Highlights: Indonesia 4-2 Singapore in AFF Suzuki Cup
Photo: AFF Suzuki Cup


11:13 AM5 months ago

Game stats

Indonesia x Singapore

Ball possession: 60% x 40%

Goal attempts: 35 x 15

Corner kicks: 15 x 3

Fouls: 27 x 15

Red cards: 0 x 3

Uncompleted passes: 86 x 92

11:09 AM5 months ago

Game over

Garudas in the finals! After an insane second half ending, Indonesia wins in overtime with three more players and now awaits the winner of Thailand x Vietnam.
11:07 AM5 months ago


Goalkeeper Sunny goes outside the penalty area and knocks down Jaya. He receives the third Singapore red card!
11:02 AM5 months ago

Aggregated score

Indonesia 5 x 3 Singapore
10:58 AM5 months ago

Defense gets rid of it

Sulaeman crosses free kick from the right into the penalty area and Indonesia's defense sends it away
10:55 AM5 months ago

Indonesia's substitution

Agung replaces Dewangga
10:54 AM5 months ago

Singapore changes

Salamat replaces Abdullah
10:51 AM5 months ago

End of the OT first half

And the second half already begun
10:50 AM5 months ago


After corner kick from the left, the ball bounces between the goalkeeper and a defenser from Singapore, and then appears freely to Maulana, that scores!
10:47 AM5 months ago

Additional time

One more minute
10:44 AM5 months ago

Sunny saves

Arhan attempts from long distance and Singapore's goalkeeper palms it away
10:42 AM5 months ago


The third goal for Indonesia was called as an own goal by Anuar
10:41 AM5 months ago

Singapore changes

Suzliman gets out, Nazari gets in
10:39 AM5 months ago

Singapore changes

Dimas replaces the injured Irianto, with pain on the shoulder
10:37 AM5 months ago


Jaya fights for the ball with a defender in the rebound after a save from Sunny and the ball slowly goes into the net. The goal goes Jaya himself.
10:32 AM5 months ago

And here we go again

First half of overtime begins
10:26 AM5 months ago


End of the second half. Indonesia 2 x 2 Singapore
10:23 AM5 months ago

Penalty missed!

Faris shoots in the left corner and Argawinata flies to deflect it to the goal line!
10:21 AM5 months ago


Arhan knocks down Singapode player in the penalty area!
10:20 AM5 months ago


Arhan gets the rebound after a shot from a teammate and sends it into the net! He appears to be in offside, but it isn't called.
10:16 AM5 months ago

Another yellow one

Anuar pushes opponent to the floor and gets the card
10:15 AM5 months ago

Yellow card

Arianto stops Singapore's counter-attack with a foul and receives the card
10:12 AM5 months ago

Last ten minutes

We're getting close to the end
10:11 AM5 months ago

Argawinata saves!

Indonesia's goalkeeper prevent the third Singapore goal, "flying" high in the middle of the goal, to dodge the ball through the goal line.
10:06 AM5 months ago


Sulaiman shoots a perfect free kick into the right upper angle of the goal! Singapore gets ahead with two players less than Indonesia!
10:02 AM5 months ago

Singapore changes

Ui-Young gets out for Adli's entrance
10:01 AM5 months ago

Indonesia substitutions

In: Maulana, Jaya and Baggott

Out: Kambuaya, Rumakiek and Ridho

9:59 AM5 months ago

Ejected from the game!

Singapore has another ejected player! Irfan Fandi gets the red card after committing a foul on Jaya, that just got in, as the last man of the defense.
9:54 AM5 months ago

Singapura changes

In: Ramli, Anuar and Ikhsan Fandi

Out: Nor, Syahin and Recha

9:53 AM5 months ago

Hits the high post!

Ramadhan gets the rebound after a corner, shoots strongly and the ball smashed against the high post!
9:49 AM5 months ago

Amy Recha

The forward gets free of the defense after a crossing from a free kick, attempts with the head, but it comes out weak, bounces on the floor and the goalkeeper gets it.
9:45 AM5 months ago

Indonesia substitution

Saghara replaces Walian
9:44 AM5 months ago

Great opportunity missed!

Bahar receives right in front of the goal by the right, passes inside to Walian that would have the goal empty to shoot, but he doesn't reach the ball
9:40 AM5 months ago


The full scoreboard is at 2-2 in the series right now. If it is been kept like that, we will go to overtime and then penaltys.
9:36 AM5 months ago

And we're back

Second half begins
9:25 AM5 months ago

First half stats

Indonesia x Singapore

Ball possession: 51% x 49%

Goal attempts: 10 x 4

Corner kicks: 6 x 1

Fouls: 7 x 10

Red cards: 0 x 1

Yellow cards: 0 x 2

Uncompleted passes: 32 x 36

9:21 AM5 months ago


Indonesia 1 x 1 Singapore
9:21 AM5 months ago


Ui-Young gets the rebound after a crossing in the penalty area and sends it to the goal!
9:19 AM5 months ago

Ejected from the game!

Baharudin gtets envolved in a confusion in the penalty area of the attack, gets the second yellow card and the red one!
9:16 AM5 months ago

Additional time

One more minute
9:15 AM5 months ago


After a good opportunity for Singapore getting palmed away by Argawinata, Recha gets the rebound, falls after a steal from an opponent and asks for a penalty. The referee keeps the game going.
9:09 AM5 months ago

Yellow card

Baharudin commits a foul in the defense field and receives the card
9:07 AM5 months ago


Singapore's player carries the ball near the penalty area's entrance, falls on the field after a fight for the ball with an opponent and asks for a foul. The referee doesn't call it.
9:04 AM5 months ago


Indonesia's midfielder attempts from long distance, the ball deflects in the defense and the goalkeeper gets it
9:00 AM5 months ago


The Garudas control the game so far and put pressure in search for the second goal
8:56 AM5 months ago


The game's referee is Kassem Matar Al Hatmi
8:55 AM5 months ago


Singapore's player commits foul on Irianto in the midfield and the referee calls his attention
8:52 AM5 months ago

Goal attempts

Indonesia 6 x 1 Singapore
8:48 AM5 months ago

Close one

Bahar steals the ball in the right wing, crosses to the penalty area and Kambuaya shoots with ball passing close to the high post.
8:45 AM5 months ago


Dewangga fights for the ball in a fast attack, passes to Walian - from the right of the penalty area to the inside, after the goalkeeper gets out - and the forward sends it to the empty goal!
8:40 AM5 months ago

Out by the goal line

Dewangga shoots from outside the penalty area, after a blocked shot from a teammate, and sends it by the left of the goal
8:26 AM5 months ago

Indonesia after first title

The Garudas were the runner-ups of the tournament five times until today (2000, 2002, 2004, 2010 and 2016). They still seek the unprecented title.
8:15 AM5 months ago


The combined score of the series is at 1 to 1. The two teams tied in Game 1 on December 22nd, with goals from Sulaeman for Indonesia and Ikhsan Fandi for Singapore.
8:06 AM5 months ago

Singapore's preparation

The Lions last days ahead of the game:


7:57 AM5 months ago

Indonesia's preparation

Checkout the Garuda's last training session before the game:


7:51 AM5 months ago

Starting line-ups

7:45 AM5 months ago

Good morning

Today, we will know the first finalist of the AFF Suzuki Cup. Indonesia or Singapore. Stay tuned.
11:17 PM5 months ago

Tune in here Indonesia vs Singapore Live Score

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11:07 PM5 months ago

What time is Indonesia-Singapore match for AFF Suzuki Cup?

This is the start time of the game Indonesia vs Singapore on December 25nd, 2021, in several countries:

Argentina: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Bolivia: 8:30 AM in Youtube
Brazil: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Chile: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Colombia: 7:30 AM in Youtube
Ecuador: 7:30 AM in Youtube

Indonesia: 7:30 PM in RCTI / RCTI+
USA (ET): 7:30 AM in Youtube
Spain: 13:30 PM in Youtube
Mexico: 6:30 AM in Youtube
Paraguay: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Peru: 7:30 AM in Youtube

Singapore: 8:30 PM in meWatch

Uruguay: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Venezuela: 8:30 AM in Youtube

11:02 PM5 months ago

Indonesia vs Singapore Prediction

The only advantage one team had on the other was considering the previous stage, in which Indonesia advanced as Grupo B leader and Singapore came out in second in Group A.

Despite of that, the two teams tied in the first game of this semi-finals series, so anything can happen today.

10:57 PM5 months ago

Key player of Singapore:Ikhsan Fandi

The Lions will rely a lot on Fandi today. He has three goals up top now in the event (second best alongside Jaya from Indonesia) and 14 goal attempts - second best mark of the tournament, only behind Teerasil Dangda from Thailand and Nguyen Quang Hai from Vietnam, with 20 each.
10:52 PM5 months ago

Key player of Indonesia:Irfan Jaya

The forward is one of the biggest tools for the Garudas to try to get the finale. He has three goals in the tournament (second best alongside Ikhsan Fandi from Singapore) and 11 goal attempts (highest of the team).
10:47 PM5 months ago

Who will referee the game?

This information is yet to be revealed by the tournament's organization. We will update it as soon as it gets out.
10:42 PM5 months ago

Singapore roster news

The Lions don't have unavailable players for the match, as well.
10:37 PM5 months ago

Indonesia report

The indonesians have no roster setbacks prior to the game. Tae-Yong Shin will have the whole team available, including Ramai Rumakiek, that comes back after missing Game 1 of the series
10:32 PM5 months ago

Game 1

In the first game of this semi-finals series, on December 22th, Singapore and Indonesia tied in 1 to 1. Sulaeman scored for the Garudas and Ikhsan Fandi for the Lions.

Therefore, the spot in the finals will definitely be decided today.

10:27 PM5 months ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the AFF Suzuki Cup match: Indonesia vs Singapore Live Updates!

My name is Gustavo Cipriano and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL…

This one will be the Game 2 for the semi-finals series between the Indonesia and Singapore.