Highlights: Thailand 0-0 Vietnam in AFF Suzuki Cup
Photo: AFF Suzuki Cup


10:32 AM5 months ago

Game stats

Thailand x Vietnam

Ball possession: 56% x 44%

Goal attempts: 6 x 14

Corner kicks: 2 x 6

Fouls: 14 x 19

Yellow cards: 2 x 2

Uncompleted passes: 112 x 113

10:28 AM5 months ago

Game over

Thailand advances to the finals after a draw with no goals, given the aggregated score! The first game had a score of 2 to 0 in their favor. They will play for the title against Indonesia on December 29th and January 1st.
10:24 AM5 months ago

Additional time

Four more minutes
10:24 AM5 months ago

Yellow card

Tien Linh receives the card after trying a bicycle kick and hitting Bihr in the face
10:21 AM5 months ago


Thailand's player attempts from long distance and sends it over the goal
10:18 AM5 months ago

Thailand's substitution

Chaided replaces Dangda
10:17 AM5 months ago

Vietnam changes

In: Van Xuan and Xuan Manh

Out: Ho Tan Tai and Tuan Anh

10:15 AM5 months ago

Ball possession

Thailand 58% x 42% Vietnam
10:13 AM5 months ago

Last ten minutes

Thailand is close to advance to the finals with the aggregated score of 2 to 0
10:11 AM5 months ago

Lost it

Songkrasin advances fast by the left, but loses control of the ball and Vietnam's defense gets it
10:07 AM5 months ago

Vietnam's substitution confirmation

Nguyen Van Toàn I replaces Nguyen Phong Hong Duy
10:05 AM5 months ago

Vietnam changes

Tuan Anh replaces Van Duc
10:04 AM5 months ago

Thailand's substitution

Sarach Yooyen gets out for Pokklaw Anan's entrance
10:02 AM5 months ago


Thailand's player remains on the floor for a bit after receiving a foul, but gets back to the game
9:58 AM5 months ago

Van Duc

The midfielder attempts twice from within the goal area: one hits on the defense and the other goes to the goalkeeper's hand.
9:53 AM5 months ago

Yellow Card

Theerathon receives the card after a foul on Quang Hai. In case Thailand advances to the finals, he will miss the first game.
9:51 AM5 months ago


Ho Tan Tai receives in the attack field and the referees call his position as irregular
9:49 AM5 months ago


Hoang Duc knocks down Songkrasin to stop Thailand's counter-attack
9:43 AM5 months ago

Yellow card

Tien Dung recebe o amarelo após falta cometida
9:42 AM5 months ago

Thailand changes

In: Dolah and Suengchitthawon

Out: Charoenrattanapirom and Puangchan

9:40 AM5 months ago

Vietnam's substitution

Cong Phuong replaces Duc Chinh
9:38 AM5 months ago

Second half begins

Last 45 minutes, unless the aggregated score is tied by the end
9:25 AM5 months ago

First half stats

Thailand x Vietnam

Ball possession: 59% x 41%

Goal attempts: 3 x 7

Corner kicks: 2 x 5

Fouls: 4 x 5

Yellow cards: 1 x 0

Uncompleted passes: 50 x 52

9:22 AM5 months ago


Thailand 0 x 0 Vietnam
9:20 AM5 months ago

Out by the goal line

Quang Hai attempts from long distance and sends it over the goal
9:19 AM5 months ago

Duc Chinh

Vietnam's player remains for a bit on the floor after fighting for the ball with Narubadin, but he gets up quickly
9:15 AM5 months ago

Additional time

Six more minutes in the first half
9:15 AM5 months ago

Close one!

Ho Tan Tai gets free in the penalty area after a corner kick from the left, attempts with the head and the ball goes away by the goal line very near to the left post!
9:10 AM5 months ago

Defense gets rid of it

Dangda switch fast passes with Charoenrattanapirom, but Vietnam's defense get ahead to send it to the sideline
9:06 AM5 months ago

Yellow Card

Puangchan knocks Van Duc down and receives the card
9:04 AM5 months ago

Thailand changes

Goalkeeper Budprom falls on the floor again with pain in the legs and is replaced by Siwarak.
9:00 AM5 months ago


Thailand's goalkeeper gets out of the penalty area to fight for the ball and send it to the sideline. He remains on the floor for a while, but comes back for the game.
8:57 AM5 months ago

Over the goal

Quang Hai attempts from long distance, after a great dispute for the ball right outside Thailand's penalty area, and sends it away by the goal line
8:53 AM5 months ago

Duc Chinh

Thailand's player also gets down on the floor and calls for a medical. He is already back in the game as well.
8:51 AM5 months ago


Player receives a medical treatment, but is already back in the game
8:48 AM5 months ago


Songkrasin receives ahead of Vietnam defense, but is saw in irregular position
8:46 AM5 months ago


Dangda receives in the goal area, after a cross from the left, shoots weakly and the ball goes to the goalkeeper's hand
8:42 AM5 months ago

Vietnam pressuring up

Behind on the aggregated scoreboard, the current champions keep the pressure on the attack field, seeking the first goal
8:38 AM5 months ago


The referee for this game is Ahmad Ibrahim
8:37 AM5 months ago


Phong Hong Duy falls on the floor inside Thailand's penalty area after fighting for the ball with the defense and asks for a foul. The referee keeps the game going.
8:35 AM5 months ago

Far too long

Vietnam's defense try a direct long pass to Duc Chinh in the attack, but it comes out too strong and the goalkeeper gets it
8:30 AM5 months ago

Here we go

The game begins
8:28 AM5 months ago


10k people present in the national stadium, in Singapore. Restriction applied because of Covid-19 protocols
8:26 AM5 months ago

National Anthems

The two countries' national anthems are played
8:23 AM5 months ago

Starting line-ups on the field

The game will begin shortly
8:23 AM5 months ago

Vietnam's preparation

Checkout how the last practice sessions of Vietnam were:


8:16 AM5 months ago

Thailand's preparation

Checkout how the last days of practice were for the team that holds the advantage in the aggregated score (2-0).


8:09 AM5 months ago

In seek for another one

Thailand already won the tournament five times: 1996, 2000, 2002, 2014 e 2016.

While Vietnam, are the current champions, having won twice before, in 2008 and 2018.

8:00 AM5 months ago

Starting line-ups

7:55 AM5 months ago

Live stream

It's important to mention that the official live stream of the game, via the link below, only begins at the exact starting time of the match, with the teams already on the field. There's no 'pre-game' there.


7:45 AM5 months ago

Good morning

We are momments away from the game. Stay tuned.
6:39 PM5 months ago

Tune in here Thailand vs Vietnam Live Score

The game begins at 7:30 AM (ET). Do not miss a detail of the match Thailand - Vietnam live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.

It will be streamed via the link below:


6:34 PM5 months ago

How to watch Thailand - Vietnam Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to directly stream it: Youtube.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

6:29 PM5 months ago

What time is Thailand-Vietnam match for AFF Suzuki Cup?

This is the start time of the game Thailand vs Vietnam on December 26nd, 2021, in several countries:

Argentina: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Bolivia: 8:30 AM in Youtube
Brazil: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Chile: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Colombia: 7:30 AM in Youtube
Ecuador: 7:30 AM in Youtube
USA (ET): 7:30 AM in Youtube
Spain: 13:30 PM in Youtube
Mexico: 6:30 AM in Youtube
Paraguay: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Peru: 7:30 AM in Youtube

Singapore: 8:30 PM in meWatch

Thailand: 7:30 PM in BBTV Channel 7 / Bugaboo TV / AIS PLAY

Uruguay: 9:30 AM in Youtube
Venezuela: 8:30 AM in Youtube

Vietnam: 7:30 PM in Sports+, VTV6, VTV Go, VTVcab ON, VTV5

6:24 PM5 months ago

Stats on the tournament

Thailand x Vietnam

Goals: 12 x 9

Goal attempts: 38 x 19

Assists: 8 x 9

Goals conceded: 1 x 2

Fouls: 69 x 69

Yellow cards: 9 x 6

6:19 PM5 months ago

Key player of Vietnam: Nguyen Quang Hai

Even with the defeat, Quang Hai was a highlight on the vietnameses side on Game 2. He controlled the rhytm of most of the team's attacks.

The midfielder is the runner-up in goal attempts in the tournament, with 19, only behind Dangda from Vietnam, that has 20, as said before.

6:14 PM5 months ago

Key player of Thailand: Teerasil Dangda

The forward is one the main weapons of the "War Elephants". He is the leading scorer of the tournament, with four goals, alongside Safawi Rasid from Malaysia and Bienvenido Marañon from Philippines.

Beyond that, he also leads the competition in goal attempts, with 20.

6:09 PM5 months ago

Who will referee the game?

This information is yet to be revealed by the tournament. We will update it as soon as it gets out.
6:04 PM5 months ago

Rosters news

None of the teams have unavailable players for today. Coaches Park Hang-Seo and Alexandre Polking have "full power" on their hands.
5:59 PM5 months ago

Game 1

In the first game of the series, Thailand won by 2 to 0 and opened ahead in the aggregated scoreboard. Today, they advance to the finale with a win, a tie or even a lost by one goal of difference.

Songkrasin scored the two goals that day.

5:54 PM5 months ago

The match will be played at the National Stadium

The Thailand vs Vietnam match will be played at the National Stadium, in Singapure, with a capacity of 55,000 people. All games of the tournament this year are being held there, because of Covid-19 health and safety protocols.
5:49 PM5 months ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the AFF Suzuki Cup match: Thailand vs Vietnam Live Updates!

My name is Gustavo Cipriano and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL…

This one will be the Game 2 of the semi-final series between the two teams.