Goals and Highlights: Juarez 2-1 Necaxa in Liga MX 2022
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The match ends from the border, with a double from Diego Rolán and a goal from Zendejas, the Bravos of Juárez beat Necaxa in the first match of this first soccer Friday of the year. 

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Oliveros' shot goes over the crossbar, Necaxa continues to look for the equalizer and continues without giving up, while Juárez looks to score the decisive goal on a counterattack.
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THE ONE THE GOALKEEPER SAVED! Jimmy Gomez had a great play, but the goalkeeper made a great save and sent the ball for a corner kick.
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Diego Rolán comes off and Jimmy Gómez comes on to freshen up the FC Juárez forward line.
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Dangerous free kick for the Bravos that ends in a shot by Ventura that is received by Edgar Hernandez to take the ball.
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GOODBYE TO LUIS MALAGON! The goalkeeper gets the red card after insulting the referee.
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GOAL BY ZENDEJAS! GOAL FOR THE RAYS! Good shot by Zendejas that is deflected by Alvarado and ties the score.
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Juarez vs Necaxa second half begins, the home team is still on top at the moment.
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At the end of the first half at the border, the Bravos are up on the scoreboard after scoring a goal in the locker room. 
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Gonzáles saves! Araos sent a cross shot after having taken the mark by speed, but the goalkeeper came out and made a great save.
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Araujo made his appearance and the Andean player tried to get a shot to the near post of Hugo Gonzáles, who could do nothing but watch the ball hit the crossbar.
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Dieter Villalpando is cautioned
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The match has frozen, FC Juárez is trying to hold the ball while Necaxa is looking to find a way to score the equalizer.
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VAR. The VAR calls Luis Enrique Santader and after analyzing the play he changes the card, Ventura is saved and only gets the yellow card. 
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TO THE LOCKER ROOM. Ventura Alvarado sweeps Maximiliano Olvera in an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and is shown the red card.
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Escoboza's cross was looking for Maximiliano Olivera, but the local defense neutralized the attack in a great way.
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This is how the goal was scored in favor of Bravos de Juárez
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GOOOOOOOOOL FOR BRAVOS! GOAL BY ROLÁN! Gabriel Fernández dribbles down the right flank and sends a cross to Diego Rolán, who pushes the ball in and puts the Bravos ahead on the scoreboard.
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The match between Bravos de Juárez and Rayos del Necaxa kicks off. Both clubs are playing their first match of the tournament and will be looking for the first joy of the remaining 16 matchdays. 
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In a couple of minutes we will start with the FC Juárez vs Necaxa; match corresponding to Day 1 of the Mexican first division championship. 
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Alejandro Zendejas can still leave the Aguascalientes team despite being active today against FC Juárez, as the regulations allow a player to play for two clubs in this tournament, and negotiations continue between the Mexican and América. 
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The U-20 and U-18 teams of the Rayos del Necaxa were unable to arrive at the border due to the cancellation of Aeromexico flights and the matches with Bravos will be postponed, informed FC Juarez this morning.
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Like their similar team, the Necaxa squad missed out on the playoffs and the Liguilla in the previous tournament. Despite fighting until the final stages, the team coached by Pablo Guede did not manage to reach the playoffs and ended the tournament in 16th place overall, curiously, they had the same points as the last qualified team, however, the goal difference worked against the Aguascalientes team this time.
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The Bravos of FC Juárez arrive at this first match of the Clausura 2022 with the obligation to get the result at home and accompanied by their fans, after the bad taste left in their mouths in the Apertura 2021, the team coached by Tuca Ferretti failed to qualify for the playoffs of the Mexican league, They were eliminated in the regular phase, and also left the tournament with a hard and tasteless 3-0 defeat against Tigres, so they will now seek to make amends for the team's poor performance and be the surprise of the last half of the season.
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This is the first starting eleven that Pablo Guede sends to the field with the objective of getting the first three points of the tournament away from home. 

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Has not won in 9 of its last 10 games in Primera Division. Clausura.
Has not won (in regular time) in 9 of its last 10 games in Primera Division. Clausura.
Has scored in the 2nd half in 6 of their last 7 Primera Division matches. Clausura.
Has conceded in 9 of its last 10 Primera Division matches. Clausura.
Has conceded (in regular time) in 9 of its last 10 First Division matches. Clausura.
Has conceded in the 1st half in 8 of its last 9 away matches in Primera Division. Clausura.
Have conceded in the 2nd half in 8 of their last 9 away matches in Primera Division. Clausura.
There have been more than 1.5 goals scored (in regular time) in 8 of their last 9 away matches in Primera Division. Clausura.
There have been fewer than 2.5 goals scored (in regular time) in each of their last 19 straight Primera Division games. Clausura.
Has scored less than 1.5 goals in 14 of its last 15 away games.
Has scored fewer than 1.5 goals (in regular time) in 5 of its last 6 away games in Primera Division. Clausura.
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This is Tuca Ferretti's starting lineup for his debut in the Clausura 2022. 

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  1. They have tied the 1st half in 6 of their last 7 games in Primera Division. Clausura.
  2. Has conceded in 10 of its last 11 games in Primera Division. Clausura.
  3. Have conceded (in regular time) in 10 of their last 11 Primera Division games. Clausura.
  4. Has conceded in the 2nd half in 10 of its last 11 First Division matches. Clausura.
  5. There have been fewer than 3.5 goals scored (in regular time) in 8 of their last 9 Primera Division games. Clausura.
  6. Has scored less than 2.5 goals (in regular time) in 54 of its last 55 games.
  7. Has scored less than 1.5 goals in 8 of its last 9 games.
  8. Has scored less than 1.5 goals (in regular time) in 8 of its last 9 games.
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The last head-to-head meeting between the clubs took place on August 22, 2021 and the match ended with the score 1-0. If we look at the full head-to-head history, it indicates 5 games. In which Juarez came out victorious on 2 occasions, while Necaxa club won on 2 occasions, in 1 games the teams could not identify the stronger one and the matches ended in a draw. The statistics of goals scored and goals conceded show the following: 3-3. For a complete analysis, it is necessary to see the current form of the teams.
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The temperature for this game is reported to be approximately 2° Celsius, so it will be cold for this first game. 
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The Bravos of Ciudad Juárez arrived at the Estadio Olímpico in search of their first three points of the tournament. Today, a new era begins for FC Juárez. 
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The wait is over, today kicks off the first Botanero Friday of the year and of the Clausura 2022 Tournament with the duel between FC Juárez and the Rayos del Necaxa. Both teams are in need of points after disappointing last season, so we will see a duel where they will fight for all three points at the beginning of the championship. 
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What time is FC Juarez vs Necaxa match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game FC Juarez vs Necaxa of 7th January in several countries:

Argentina: 22:00 PM

Bolivia: 21:00 PM

Brazil: 22:00 PM

Chile: 21:00 PM

Colombia: 20:00 PM

Ecuador: 20:00 PM

USA (ET): 20:00 PM in TUDN USA

Spain: 3:00 AM

Mexico: 20:00 PM

Paraguay: 20:00 PM

Peru: 21:00 PM

Uruguay: 22:00 PM

Venezuela: 20:00 PM

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Watch out for this Necaxa player:

For this match, Chilean Nico Castillo will be the player to watch. Nico Castillo has not seen regular action in Liga MX since the Clausura 2019 when he played for América and suffered an injury that almost took his life. Now, having overcome it like a true warrior and looking for revenge, Nico Castillo could return to his best form with the Rayos del Necaxa and debut with a goal in this first duel against FC Juárez. 

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Watch out for this FC Juárez player:

He is one of the players with the highest hierarchy in the Bravos squad, Jefferson Intriago counted last tournament with 13 games played out of 17 in the Juárez squad, also, he scored in two opportunities and assisted only once, also, he accumulated 3 yellow cards throughout the whole tournament; all this achieved in a total of 1,079 minutes played in the field. Juarez's current pivot will be the player to watch for this match and could tip the balance at any moment for his team to debut with the right foot at the beginning of the championship.

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Last Necaxa lineup:

L. Malagon; R. Sandoval, L. Quintana, F. Formiliano, J. González; F. Meza; M. Salas, A. Zendejas, F. González, A. Medina; R. Aguirre.
7:24 PM4 months ago

FC Juárez's last lineup:

H. González; M. Olivera, A. Mora, P. García, V. Velázquez, J. Gómez; F. Castillo, J. Esquivel, J. Intriago; G. Fernández, P. Raúl.
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About The Stadium

The Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez is a multi-purpose stadium located in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. It has a capacity for 19,703 people. It is located in the El Chamizal area. It is mostly used for soccer matches, concerts and is the home stadium of FC Juárez and Indios de la UACJ. It is owned by the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez.
It was built in October 1980 and inaugurated on May 12, 1981 with a soccer game between the Mexican National Soccer Team and Atletico Madrid, which tied at zero goals. It was loaned by the State Government to the UACJ in 1986.
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Bravos de Juárez and Rayos del Necaxa have faced each other on a total of 9 occasions (2 wins for FC Juárez, 1 draw and 6 wins for Necaxa) in which the scales have been tipped in favor of the visitors. Likewise, in the history of goals scored, it is Necaxa's shield who has the advantage, scoring 10 goals against the border team, while the locals have only scored on 4 occasions. Their last meeting dates back to Day 6 of the Apertura 2021 Tournament, when the Rayos defeated the Bravos de Juárez by the slightest of margins at the Estadio Victoria.
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For this match, Luis Enrique Santander will be the central referee, accompanied by assistants Enrique Issac Bustos and César Arturo Cerritos, and Ismael Rosario Lopez will be the fourth official. The VAR will be manned by Erik Yair Miran and Víctor Alfonso Cáceres to check any questionable play.  
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A new chapter for the Rayos

The Rayos del Necaxa will be looking to have a better tournament than the last one, as they left a bitter taste in the loyal Rayos fans after finishing the Apertura 2021 in the fourteenth position with 20 points, being only two places away from entering the Reclassification phase, also, they accumulated a total of 6 wins, 2 ties and 9 defeats, also, they averaged a total of 16 goals in favor and 22 goals against to leave a goal difference of -6 according to their rivals. With the incorporation of Nico Castillo, Dieter Villalpando, Ulises Cardona, Jorge Valdivia and Ángelo Araos, the team coached by Prof. Pablo Guede will be looking to bring joy to the Rayos fans in this Clausura 2022 Tournament.
6:59 PM4 months ago

To make home advantage count

With Tuca Ferretti still at the helm of the Bravos de Juárez, the border squad will be looking to spring a surprise in this tournament and make amends for the mistakes made in the Apertura 2021. Last Tournament, the border squad finished the regular phase in 16th place in the general table with only 16 points, the result of 4 wins, 4 ties and 9 defeats. They also averaged a total of 14 goals for and 25 goals against, leaving them with a goal difference of -11. With these results, the Bravos failed to qualify for the playoffs and thus ended their participation in the competition. Now, they will open the tournament on the field of the Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez, accompanied by their fans and against Nexaca, a team that finished the tournament without qualifying for the final phase and that will also be looking to show a different style of soccer to that of the previous tournament.
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A new adventure begins

The Apertura 2021 is over, the Clausura 2022 starts in Liga MX and with it begins a long road of 17 rounds for all the teams in search of qualifying for the Liguilla or Playoffs of Mexican Soccer and thus have the opportunity to fight for the coveted title that will accredit them as champions of Mexican football. For FC Juárez and Necaxa, this will be an opportunity to take away the bad taste in their fans' mouths after what happened in the previous tournament, as both teams did not qualify for the playoffs, being eliminated in the regular phase of the competition and leaving their fans without excitement for the most heart-pounding part of the first half of the season. Now, with new reinforcements, new objectives and a fresh start, they will be looking to make a splash and be considered as candidates for the title of the current tournament, but to do so, they will have to win their presentation match of this Clausura 2022 this Friday on border soil.
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Kick-off time

The FC Juarez vs Necaxa match will be played at The Olympic Stadium, in Juárez, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:00 pm ET.
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