omar Kamal, 06. Marwan Daoud, 07. Ahmed Refaat, 12. Ayman Ashraf, 17. Mohanad Lasheen 07. Mohamed Abdelmoneim, 19. Osama Faisal, 20. Hussein Faisal, 21. Zizo.

7:27 AMa year ago

Starting XI - Egypt

| 01. Mohamed Elshenawy |
| 14. Akram Tawfik | 11. Ahmed Hegazy | 15. Mahmoud Hamdy | 13. Ahmed Fatouh |
| 05. Hamdy Fathy | 04. Amro Elsoulia |
| 08. Mostafa Fathi | 22. Mohamed Afsha | 10. Marwan Hamdy |
| 09. Mohamed Sherif |

Coach: Carlos Queiroz

7:22 AMa year ago

All set at Al Thumama Stadium

7:17 AMa year ago

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What time is Egypt vs Lebanon match for Qatar 2021 Arab Cup?

This is the start time of the game Egypt vs Lebanon of 1st December 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 10:00 AM on DirecTV
Bolivia: 9:00 AM
Brasil: 10:00 AM
Chile: 10:00 AM on DirecTV
Colombia: 8:00 AM on DirecTV
Ecuador: 8:00 AM on DirecTV
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México: 7:00 AM
Paraguay: 9:00 AM
Perú: 8:00 AM on DirecTV
Uruguay: 10:00 AM on DirecTV

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Key player - Lebanon

The presence of Hilal El-Helwe stands out in the Lebanese team. The 27-year-old striker is one of the important men in the team's attack, standing out in tournaments such as the qualification to the World Cup in Qatar.

6:52 AMa year ago

Key player - Egypt

In the Egyptian team, the presence of Mohamed Sherif stands out. The 25-year-old striker is one of the most important men in the team's offensive game and in the absence of Mohamed Salah in the tournament, he will be the main reference in attack.

6:47 AMa year ago

History - Egypt vs Lebanon

These two teams have met six times, although all of them have been friendly matches, so this will be the first official game between the two teams. The statistics largely favor the Egyptians, who have won five matches, while the remaining one ended in a draw.
6:42 AMa year ago


Lebanon is looking for a surprise in group D of the competition. Despite not being labeled as favorites, they have worked hard to try to do well.

6:37 AMa year ago


Egypt comes in as one of the candidates to win the title. However, they must be wary of every opponent they face to prove their favoritism.

6:32 AMa year ago

The match will be played at the Al Thumama Stadium

The Egypt vs Lebanon match will be played at the Al Thumama Stadium. This stadium, located in Doha, the capital of Qatar and inaugurated only in October 2021, has a capacity of 40,000 spectators.
6:27 AMa year ago

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