Highlights and Best Moments: Monterrey 0-0 Queretaro in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Monterrey vs Querétaro Liga MX Date 1 telecast.
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End game

Monterrey 0-0 Querétaro.
10:58 PM5 months ago


Sepúlveda saves a shot inside the six-yard box to prevent the first goal.
10:53 PM5 months ago


Add 4 more minutes.
10:48 PM5 months ago


Monterrey wasted a counterattack with a bad shot by Aguirre.
10:43 PM5 months ago


Rogelio Funes Mori is cautioned.
10:38 PM5 months ago


Funes Mori's half turn is saved by Aguerre.
10:33 PM5 months ago


Gonzalez, Sepulveda and Mendoza are in.

Sequeira, Barrera and Escamilla leave.

Querétaro changes.

10:28 PM5 months ago


González's shot that Aguerre saves again.
10:23 PM5 months ago


Medina and Ortiz

Kranevitter and Vergara come out.

Monterrey changes.

10:18 PM5 months ago


Enter: Montero and Vera

Leaving: Bautista and Hernandez

Querétaro Changes

10:13 PM5 months ago


Gonzalez's free kick goes over the wall and hits the outside of the post.
10:08 PM5 months ago


Enter: Funes Mori and Gallardo

Out: Janssen and Campbell

Monterrey changes.

10:03 PM5 months ago


Janssen's header, which had a goal to it, was saved again by Aguerre.
9:58 PM5 months ago


Campbell's cross is headed over the goal by Janssen.
9:53 PM5 months ago


Bautista's shot was saved by Andrada and, seconds later, Meza was cautioned.
9:48 PM5 months ago


Bautista's shot was saved by Andrada and, seconds later, Meza was cautioned.
9:43 PM5 months ago


The second half begins between Monterrey and Querétaro. There are no changes.
9:38 PM5 months ago

Half time

Monterrey 0-0 Queretaro.
9:33 PM5 months ago


Campbell's set-piece service is blocked by the goalkeeper.
9:28 PM5 months ago


Add 6 more minutes.
9:23 PM5 months ago


Dangerous service inside the six-yard box, but the Queretaro defense manages to clear it.
9:18 PM5 months ago


Janssen's half-volley from outside the box is rebounded by the goalkeeper, but does not go wide.
9:13 PM5 months ago


Duván Zapata entered the area, but his attempt was not strong enough and was rejected by the defense.
9:08 PM5 months ago


The VAR changes the decision and indicates that the defender touched the ball and there is no penalty.
9:03 PM5 months ago


Janssen is pushed inside the area and the referee awards a penalty kick.
8:58 PM5 months ago


Erick Aguirre's shot from half distance goes high.
8:53 PM5 months ago


A counter-attack by the visitors that Leonardo Sequeira crosses very well.
8:48 PM5 months ago


Moreno's shot on a cross to the far post goes wide.
8:43 PM5 months ago


César Montes' header from a corner kick goes wide.
8:38 PM5 months ago


Strong foul on Janssen that is already sanctioned by the referee.
8:33 PM5 months ago


From just outside the box, Pablo Barrera's mid-range shot hit the defensive wall.
8:28 PM5 months ago


The match between Rayados de Monterrey and Gallos Blancos del Queretaro kicks off.
8:23 PM5 months ago

Enter the field

Under the Liga MX anthem, Monterrey and Querétaro take the field.
8:18 PM5 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kick-off at BBVA Stadium between Rayados de Monterrey and Gallos Blancos del Queretaro.
8:13 PM5 months ago

Gallos Jump

Queretaro took to the field just before the start of the Clausura 2022 season.
8:08 PM5 months ago


Both Luis Romo and Rodolfo Pizarro were confirmed this week as reinforcements for Rayados de Monterrey for the Club World Cup, however, neither of them are on the bench and their debut will have to wait several more days.
8:03 PM5 months ago

Queretaro substitutes

13 Antonio Rodríguez

16 Raúl Damián Torres

17 Erik Vera

15 Ángel Sepúlveda

10 Jefferson Montero

14 Jorge Hernández

25 Daniel Cervantes

2 Omar Mendoza

6 Jonathan González

11 Fidel Martínez

7:58 PM5 months ago

Monterrey substitutes

60 William Mejía

33 Stefan Medina

43 Alan Montes Castro

6 Edson Gutiérrez

22 Luis Cárdenas

16 Celso Ortiz

7 Rogelio Funes Mori

17 Jesús Gallardo

27 Daniel Parra

19 José Alvarado

7:53 PM5 months ago

XI Queretao

1 Washington Aguerre, 26 Maximiliano Perg, 22 Enzo Martínez, 4 Arelibetsiel Hernandez, 33 Juan Pablo Meza, 35 Kevin Balanta, 5 Kevin Escamilla, 7 Leonardo Sequeira, 18 Pablo Barrera, 9 Jonathan Dos Santos, 8 Juan Batista Romagnoli.
7:48 PM5 months ago

XI Rayados Monterrey

1 Esteban Andrada, 15 Héctor Moreno, 3 César Montes, 20 Sebastián Vegas, 14 Érick Aguirre, 8 Joel Campbell, 21 Alfonso González, 5 Matías Kranevitter, 9 Vincent Janssen, 10 Duván Vergara, 11 Maximiliano Meza.
7:43 PM5 months ago

There is support

Despite being visitors in a city far from their stadium, the fans of the Querétaro Roosters are present to cheer on their team.

7:38 PM5 months ago

Back to BBVA

Rayados had not played at its stadium since the end of November, although it should be noted that the capacity was reduced and the announcement was only made this week due to the increase in Covid-19 infections throughout Mexico.
7:33 PM5 months ago

Already won

This morning the U-18 of these two franchises played their match with a 3-2 victory for the Rayados over the Gallos, after a spectacular second half comeback.
7:28 PM5 months ago

Timetable change

It should be remembered that this game was scheduled to start at 5:00 pm, however, due to the cancellation of the game between Santos and Tigres, the match was rescheduled for 7:06 pm, being one of the two games to be played this Saturday.
7:23 PM5 months ago


Rayados Monterrey make their Clausura 2022 debut in front of their home fans when they host Gallos Blancos del Querétaro in Liga MX Date 1. We begin our coverage of the game.
7:18 PM5 months ago

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What time is Monterrey vs Queretaro match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Monterrey vs Queretaro of 8th January in several countries:

Argentina: 10:06 PM in DirecTV

Bolivia: 9:06 PM

Brazil: 10:06 PM

Chile: 9:06 PM in DirecTV

Colombia: 8:06 PM in DirecTV

Ecuador: 8:06 PM

USA (ET): 8:06 PM in FOX Sports

Spain: 2:06 AM

Mexico: 7:06 PM in FOX Sports

Paraguay: 10:06 PM

Peru: 8:06 PM

Uruguay: 10:06 PM

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Last games

Despite the difference in squads each season, Los Gallos have taken the measure of Los Rayados in the last five games and have the advantage of three wins to two losses, including their most recent meeting.

Queretaro 1-0 Rayados Monterrey, 2021

Rayados Monterrey 2-1 Querétaro, 2021

Queretaro 1-2 Rayados Monterrey, 2020

Rayados Monterrey 1-2 Queretaro, 2020

Queretaro 2-1 Rayados Monterrey, 2019

7:03 PM5 months ago

Key player Queretaro

One of the most experienced players in the squad is Pablo Barrera, who has already played in European soccer and, although he no longer has the speed he used to have, he still has the intelligence to overflow and get precise services in.
Photo: Agency
Photo: Agency
6:58 PM5 months ago

Key player Monterrey

Rogelio Funes Mori is the best scorer in the club's history and is expected to have a much better semester, especially considering that he will be active with the Mexican National Team and, in the event of qualifying for the World Cup, he could be one of the options to attend the Qatar 2022 World Cup.
Photo: Depor
Photo: Depor
6:53 PM5 months ago

Important changes in Queretaro

The Gallos had many changes in their roster, highlighting the arrivals of goalkeeper José Antonio Rodríguez, and Francisco Figueroa and Jorge Hernández from the Tuzos del Pachuca; they got rid of elements such as Jefferson Montero, Kevin Ramírez, David Cabrera and Nicolás Sosa.
6:48 PM5 months ago

Significant moves by Monterrey

They had no significant changes, although they strengthened the midfield with the return of Rodolfo Pizarro and the incorporation of Luis Romo, although they lost an important player such as Carlos Rodríguez, who left for Cruz Azul.
6:43 PM5 months ago

Querétaro: avoiding relegation trouble

The Gallos Blancos of Querétaro made changes for this championship with the aim of at least getting into the re-qualification and moving away from the relegation zone to avoid the fine, highlighting that there is a difference of only 15 points between them and the last place, FC Juárez.
6:38 PM5 months ago

Monterrey: looking for the title

Considered by some bookmakers as the main favorite to win the tournament, Rayados de Monterrey must do much better than last season, when they barely qualified through the playoffs and were eliminated in the quarterfinals by champion Atlas. They made some adjustments to the squad, which is still one of the strongest in Liga MX.
6:33 PM5 months ago

The Kick-off

The Monterrey vs Queretaro match will be played at the BBVA Stadium, in Monterrey, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:06 pm ET.
6:28 PM5 months ago

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