Goals and Highlights: Cameroon 4-1 Ethiopia in Africa Cup
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Cameroon and Ethiopia, where the hosts are already on the verge of reaching the round of 16.
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End game

Cameroon 4-1 Ethiopia.
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Add 3 more minutes.
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Bezabeh Meleyo had the second when the ball was left dead in the area, but it ended up flying away.

Then, for stalling, Cameroon's goalkeeper Onana was sent off.

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Kebede enters and Amanuel Gebremichael comes out, change of Ethiopia.
12:27 PM6 days ago


Bahoken and Oyongo enter Aboubakar and Tolo come out Cameroon changes.
12:22 PM6 days ago


Meleyo, Reshid and Gugesa joined

Hotessa, Yusef and Mesud left.

Ethiopia changes.

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Cameroon's shot hit the post but was ruled out for offside.
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Nicolas Ngamaleu is replaced by Clinton N'Jie for Cameroon.
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Cameroon goal

Karl Toko Ekambi makes the hook inside the box and then strikes the goalkeeper's post to seal the win.

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Karl Toko Ekambi's shot inside the box was deflected by the defender and the goalkeeper to prevent the fourth.
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Goal Cameroon

A pass inside the six-yard box that only Aboubakar can push into the back of the net to extend the lead in a couple of minutes.

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Goal Cameroon

Vincent Aboubakar's stinging header inside the box to take the lead at home.

11:47 AM6 days ago


Dawa Hotessa with a mid-range strike that goes high.
11:42 AM6 days ago


Vincent Aboubakar was already licking his whiskers to get the shot off, but the goalkeeper reached out to sweep the chance away.
11:37 AM6 days ago


Hamid with a mid-range shot that goes wide.

Solomon came on and Surafel Dagnachew came off for Ethiopia.

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The second half begins between Cameroon and Ethiopia.
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Half time

Cameroon 1-1 Ethiopia.
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Add one more minute.
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Karl Toko Ekambi anticipates at the near post from a corner kick to put his header against the crossbar.
11:12 AM6 days ago


A timely defensive stop when Choupo-Moting was already inside the six-yard box to shoot.
11:07 AM6 days ago


Nicolas Ngamaleu's cross to the far post was pushed into the net by Nicolas Ngamaleu, but a previous offside had been penalized.
11:02 AM6 days ago


Ethiopia missed it on the counter-attack with Amanuel Gebremichael's cross-shot that was saved by the goalkeeper and, on the rebound, they could not push the ball in.
10:57 AM6 days ago


Abubeker Nasser's right-footed shot from outside the box goes wide of the goal.
10:52 AM6 days ago


André-Frank Zambo Anguissa's direct free kick goes high and wide.
10:47 AM6 days ago


Martin Hongla's shot from half distance goes wide of the goal.
10:42 AM6 days ago


Surafel Dagnachew of Ethiopia is cautioned.
10:37 AM6 days ago


Cameroon goal

Karl Toko Ekambi with the header at the far post to make it 1-1.

10:32 AM6 days ago


Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting of Cameroon has been cautioned.
10:27 AM6 days ago


Ethiopia Goal 

A cross into the six-yard box is headed into the back of the net by Dawa Hotessa.

10:22 AM6 days ago


The match between Cameroon and Ethiopia in the Africa Cup of Nations kicks off.
10:17 AM6 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Africa Cup of Nations game between Cameroon and Ethiopia.
10:12 AM6 days ago

The preview

The arrival, the dressing rooms, the uniforms... a look at the preview between Cameroon and Ethiopia.
10:07 AM6 days ago

Ethiopia substitutes

19 Shemekit Gugesa

5 Desta Yohannes

9 Getaneh Kebede

26 Mujib Kasim

21 Asrat Tonjo

12 Yehun Endeshaw

1 Jemal Tassew

24 Mesfin Tafesse

13 Firew Solomon

17 Bezabeh Meleyo

25 Ahmed Reshid

6 Gatoch Panom

10:02 AM6 days ago

Cameroon substitutes

23 Simon Omossola

22Jerome Onguene

7 Clinton N'Jie

27 James Léa Siliki

16 Devis Epassy Mboka

17 Olivier Mbaizo

14 Samuel Oum Gouet

15 Pierre Kunde Malong

9 Stéphane Bahoken

11 Christian Bassogog

6 Ambroise Oyongo

20 Ignatius Ganago

9:57 AM6 days ago

XI Ethiopía

22 Teklemariam Shanko, 4 Mignot Debebe, 15 Aschalew Tamene, 20 Remedan Yesuf, 2 Suleman Hamid, 8 Amanuel Yohannes, 7 Surafel Dagnachew, 3 Mesud Mohammed, 10 Abubeker Nasser, 27 Dawa Hotessa, 11 Amanuel Gebremichael.
9:52 AM6 days ago

XI Cameroon

24 Andre Onana, 5 Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui, 25 Nouhou Tolo, 21 Jean-Charles Castelletto, 13 Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, 8 André-Frank Zambo Anguissa, 18 Martin Hongla, 3 Nicolas Ngamaleu, 19 Collins Faï, 10 Vincent Aboubakar, 12 Karl Toko Ekambi.
9:47 AM6 days ago

The goals

These were the goals scored during the first day of the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations.
9:42 AM6 days ago

With the gala dress

In addition to the fact that Cameroon will wear its traditional green jersey and red shorts, stadium capacity is increased from 60% to 80% when the lions play due to pandemic restrictions.

9:37 AM6 days ago

To add

If Ethiopia fails to get a positive result against the hosts today, they could be saying goodbye to the Africa Cup of Nations, hence the importance of being able to get a point.
9:32 AM6 days ago

Five victories

Between the African Cup and the World Cup qualifiers, Cameroon have five straight victories, which they will be looking to extend on Thursday and, in the process, move closer to qualification if they pick up points on Thursday.
9:27 AM6 days ago


The host Cameroon wants to get on the road to qualification and will now face Ethiopia in the second match. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the Africa Cup of Nations game.
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Tune in here Cameroon vs Ethiopia Live Score in Africa Cup of Nations 2022

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What time is Cameroon vs Ethiopia match for Africa Cup of Nations 2022?

This is the start time of the game Cameroon vs Ethiopia of 13th January in several countries:

Argentina: 1:00 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 12:00 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 1:00 PM in ESPN

Chile: 12:00 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 11:00 AM in ESPN

Ecuador: 11:00 AM in ESPN

USA (ET): 11:00 AM in ESPN

Spain: 5:00 PM

Mexico: 10:00 AM in ESPN

Paraguay: 1:00 PM in ESPN

Peru: 11:00 AM in ESPN

Uruguay: 1:00 PM in ESPN

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Last games

It is worth noting that the last clash between these two clubs happened in 2016 in the African qualifiers, where Cameroon and Ethiopia kept the goals three draw 0-0.
9:07 AM6 days ago

Key player Ethiopia

Faced with the power of the opponent, very important will be the interventions that can have under the three posts the goalkeeper Teklemariam Shanko, who will surely have a lot of work against the home team this Thursday afternoon.

9:02 AM6 days ago

Key player Cameroon

Current Al-Nassr F.C. player Vincent Aboubakar is one of the players to watch, mainly because of his performance in the first 90 minutes of the Cup, as his brace helped Cameroon to their first win of the tournament.
Photo: ABC Color
Photo: ABC Color
8:57 AM6 days ago

Last lineup Ethiopia

22 Teklemariam Shanko, 16 Yared Baye, 15 Aschalew Tamene, 20 Remedan Yesuf, 2 Suleman Hamid, 8 Amanuel Yohannes, 7 Surafel Dagnachew, 3 Mesud Mohammed, 9 Getaneh Kebede, 10 Abubeker Nasser, 11 Amanuel Gebremichael.
8:52 AM6 days ago

Last lineup Cameroon

24 Andre Onana, 5 Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui, 22 Jerome Onguene, 14 Samuel Oum Gouet, 25 Nouhou Tolo, 19 Collins Faï, 8 André-Frank Zambo Anguissa, 15 Pierre Kunde Malong, 12 Karl Toko Ekambi, 3 Nicolas Ngamaleu, 10 Vincent Aboubakar.
8:47 AM6 days ago

Ethiopia: Staying alive

After the surprise defeat in the first game where they lost by the minimum against Cape Verde, in which they were down a man, Ethiopia has the obligation to come out with the three points or, at least, to get a unit if they do not want to say goodbye in the second game. Their main focus will be to prioritize defensive order in the face of their opponents' dangerous players.
8:42 AM6 days ago

Cameroon: taking a step towards the Round of 16

The current hosts, who made their debut with the right foot in this tournament after beating Burkina Faso 2-1, Cameroon will try to win in front of their people for the second time and take almost a foot and a half towards the round of 16; it is worth mentioning that in the first game they suffered because they had to turn it around to get the three points.
8:37 AM6 days ago

The Kick-off

The Cameroon vs Ethiopia match will be played at the Stade Omnisport Paul Biya, Olembé Stadium, in Yuandé, Cameroon. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:00 am ET.
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