Goals and Highlights: Benfica 1-3 Sporting CP in Primeira Liga
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End game

Benfica 1-3 Sporting.
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Benfica Goal

Afonso's shot from outside the box to score the goal.

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Seven more minutes are added.

Santos and Braganca enter

Ugarte and Pedro come out

Sporting changes.

6:00 PM2 months ago


Adel Taarabt is cautioned by Benfica.
5:55 PM2 months ago


Tomás came in and Sarabia came out, Sporting substituted.

Afonso and Ramos came on, Souza and Núñez came off, Benfica substitutions.

5:50 PM2 months ago


After an intense review, it was ruled that Benfica's goal was offside.
5:45 PM2 months ago


Taarabt and Moraes on the field

It was all for Weigl and Almeida.

Benfica changes.

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Ricardo Escagio has been suspended.
5:35 PM2 months ago

Goal Sporting 3-0

5:30 PM2 months ago

Goal Sporting 2-0

5:25 PM2 months ago


Sporting goal

Nunes masterfully defines the counter-attack for the goal at the Estadio da Luz.

5:20 PM2 months ago


Clear play by Benfica that Darwin crashes against the crossbar.
5:15 PM2 months ago


Sporting Goal

Paulinho passes the ball to the keeper in a one-on-one situation to extend the lead.

5:10 PM2 months ago


João Mário shoots a diagonal shot and the goalkeeper saves.
5:05 PM2 months ago


A cross to the far post that Sporting's defenders were able to deny.

Then with Darwin's header to the post after the corner kick.

5:00 PM2 months ago


Rafa Silva's cutback and shot from outside the area went high and, although he claimed a deflection, there was no corner kick.
4:55 PM2 months ago


Lazaro left to bring on Roman Yaremchuk, Benfica substitute.
4:50 PM2 months ago


The second half begins between Benfica and Sporting CP.
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Half time

Benfica 0-1 Sporting
4:40 PM2 months ago


The goal was disallowed for offside.
4:35 PM2 months ago


Sporting goal. Paulinho with the left-footed shot that pierces the net, although the VAR is reviewing the play right now:
4:30 PM2 months ago


Three more minutes are added.
4:25 PM2 months ago


Paulinho steps into the box and unleashes a shot that hits the base of the post. Sporting close.
4:20 PM2 months ago


The scorer of the goal, Pablo Sarabia, has been cautioned.
4:15 PM2 months ago


Julian Weigl with the strong tackle and for that he receives the yellow card.
4:10 PM2 months ago


Pedro enters the box again, but his shot goes high over the goal.

Benfica counter with Darwin's cross shot that is controlled by the goalkeeper.

4:05 PM2 months ago


Sporting's Porro and then Benfica's Verthongen were cautioned.
4:00 PM2 months ago


Silva was offside and the offensive play was disallowed.
3:55 PM2 months ago

Goal Sporting 1-0

3:50 PM2 months ago


Darwin Núñez's overhead header is no longer valid because it was offside.
3:45 PM2 months ago


Everton with the cutback and takes the shot that hits the defensive wall.
3:40 PM2 months ago


Sporting Goal

Sarabia's powerful first-time shot from Sarabia put it in the corner to open the scoring.

3:35 PM2 months ago


Pedro enters the area and takes a shot that goes high.
3:30 PM2 months ago


Fedal and Paulinho, both of Sporting, have been cautioned.
3:25 PM2 months ago


The match between Benfica and Sporting kicks off.
3:20 PM2 months ago

Minutos away

We are minutes away from kick-off at the Estadio da Luz when Benfica takes on Sporting in the Primeira Liga.
3:15 PM2 months ago


Benfica fine-tunes the final details before the opening whistle at the Estadio da Luz.

3:10 PM2 months ago

Benfica substitutes

21 Pizzi

2 Gilberto

49 Adel Taarabt

88 Goncalo Ramos

91 Morato

77 Helton Leite

11 Souahilo Meïté

15 Roman Yaremchuk

14 Haris Seferovic

3:05 PM2 months ago

Sporting substitutes

84 Dário Essugo

19 Tiago Tomas

87 Gonçalo Esteves

7 Bruno Tabata

71 Názinho

11 Nuno Santos

47 Ricardo Esgaio

68 Daniel Bragança

31 João Virgínia

3:00 PM2 months ago

XI Sporting

1 Antonio Adán, 3 Zouhair Feddal, 25 Gonçalo Inacio, 13 Luís Neto, 15 Manuel Ugarte, 8 Matheus Nunes, 2 Matheus Reis, 24 Pedro Porro, 21 Paulinho, 17 Pablo Sarabia, 28 Pedro Gonçalves.
2:55 PM2 months ago

XI Benfica

99 Odisseas Vlachodimos, 5 Jan Vertonghen, 30 Nicolás Otamendi, 34 André Almeida, 20 João Mário, 28 Julian Weigl, 3 Alejandro Grimaldo, 22 Valentino Lazaro, 9 Darwin Núñez, 7 Everton, 27 Rafa.
2:50 PM2 months ago

Ready for the derby

Sporting arrived at the stadium and this is what their dressing room looks like before the game. They will wear their traditional green and white uniform for the Portuguese derby.

2:45 PM2 months ago

Benfica has arrived

Benfica arrived at the Estadio da Luz in search of an important victory in the Primeira Liga, with a strong security presence and the full conviction of getting the three points.
2:40 PM2 months ago

How are Sporting coming along?

Sporting is one of two teams in the Primeira Liga that has not lost, with 32 points and a streak of 11 consecutive victories in any tournament.
2:35 PM2 months ago

How are Benfica coming along?

Benfica comes in third in the table with 31 points, four points behind Porto with a game in hand, and is coming off a 7-9 win over B-SAD last weekend.
2:30 PM2 months ago


Benfica and Sporting Lisbon play a transcendental game between two of the best three teams in the Primeira Liga. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Benfica vs Sporting CP Live Score in Primeira Liga

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What time is Benfica vs Sporting CP match for Primeira Liga?

This is the start time of the game Benfica vs Sporting CP of 3rd December in several countries:

Argentina: 6:15 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 5:15 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 6:15 PM in ESPN

Chile: 5:15 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 4:15 PM in ESPN

Ecuador: 4:15 PM in ESPN

USA (ET): 4:15 PM in ESPN

Spain: 10:15 PM

Mexico: 3:15 PM in SKY Sports

Paraguay: 6:15 PM in ESPN

Peru: 4:15 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 6:15 PM in ESPN

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Last games

Benfica has not lost at home since 2015 against Sporting and, in the last five games on any field, boasts a positive streak of four wins to one loss, a situation it will be looking to extend this Friday:

Benfica 4-3 Sporting CP, 2021

Sporting CP 1-0 Benfica, 2021

Benfica 2-1 Sporting CP, 2020

Sporting CP 0-2 Benfica, 2020

Benfica 5-0 Sporting CP, 2019 (Portuguese Cup)

2:10 PM2 months ago

Key player Sporting CP

If there is a key player for Sporting to be the best defense of the championship is the Uruguayan centerback Sebastian Coates, who gives order to the defensive sector and with his height helps to have a greater solidity in set pieces.

2:05 PM2 months ago

Key player Benfica

The Uruguayan Darwin Núñez has had an explosive start in the attack where he has scored eight goals to become the second best scorer of the championship, highlighting that he has just scored a hat-trick in the victory against B-SAD.


2:00 PM2 months ago

Last lineup Sporting CP

1 Antonio Adán, 4 Sebastián Coates, 25 Gonçalo Inacio, 13 Luís Neto, 6 João Palhinha, 8 Matheus Nunes, 11 Nuno Santos, 47 Ricardo Esgaio, 21 Paulinho, 17 Pablo Sarabia, 28 Pedro Gonçalves.
1:55 PM2 months ago

Last lineup Benfica

99 Odisseas Vlachodimos, 30 Nicolás Otamendi, 5 Jan Vertonghen, 34 André Almeida 20 João Mário, 28 Julian Weigl, 3 Alejandro Grimaldo, 22 Valentino Lazaro, 14 Haris Seferovic, 9 Darwin Núñez, 27 Rafa.
1:50 PM2 months ago

Sporting CP: keep their unbeaten run going

After getting their pass to the next round in the UEFA Champions League, Sporting CP's mission now is to maintain their undefeated record and climb to the top but, to do so, they will have to keep prioritizing the defensive scheme because they are the best defense in the championship with only 4 goals allowed in 12 matches; last weekend they defeated Tondela 2-0.
1:45 PM2 months ago

Benfica: take advantage of home advantage

Given the tightness at the top, this game could make the difference for the end of the season and Benfica must make the most of their home advantage to beat one of their fiercest rivals, remembering that they are coming from a 7-0 away win over B-SAD.
1:40 PM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Benfica vs Sporting CP match will be played at the Da Luz Stadium, in Lisbon, Portugal. The kick-off is scheduled at 3:15 pm ET.
1:35 PM2 months ago

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