Goal and Highlights: Real Sociedad 3-0 PSV Eindhoven in Europa League
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3:47 PM5 months ago

Qualified for the next stage of the Europa League

First and second place in the group stage: Lyon, Rangers, Monaco, Real Sociedad, Spartak Moscow, Eintracht Frankfurt, Olympiacos, Galatasaray, Lazio, Red Star, Braga, Bayer Leverkusen, Betis, West Ham and Dinamo Zagreb

Champions League third-placed teams: RB Leipzig, Porto, Dortmund, Sheriff, Barcelona, Villarreal, Sevilla, Zenit

3:45 PM5 months ago

Group B qualifiers

Along with Monaco, Group B leader, Real Sociedad eliminates PSV and advances to the next stage of the Europa League.
3:43 PM5 months ago


3:43 PM5 months ago


3:42 PM5 months ago


Game over
3:41 PM5 months ago


Sørloth pedals over to André Ramalho and unleashes a bomb, giving Drommel no chance
3:38 PM5 months ago

91' Yellow card for PSV

Bruma, foul on Zubeldía
3:36 PM5 months ago


3:36 PM5 months ago

89' WOW

Gorosabel receives on the edge of the box, hits a free kick. Boscagli pulls his head away
3:34 PM5 months ago

87' Yellow card for PSV

3:34 PM5 months ago

86' Substitution in PSV

Out: Mauro Júnior

In: Phillipp Max

3:33 PM5 months ago

85' Substitutions in Real Sociedad

Out: Zubimendi and Oyarzabal

In: Gorosabel and Pacheco

3:31 PM5 months ago


Muñoz stretches with Sørloth. He enters the area, has the option to pass to Oyarzabal, but tries to cover the goalkeeper and throws it away
3:29 PM5 months ago

81' Yellow card for Real Sociedad

Isak takes time to leave the field
3:28 PM5 months ago

81' Substitution in Real Sociedad

Out: Isak

In: Sørloth

3:27 PM5 months ago

80' Yellow card for PSV

Carlos Vinícius, putting his hand on Turrientes' face
3:22 PM5 months ago

73' Red card for PSV

Sangaré gets a second yellow after leaving his arm in Turrientes' face
3:17 PM5 months ago

69' Substitutions in Real Sociedad

Out: Portu and Januzaj

In: Barrenetxea and Turrientes

3:15 PM5 months ago

68' Substitutions in PSV

Out: Madueke and Mwene

In: Vertessen and Teze

3:14 PM5 months ago


Madueke feels thigh problems and will leave the field
3:11 PM5 months ago


André Ramalho misses a pass to Gutiérrez, who doesn't dominate. Oyarzabal pleases and extends the advantage to Erreala
3:10 PM5 months ago

61' Substitutions in PSV

Out: Doan and Gakpo

In: Madueke and Carlos Vinícius

3:06 PM5 months ago

59' Yellow card for PSV

Boscagli, for running over Portu
3:03 PM5 months ago


Real pressures the ball out of the opponent's court
2:58 PM5 months ago


Needing the result, PSV dominates the possession and bothers the Real Sociedad defense, but does not threaten Remiro
2:52 PM5 months ago


Game restarts
2:37 PM5 months ago


2:36 PM5 months ago


2:35 PM5 months ago


End of the first half
2:34 PM5 months ago


Bruma takes a free-kick over the goal
2:33 PM5 months ago

46' Yellow card for Real Sociedad

Zubimendi, for a foul on Götze
2:32 PM5 months ago


Boscagli shoots from a distance and sends it to the right of the goal
2:31 PM5 months ago


2:30 PM5 months ago


Oyarzabal displaces the goalkeeper to the right side and converts the penalty, putting Real Sociedad in the next phase of the competition
2:28 PM5 months ago

40' Yellow card for PSV

2:28 PM5 months ago


Januzaj shoots from the edge of the area and Mwene avoids with his arm
2:27 PM5 months ago

39' Yellow card for PSV

Sangaré, for a foul on Isak
2:26 PM5 months ago


After a throw-in in the box, Aritz dives in with his head. Drommel saves in the corner
2:23 PM5 months ago


Bruma risks a bomb on the edge of the area. The ball hits the crossbar
2:16 PM5 months ago


After a corner, Gakpo heads the ball to the ground. Isak makes the save, facing the goal, with his chest. Gutiérrez finishes soon after, but the striker saves again
2:11 PM5 months ago


Portu receives from Oyarzabal between the defenders, the goalkeeper leaves the goal, he takes too much and sends it to the right of the goal. Luckily, he was offside
2:09 PM5 months ago

20' WOW

Sangaré makes a good move in the middle, gets rid of his marker, but lets the ball go. Mwene picks up the ball and hits it hard. Remiro saves the ball
2:04 PM5 months ago


Gakpo is picked up on the edge of the box and hits a cross. Remiro saves in two shots
2:04 PM5 months ago


Muñoz steals from Doan, tables with Januzaj and puts Isak on the run. The striker is face to face with Drommel, who saves PSV
2:00 PM5 months ago


PSV passes calmly. At the other end, Real set up a compact line of four. Mauro Júnior lifts the ball, Remiro grabs it from above
1:55 PM5 months ago


Januzaj crosses into the box. André Ramalho rebounds. The ball comes back to the number 11, who is fouled by Mwene
1:52 PM5 months ago


André Ramalho throws, from the defense field, to Remiro's hands
1:49 PM5 months ago


After a good exchange of passes set up on the right side, Mwene receives in the area, but Aritz tears it away
1:45 PM5 months ago


The game begins in Anoeta
1:43 PM5 months ago


Teams taking the field
1:33 PM5 months ago


Erreala's heating
1:25 PM5 months ago


Small, but lively
1:05 PM5 months ago


The moment of the dutch team's arrival
12:57 PM5 months ago


Anoeta Stadium
Photo: PSV
Photo: PSV
12:54 PM5 months ago

Boeren substitutes

Vincent Müller, Yvon Mvogo; Jordan Teze, Armando Obispo, Phillipp Max, Marco van Ginkel, Noni Madueke, Richard Ledezma, Carlos Vinícius and Yorbe Vertessen.
12:53 PM5 months ago

PSV with its 11

Joël Drommel; Phillipp Mwene, André Ramalho, Olivier Boscagli, Mauro Júnior; Ibrahim Sangaré, Mario Götze, Érick Gutiérrez; Ritsu Doan, Cody Gakpo, Bruma.
12:52 PM5 months ago

Erreala Reserves

Matthew Ryan; Diego Rico, Andoni Gorosabel Jon Pacheco, Asier Illarramendi, Jon Guridi, Ander Guevara, Ander Barrenetxea, Beñat Turrientes, Roberto Navarro and Alexander Sørloth.
12:51 PM5 months ago

Real Sociedad lineup

Alejandro Remiro; Joseba Zaldúa, Aritz Elustondo, Robin Le Normand, Aihen Muñoz; Martín Zubimendi, Igor Zubeldía, Cristian Portu, Mikel Oyarzabal; Alexander Isak, Adnan Januzaj.
12:46 PM5 months ago

Video Refereeing

Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Marco Fritz (Germany)

Assistant Video Assistant (AVAR): Bastian Dankert (Germany)

12:41 PM5 months ago

Field Referee

Referee: Felix Zwayer (Germany)

Assistant Referee 1: Marco Achmüller (Germany)

Assistant Referee 2: Mike Pickel (Germany)

Fourth official: Sven Jablonski (Germany)

12:36 PM5 months ago

What time is Real Sociedad vs PSV Eindhoven match for Europa League?

If you want to watch the game Real Sociedad vs PSV Eindhoven live on TV, your options is:  Galavisión

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN App, Paramount+, Univision NOW, Galavision, TUDN.com

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What time is Real Sociedad vs PSV Eindhoven match for the Europa League?

This is the start time of the game Real Sociedad vs PSV Eindhoven of 9th December 2021 in several countries:

Argentina 2:45 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Bolivia 2:45 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Brazil 2:45 pm:  Star+ 

Chile 2:45 pm: Star+

Colombia 2:45 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

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USA 12:45 pm ET: TUDN App, Paramount+, Univision NOW, Galavision, TUDN.com

Spain 6:45 pm: Movistar+

Mexico 11:45 pm: Fox Sports, Star +

Nederland: 6:45 pm: ESPN 2, Watch ESPN, SBS 6

Paraguay 2:45 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Peru 2:45 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Uruguay 2:45pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Venezuela 1:45 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

12:26 PM5 months ago

Probable lineup for PSV Eindhoven

Drommel; Mwene, Ramalho, Boscagli, Junior; Sangare, Van Ginkel, Götze; Bruma, Vinicius, Gakpo.
12:21 PM5 months ago

Absences from PSV

Roger Schmidt has a big list of casualties, they are: Maximiliano Romero, Richard Ledezma, Cody Gakpo, Eran Zahavi, Moni Madueke, Vincent Müller, Jordan Teze and Philipp Max.
12:16 PM5 months ago

Probable lineup of Real Sociedad

Remiro; Gorosabel, Elustondo, Le Normand, Muñoz; Januzaj, Guevera, Zubimendi, Oyarzabal; Sorloth, Isak
12:11 PM5 months ago

Absences from Real

Imanol Alguacil will not have Asier Illaramendi, Carlos Fernández, David Silva, Jon Guridi, Mikel Merino and Nacho Monreal at his disposal.

12:06 PM5 months ago

And Boeren

Unbeaten for seven games, PSV Eindhoven come in with a 4-1 triumph over Utrecht in the Eredivise. The Boeren are in second place with eight points, two ahead of their direct rivals. A draw qualifies the dutch for the second round of the competition.
12:01 PM5 months ago

How is Erreala coming?

In their domains, Real Sociedad is coming from a defeat by Real Madrid, leaders of LaLiga, by 2-0. With just one victory at UEL, three draws and one defeat, Erreala is in third place, with six points. The Basque Country team needs to win to advance as second in Group B.
11:56 AM5 months ago

Classification game

Real Sociedad vs PSV Eindhoven, live this thursday (9), at Anoeta Stadium, at 12:45 pm ET, for the Europa League. The match is valid for the sixth round of the competition.
11:51 AM5 months ago

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