Highlights and goals: Barcelona 1 (2) - 1 (4) Boca in Maradona Cup 2021
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2:34 PMa year ago


Our coverage of the FC Barcelona vs Boca Juniors match of the Maradona Cup 2021 comes to an end.

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2:08 PMa year ago

Guillem Jaime missed! Boca won!

He shot with power, but the ball went over the goal.
2:07 PMa year ago

GOOAL for Boca

Good shot by Molinas, unkillable for Neto. If Barcelona misses, Boca wins.
2:06 PMa year ago

Rossi saves!

Matheus Pereira's cross shot was well saved by Boca's goalkeeper.
2:05 PMa year ago

GOAL for Boca

Pavón's shot to the left post, Neto played to the right.
2:04 PMa year ago

GOOAL for Barcelona

Jutglà's shot was apparently saved by Rossi, but it went low and went in. 2-2.
2:04 PMa year ago

GOAL for Boca

Good shot by Izquierdoz at the top.
2:03 PMa year ago

GOAL for Barcelona

Dani Alves charged in slowly, but crossed the ball to the right with enough force for Rossi to miss.
2:02 PMa year ago

GOAL for Boca

First shot of the series converted by Marcos Rojo on the right.
1:57 PMa year ago

90+2' End of the match

The match ends. Barcelona and Boca have tied 1-1 after 90 minutes. We will have a penalty shootout to define the winner.
1:55 PMa year ago

90' Additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the match.
1:51 PMa year ago

86' Boca came close

Marcos Rojo's shot went wide.
1:45 PMa year ago

80' Final stretch of the match

Last ten minutes of the match. Barcelona was very different in this second half, less dominant, while Boca grew from the changes made by Battaglia.
1:46 PMa year ago

77' GOOOAL for Boca

A long ball to Frank Fabra, who then crossed the ball underneath the goal and Exequiel Zeballos scored in front of goal to tie the match.
1:40 PMa year ago

75' Boca came closer

Marcos Rojo's shot from a trolley that did not pose any danger to Neto.
1:42 PMa year ago

71' Boca came close

Molinas' cross was headed by Diego González and the ball went close.
1:41 PMa year ago

70' Boca came close

Aaron Molinas' shot went wide.
1:34 PMa year ago

69' Yellow card

Matheus Pereira was cautioned for Barcelona.
1:33 PMa year ago

68' Barcelona came closer

Jutglà's shot went just wide of the left post.
1:32 PMa year ago

67' Substitution in Barcelona

Guillem Jaime enters in place of Philippe Coutinho.
1:28 PMa year ago

62' Several substitutions in Boca

Diego González, Alan Varela, Eduardo Salvio, Cristian Pavón and Carlos Zambrano replace Agustín Almendra, Jorman Campuzano, Luis Vázquez, Sebastián Villa and Luis Advíncula.
1:27 PMa year ago

60' Double change for Barcelona

Mika Marmol and Matheus Pereira replace Eric García and Álvaro Sanz.
1:21 PMa year ago

56' Yellow card

Carlos Izquierdoz was cautioned for Boca.
1:20 PMa year ago

54' Barcelona had a chance!

The ball came to Ilia on the right, he entered the area and left Fabra's mark to shoot, but the ball went wide.
1:17 PMa year ago

50' GOOOAL for Barcelona

Good shot by Ferran Jutlgà inside the area after taking the ball that had been loose and put it almost to the angle of the left post.
1:10 PMa year ago

Second half begins

The second half gets underway.

There were changes in the teams... For Barcelona, Óscar Mingueza and Ilias Akomach came on in place of Clément Lenglet and Yusuf Demir.

Boca substituted Exequel Zeballos in place of Edwin Cardona.

12:53 PMa year ago

45+1' End of the first half

The first half of the match ends. Goalless draw so far between Barcelona and Boca Juniors.
12:51 PMa year ago

45' Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.
12:45 PMa year ago

40' Last minutes of the first half

Barcelona has been closer to the goal than Boca, but has not been effective. Xavi's team continues to come alive.
12:42 PMa year ago

36' Barcelona had a chance!

Good shot from Coutinho, but the ball went just wide of the right post.
12:40 PMa year ago

34' Barcelona came close

Sergiño Dest and Riqui Puig had a good one-two with Riqui Puig, who ended up shooting at the right post, but the ball went wide.
12:35 PMa year ago

30' Half an hour into the match

T he match does not have much intensity, at least in terms of the teams' intentions to look for goals. Barcelona is a very elaborate team and Boca, when they can, comes out with balls looking for their wingers.
12:34 PMa year ago

29' Boca came close

A long ball to Sebastián Villa, who entered the area and shot with his left foot, but the ball went wide.
12:32 PMa year ago

25' The tie continues

Boca has managed to balance the game for the most part, however, Barcelona continues to keep the ball most of the time looking for space.
12:25 PMa year ago

19' Barcelona came closer

Dani Alves's shot almost made it difficult for Rossi. In the end, the Boca goalkeeper sent the ball to the corner kick.
12:19 PMa year ago

13' Barcelona came close

Riqui Puig's shot that ended up in Rossi's hands.
12:16 PMa year ago

10' The score remains 0-0

The scoreboard remains unopened, with Barcelona insisting on creating chances.
12:13 PMa year ago

6' Barcelona came close

Riqui Puig came close to goal after a ball from midfield, but his shot went wide.
12:11 PMa year ago

5' First minutes

Boca tried to be the one to take the initiative, but Barcelona quickly took the field to prevent them from dominating.
12:05 PMa year ago

Match starts!

The match between Barcelona and Boca gets underway.
11:56 AMa year ago

Teams on the field

The Barcelona and Boca Juniors players take the field at Mrsool Park.
11:51 AMa year ago

Substitutes - Boca

13. Javier García (GK), 02. Lisandro López, 05. Carlos Zambrano, 11. Eduardo Salvio, 14. Esteban Rolón, 16. Aaron Molinas, 23. Diego González, 29. Norberto Briasco, 30. Exequiel Zeballos, 31. Cristian Pavón, 33. Alan Varela, 37. Agustín Sández.

11:50 AMa year ago

Starting XI - Boca

| 01. Agustín Rossi |
| 17. Luis Advíncula | 24. Carlos Izquierdoz | 06. Marcos Rojo | 18. Frank Fabra |
| 22. Sebastián Villa | 21. Jorman Campuzano | 32. Agustín Almendra | 20. Juan Ramírez |
| 08. Edwin Cardona |
| 38. Luis Vásquez |

Coach: Sebastián Battaglia

11:50 AMa year ago

Substitutes - Barcelona

26. Iñaki Peña (GK), 04. Ronald Araújo, 12. Aranu Comas, 16. Guillem Jaime, 19. Ilias Akhomach, 20. Matheus Pereira, 22. Óscar Mingueza, 25. Mika Màrmol, 28. Nico González, 30. Gavi.

11:50 AMa year ago

Starting XI - Barcelona

| 13. Neto |
| 08. Dani Alves | 24. Eric García | 15. Clément Lenglet | 18. Alejandro Baldé |
| 11. Yusuf Demir| 27. Álvaro Sanz | 06. Riqui Puig |
| 29. Ferran Jutlgà | 14. Philippe Coutinho | 02. Sergiño Dest |

Coach: Xavi Hernández

11:40 AMa year ago

Squad List - Boca

11:35 AMa year ago

Squad List - Barcelona

11:30 AMa year ago

Maradona's time at Barcelona

El Pelusa' arrived at the azulgrana team in 1982, after his first stint at Boca. The Argentine player had several health problems, however, he managed to win three titles: the Copa del Rey in 1982-83, plus the League Cup and the Spanish Super Cup, both in 1983.
11:25 AMa year ago

Diego Maradona, first in Boca

'El Diego' played for both teams, but the first shirt he wore was that of the xeneize, which he joined in 1981 and with which he won the first division title that year. His first cycle lasted until February 1982.

More than a decade passed before 'El Pelusa' returned to the team. In 1995 he returned after being suspended for a season and stayed until the end of the 97-98 season, when he announced his retirement.

11:20 AMa year ago

Welcome back!

We are ready to bring you the action of this match between Barcelona and Boca Juniors, in tribute to Diego Maradona.
11:15 AMa year ago

Tune in here FC Barcelona vs Boca Juniors Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Barcelona vs Boca Juniors live match, as well as the latest information from the Camp Nou. Do not miss a detail of the match live updates and commentaries of VAVEL coverage.
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What time is Barcelona vs Boca Juniors match for Maradona Cup?

This is the start time of the game FC Barcelona vs Boca Juniors of 14th December 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 2:00 PM on TNT Sports
Bolivia: 1:00 PM 
Brazil: 2:00 PM
Chile: 2:00 PM
Colombia: 12:00 PM
Ecuador: 12:00 PM
USA (ET): 12:00 PM
Spain: 7:00 PM on Barca TV
Mexico: 11:00 AM
Paraguay: 1:00 PM
Peru: 12:00 PM
Uruguay: 1:00 PM

11:00 AMa year ago

Key player - Boca

The presence of Cristian Pavón stands out in Boca. The 25-year-old striker is important thanks to his speed and his ability to solve offensive plays.

10:55 AMa year ago

Key player - Barcelona

In Barcelona, the presence of Dani Alves stands out. The 38-year-old Brazilian defender is back at Barcelona and will finally be able to play for the team again. It will be a special game for him, who hopes to shine in this match.

10:50 AMa year ago

History - Barcelona vs Boca

These two teams have met on 10 occasions. The statistics favor Boca, which has won five of those matches, while Barcelona has won four, resulting in a draw.

The first time they met was on August 18, 1928 at the Boca Juniors Stadium, which ended in a 2-1 victory for the Culé team.

10:45 AMa year ago

Boca to end the season with a win

The xeneizes arrives to this match with a high spirits, after winning the Copa Argentina and defeating Central Córdoba in the last round of the league, as well as celebrating the fan's day. The team coached by Sebastián Battaglia will be looking to end the year with a victory to pay tribute to one of their greatest idols.
10:40 AMa year ago

Barcelona, to show some recovery

These are not the best moments for the azulgrana team, which has just been eliminated from the UEFA Champions League and drawn against Osasuna in LaLiga. The team coached by Xavi Hernandez will face a new challenge, which beyond being a friendly, will have to play very seriously to regain confidence.

10:35 AMa year ago

The match will be played at Mrsool Park

The Barcelona vs Boca Juniors match will be played at Mrsool Park, located in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This venue, inaugurated in 2015, has a capacity for 25,000 spectators.
10:30 AMa year ago

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