Goals and Summary of Tigres 0-2 Puebla in Liga MX Clausura 2022
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Upcoming games

The Puebla team will receive the Xolos at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium on Friday night, while the Tigres will visit the Pumas on Sunday at noon.
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The game is over!

The game ends at the University Stadium, the Strip gets the 3 points and gets its first victory of the tournament.
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Subs from Puebla: Maxi Araujo and Guillermo Martínez leave and Diego Zago and Fernando Aristigueta enter.
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6 more minutes are added.
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BAR!!! Andre Pierre Gignac sends the ball to the post and la Franja is saved.
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PENALTY!!! A penalty is awarded for a foul by Israel Reyes on Guido Pizarro.
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Change of Tigres: Jesús Angulo leaves and Raymundo Fulgencio enters.
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Yellow card for Juan Pablo Segovia.
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The Tigres lack finesse in the last quarter of the field, they fail to connect on offense to create danger.
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The pace of the Tigers slows down, fatigue begins to be noticeable.
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The Tigers begin to lock up Puebla, but la Franja doesn't lower its arms.
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Change of la Franja: Pablo Parra leaves and Kevin Ramirez enters.
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Yellow card for Ivo Vázquez
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Antony Silva's save that avoids Carlos González's goal.
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Own goal!

Here we leave you Carlos Salcedo's own goal with which Puebla opened the scoring in the "Volcano":
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The Tigers tighten but the Strip adjusts its defense and begins to encourage the game.
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Changes from Puebla: George Corral and Diego de Buen left and Beto Herrera and Lucas Maia entered.
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The Strip is saved, a double header in the Puebla area and Antony Silva takes the ball out.
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Puebla well stopped, does not give up in midfield and patiently waits for Tigres' error.
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The Penalty!

Pablo Parra's penalty with which he defeated Nahuel Guzmán:
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Tigres Subs: Nico López and Florian Thuvian leave and Carlos Gónzales and Luis "Chaka" Rodríguez enter.
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Start of the second half.
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We go to rest, Puebla with an important advantage in the University.
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GGGGOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!! Pablo Parra defeats Nahuel Guzmán and puts the second for la Franja.
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PENALTY!!! Foul by Julian Quiñones on Emanuel Gularte and the maximum penalty is awarded.
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Puebla is well off, several men on the defensive but with a good ability to go to the front.
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The Tigers are still looking to respond but the Fringe is well behind.
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The Tigres try to respond, Quiñones shot that goes to the body of Antony Silva.
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GGGGGOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!! Maxi Araujo's shot hits the Tigres post and bounces off Carlos Salcedo to go to the bottom of the goal.
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The VAR confirms the referee's decision and the match continues.
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Andre Pierre Gignac's goal disallowed for offside.
8:27 PMa day ago


Error in the defense of Diego de Buen but Nicolas López fails to capitalize on anything.
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Puebla controlling the ball and imposing its rhythm.
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Maxi Araujo's center for Gustavo Ferrareis, who is ahead.
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The game has been very tight for both teams, at the moment the Tigers being more dangerous.
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La Franja tries to surprise but Gustavo Ferrareis's shot goes straight to the body of Nahuel Guzmán.
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Yellow card for Israel Reyes de la Franja.
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Rafael Carioca tries a shot outside the area and Anthony Silva sends a corner kick, the first warning for the Tigres.
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First minutes of the game, good start for the Camoteros looking for Nahuel Guzmán's goal.
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The match starts at the University Stadium.
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About to start!

Everything ready for the protocol presentation of the Mx League between the Tigers and the Strip.
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XI of Tigres!

This is the first eleven that Miguel Herrera sends for the debut in the house of the felines:
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XI of "La Franja"!

This is the eleven that Nicolas Larcamón sends to the "Volcano" for today's duel:
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Need to know!

The historical data is that in 46 confrontations between the Tigers and the Strip, there are 19 victories for the felines, 13 victories for the sweet potato growers and 14 draws.
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La Franja is here!

The Camoteros are already in the facilities of the University Stadium for tonight's duel:
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The arbitration designation for this match is as follows:
Center Referee: Luis Enrique Santander.
Assistants: Eduardo Acosta Orea and Marco Antonio Bisguerra Mendiola.
4th Referee: Áxel Meza Méndez.
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New Stadium

During the week, the feline team announced the construction of a new stadium for 2025, the project will have capacity for 65 thousand fans and a hotel, here are some of the images that were shared of the design:
Photo: Tigres UANL
Photo: Tigres UANL
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Injury Report!

The casualties for this match are as follows:
Tigers: Javier Aquino, Jesus Dueñas, Diego Reyes, Nico López and Raymundo Fulgencio.
Puebla: Javier Salas, Daniel Aguilar and Amaury Escoto.
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Last duels!

A close match between both teams awaits us, here we share the results between both teams in the last 5 matches.
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
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Here we go!

We are just under an hour away from the start of the match between Tigres and La Franja at the Estadio Universitario. Both quintets will go out in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.
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In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups for Tigres UANL vs. Puebla FC, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the Estadio Universitario. Do not miss details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcast on television through Azteca 7 and ESPN, in addition, in streaming through the Azteca.com and Star+ signal.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
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Last duel!

The last match between both teams was during the 4th date of the 2021 Apertura when the Strip and the Tigres tied at 1 goal at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium with goals from Nicolas López for the Monterrey team and Fernando Aristigueta for the camoteros.
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Andre Pierre Gignac, a must see player!

The forward of the Felinos starts a new campaign in search of recovering his level and continuing to show that he is still one of the most historic players in the UANL. With just 4 goals in 8 games for the Tigres, Gignac's goal is to be healthy for Clausura 2022 and to be able to play as many games as possible. Last season, injuries and his participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics considerably reduced his time on the pitch. The Frenchman debuted until date 8 of the 2021 Opening, however, Miguel Herrera will have him from date 1.
Photo: Tigres UANL
Photo: Tigres UANL
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Javier Salas, a must see player!

The captain of the Fringe is the leader of the midfield and has been one of the fundamental pieces for the Fringe by taking the team to the league on 3 consecutive occasions. Salas fulfills the function of containing the rival midfield and helping in the generation of offensive plays. His work, along with that of Diego De Buen, are fundamental for Puebla to do their thing and complicate the work of their rivals. With a passing success rate of 80%, Salas is a fundamental piece in Nicolas Larcamon's stoppage.
Photo: Puebla FC
Photo: Puebla FC
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How does the Tigres get here?

The Tigres arrive after starting their journey in Clausura 2022 with a long-suffering draw against Santos Laguna at 1 goal, the goal was by Carlos Salcedo in the final moments of the match. Miguel Herrera's squad was diminished by injuries and he hopes that this season they can get back on track and be one of the teams to beat, after the Tigres fell in the semifinals against the León for the position in the table after a tie at 3 goals. The hiring of Sebastían Cordova was one of the most notorious and we will see if the Mexican becomes an important piece in the felines' midfield.
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How does "La Franja" arrive?

The Puebla team comes to this duel after having obtained a point in the 1-goal draw against América. La Franja had a great Apertura 2021 by finishing in 7th place with 24 points, in the playoff game they eliminated Chivas on penalties and then fell to León in the quarterfinals. La Franja is under reconstruction and with the help of Nicolas Larcamón they will seek to get into the playoffs again and try to give one or another surprise.
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Where's the game?

The University Stadium located in Mexico City will be the venue for this duel between two teams that are looking to make a place in the Liguilla. This stadium has a capacity for 42,500 fans and was inaugurated in 1967.
Photo: UANL
Photo: UANL
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Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Tigres UANL vs. Puebla, corresponding to Week 2 of the Liga Mx Clausura 2022. The match will take place at the University Stadium, at 8 p.m.