Highlights and Goals: Sparta Praha 2-0 Brøndby in UEFA Europa League 2021-22
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3:45 PM5 months ago

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3:41 PM5 months ago


The game ends with Sparta Prague beating Brøndby 2-0.
3:40 PM5 months ago


Sparta Prague attacking cross from the right, Sigurd Rosted cuts the ball for a corner.
3:36 PM5 months ago


Kevin Mensah's shot for Brøndby from half distance hits an opponent and goes out of play.
3:34 PM5 months ago


The referee adds five more minutes
3:33 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Jagvir Singh at Brøndby
3:32 PM5 months ago


Christian Cappis takes a corner kick for Brøndby, but the visitors commit a foul in attack
3:30 PM5 months ago

85' Sparta Praha substitution 🔁

Out: Lukáš Haraslín

In: Martin Minchev

3:26 PM5 months ago


Lukáš Haraslín tries an unsuccessful shot from outside the box. Sparta Prague gave a warning
3:25 PM5 months ago

78' Brøndby substitution 🔁

Out: Mikael Uhre

In: Mathias Kvistgaarden

3:24 PM5 months ago

75' 🟥

Anis Ben Slimane receives second yellow card and is sent off at Brøndby
3:23 PM5 months ago

73' Brøndby substitution 🔁

Out: Simon Hedlund

In: Jagvir Singh

3:22 PM5 months ago

69' Sparta Praha substitution 🔁

Out: Jakub Pešek

In: Ladislav Krejčí

3:20 PM5 months ago


Andreas Maxsø offside. The visitors approached
3:20 PM5 months ago

62' Brøndby substitutions 🔁

Out: Josip Radošević and Blas Riveros.

In: Christian Cappis and Andreas Bruus

3:18 PM5 months ago

60' Sprata Praha substitution 🔁

Out: Matěj Pulkrab

In: Andreas Vindheim

3:17 PM5 months ago


Tomáš Wiesner receives second yellow card and is sent off at Sparta Praha
3:12 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Filip Souček at Sparta Prague.
3:11 PM5 months ago


Adam Hložek scores Sparta Prague's second goal of the match.
3:10 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Matěj Pulkrab for Sparta Prague
3:09 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Andreas Maxsø at Brøndby
3:08 PM5 months ago


Filip Panák takes a free kick for Sparta Praha but the ball goes wide.
3:07 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Tomáš Wiesner for Sparta Prague
3:06 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Blas Riveros at Brøndby
3:04 PM5 months ago


With Sparta Prague on top, second half begins
3:04 PM5 months ago

Brøndby substitution🔁

Out: Henrik Heggheim

In: Mathias Greve

2:34 PM5 months ago


Sparta Prague takes a slim lead into halftime with a winning lead
2:33 PM5 months ago


The referee adds one more minute
2:31 PM5 months ago


Dávid Hancko takes a free kick for Sparta Prague and scores the first goal of the match
2:30 PM5 months ago


Brøndby takes the free kick, but misses it.
2:28 PM5 months ago


Ladislav Krejčí fouls Simon Hedlund and Brøndby will have a clear chance to score.
2:26 PM5 months ago


Ladislav Krejčí's speed attempt down the right for Sparta Prague and again they fail to execute.
2:22 PM5 months ago


Sparta Prague tries to come from the flanks. Unfortunately for them, they lack clarity in the last pass.
2:21 PM5 months ago


Mads Hermansen saves a shot sent in by Dávid Hancko. Brøndby are saved
2:13 PM5 months ago


Mikael Uhre makes an important run for Brøndby, he shoots and the ball goes narrowly wide.
2:11 PM5 months ago


Free kick taken by Jakub Pešek, but fails to connect with his teammates.
2:08 PM5 months ago


Jakub Pešek makes a good individual move, sends a killer pass and has no future.
2:05 PM5 months ago


Simon Hedlund sought an offensive foray down the right flank for the Danes to no avail


2:00 PM5 months ago


Sparta Prague plays a 4-2-3-1 attack, while Brøndby plays with a 3-5-2 formation in the middle of the field.
1:58 PM5 months ago


Filip Panák takes a free kick for Sparta Prague that goes wide of the visitors' goal.
1:58 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Anis Ben Slimane at Brøndby
1:55 PM5 months ago


Sparta Prague's first approach with a deflected shot by Lukáš Haraslín
1:54 PM5 months ago


Rueda la pelota y ya se juega el partido entre Sparta Praga vs Brøndby
1:25 PM5 months ago

Brøndby starting line-up

1:22 PM5 months ago

Sparta Praha starting XI

1:19 PM5 months ago

UEFA Europa League matches

In the context of the UEFA Europa League, Sparta Prague and Brøndby have met on only one occasion, resulting in a draw.
1:18 PM5 months ago

Everything is ready

In less than an hour the match between Sparta Praha vs Brøndby, corresponding to matchday 6 of group A in UEFA Europa League 2021-22 will start.
12:47 PM5 months ago

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What time is Sparta Praha vs Brøndby for UEFA Europa League?

Argentina: 13:45 PM on Star+
Bolivia: 11:45 AM on Star+
Brazil: 13:45 PM on Star+
Chile: 13:45 PM on Star+
Colombia: 11:45 AM on Star+
Ecuador: 11:45 AM on Star+
United States (ET): 12:45 PM on ESPN+ and Star+
Spain: 18:45 PM on Star+
Mexico: 11:45 AM on Star+
Paraguay: 13:45 PM on Star+
Peru: 11:45 AM on Star+
Uruguay: 13:45 PM on Star+
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Brøndby Key player

Within Brøndby's squad, Morten Frendrup is the most prominent. The 20-year-old Danish midfielder is the partner of all his teammates. He has outstanding qualities and a great future ahead of him.


12:27 PM5 months ago

Sparta Praha key player

Adam Hlozek is Sparta Prague's star player. The 19-year-old center forward is one of the new revelations of Czech Republic soccer. Thanks to his great skills in the opponent's penalty area, this player has positioned himself at the top of the Czech transfer market.



12:22 PM5 months ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

Referee: Craig Pawson (ENG)

Assistant 1: Lee Betts (ENG)

Assistant 2: Ian Hussin (ENG)

Fourth official: Robert Jones (ENG)

VAR: Peter Bankes (ENG)

AVAR: Neil Davies (ENG)

12:17 PM5 months ago

Brøndby is eliminated

Brøndby is already eliminated from any chance of continuing in the competition. With only two points in the group A table, the blue and yellow team has no chance of fighting for anything important.
12:12 PM5 months ago

Sparta Praha depends on everything

Sparta Prague comes into this match in third place in UEFA Europa League Group A with four points. The Czechs need the win if they are to maintain a slim chance of advancing to the next qualifying round and hope that Olympique Lyon defeats Rangers FC.
12:07 PM5 months ago

The match will be played at the Generali Arena

The Generali Arena is a soccer stadium located in Prague, Czech Republic. It is the home of Sparta Prague, was inaugurated in 1917 and has a maximum capacity of 18,887 spectators.
12:02 PM5 months ago

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