Goals and Highlights: Portland Timbers 1(2)-(4)1 NYCFC in MLS Cup


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Meeting ends

New York City FC wins its first MLS title by defeating Portland Timbers 2-4 on penalty kicks.
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Timbers: X-X-O-O


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Timbers: X-X-O-O


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Timbers: X-X-O


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Timbers: X-X-O


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Timbers: X-X


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Timbers: X-X


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Timbers: X


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Timbers: X


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Extra time is over and we go to penalties.
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Moreno tried to surprise the goalkeeper but his shot lacked force.
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Paredes shot inside the area and the goalkeeper flew to avoid the goal.
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Second overtime begins.
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The first overtime ends.
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The duel is hotly contested and there is still no clear winner.
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The first overtime begins.
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Regular time is over and we go to overtime.
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Goooooooooooool Portland! Mora gives you the equalizer in the final seconds.
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Portland change 
In: Valeri.
Out: Van Rankin.
6:19 PM5 months ago


Portland change 
Out: Asprilla
6:14 PM5 months ago


Mora was left alone in front of the goalkeeper but failed to make contact with the ball.
6:09 PM5 months ago


Van Rankin shoots at goal outside the area but the goalkeeper calmly controls. 
6:04 PM5 months ago


Y.Chará, shoots inside the area but the defense avoids the goal.
5:59 PM5 months ago


Portland Timbers were getting close to the goal but were offside.
5:54 PM5 months ago


Portland Timbers change:
In: Paredes, Moreno.
Out: Blanco, Fochive.
5:49 PM5 months ago


Yellow card on Van Rankin.
5:44 PM5 months ago


Rodriguez shoots from outside the area but the goalkeeper saves the ball without problem.
5:39 PM5 months ago


Free kick for NYCFC that passes very close to the goal. 
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The second half begins.
5:29 PM5 months ago


End of the first half.
5:24 PM5 months ago


Blanco shoots from outside the area and the ball passes near the post.
5:19 PM5 months ago


Castellanos gives the visitors the lead for NYCFC. 
5:14 PM5 months ago


Mora reached the area with clarity but the defense stole the ball easily. 
5:09 PM5 months ago


Timbers twice touches the door but the ball just goes out the side
5:04 PM5 months ago


Rodriguez attempts a shot outside the area but the defense blocks the ball.
4:59 PM5 months ago


Fochive fouls again.
4:54 PM5 months ago

Castellanos approaches the opponent's goal and the shot goes wide.
4:49 PM5 months ago

Foul on Castellanos in the midfield. 
4:44 PM5 months ago

Portland keeps the ball in the visitors' box.
4:39 PM5 months ago

The match begins.
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Curious fact

The trophy cannot be touched without the use of white gloves, only the champion team can touch the trophy.
4:29 PM5 months ago

Portland warms up its engines

Timbers is already on the field for warm-up.
4:24 PM5 months ago

New York City FC minutes away from kickoff

Talk prior to the grand final duel
4:19 PM5 months ago

New York City FC Starting 11

Callens, Castellanos, Chanot, Gray, Johnson, Medina Moralez, Rodríguez, Sands, Thorarinsson.
4:14 PM5 months ago

Portland Timbers Starting 11

#12 Clark, #2 Van Rankin, #33 Mabiala, #13 Zuparic, #5 Bravo, #20 Fochive, #21 Chará, #10 Blanco, #23 Chará, #27 Asprilla, #9 Mora.
4:09 PM5 months ago

The fans are already at the venue

Fans are already entering the stadium.
4:04 PM5 months ago

Rooney Delia New York City coach on the possibility of winning the title

"For me personally, winning this would be one of the biggest things I've ever accomplished because it's so hard to do it here. It's 28 teams competing at the same economic level. You have to make the most of what you have and it's a great honor if we can achieve that on Saturday."
3:59 PM5 months ago

Timbers coach Giovanni Savarese talks about the difficulties of the season

"We had great challenges in Portland, starting the season several times with so many away games and then the pandemic, even with all those obstacles, this has been the most difficult season," Savarese said. "I feel that way. proud of this group."
3:54 PM5 months ago

Ronny Delia on the road to NYCFC

"We're excited, of course," he said. "We've traveled well, we've prepared and we'll do everything in our power to win and take the trophy home to New York. That's our goal. I think it's not just been one week, it's been cup finals for two months, so I feel like it's just one more game in a long period and we're eight games undefeated. That's the good thing about this group; I think we've been very calm the whole time.
3:49 PM5 months ago

What is the name of the trophy?

The trophy is named after Philip F. Anschutz, co-founder of Major League Soccer and owner of several teams, including LA Galaxy, Chicago Fire, Colorado Rapids, Houston Dynamo, San Jose Earthquakes, DC United and New York/New Jersey Metrostars.
3:44 PM5 months ago

An expensive cup

The luxurious MLS trophy is forged primarily from sterling silver, the value of the MLS Cup trophy is $120,000. To the winning team, it is worth much more than money.
When the trophy is transported in the cities, it must go inside an armored truck for insurance requirements.
3:39 PM5 months ago

MLS Cup at a glance

There have been three different versions of the MLS Cup trophy, the first of which debuted in 1996. This current edition was first introduced in 2008 and includes design elements from the previous two trophies. In 2015, the front logo was updated to feature the league's new crest, making the Portland MLS Cup trophy the first to feature this new design element.
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Stay tuned to follow Portland Timbers vs New York City FC live on TV.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Portland Timbers vs New York City FC live, as well as the latest information from Providence Park. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage. 
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Where and how to watch Portland Timbers vs New York City FC live online

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Watch out for this New York City FC player

Valentin Castellanos, center forward born in Argentina has participated in 32 of 34 MLS games this season, has scored 19 goals this season an excellent number that makes him a super dangerous forward, the Portland defense will have to cut off all avenues to prevent him from scoring goals.
3:19 PM5 months ago

Watch out for this Portland Timbers player

Felipe Mora, Chilean center forward, is the Timbers' goal leader, has been a difference maker in the playoffs this season and reached 11 goals, so New York's defenders will have to keep him close to prevent him from doing what he does best. 
3:14 PM5 months ago

Latest New York City FC lineup

#1 Johnson, #12 Amundsen, #6 Callens, #4 Chanot, #24 Gray, #7 Morales, #16 Sands, #42 Rodríguez, #10 Morales, #19 Medina, #9 Heber.
3:09 PM5 months ago

Portland Timbers latest lineup

#12 Clark, #2 Van Rankin, #33 Mabiala, #13 Zuparic, #5 Bravo, #22 Paredes, #21 Chará, #44 Loria, #23 Chará, #30 Moreno, #9 Mora.
3:04 PM5 months ago


Portland Timbers vs New York City in the last three duels:
NYC 1-3 For 
NYC 0-1 For
By 3-0 NYC
2:59 PM5 months ago

Arbitration quartet

To be confirmed
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New York City FC for its first title

The team practically new to MLS reaches its first MLS Cup final, the New Yorkers had a similar path to their rival Portland, finishing fourth in their conference standings, for their first Playoffs match they faced Atlanta United, the match played at Yankee Stadium ended two-nil in favor of NYCFC, the goals came in the second half thanks to Callens and Castellanos, the conference semifinals match pitted the leader New England against NYCFC, the match ended tied at one goal and in overtime the teams scored one goal, The penalty shootout ended 5-3 in favor of New York City, after the surprising victory it was time to face the conference final against Philadelphia, the citizens found themselves at a disadvantage in 63rd minute, The Citizens found themselves behind in the 63rd minute, but were able to react in the 65th minute to tie the match and a couple of minutes from the end Magno scored the goal that gave them the pass to the final, the duel between Timbers and Citizens will be entertaining even in the final minutes as we have seen that New York City are experts in comebacks. 
New York City celebrating the conference championship/Image:NYCFC
New York City celebrating the conference championship/Image:NYCFC
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Timbers with a chance to celebrate with their fans

Portland Timbers closed the regular season with three consecutive wins prior to entering the Playoffs, positioned as fourth place they had to face the Minnesota team in the beginning of the Playoffs, in the match Minnesota was ahead on the scoreboard almost at the beginning of the duel, Near the end of the first half, Timbers equalized the score and went to the break, at the beginning of the second half, Sebastian Blanco, gave Portland the lead, after half an hour of the second half, Blanco scored the third goal, sealing his brace and the victory of Portland Timbers, which gave them the pass to the conference semifinals, in the conference semifinal they faced Colorado Rapids, leader of the Western conference, Timbers were not favorites, although Rapids dominated the match, Mabiala surprised in the 90th minute and gave Timbers the victory, the conference final was now against Real Salt Lake, the duel for the conference started very intense as Felipe Mora gave Timbers the lead in the 5th minute, Salt Lake sold hard the defeat and insisted with shots to the goal but none caused more danger, Moreno increased the advantage at 66 and thus closed their pass to the MLS final, Timbers will face NYCFC, in the MLS CUP that promises to be very entertaining. 
Portland ready for the final/Image:TimbersFC
Portland ready for the final/Image:TimbersFC
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To close the campaign on a high note

MLS has come to an end, after a long road the two best teams in the league will compete for the MLS Cup, despite not being favorites in the Playoffs, Portland Timbers and New York City FC, have left the favorites on the road and now prepare to show why they have come this far, the Portland team is positioned as the favorite since the final will be played at home, Providence Park, what is certain is that there will be a very disputed duel.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Portland Timbers vs New York City FC match, corresponding to the MLS CUP. The match will take place at Providence Park at 15:00.