Goal and Highlights: Dorados Sinaloa 1-0 Tepatitlan  in Playoffs Liga Expansion MX 2021
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11:55 PM6 months ago

Goal and Highlights

11:01 PM6 months ago


It's over! The referee ends the match with a narrow victory for the home team.
10:59 PM6 months ago


Goal, goal, goal for Dorados! Salvador Manriquez takes advantage and sends a header into the back of the net.
10:53 PM6 months ago


Dorados changes. Salvador Manríquez and Adrián Marín are substituted for Alan Vega and Paolo Yrizar.
10:49 PM6 months ago


Lumbreras' shot, but López prevents the ball from going in.
10:47 PM6 months ago


Vega's accurate shot, but the ball was not goal-directed.
10:40 PM6 months ago


Villanueva's cross, but no one gets a shot on Lopez's goal.
10:37 PM6 months ago


Change of Dorados. Jonathan Betancourt comes off for Antonio Nava
10:35 PM6 months ago


Left-footed shot by Lumbreras, but no direction for the shot.
10:27 PM6 months ago


Change due to injury for Tepatitlán. Medina replaces David Angulo
10:24 PM6 months ago


He's leaving! The ambulance enters for David Angulo who leaves the match knocked out.
10:18 PM6 months ago


A dangerous ball in the local area, but Lopez keeps the ball.
10:11 PM6 months ago


Change of Tepatitlán. Geovani Cortés is replaced by Edwin Araiza.
10:08 PM6 months ago


Play resumes at Estadio Banorte.
9:53 PM6 months ago


At the end of the first half, Dorados and Tepatitlán are momentarily unharmed.
9:50 PM6 months ago


Dorados seeks to generate danger, but lacks definition
9:42 PM6 months ago


Good rebound by Muñoz, preventing Zúñiga from shooting at his goal.
9:40 PM6 months ago


Both teams look for the opponent's goal, but they are unable to define in the last line.
9:30 PM6 months ago


Vega's blast, but the ball goes well over the goal.
9:24 PM6 months ago


Said Castañeda prevents Paolo Yrizar from passing with a foul.
9:19 PM6 months ago


Zúñiga's shot, but Muñoz at the back prevents the goal from falling.
9:15 PM6 months ago


Play resumes, Jared Muñoz remains in the game
9:14 PM6 months ago


Heavy clash between Muñoz and Zúñiga, the goalkeeper gets the worst of it
9:07 PM6 months ago


Meeting begins in Sinaloa
9:06 PM6 months ago

Tepatitlan: LineUp

J. Muñoz; C. Villanueva, C. González, S. Castañeda; A. Tecpanécatl, J. Mora, E. Rivera, G. Cortés, L. Robles; V. Mañón, D. Angulo.
8:56 PM6 months ago

To warm up

Both teams are already warming up on the field prior to the match, looking for a victory.
8:49 PM6 months ago

Present are

Tepatitlán is already at the Banorte stadium, ready to look for a comeback and qualify.
8:45 PM6 months ago

At home!

Dorados de Sinaloa players are already at the Banorte, tonight they will seek to close their pass to the semifinals.

8:39 PM6 months ago

Last duel

The last meeting between these teams was at this same venue in the current season, the encounter was quite rough and neither team scored, ending in a scoreless draw.
8:34 PM6 months ago

Watch out for this player

Víctor Mañón is the striker with the most goals in the current tournament, with his quality to define and look for the rival nets, Mañón will look to tie the match.
8:29 PM6 months ago

It's coming!

The fans are already beginning to make their presence felt at La Pecera, in this duel they will be looking to be the twelfth player and support their team in order to advance to the next phase.
8:24 PM6 months ago

Watch out for this player

Jonathan Betancourt is the player Tepatitlán's saga has to pay special attention to; the forward will be looking to generate danger and thus increase the advantage in the aggregate.
8:19 PM6 months ago

Good afternoon!

Welcome to the minute-by-minute coverage of the match between Dorados and Tepatitlán, this game will define one more semifinalist and will kick off in approximately one hour. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information as well as the confirmed line-ups.
8:14 PM6 months ago

Stay tuned for the Dorados vs Tepatitlán live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Dorados vs Tepatitlán live, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Banorte. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
8:09 PM6 months ago

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Tepatitlán Statements

Francisco Ramírez spoke after his team's defeat: "We are going to fight until the end, this is not over until it is over there in Sinaloa, we are going to try to win and I think we had a good level but I am confident that in Culiacán we will win and be in the next round.

"This match was very demanding, but the boys know that they played a good match, they lacked a goal." 

"Dorados is hardly going to get out of their line, but I think we're going to get the result."

"There are no half measures, we are going to come out as a big team, as a champion team." 

"The guys are calm because they know they played a good game, they lacked the goal and they had to be aggressive."

7:59 PM6 months ago

Dorados Statements

Rafael García spoke after the narrow win in the first leg: "There are people on our team who, despite being young, have good experience. At no time can the team relax." 

"I trust my team and their quality and I know they are going to go out and kill themselves in the second leg."

"We learned from América's match against Pumas, América speculated and Pumas went out to win."

"The team is very plugged in, we know it is very important we are looking to go as far as possible."

"One thing is the regular tournament and another the finals we had a lot of solidity and a good match but there is still the match in Culiacán they are the champions and we have to see how to make them the match there in our home."

7:54 PM6 months ago

For the pass!

Dorados arrives at this match with a one-goal advantage, scored by Jonathan Betancourt; however, Tepatitlán will not be an easy opponent and will be looking to generate danger and defeat Dorados at home. The second semifinalist of the 2021 Apertura will be selected from this match.

7:49 PM6 months ago

The match will be played at Estadio Banorte.

The Dorados vs Tepatitlán match will be played at Estadio Banorte, located in Culiacán, Sinaloa. The stadium has a capacity of 35,000 people.

7:44 PM6 months ago

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