Goals and Highlights: Atlas 0 -1 Pumas in Playoffs Liga MX.


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Pumas wins but it is not enough.

Pumas wins at the Jalisco Stadium but a draw on aggregate leaves them out of the competition.

Final score at the Jalisco 1-0 in favor of Pumas.

Overall score 1-1.

10:04 PMa month ago


Match ends. 
9:56 PMa month ago


Red card for Dinenno.
9:53 PMa month ago


Add 9 minutes.
9:49 PMa month ago


The match is stopped due to an injured Pumas player.
9:42 PMa month ago


Atlas change
In: Chalá
Out: Reyes
9:40 PMa month ago


Goooooooooooool for Pumas, Dinenno! 
9:38 PMa month ago


Corner kick for Pumas.
9:34 PMa month ago


Atlas change:
Out: Quiñones.
9:32 PMa month ago


Quiñones earns corner kick for Atlas
9:25 PMa month ago


Rogério's shot is a surprise but goes wide of the mark.
9:21 PMa month ago


Pumas change 
In: Battocchio
Out: Álvarez
9:17 PMa month ago


Furch takes advantage of the cross and shoots the ball that goes wide.
9:10 PMa month ago


Second half begins
9:09 PMa month ago

Change of Pumas

In: García, Rogério, Corozo.
Out: López, Meritao, DeOliveira.
8:49 PMa month ago


The first half ended scoreless.
8:43 PMa month ago


Diogo gets the first shot on goal for Pumas. 
8:36 PMa month ago


Rocha tries to finish the cross with a bicycle kick but the ball goes over the top of the goal.
8:31 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Atlas' Santamaría.
8:28 PMa month ago


Barbosa's cross shot is not met with a shot-stopper. 
8:22 PMa month ago


Talavera prevents Torres' goal 
8:20 PMa month ago


Yellow card for foul by Mozo on Márquez
8:17 PMa month ago


Foul on Álvares in midfield
8:11 PMa month ago

Torres shoots outside the area but the ball goes wide. 
8:05 PMa month ago

Free kick for Atlas for a foul on Quiñones 
8:01 PMa month ago

The match starts with Atlas taking off from the center. 
8:00 PMa month ago

Atlas Starting 11

This is how the home team takes the field:
Vargas, Reyes, Angulo, Santamaria, Barbosa, Nervo, Marquez, Rocha, Torres, Quiñones, Furch.
7:54 PMa month ago

Rojinegro deluxe guest

7:50 PMa month ago

Pumas warms up at the Jalisco

7:45 PMa month ago

Pumas starting 11

This is how the visiting team will start against Atlas:

Talavera, Mozo, Ortiz, Freire, Velarde, López, Meritao, Lira, Álvarez, Dinenno, De Olivera.

7:40 PMa month ago

The Rojinegros arrive

This is how they received the local team 
7:35 PMa month ago

Full house

This is how the area around the Jalisco Stadium looks prior to the semifinal match.
Full House/Image:AtlasFC
Full House/Image:AtlasFC
7:30 PMa month ago

Statistics of the last duel

Shots on Goal: Atlas 07- Pumas 09
Crosses: Atlas 08 - Pumas 13
1 vs 1 Defensive: Atlas 05 - Pumas 08
Turnovers: Atlas 23 - Pumas 31
7:25 PMa month ago

León awaits opponent

On Saturday night, León and Tigres faced each other at the Nou Camp for the second leg of the semifinals. Miguel Herrera's team had a 2-1 lead, but it didn't last long, as the home team scored early to equalize the aggregate, which gave them a ticket to the final, but Tigres caught up and held the lead for almost the entire match, until León's second goal arrived and, with the aggregate tie, they advanced to the final.
7:20 PMa month ago

What does Pumas need to advance?

In order to reach the final of Mexican soccer, Pumas needs to score two goals and not concede a goal, and if they do concede a goal, they must win by any score as long as the aggregate score gives them the advantage.
7:15 PMa month ago

Pumas with a perfect record in the playoffs against Atlas

In the 2004 Clausura, Pumas won 2-1 and 3-1 to advance to the next round, for the 2004 Apertura they met again and the result was 4-3 and 2-1, Pumas advanced again. 
7:10 PMa month ago

Much room for improvement

At the end of the match in a press conference, Andrés Lillini indicated that they have to go to the Jalisco Stadium to give their best performance of the entire season if they want to stay alive in the Apertura 2021.

"The taste in our mouth, very bad, we lost the semifinal at home, where we had to take the advantage to go to Jalisco to compete better. The outlook is adverse but we cannot let up; it was hard for us to adapt, we were imprecise, we gave the ball to the opponent. When you don't have the ball, you make mistakes. Tomorrow we have to think about what's to come, we have to give our best performance of the year", commented the strategist.

7:05 PMa month ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of the Atlas vs Pumas game

In a few moments, we'll share with you the starting lineups for Atlas vs Pumas live, as well as the latest information from the Jalisco Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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Where and how to watch Atlas vs Pumas live online

The match will be broadcasted on TV by TUDN.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Watch out for this Pumas player

Alan Mozo, the Mexican defender started the tournament with a low level of play and off-field problems, questioned by the fans, the Mexican recovered and helped his team to qualify for the playoffs, the young Mexican was fundamental in the qualifier against América, as with his assists Pumas was able to score three goals against them, in this Sunday's match it will be fundamental that he manages to reach the rival area and send good crosses so that the tall forwards that Pumas has in the squad can finish off, Mozo will have a complicated match since he will constantly go up to attack and will have to be in the defense to avoid the fall of his goal.  
Mozo the secret weapon of pumas/Image:PumasMX
Mozo the secret weapon of pumas/Image:PumasMX
6:50 PMa month ago

Watch out for this Atlas player

Camilo Vargas, a 32-year-old Colombian goalkeeper, has been in charge of preventing the team from losing points since his arrival to the red and black team, the national team selection has strengthened the team's defense, in the current tournament he was one of the goalkeepers who conceded the fewest goals, tied with Ochoa with only 10 goals conceded, He is also the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in the season with 9, and for the team from the Tapatía pearl it is transcendental because in the first leg he prevented the goal that represented the tie in the last minutes, for the second leg if the goalkeeper continues as in his last performances, it will be very complicated for Pumas to advance. 
Vargas saving the goal/Image:Atlasfc
Vargas saving the goal/Image:Atlasfc
6:45 PMa month ago


Atlas and Pumas don't usually score many goals, in the regular tournament the teams faced each other at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, a match corresponding to matchday 1, the match ended in a rather boring scoreless draw, in the first match of this semifinal, Atlas won the away game with the minimum score and the match had very few clear goal actions. 
6:40 PMa month ago

Arbitration quartet

Jorge Antonio Perez Durán, Enrique Bustos, Jonathan Gómez, Oscar Mejía.
6:35 PMa month ago

Pumas seeks revenge

The university team struggled at the beginning of the tournament, scoring two points in the first five games, the team was not even a candidate to qualify for the playoffs, however, the team took a second wind and in the final stretch of the tournament the team managed to qualify for the playoffs, and in the playoffs Pumas eliminated its rival Toluca, to face its arch-rival America in the quarterfinals, despite not being underdogs, Pumas surprised and defeated América at the Azteca stadium, with a score of 3-1, Pumas won its last title in the 2011 closing season, defeating Monarcas Morelia with a 3-2 aggregate score, in recent years Pumas has lost two finals, one against Ferretti's Tigres and the most recent just a year ago against Ambriz's León, both teams could be the opponent in the event of advancing.
Pumas focused/Image:PumasMX
Pumas focused/Image:PumasMX
6:30 PMa month ago

Atlas with 70 years of illusions behind it

The regular season of Liga MX has been one of the best in recent years for Atlas, the red and black team ranked second in the general table only behind América, the team also consolidated one of the best defenses with only 10 goals against, it manages a very well defined style by coach Cocca, the team throughout the season had great games, the classic tapatío is one of them, Atlas had to face Rayados de Monterrey for the playoffs, but they were not a team that put Atlas' qualification at risk, it was enough to tie in both matches to qualify. Atlas had not played in a final since the 1999 summer tournament, a final in which they faced the red devils of Toluca, on that occasion Toluca won in penalties. 
Atlas heads to the final/Image:AtlasFC
Atlas heads to the final/Image:AtlasFC
6:25 PMa month ago

One step away from the grand final

Atlas and Pumas will meet on Sunday night to define the second finalist of the Liga MX, the first leg played at CU, showed us an Atlas that knows how to defend and is lethal near the opponent's goal, it was in the final minutes when Furch, made a shot from outside the area to beat Talavera, on the Pumas side, the team looked uncomfortable on the field, missing routine passes, making hasty decisions and above all not generating dangerous plays, the match looked very complicated for the university team, however, something that has characterized the felines is their ability to respond when faced with adverse circumstances.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Atlas vs Pumas match, corresponding to the Liga MX semifinal. The match will take place at the Jalisco Stadium at 8:00 PM ET.