Goals and Highlights: Tigres femenil 4-0 América femenil in Liga MX Femenil
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10:23 PMa month ago

How the goal that opened the scoring was scored

9:56 PMa month ago


Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the match between Tigres Femenil and América Femenil in the Liga MX Femenil. The felines are in the final.
9:55 PMa month ago

End game

Tigres femenil 4-0 America femenil.
9:55 PMa month ago


Add 3 more minutes.
9:50 PMa month ago

Goal Tigres 4-0

9:45 PMa month ago


Tigres changes

Elizondo and Martínez enter

Mayor and Sánchez leave

9:40 PMa month ago


Tigres women's goal

A corner kick was taken by María Sánchez to seal her brace and a place in the final.

9:35 PMa month ago


Cruz and Ovalle leave

Rangel and Solís enter

Tigres women's team changes.

9:30 PMa month ago


La Maga takes a long-range shot that goes wide.
9:25 PMa month ago


IN: Kiana Palacios

OUT: Eva González

Change of América Femenil.

9:20 PMa month ago

Goal Tigres 3-0

9:15 PMa month ago


Sierra leaves and Gutiérrez enters, a change for Tigres femenino.
9:10 PMa month ago

Goal Tigres 2-0

9:05 PMa month ago


Tigres goal.

A powerful shot from Sanchez and the felines are already on the scoreboard, securing their place in the final.

9:00 PMa month ago


Ovalle's shot to the far post and back when she was alone.
8:55 PMa month ago


Sierra, of Tigres femenino, has been cautioned.
8:50 PMa month ago


Tigres goal

Mayor's penalty kick leaves the goalkeeper static and increases the difference.

8:45 PMa month ago

Goal Tigres 1-0

8:40 PMa month ago


Penalty on Maria Sanchez.
8:35 PMa month ago


Sanchez's cross shot passes very close to the goal.
8:30 PMa month ago


Mayor brings it down with his chest and volleys a shot that goes wide.
8:25 PMa month ago


Tigres Goal

Mercado with a direct free kick into the corner to open the scoring 1-0.

8:20 PMa month ago


Sanchez's free kick is taken directly and goes over the goal.
8:15 PMa month ago


Farías takes a corner kick that goes just wide.
8:10 PMa month ago


Ovalle's shot from outside the area goes high.
8:05 PMa month ago


IN: Montse Hernández

OUT: Montse Saldivar

Change of América Femenil

8:00 PMa month ago


The second half begins between Tigres Femenil and América Femenil.
7:55 PMa month ago

Half time

Tigres femenil 0-0 América femenil
7:50 PMa month ago


Two more minutes are added.
7:45 PMa month ago


María Sánchez's shot is deflected and the ball ends up in the corner.
7:40 PMa month ago


They called for a penalty on Belén Cruz, but nothing was penalized inside the area.
7:35 PMa month ago


Ovalle's shot crosses Farías and the ball goes high.
7:30 PMa month ago


Cruz controls the ball inside the area and takes a shot that goes over the goalkeeper's goal.
7:25 PMa month ago


Ovalle's cross was deflected by Valera and the ball hit the crossbar.
7:20 PMa month ago


Lizbeth Ovalle has been cautioned.
7:15 PMa month ago


Ovalle's pass and Mayor's header, which fails in an incredible way and America is saved.
7:10 PMa month ago


Belén Cruz's shot from half distance goes high.
7:05 PMa month ago


Tigres' dominance is gradually beginning to fade because they have not been able to reach the goal with clarity.
7:00 PMa month ago

Near Maria Sanchez

6:55 PMa month ago


Maria Sanchez manages to tip the ball, but it goes just wide. Tigres femenino's pressure continues.
6:50 PMa month ago


Mayor's shot although she slips and the ball goes out without power to the goalkeeper.
6:45 PMa month ago


A service to the far post that Cruz manages to sweep in, but the ball goes wide.
6:40 PMa month ago


The match between Tigres Femenil and América Femenil begins.
6:35 PMa month ago

They jump into the field

Under the Liga MX Femenil ceremony, Tigres and América Femenil take the field.
6:30 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Tigres Femenil and América Femenil in the second leg of the Liga MX Femenil semifinal.
6:25 PMa month ago

She is back

Although she will be on the bench, Katty Martinez is back with the first team and could have minutes on the field today during the second half.
6:20 PMa month ago

America femenil substitutes

23 Natalia Acuña, 14 Mónica Rodríguez, 11 Dorian Hernández, 17 María Mauleón, 27 Mayra Pelayo-bernal, 7 Kiana Palacios, 20 Stephanie Ribeiro.
6:15 PMa month ago

Tigres femenil substitutes

20 Ofelia Solís, 13 Miriam García, 23 Jana Gutiérrez, 11 Lydia Rangel, 21 Stefany Ferrer, 31 Natalia Miramontes, 32 Carol Cázares, 5 María Elizondo, 10 Katty Martínez, 19 Bianca Solís.
6:10 PMa month ago

XI America femenil

1 Renata Masciarelli, 2 Jocelyn Orejel, 3 Selene Valera, 6 Janelly Orejel, 3 Selene Valera, 26 Karen Luna, 8 Betzy Cuevas, 13 Eva González, 18 Amanda Pérez, 19 Angelique Saldívar, 22 Sarah Lueberth, 10 Daniela Espinoza.
6:05 PMa month ago

XI Tigres femenil

1 Ceci Santiago, 3 Bianca Sierra, 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 14 Lizbeth Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral, 17 Natalia Villarreal, 18 Belén Cruz, 24 María Sánchez, 9 Sandra Mayor.
6:00 PMa month ago

Dressing room ready

This is what the América femenino dressing room looks like before the start of this game. They have not lost to Tigres this semester.

5:55 PMa month ago

Great reception

Tigres fans gathered outside the stadium to support their team and encourage them in their quest for a comeback that will take them to another final, with the mission of winning the three-time championship.
5:50 PMa month ago

Finishing the job

América Femenil is on the verge of completing the job, but will have to come away from the Volcán with a positive result to qualify for the final, which, if played, would be played in the first leg at the Estadio Azteca.
5:45 PMa month ago

Mental aspect

After being the best in the championship and the current two-time champions, Tigres lost for the first time in a long time and, tonight, they will have to win to stay alive, a situation that has never happened to them before and which will test their morale.
5:40 PMa month ago


The first finalist of the Liga MX Women's League will be defined when Tigres Women's vs. América Women's meet this Monday at the Estadio Universitario. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
5:35 PMa month ago

Tune in here Tigres femenil vs América femenil Live Score in Liga MX Femenil 2021

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Tigres femenil vs América femenil in Liga MX Femenil 2021.
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What time is Tigres femenil vs América femenil match for Liga MX Femenil?

This is the start time of the game Tigres femenil vs América femenil of 13th December in several countries:

Argentina: 10:00 PM

Bolivia: 9:00 PM

Brazil: 10:00 PM

Chile: 9:00 PM

Colombia: 8:00 PM

Ecuador: 8:00 PM

USA (ET): 8:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 2:00 AM

Mexico: 7:00 PM in TUDN and Afizzionados

Paraguay: 10:00 PM

Peru: 9:00 PM

Uruguay: 10:00 PM

5:25 PMa month ago

Last games

This will be the sixth time they have faced each other this year, with the felines winning twice and drawing twice, the only loss coming on Friday night when they lost at the Azteca Stadium.

América femenino 2-1 Tigres femenino, 2021

America Women's 1-1 Tigres Women's, 2021

Tigres Women's 2-0 América Women's, 2021

América Women's 0-4 Tigres Women's, 2021

America Women's team 2-2 Tigres Women's team, 2021

5:20 PMa month ago

Key player America femenil

Daniela Espinoza has matured after some previous experiences in direct elimination rounds and, in the first leg, she scored one of the winning goals and will be looking to continue this trend so that the Azulcrema club can reach the final.
Photo: Fútbol Total
Photo: Fútbol Total
5:15 PMa month ago

Key player Tigres femenil

Speed on the flanks will be key for the hosts and Maria Sanchez, a specialist in this area, will have to appear constantly. She will also have to appear with her mid-range shots to give Tigres a better chance of advancing to another Liga MX Women's final.
Photo: Récord
Photo: Récord
5:10 PMa month ago

Last Team America femenil

1 Renata Masciarelli, 2 Jocelyn Orejel, 14 Mónica Rodríguez, 6 Janelly Farías, 26 Karen Luna, 8 Betzy Cuevas, 13 Eva González, 18 Amanda Pérez, 19 Angelique Saldívar, 22 Sarah Luebbert, 10 Daniela Espinoza.
5:05 PMa month ago

Last Team Tigres femenil

20 Ofelia Solís, 3 Bianca Sierra, 4 Greta Espinoza, 11 Lydia Rangel, 15 Cristina Ferral, 7 Liliana Mercado, 14 Lizbeth Ovalle, 17 Natalia Villarreal, 24 María Sánchez, 9 Sandra Mayor, 18 Belén Cruz.
5:00 PMa month ago

América Femenil: the final

América Femenil managed to be the team that took away the unbeaten record of the two-time champions and now they will be looking to close the game on the road, on a field where they have not fared very well, although a win or draw is enough to advance to the next round.
4:55 PMa month ago

Tigres women's team: the comeback

Very few times have the Tigres gone behind in a playoff and now they will have to win by any score to advance to the next round. If the goal doesn't come, they will have to be patient and take care of their counterattacks, where they suffered a lot during the first 90 minutes.
4:50 PMa month ago

What do they need to advance?

It should be remembered that away goals are no longer valid in the league, which is why Tigres Femenil will only need to win by any score to advance; for América Femenil, a win or a draw will be enough to return to the fight for the championship.
4:45 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Tigres femenil vs América femenil match will be played at the Universitario Stadium, in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00 pm ET.
4:40 PMa month ago

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