Goal and Highlights: St. Pauli 2-1 Borussia Dortmund in DFB Pokal
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5:46 PM4 months ago

Upcoming team matches

St. Pauli will play Hamburg in the derby next Friday (21). Borussia Dortmund, meanwhile, visit Hoffenheim on Saturday (22).
5:43 PM4 months ago


Big day for the Pirates! St. Pauli beat Borussia Dortmund again after 33 years and go to the quarterfinals of the DFB Pokal.
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5:37 PM4 months ago


End of game
5:36 PM4 months ago


Moukoko makes a throw-in from the left, but Smarsch grabs it from above
5:35 PM4 months ago


5:35 PM4 months ago

90' Substitution in St. Pauli

Out: Burgstaller

In: Makienok

5:34 PM4 months ago

89' Substitution in Borussia Dortmund

Out: Witsel

In: Moukoko

5:30 PM4 months ago

76' Substitution in Borussia Dortmund

Out: Akanji

In: Zagadou

5:25 PM4 months ago

74' Substitutions in St. Pauli

Out:  Ohlsson, Amenyido

In: Zander, Dittgen

5:09 PM4 months ago

64' Substitution in Borussia Dortmund

Out: Hazard

In: Malen

5:02 PM4 months ago


Haaland displaces Smarsch and takes a strong shot to the left corner
5:01 PM4 months ago


After analyzing the play, the referee awards a penalty
5:01 PM4 months ago


Hummels disputes with Medic inside the area, in the recovery the ball touches the hand of the Pirate defender
4:58 PM4 months ago


Smith takes a free-kick into the box, Burgstaller moves well and heads it into the corner. Kobel sprawls near the post and avoids the third goal
4:53 PM4 months ago


Amenyido is fouled in the box. Kobel saves. However, it was no use as the assistant raised the flag
4:51 PM4 months ago


Bellingham hits a low shot from inside the box. Smarsch slots it into the middle of the goal
4:49 PM4 months ago


Game restarts
4:36 PM4 months ago


4:34 PM4 months ago


4:33 PM4 months ago


End of the first half
4:28 PM4 months ago


IT'S AGAIN! Burgstaller crosses from the right. Witsel tries to cut it out, but tucks it into his own goal
4:13 PM4 months ago


Hartel takes a long shot and misses over the goal
4:09 PM4 months ago

21' WOW

Hazard crosses at the second post, Haaland dives in on a trolley and passes the ball
4:06 PM4 months ago


Meunier reverses to Haaland, who takes it from the goalkeeper, but is stopped by Paqarada
4:05 PM4 months ago


Hummels throws Reus into the box. He dominates with class and hits a cross. Smarsch saves with his feet
4:01 PM4 months ago


Bellingham tries to invade the area on the left side, but Medic steals underneath
3:54 PM4 months ago


Hazard is face to face with Smarsch, but the goalkeeper makes a good save. Lawrence pulls away in the sequence to prevent the rebound
3:53 PM4 months ago


Amenyido receives a cross inside the box, beats Meunier, shares space with Reus and carries the ball into the net
3:50 PM4 months ago


Burgstaller is stretched in the area, but Akanji takes the lead, protects and plays it off for Dortmund
3:45 PM4 months ago


Ball rolling
3:41 PM4 months ago


Teams on the field
3:38 PM4 months ago


Warm-up time
3:19 PM4 months ago


Borussia Dortmund players checking out the pitch
3:17 PM4 months ago


St. Pauli's arrival
3:12 PM4 months ago

Black-Yellow reserves

Hitz, Pongracic, N. Schulz, Zagadou, Reinier, M. Wolf, Malen, Moukoko, S. Tigges
3:11 PM4 months ago

Borussia Dortmund with its 11

Kobel; Meunier, Akanji, Hummels, Guerreiro; Witsel, Bellingham, Brandt, Reus, Hazard; Haaland
3:09 PM4 months ago

Pirate reserves

Vasilj, La. Ritzka, Zander, Ziereis, Benatelli, Buchtmann, Daschner, Dittgen, Makienok
3:08 PM4 months ago

St. Pauli lineup

Smarsch; Ohlsson, Lawrence, Medic, Paqarada; Smith, Irvine, Becker, Hartel; Amenyido, Burgstaller.
3:01 PM4 months ago

Long fasting

The last time St. Pauli defeated Borussia Dortmund was on November 30, 1989 in the Bundesliga.  Overall, there have been 21 games between the two, with 15 wins for the black-yellow, four draws, and two triumphs for the pirates.
2:55 PM4 months ago

Game stage

Photo:St. Pauli
Photo:St. Pauli
2:50 PM4 months ago

Video Refereeing

Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Sascha Stegemann

Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Christian Bandurski

2:45 PM4 months ago

Field Referee

Referee: Harm Osmers

Assistant Referee 1: Robert Kempter

Assistant Referee 2: Thorben Siewer

Fourth official: Lasse Koslowski

2:40 PM4 months ago

How and where to watch the St. Pauli vs Borussia Dortmund match live?

If you want to watch the game St. Pauli vs Borussia Dortmund live on TV, your options is:  ESPN 3, ESPN Deportes

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN3, ESPN Deportes+

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is St. Pauli vs Borussia Dortmund match for the DFB Pokal ?

This is the start time of the game St. Pauli vs Borussia Dortmund of 18th January 2022in several countries:

Argentina 4:45 pm: Star +

Bolivia 4:45 pm: Star +

Brazil 4:45 pm:  Star+ 

Chile 4:45 pm: Star+ 

Colombia 4:45 pm: Star+ 

Ecuador 4:45 pm: Star+ 

Germany 8:45 pm CET: Das Erste, Sky Go, Sky Sport 2/HD, Sky Sport 1/HD, Sky Ticket

USA 3:45 pm ET: ESPN Deportes, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes+

Spain 8:45 pm: #Vamos

Mexico 1:00 pm: ESPN2 Mexico, Star+

Paraguay 4:45 pm: Star+ +

Peru4:45 pm: Star+ 

Uruguay 4:45 pm: Star+ 

Venezuela 3:45 pm: Star+ 

2:30 PM4 months ago

Marco Rose, who played in Millerntor, cheers for the Pirates' return

"Millerntor is always special, it has a very unique charm. I'm excited to see what it's like now. A full house would have been the icing on the cake for this game. "They (St. Pauli) work very well without the ball, force the opposition to make mistakes and change the game well. Their lineup game with the ball is very strong. They have a good squad. They deserve to be up there and I hope we will see them in the Bundesliga next season."
2:25 PM4 months ago

Probable lineup for Borussia Dortmund

Hitz; Wolf, Akanji, Pongracic, Schulz; Bellingham, Witsel; Brandt, Reus, Hazard; Haaland.
2:20 PM4 months ago

Absences at Dortmund

Can (hip), Morey (knee), Schmelzer (knee), Unbehaun (hand) are Dortmund's injured. Marco Rose is still doubtful about Meunier and Reyna.
2:15 PM4 months ago

Schultz extols the greatness of BVB

"Very attractive opponents and one of the two best teams in Germany right now. We are really looking forward to it, but we know we will face a lot of great players and a great team. We spent the first two rounds for an opportunity for a home game against a very opponent. The league winners and the real superstars don't show up at Millerntor that often. We think we have a chance, although we are not exactly favorites."
2:10 PM4 months ago

Probable lineup for St. Pauli

Smarsch; Zander, Ziereis, Medic, Paqarada; Irvine, Aremu, Hartel; Buchtmann; Dittgen, Burgstaller.
2:05 PM4 months ago

Pirates' absences

Timo Schultz is without Kyereh, who is competing at the Africa Cup of Nations. Avevor (ankle) and Wieckhoff (knee) are in the medical department.
2:00 PM4 months ago


The teams have met once before in the competition. In the second knockout round of the 2014/15 season, when Dortmund beat St. Pauli 3-0. The black-yellow made it all the way to the final, but lost to Wolfsburg, 3-1.
1:55 PM4 months ago


With a 70% success rate in the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund are in second place with 40 points. The Auriverde are on the tail of leaders Bayern Munich, who have a six-point lead. The team from North Rhine-Westphalia is coming from three wins, one draw, and one defeat.
1:50 PM4 months ago

The Pirates

Playing in the 2. Bundesliga, Germany's second division, St. Pauli leads with 37 points, but just behind are Darmstadt with 36. The Pirates' first game of the year was against Ezgebirge Aue, last saturday (15). The score was 2-2, but in a sequence of five games, they have won two, drawn two and lost one.
1:45 PM4 months ago

Let's go for the German Cup

St. Pauli vs Borussia Dortmund, live this tuesday (18), at Millerntor-Stadion, at 2:45 pm ET, for the DFB Pokal. The match is valid for the round of 16 of the competition.
1:40 PM4 months ago

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