Highlights: Sudan 0-0 Guinea-Bissau in Africa Cup of Nations
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3:56 PM5 days ago

Match ends!

In their debut in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, Sudan and Guinea-Bissau draw goalless.

For the next matchday, to be played this Saturday, they will face Nigeria and Egypt, respectively.

3:52 PM5 days ago


A two-minute rest period is added.
3:50 PM5 days ago


Sudan makes another move: Dhiya Mahjoub enters and Gumaa Abas Omer leaves.
3:50 PM5 days ago


New substitution for Guinea-Bissau: Panutche Camará replaces Pelé.
3:49 PM5 days ago


Unbelievable! Pelé misses the penalty and Guinea-Bissau misses another chance to take the lead.
3:49 PM5 days ago


Penalty for Guinea-Bissau!
3:36 PM5 days ago


Guinea-Bissau makes its first moves: Steve Ambri and Frédéric Mendy replace Joseph Mendes and Mama Baldé.
3:34 PM5 days ago


Sudan's first change: Algozoli Hussien comes in for Yasin Hamed.
3:19 PM5 days ago


Mazin Mohamedein, a player from Sudan, joins those cautioned.
3:08 PM5 days ago

Second Half kicks off!

The match Sudan 0-0 Guinea-Bissau is underway again.
2:50 PM5 days ago

First half ends!

Goalless, Sudan and Guinea-Bissau are drawing in their African Cup debut; after 45 minutes, both countries have shown poor soccer.
2:31 PM5 days ago


After almost half an hour of play, both teams found it too difficult to make clear progress in finishing moves.
2:25 PM5 days ago


Salaheldin Nemer, player of Sudan, also receives a yellow card.
2:24 PM5 days ago


Guinea-Bissau's Joseph Mendes becomes the first cautioned player of the match.
2:04 PM5 days ago

The match is underway!

The ball is rolling! Sudan and Guinea-Bissau make their debut at the Africa Cup of Nations.
2:00 PM5 days ago

Guinea-Bissau: confirmed lineup

M. Gomis; J. Encada, Manconi, O. Sanganté, F. Candé, Pelé, M. Cassamá, Bura, Baldé, J. Mendes and Piqueti.
2:00 PM5 days ago

Guinea-Bissau: substitutes

Simão Júnior, Panutche Camará, Mauro Rodrigues, Steve Brahim Joshep Omar Ambri, Frédéric Mendy, Fernandy Mendy and Manuel Mama Samba Baldé
1:51 PM5 days ago

Sudan: substitutes

Elsadig Hassan, Amjed Ismael Ahmed Ismail, Mohamed Sharaf Eldin Amin, Mohamed Abdallah Hassoiun, Ishag Adam, Sharif Omar Abdalla Makki, Dhiya Mahjoub, Suliman Zakaria Abakar, Algozoli Hussien Nooh Mohamed and Mohamed Mustafa
1:44 PM5 days ago

Sudan: confirmed lineup

A. Eshrein; M. Saeed, S. Nemer, M. Karshom, M. Alnour, G. Abbas, M. Yagoub, M. Shambaly, A. Omer, Y. Hamed and W. K.
1:34 PM5 days ago

Guinea-Bissau, looking to excel

In addition, Bura, captain of Guinea-Bissau, highlighted the showcase that is playing this competition: "We are here to represent the people of Guinea-Bissau and we know that it is a very tough group, but we will bring our skills. We came to Cameroon to present ourselves to the world."
1:30 PM5 days ago

Guinea-Bissau, to give the surprise

On the other hand, Baciro Cande, Guinea-Bissau's helmsman, mentioned that they expect to have a good participation: "We are well prepared and we will represent our country with pride. We will face great teams that will give their best. In the opening match we will face Sudan and we have to win the game. Soccer has many surprises, and we are striving for another one."
1:20 PM5 days ago

Sudan, excited to play

Meanwhile, Salah Nimr, captain of Sudan, stated what it means for his country to play this cup again: "We are ready and we have the ambition to reach an advanced stage. We will do well and honor Sudanese soccer. It was good to return to the Africa Cup of Nations after an absence of 10 years."
1:16 PM5 days ago

Sudan, with a renewed national team

Burhan Tia, Sudan's coach, spoke about the call-up he made for this competition: "I have many young players and we made many changes in the national team after the Arab Cup. This is the best thing for Sudanese soccer. My players played for all the youth teams in Sudan and they have the ambition to do well during the tournament."
1:16 PM5 days ago

Let's get started!

In just under an hour, the teams of Sudan and Guinea-Bissau will face each other in the first day of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations Group Stage.

The players from both countries are already at the stadium and will be warming up shortly.

1:11 PM5 days ago

Tune in here Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau live, as well as the latest information from Roumde Adjia Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
1:06 PM5 days ago

How to watch Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau live on TV, your options are beIN Sports.

If you want to directly stream it: beIN Sports App.

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1:01 PM5 days ago

Guinea-Bissau: called-up players

12:56 PM5 days ago

Sudan: called-up players

12:51 PM5 days ago

Historic encounter

This will be the first time that these two countries meet in the Africa Cup of Nations. A win would help them a lot, considering that they are not favorites to place in the first two places of the groups.
12:46 PM5 days ago

Africa Cup of Nations Group D

This Tuesday afternoon, in the city of Garua, the teams of Sudan and Guinea-Bissau will face each other and thus make their debut in this tournament. It should be recalled that they are in the fourth sector, along with the teams of Nigeria and Egypt.
12:41 PM5 days ago

Competition format

It all starts with the Group Stage, which consists of six sectors, each with four teams; the first two places in each group and the four best third-placed teams in the tournament will advance to the next round.

The direct elimination rounds - starting from the Round of 16 - will be played in a single match.

12:36 PM5 days ago

Participating countries

The 24 teams competing are Cameroon, Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Gabon, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Malawi, Comoros, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, and Gambia.
12:31 PM5 days ago

2021 Africa Cup of Nations

This is the 33rd edition of the most important tournament organized by the African Football Confederation, and it is being held in Cameroon. It should be recalled that this tournament was scheduled to be held last year, but due to the covid-19 pandemic it was delayed until this date; it will come to an end on February 6.
12:26 PM5 days ago

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