Goals and Highlights: Morocco 2(4)-(5)2 Algeria in Arab Cup
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Morocco and Algeria in the quarterfinals of the Arab Cup.
5:47 PM5 months ago

5th shoot

Algeria goal. Tougai with the penalty that deflects the goalkeeper but goes into the net and Algeria is in the semifinals.
5:42 PM5 months ago

4th soot

Algeria goal by Benayada

Morocco misses by El Barkaoui

5:37 PM5 months ago

3rd shoot

Goal Bedrame Algeria

Goal Morocco Jabrane

5:32 PM5 months ago

2nd shoot

Morocco goal by Benoun

Goal Algeria by Bendebka.

5:27 PM5 months ago

1st shot

Goal Algeria by Belailli

Goal Morocco by Rahimi

5:22 PM5 months ago

End game

Morocco 2-2 Algeria. There will be penalty kicks.
5:17 PM5 months ago


Morocco's Chibi is cautioned.
5:12 PM5 months ago


Goal Morocco

Badr Benoun crosses in from a set piece to tie the match again.

5:07 PM5 months ago


El Hassouni's cross to the near post is headed off target in an awkward manner.
5:02 PM5 months ago


Second extra time begins between Morocco and Algeria.
4:57 PM5 months ago

Half time

Morocco 1-2 Algeria. There will only be a change of court.
4:52 PM5 months ago


Nahiri's long-range free kick is saved by the goalkeeper.
4:47 PM5 months ago


Goal Algeria

Youssef Belaïli's long-range strike surprises the goalkeeper and hits the net to make it 2-1.

4:42 PM5 months ago


Youssef Belaïli falls inside the area, but no penalty is awarded.
4:37 PM5 months ago


Draoui with a direct free kick that hits the goalkeeper's hands.
4:32 PM5 months ago


Overtime starts between Morocco and Algeria.
4:27 PM5 months ago


Morocco 1-1 Algeria

We will have overtime. Stay tuned.

4:22 PM5 months ago


Five more minutes are added.
4:17 PM5 months ago


Youssef Belaïli with a direct free kick that goes wide.
4:12 PM5 months ago


Morocco's Benoun is cautioned.
4:07 PM5 months ago


The ball fell to Boutmene inside the box and he fired a shot that went high.
4:02 PM5 months ago


Nahiri with a header that goes wide.
3:57 PM5 months ago


El Berkaoui's right-footed shot that the goalkeeper leaned back to make the save when it appeared to be the turnaround.
3:52 PM5 months ago


Goal Morocco

A cross to the far post is met by Mohammed Nahiri, who heads in alone to tie the game 1-1.

3:47 PM5 months ago


Goal Algeria

Yacine Brahimi's shot is deflected by the goalkeeper, but it doesn't prevent the ball from going into the net for 1-0.

3:42 PM5 months ago


The referee awarded a penalty kick to Algeria.
3:37 PM5 months ago


A possible penalty for Algeria is reviewed by the VAR.
3:32 PM5 months ago


Raïs M'Bolhi's dangerous service bounces in the area and his defender arrives to clear it.
3:27 PM5 months ago


A cross to the far post and Tayeb Meziani's solitary shot is saved by the goalkeeper with his legs. Algeria close.
3:22 PM5 months ago


The second half begins between Morocco and Algeria.
3:17 PM5 months ago

Half time

Morocco 0-0 Algeria.
3:12 PM5 months ago


Inside the area Tayeb Meziani sends a bad hit that goes wide.
3:07 PM5 months ago


Marwane Saadane's header from a corner goes over the bar.

Three more minutes were added.

3:02 PM5 months ago


Yacine Brahimi's counter-attack ends with him falling inside the area, but no penalty is awarded.
2:57 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Ismail El Haddad.
2:52 PM5 months ago


A push inside the area and the referee has not sanctioned anything, although the play is being reviewed in the VAR.
2:47 PM5 months ago


Walid El Karti gets forward at the near post and heads in a shot that the goalkeeper one-handedly deflects away.
2:42 PM5 months ago


Merouane Zerrouki is caught offside.
2:37 PM5 months ago


Achraf Bencharki was offside, although he had lost the ball in front of the goalkeeper.
2:32 PM5 months ago


Offside had already been called, but Houssem Eddine Mrezigue had more than enough to go with a delayed diagonal that went nowhere.
2:27 PM5 months ago


Raïs M'Bolhi played a dangerous service inside the six-yard box, where he put his body on the line to control the ball, although it was already ruled offside.
2:22 PM5 months ago


Direct free kick that, after a rebound, reaches the hands of Anas Zniti.
2:17 PM5 months ago


Youssef Belaïli's corner kick was blocked by the defense, otherwise it would have been an Olympic goal.
2:12 PM5 months ago


Rahimi's shot hits a defender and the ball goes over the touchline.
2:07 PM5 months ago


Algeria's direct free kick is cut out by the Moroccan defense at the near post.
2:02 PM5 months ago


Tayeb Meziani had already made a pass to the far post, but the ball went too long on the end line.
1:57 PM5 months ago


Let's go... The match between Morocco and Algeria kicks off.
1:52 PM5 months ago

Already in the field

Both teams, Morocco and Algeria, are already on the field and their respective national anthems are already being sung.
1:47 PM5 months ago

Minutes away

In a few minutes, the ball will be rolling to determine the last guest to the Arab Cup semifinals, will it be Morocco or Algeria?
1:42 PM5 months ago

Who does the winner go up against?

The winner of this game between Morocco and Algeria will face Qatar next Wednesday at 10pm (local time), 1pm Mexico time and 2pm Eastern time in the United States.

The other match will be between Tunisia and Egypt.

1:37 PM5 months ago

Algeria substitutes

1 Moustapha Zeghba

16 Abderrahmane Medjadel

2 Aimen Bouguerra

4 Djamel Benlamri

5 Mehdi Tahrat

21 Ayoub Abdellaoui

8 Amir Saâyoud

15 El Arbi Hillel Soudani

17 Zakaria Draoui

9 Baghdad Bounedjah

22 Zinedine Boutmène

1:32 PM5 months ago

Morocco substitutes

12 Abdelali Mhamdi

22 Mohamed Amsif

3 Achraf Dari

7 Hamza El Moussaoui

15 Soufiane Bouftini

6 Mohamed Ali Bemammer

10 Aymane El Hassouni

20 Mohamed Fouzair

21 Soufiane Rahimi

23 Driss Fettouhi

14 Karim El Berkaoui

1:27 PM5 months ago

XI Algeria

23 Raïs M'Bolhi, 3 Houcine Benayada, 19 Abdelkader Bedrane, 12 Mohamed Tougai, 20 Ilyes Chetti, 18 Houssem Eddine Mrezigue, 14 Sofiane Bendebka, 7 Tayeb Meziani, 11 Yacine Brahimi, 10 Youssef Belaïli, 13 Merouane Zerrouki.
1:22 PM5 months ago

XI Morocco

1 Anas Zniti, 19 Mohamed Chibi. 4 Marwane Saadane, 13 Badr Benoun, 16 Mohammed Nahiri. 8 Walid El Karti, 5 Yahya Jabrane, 18 Abdelilah Hafidi, 17 Achraf Bencharki, 9 Walid Azarou, 11 Ismail El Haddad.
1:17 PM5 months ago

Already warming up

The players of Morocco and Algeria are already on the field warming up before the start of the match.
1:12 PM5 months ago

Quarterfinals results

These are the results of the quarterfinals:

Tunisia 2-1 Oman

Qatar 5-0 UAE

Egypt 3-1 Jordan.

1:07 PM5 months ago

How does Algeria arrive?

Algeria finished second in the group after defeating Lebanon and Sudan in the first two rounds, but in the third round they drew with Egypt and by tie-breaker criteria they were stuck in second place.
1:02 PM5 months ago

How does Morocco arrive?

Morocco finished the group stage in perfect form after defeating Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Palestine, scoring 9 goals and allowing no goals in their own goal.
12:57 PM5 months ago


Morocco and Algeria define the last guest to the Arab Cup semifinals. We begin with coverage of the quarterfinal game from Qatar.
12:52 PM5 months ago

Tune in here Morocco vs Algeria Live Score in Arab Cup 2021

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Morocco vs Algeria match for the Arab Cup 2021.
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What time is Morocco vs Algeria match for Arab Cup?

This is the start time of the game Morocco vs Algeria of 11th December in several countries:

Argentina: 4:00 PM in FIFA TV

Bolivia: 3:00 PM in FIFA TV

Brazil: 4:00 PM in FIFA TV

Chile: 3:00 PM in FIFA TV

Colombia: 2:00 PM in FIFA TV

Ecuador: 2:00 PM in FIFA TV

USA (ET): 2:00 PM in FIFA TV

Spain: 8:00 PM in FIFA TV

Mexico: 1:00 PM in FIFA TV

Paraguay: 4:00 PM in FIFA TV

Peru: 2:00 PM in FIFA TV

Uruguay: 4:00 PM in FIFA TV

12:42 PM5 months ago

Last games

The last clash between these two nations took place last October 19, 2019 with Morocco winning 3-0 against Algeria, on that occasion the scorers were Badr Banoun, Hamid Ahaddad and Mohamed Nahiri.
12:37 PM5 months ago

Key player Algeria

One of the players who gives order to the defensive apparatus is Mohamed Tougai, who with his experience helped this team to concede only one goal in the group stage and, in addition, scored the goal with which they rescued the draw against Egypt.

12:32 PM5 months ago

Key player Morocco

In a tight game like the one against Saudi Arabia, Karim El Berkaoui stands out for having the gunpowder and is also a good penalty taker in case the game goes to the final whistle.

12:27 PM5 months ago

Last lineup Algeria

23 Raïs M'Bolhi, 3 Houcine Benayada, 12 Mohamed Tougai, 19 Abdelkader Bedrane, 20 Ilyes Chetti, 17 Zakaria Draoui, 14 Sofiane Bendebka, 7 Tayeb Meziani, 10 Youssef Belaïli, 11 Yacine Brahimi, 9 Baghdad Bounedjah.
12:22 PM5 months ago

Last lineup Morocco

12 Abdelali Mhamdi, 16 Mohammed Nahiri, 3 Achraf Dari, 15 Soufiane Bouftini, 7 Hamza El Moussaoui, 10 Aymane El Hassouni, 6 Mohamed Ali Bemammer, 23 Driss Fettouhi, 20 Mohamed Fouzair, 14 Karim El Berkaoui, 21 Soufiane.
12:17 PM5 months ago

Algeria: advance to the semifinals

By tiebreaker criteria, they finished second behind Egypt, but Algeria's group stage was very good with two victories against Sudan and Lebanon, in addition to the draw on the last day against the Pharaohs, making this matchup one of the most evenly matched in these quarterfinals of the Arab Cup 2021.
12:12 PM5 months ago

Morocco: in perfect form

Only two teams had a perfect start in the group stage and one of them was Morocco, which, despite missing some important elements, defeated Jordan and Palestine, while on the last matchday they won by the minimum against Saudi Arabia to be one of the top favorites to win this tournament.
12:07 PM5 months ago

The Kick-off

The Morocco vs Algeria match will be played at the Al Thumama Stadium, in Doha, Qatar. The kick-off is scheduled at 2:00 pm ET.
12:02 PM5 months ago

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