Goal and Highlights: Lazio 1-0 Udinese in Coppa Italia 2022
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2:21 PMa day ago

Inmobile's goal

2:11 PMa day ago


Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Lazio and Udinese in the Coppa Italia. See you next time.
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End game

Lazio 1-0 Udinese.
2:01 PMa day ago


Vavro came on and Gabarron came off for Lazio.

Udinese's Arslan was also cautioned.

1:56 PMa day ago


Soppy with a shot inside the area that goes wide.
1:51 PMa day ago


Perez and Pussetto left

Nuytink and Nestorovski come in.

Udinese changes


Udinese's Soppy and Lazio's Hysaj were cautioned.

1:46 PMa day ago


Lazio Goal

Inmobile passes the ball over the goalkeeper and opens the score 1-0.

1:41 PMa day ago


The second overtime begins, still goalless.
1:36 PMa day ago

End of first overtime

Lazio 0-0 Udinese.
1:31 PMa day ago


Luka Romero came on and Felipe Anderson came off, Lazio substitution.
1:26 PMa day ago


Strong tackle by Nehuén Pérez, who has been cautioned by Udinese.
1:21 PMa day ago


Udinese's direct free kick hits the crossbar.
1:16 PMa day ago


A delayed diagonal and a shot from Luis Alberto that goes over the top of the goal.
1:11 PMa day ago


Ciro Inmobile is again caught offside and the offensive play is disallowed.
1:06 PMa day ago


The first overtime begins.
1:01 PMa day ago

End game

Lazio 0-0 Udinese and there will be 30 minutes of extra time.
12:56 PM2 days ago


Add 4 more minutes.
12:51 PM2 days ago


Inmobile's shot went high, although it had already been ruled offside.
12:46 PM2 days ago


Double save between the goalkeeper and the defender to save his goal.
12:41 PM2 days ago


Hysaj in, Marusic out, Lazio change
12:36 PM2 days ago


Arslan came on and Jajalo came off for Udinese.

Subsequently Cataldi of Lazio was cautioned.

12:31 PM2 days ago


Inmobile entered the field of play and promptly shot a cross shot that went wide, although it was offside beforehand.
12:26 PM2 days ago


Patric has been cautioned by Lazio.
12:21 PM2 days ago


Udinese continues to cause danger to Lazio's goal
12:16 PM2 days ago


A low, cross-shot from Isaac Success is saved by Pepe Reina with his leg.
12:11 PM2 days ago


Cataldi, of Lazio, has been cautioned.
12:06 PM2 days ago


Moro and Cataldi join

Zaccagni and Leiva leave. 

Lazio changes.

12:01 PM2 days ago


Second half kicks off between Lazio and Udinese.
11:56 AM2 days ago

Half time

Lazio 0-0 Udinese.
11:51 AM2 days ago


Two more minutes are added.
11:46 AM2 days ago


Marvin Zeegelaar is now cautioned for Udinese.
11:41 AM2 days ago


Ignacio Pussetto's free kick goes over the goal.
11:36 AM2 days ago


Patric cuts off the dangerous play and is cautioned.
11:31 AM2 days ago


Isaac Success passes the ball to Isaac Success, who takes the cross shot, but the defensive sweep intervenes to save his goal.
11:26 AM2 days ago


Lazar Samardzic with a shot that goes wide.
11:21 AM2 days ago


Udinese wasted a free kick that went wide and wide of the far post.
11:16 AM2 days ago


Lazio have already had several approaches, but have not been able to beat Marco Silvestri, who has already saved his goal on a couple of occasions.
11:11 AM2 days ago


Becao commits the foul just outside the area and is cautioned and given a direct free kick.
11:06 AM2 days ago


Sucess came close to hitting the ball into the box from a direct free kick.
11:01 AM2 days ago


The first few minutes were as expected, with Lazio having possession of the ball and Udinese retreating and trying to counter-attack.
10:56 AM2 days ago


The match between Lazio and Udinese at the Stadio Olimpico kicks off.
10:51 AM2 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Lazio and Udinese in the Coppa Italia.
10:46 AM2 days ago

Many goals are expected

In the last two matches that have been played in this building and with these teams, there have been a total of 12 goals, so history is expected to repeat itself and it will be an open match looking for a place in the quarterfinals.
10:41 AM2 days ago

Lazio substitutes

19 Denis Vavro

44 Romano Floriani

1 Thomas Strakosha

50 Marco Bertini

32 Danilo Cataldi

18 Luka Romero

22 Jony

31 Marius Adamonis

23 Elseid Hysaj

17 Ciro Immobile

27 Raul Moro

10:36 AM2 days ago

Udinese substitutes

30 Ilija Nestorovski

29 Antonio Santurro

66 Edoardo Piana

9 Beto

6 Jean-Victor Makengo

17 Bram Nuytinck

5 Tolgay Arslan

71 Mattia Damiani

72 Nicolò Cocetta

70 Riccardo Castagnaviz

69 Simone Ianesi

10:31 AM2 days ago

XI Udinese

1 Marco Silvestri, 2 Nehuén Pérez, 4 Marvin Zeegelaar, 50 Rodrigo Becão, 11 Walace, 24 Lazar Samardzic, 8 Mato Jajalo, 13 Iyenoma Destiny Udogie, 93 Brandon Soppy, 23 Ignacio Pussetto, 7 Isaac Success.
10:26 AM2 days ago

XI Lazio

25 Pepe Reina,  3 Luiz Felipe, 4 Patric, 77 Adam Marusic, 29 Manuel Lazzari, 6 Lucas Leiva, 10 Luis Alberto, 21 Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, 94 Vedat Muriqi, 20 Mattia Zaccagni, 7 Felipe Anderson.
10:21 AM2 days ago

What happens if there is a tie?

It should be remembered that in the event of a tie after 90 minutes, there is no playoff game and the winner will have to be decided this day either in overtime or penalty kicks.
10:16 AM2 days ago

The stadium

This is how the facilities and the field of the Olympic Stadium looked a few moments ago in preparation for this game:
10:11 AM2 days ago

The Cup schedule

In addition to this match, Juventus will be facing Sampdoria in a while.

The matches already played were:

Napoli 2-5 Fiorentina

Atalanta 2-0 Venezia

Milan 3-1 Genoa

10:06 AM2 days ago

Rival defined

After what happened last week, the winner between Lazio and Udinese will face AC Milan, a team that had no trouble defeating Genoa in their match.
10:01 AM2 days ago


The round of 16 of the Coppa Italia continues at the Stadio Olimpico as Lazio look to advance to the next round against Udinese, who want to pull off an upset. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Lazio vs Udinese Live Score in Coppa Italia 2022

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What time is Lazio vs Udinese match for Coppa Italia?

This is the start time of the game Lazio vs Udinese of 18th January in several countries:

Argentina: 1:30 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 12:30 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 1:30 PM in ESPN

Chile: 12:30 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 11:30 AM in ESPN

Ecuador: 11:30 AM in ESPN

USA (ET): 11:30 AM in ESPN

Spain: 5:30 PM

Mexico: 10:30 AM in ESPN

Paraguay: 1:30 PM in ESPN

Peru: 11:30 AM in ESPN

Uruguay: 1:30 PM in ESPN

9:46 AM2 days ago

Last games

Despite coming out as the victim and having lost three of their last five games on any field, Udinese in their last two visits to the Stadio Olimpico have not lost and have scored seven goals:

Lazio 4-4 Udinese, 2021 Serie A

Udinese 0-1 Lazio, 2021 Serie A

Lazio 1-3 Udinese, 2020 Serie A

Udinese 0-1 Lazio, 2020 Serie A

Lazio 3-0 Udinese, 2019 Serie A

9:41 AM2 days ago

Key player Udinese

Gerard Deulofeu despite being only 27 years old, he already has a long career in European soccer playing in the main leagues of the continent and, in this type of knockout games, taking advantage of the opportunities you have will be key to be able to think about advancing to the next round.
Photo: As
Photo: As
9:36 AM2 days ago

Key player Lazio

There is no doubt that the team's goal scorer is Ciro Immobile, who will see action for this game and who comes inspired from the last game, as he contributed with two of the three goals in the away win.
Photo: As
Photo: As
9:31 AM2 days ago

Last lineup Udinese

20 Daniele Padelli, 17 Bram Nuytinck, 4 Marvin Zeegelaar, 2 Nehuén Pérez, 6 Jean-Victor Makengo, 5 Tolgay Arslan, 11 Walace, 13 Iyenoma Destiny Udogie, 93 Brandon Soppy, 10 Gerard Deulofeu, 9 Beto.
9:26 AM2 days ago

Last lineup Lazio

1 Thomas Strakosha, 4 Patric, 3 Luiz Felipe 69', 77 Adam Marusic, 23 Elseid Hysaj, 32 Danilo Cataldi 28', 10 Luis Alberto, 21 Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, 17 Ciro Immobile, 20 Mattia Zaccagni, 9 Pedro.
9:21 AM2 days ago

Udinese: turning the page

After suffering two defeats in a row against heavyweights Atalanta and Juventus, Udinese's priority will be in the defensive sector, giving them order and, as a result, being able to attack or take advantage of counter-attacking plays; in the last round of the Coppa Italia they beat Crotone 4-0 at home.
9:16 AM2 days ago

Lazio: gaining confidence

After some bad results, Lazio regained confidence at the weekend by beating Salernitana away and will now look to stay alive in the Coppa Italia and take advantage of their home ground at the imposing Stadio Olimpico, noting that they will be making their debut in this competition until this round.
9:11 AM2 days ago

The Kick-off

The Lazio vs Udinese match will be played at the Olyimpic Stadium, in Roma, Italy. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:30 am ET.
9:06 AM2 days ago

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