Goal and Highlights: Equatorial Guinea 0-1 Ivory Coast in Africa Cup
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Equatorial Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire in the African Cup of Nations.
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End game

Equatorial Guinea 0-1 Ivory Coast.
3:43 PM16 days ago


Saha's shot goes wide.
3:38 PM16 days ago


Add 3 more minutes.
3:33 PM16 days ago


Akapo came out and Luis Meseguer was substituted for Equatorial Guinea.
3:28 PM16 days ago


Siafa enters and Salvador leaves, change of Equatorial Guinea.
3:23 PM16 days ago


Pepe's mid-range shot went high, but a second later he got his revenge with a better contact that the goalkeeper managed to deflect away.
3:18 PM16 days ago


Haller with a broken shot that lands in the goalkeeper's hands.
3:13 PM16 days ago


Kessié, Cornet and Gradel leave the team.

Pepé, Zaha and Die enter

Côte d'Ivoire changes

3:08 PM16 days ago


Niavo is cautioned and then Salvador's shot from outside the area passes very close to the goal.
3:03 PM16 days ago


Another attempt from Guinea, now by Pablo Ganet, which goes over the top.


Niavo enters and Dorian Jr. leaves, Guinea's change.

2:58 PM16 days ago


Emilio Nsue had the chance to equalize in a counter-attacking play that was poorly defined in front of the goalkeeper.
2:53 PM16 days ago


Ghislain Konan is encouraged with a mid-range shot that goes high.
2:48 PM16 days ago


A dangerous cross was deflected by the defense, but on the rebound Salvador sent his shot wide when it appeared to be the equalizer.
2:43 PM16 days ago


Dorian Hanza's header inside the box goes wide.
2:38 PM16 days ago


The second half begins between Ivory Coast and Equatorial Guinea.
2:33 PM16 days ago

Half time

Equatorial Guinea 0-1 Ivory Coast.
2:28 PM16 days ago


Two more minutes are added.
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Maiga's long-range shot goes just over the top.
2:18 PM16 days ago


Emilio Nsue's shot was deflected by the goalkeeper, but he was already offside.
2:13 PM16 days ago


Dangerous cross shot inside the six-yard box that goalkeeper Badra manages to keep out with both fists.
2:08 PM16 days ago


Haller anticipates inside the area, but his shot goes wide.
2:03 PM16 days ago


After a strong tackle, Ibrahim Sangaré was cautioned.
1:58 PM16 days ago


Bealey made a good sweep to send the ball to a corner, but little by little Guinea began to tilt the field and had more chances to score.
1:53 PM16 days ago


Pepín took advantage of the rebound just outside the box to fire a shot that went just wide.
1:48 PM16 days ago


Ibrahim Sangaré failed to capitalize after his header went high.
1:43 PM16 days ago


Kessié is left lying on the field after being hit in the face.
1:38 PM16 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Basilio Ndong into the goalkeeper's hands.
1:33 PM16 days ago


Sébastien Haller's cross to the far post is a little high and his header is not quite good.
1:28 PM16 days ago


Ivory Coast Goal

Max Gradel's shot from just outside the box nestles into the corner to open the scoring.

1:23 PM16 days ago


Emilio Nsue was offside and Guinea's attacking option was cancelled.
1:18 PM16 days ago


The match between Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast kicks off.
1:13 PM16 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the match between Ivory Coast and Equatorial Guinea on Matchday 1 of the Africa Cup of Nations.
1:08 PM16 days ago

Wednesday's results

The day's matches were very close with only two goals in two games:

Tunisia 0-1 Mali

Mauritania 0-1 Gambia

1:03 PM16 days ago

Equatorial Guinea substitutes

26 Javier Akapo

27 Oba

5 Cosme

28 Luis Enrique Nsue Ntugu Akele

19 Luis Nlavo

9 Óscar Siafá

23 Luis Meseguer

12 Mariano Magno Mba

24 Álex Balboa

12:58 PM16 days ago

Ivory Coast substitutes

1 Eliezer Ira

7 Odilon Kossounou

26 Abdoul Karim Cissé

25 Hamed Junior Traore

24 Cristian Kouame

28 Yohan Boli

10 Jean Evrard Kouassi

6 Willy Boly

2 Karim Konaté

9 Wilfried Zaha

20 Serey Dié

19 Nicolas Pépé

12:53 PM16 days ago

XI Ivory Coast

23 Badra Ali Sangaré, 21 Eric Bailly, 14 Simon Deli, 3 Ghislain Konan, 12 Digbo Maiga, 8 Franck Kessié, 18 Ibrahim Sangaré, 4 Jean Michaël Seri, 22 Sébastien Haller, 15 Max Gradel, 11 Maxwel Cornet.
12:48 PM16 days ago

XI Equatorial Guinea

13 Manuel Sapunga, 16 Saul Coco, 21 Esteban Obiang, 11 Basilio Ndong Nchama, 15 Carlos Akapo, 22 Pablo Ganet, 8 Pepín, 6 Ibán Salvador, 14 Jannick Buyla, 18 Dorian Hanza, 10 Emilio Nsue.
12:43 PM16 days ago

The output

The Ivorian team left the hotel for the stadium with a very good attitude and convinced, as they said in a press conference, of being able to get a positive result this Wednesday:
12:38 PM16 days ago

Good atmosphere

Fans of the Ivory Coast national team are present at the stadium with their characteristic colorful display in the stands.
12:33 PM16 days ago

Note of the day

The referee between Tunisia and Mali this morning was the referee of the day for the African Cup, as he blew twice the final whistle before the 90 minutes were up, and there were no shortage of complaints and recriminations in the match.
12:28 PM16 days ago

The group has already started

Yesterday the group got underway with the game between Algeria and Sierra Leone, which ended in a draw after 90 minutes due to a lack of goals.
12:23 PM16 days ago


Equatorial Guinea is in search of its first points against Ivory Coast, one of the favorites to win this tournament. We begin with the coverage of the game.
12:18 PM16 days ago

Tune in here Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast Live Score in Africa Cup of Nations 2022

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What time is Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast match for Africa Cup of Nations 2022?

This is the start time of the game Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast of 12th January in several countries:

Argentina: 4:00 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 3:00 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 4:00 PM in ESPN

Chile: 3:00 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 2:00 PM in ESPN

Ecuador: 2:00 PM in ESPN

USA (ET): 2:00 PM in ESPN

Spain: 8:00 PM

Mexico: 1:00 PM in ESPN

Paraguay: 4:00 PM in ESPN

Peru: 2:00 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 4:00 PM in ESPN

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Last games

In the last 10 years it will only be their second meeting, although curiously one of them already took place in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations which ended in victory for the Ivorians:

Ivory Coast 1-1 Equatorial Guinea, 2015 Friendly.

Ivory Coast 3-0 Equatorial Guinea, 2012 Africa Cup of Nations.

12:03 PM16 days ago

Key player Ivory Coast

What a talent the Ivory Coast has in the midfield in the presence of Franck Kessié, as his technique, speed and precision have led him to play for Milan of Italy and he is one of the elements to follow during this championship.
Photo: Sempre Milan
Photo: Sempre Milan
11:58 AM16 days ago

Key player Equatorial Guinea

With a great future ahead of him, Óscar Siafá is one of the main talents of this team and will be responsible for scoring goals so that Equatorial Guinea can have a good tournament.
Photo: Ahora EG
Photo: Ahora EG
11:53 AM16 days ago

Last lineup Ivory Coast

1 Sylvain Gbohouo, 3 Odilon Kossounou, 4 Eric Bailly, 5 Willy Boly, 2 Serge Aurier, 8 Franck Kessié, 9 Jean-Michaël Seri, 6 Maxwel Cornet, 7 Jean Evrard Kouassi, 11 Sébastien Haller, 10 Max Gradel.
11:48 AM16 days ago

Last lineup Equatorial Guinea

1 Jesus Owono, 15 Carlos Akapo, 16 Saul Coco, 21 Esteban Obiang, 2 Miguel Angel Maye, 4 Federico Bikoro, 6 Iban Salvador, 14 Alex Balboa, 22 Pablo Ganet, 17 Josete Miranda, 9 Oscar Siafa.
11:43 AM16 days ago

How did Equatorial Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire fare in the qualifiers?

Equatorial Guinea's dream of attending the World Cup faded despite the fact that they put up a fight, as they finished second only to Tunisia; while Ivory Coast was equally fortunate to finish behind Cameroon, the host of this tournament, so they will be looking for vindication after a very bitter pill to swallow at the end of 2021.
11:38 AM16 days ago

Group E

The last section of the 2022 CAF Africa Cup of Nations promises to be one of the closest, mainly because Algeria and Côte d'Ivoire are present, while Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea will be looking to make a splash to advance to the next round.
11:33 AM16 days ago

The Kick-off

The Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast match will be played at the Jopoma Stadium, in Duala, Cameroon. The kick-off is scheduled at 2:00 pm ET.
11:28 AM16 days ago

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