Goals and Highlights: Tunisia 2-1 Oman in Arab Cup 2021
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Oman and Tunisia for the quarterfinals of the Arab Cup 2021.
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End game

Tunisia 2-1 Oman in the Arab Cup.
11:45 AMa year ago


Muhsen Al Ghassani's overhead kick dashed Oman's hopes.
11:40 AMa year ago


Five more minutes are added.
11:35 AMa year ago


Mejbri leaves and Zaddem enters, Tunisia change to make time.
11:30 AMa year ago


Bguir's direct free kick goes straight into the goalkeeper's hands.
11:25 AMa year ago



AL YAHMADI Jameel and DURBIN Fahmi join the team.

Oman changes.

11:20 AMa year ago


Tunisia goal

From a set piece, Msakni gets in front at the near post and delivers a thunderous header to regain the lead.

11:15 AMa year ago


Al Kaabi of Oman has been cautioned.
11:10 AMa year ago


Goal Oman

Arshad Al Alawi's long-range shot from Arshad Al Alawi hits the net for the equalizer.

11:05 AMa year ago


Oman's attempt is disallowed due to offside.
11:00 AMa year ago


Youssef Msakni with a shot from half distance that goes over the top of the goal.
10:55 AMa year ago


Al Alawi and Al Hajri join the team.

Saleh and Issam leave

Oman changes.

10:50 AMa year ago


Ghailene Chaalali with the service to the near post that is rejected by the rival defense.
10:45 AMa year ago


Drager's shot from half distance goes wide.
10:40 AMa year ago


Sliti with a service to the near post that was deflected by the defense and almost ended in an own goal.
10:35 AMa year ago


The second half begins between Tunisia and Oman.
10:30 AMa year ago

Half time

Tunisia 1-0 Oman
10:25 AMa year ago


Two more minutes are added.
10:20 AMa year ago


Jaziri's serve is too long and Tunisia misses a chance to extend the lead.
10:15 AMa year ago


Harib Al Saadi's shot from outside the box goes wide of the goal.
10:10 AMa year ago


Harib Al Saadi volleyed the ball just over the crossbar with the inside of his right foot.
10:05 AMa year ago


Salaah Al Yahyaei errs with the service going too high.
10:00 AMa year ago


Salaah Al Yahyaei with a powerful right-footed shot that the goalkeeper deflects with his fists for a corner kick.
9:55 AMa year ago


Tunisia continued to insist, but this time Ahmed Al Khamisi at the near post turned the ball away.
9:50 AMa year ago


Goal Tunisia

Jaziri with a header inside the six-yard box after a poor save by the goalkeeper to open the scoring.

9:45 AMa year ago


Msakni is encouraged with a shot that deflects the defense for a corner kick.
9:40 AMa year ago


Salah's mid-range shot goes wide of the Tunisian goal.
9:35 AMa year ago


Fawaz's pass is a bit long and the goalkeeper controls it without any problems.
9:30 AMa year ago


In the first minutes of the game, Tunisia has had possession of the ball but, so far, without being able to reach the opponent's area.
9:25 AMa year ago


The match between Tunisia and Oman kicks off.
9:20 AMa year ago

Minutes away

In a few minutes, the game between Tunisia and Oman will kick off at the Qatar Foundation, in the quarterfinals of the Arab Cup 2021.
9:15 AMa year ago


This is how Tunisia's dressing room looks, completely in white because of the uniforms they will be wearing this afternoon, in search of the victory that will take them to the next round.

9:10 AMa year ago

Oman substitutes

3 Fahmi Said Rajab Durbein

13 Khalid Al Braiki

8 Mataz Saleh

10 Mohsin Jouhar

9 Essam Al-Subhi

11 Muhsen Al Ghassani

15 Jameel Al Yahmadi

9:05 AMa year ago

Tunisia substitutes

1 Farouk Ben Mustapha

16 Bechir Ben Said

5 Jasser Khemiri

12 Ali Maâloul

21 Hamza Mathlouthi

9 Fakhreddine Ben Youssef

17 Yassine Chikhaoui

18 Saad Bguir

19 Mootez Zaddem

9:00 AMa year ago

XI Oman

1 AL MUKHAINI Ibrahim, 2 AL KAABI Ahmed, 4 AL ALAWI Arshad, 5 AL HABSI Juma, 6 AL-KHAMISI Ahmed, 7 AL HAJRI Khalid, 12 ABDULLAH FAWAZ, 19 AL ALAWI Al Mandhar, 20 AL YAHYAEI Salaah, 21 Mahmood AL MUSHAIFRI, 23 AL SAADI Harib.
8:55 AMa year ago

XI Tunisia

22 HASSEN Mouez, 2 IFA Bilel, 4 MERIAH Yassine, 6 CHAALELI Ghaylen, 7 MSAKNI Youssef, 10 MEJBRI Hannibal, 11 JAZIRI Seifeddine, 13 SASSI Ferjani, 14 BEN HMIDA Mohamed, 20 DRAGER Mohamed, 23 SLITI Naim.
8:50 AMa year ago


Due to the seriousness of the red card he received against Syria, Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane was suspended for two matches and will also miss this match against Oman. If he reappears, it will be until the semifinals.
8:45 AMa year ago

The stadium

The Qatar Foundation Stadium, one of the main stadiums in Qatar, will host this game to open the quarter-final round of the Arab Cup:

8:40 AMa year ago

How does Oman arrive?

Oman finished second in Group A with 4 points thanks to a draw on the first day against Iraq and a win over Bahrain. They had lost 2-1 to hosts Qatar on the second matchday.
8:35 AMa year ago

How does Tunisia arrive?

Tunisia topped Group B with six points after defeating UAE and Mauritania, despite a surprise loss to Syria on the second matchday.
8:30 AMa year ago


Tunisia and Oman open the quarterfinal stage of the Arab Cup 2021 with the mission to stay alive and get into the top 4 of the tournament. We begin with the coverage of the game.
8:25 AMa year ago

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What time is Tunisia vs Oman match for Arab Cup?

This is the start time of the game Tunisia vs Oman of 10th December in several countries:

Argentina: 12:00 PM in FIFA TV

Bolivia: 11:00 AM in FIFA TV

Brazil: 12:00 PM in FIFA TV

Chile: 11:00 AM in FIFA TV

Colombia: 10:00 AM in FIFA TV

Ecuador: 10:00 AM in FIFA TV

USA (ET): 11:00 AM in FIFA TV

Spain: 4:00 PM in FIFA TV

Mexico: 9:00 AM in FIFA TV

Paraguay: 12:00 PM in FIFA TV

Peru: 10:00 AM in FIFA TV

Uruguay: 12:00 PM in FIFA TV

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Last games

This is the first time that Tunisia and Oman will face each other in an official competition, since they played a friendly match in 2011, where the Africans won by a score of 2-1.
8:10 AMa year ago

Key player Oman

He is one of the most explosive men in the front line and has a good nose for goal, so Rabia Said Al Alawi Al-Manar wants to continue to contribute with goals as he did in the victory over Bahrain.
8:05 AMa year ago

Key player Tunisia

The center forward and the main axis of the attack is Seifeddine Jaziri, who in a tight match could make the difference, as he did in the narrow win over the United Arab Emirates.

8:00 AMa year ago

Last lineup Oman

1, Ibrahim Al Mukhaini, 14 Amjad Al Harthi, 6 Ahmed Al Khamisi, 5 Juma Marhoon Juma Al Habsi, 2 Ahmed Khalifa Said Al Kaabi, 12 Abdullah Fawaz, 23 Harib Al Saadi, 4 Arshad Al Alawi, 7 Khalid Khalifa Al Hajri, 20 Salaah Al Yahyaei, 19 Rabia Said Al Alawi Al-Mandhar.
7:55 AMa year ago

Last lineup Tunisia

22 Mouez Hassen, 6 Ghailene Chaalali, 4 Yassine Meriah, 2 Bilel Ifa, 14 Amine Ben Hamida, 25 Mohamed Dräger, 13 Ferjani Sassi, 23 Naïm Sliti, 7 Youssef Msakni, 10 Hannibal Mejbri, 11 Seifeddine Jaziri.
7:50 AMa year ago

Oman: nothing to lose

Whatever happens in this tournament and in the Asian qualifiers, a team that has surprised has been Oman, which with few resources has done a lot and in the group stage thanks to a drubbing against Bahrain managed to sneak to this stage, remembering that they only lost to the host Qatar.
7:45 AMa year ago

Tunisia: advance to the semifinals

Despite losing and complicating their situation by losing to Syria, Tunisia won the other two matches, which were enough for them to win the group and will seek to consolidate their tag of favorites to win and advance to the semifinals.
7:40 AMa year ago

The Kick-off

The Tunisia vs Oman match will be played at the Qatar Foundation Stadium, in Doha, Qatar. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 am ET.
7:35 AMa year ago

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